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Physicians and Surgeons.
Slate at Old Uoruor Drag Btoro, Tolepnono
at OOlcn and Residences.
vjiymoiAy axj svitajaox,
IIVwo, - - - Tsrna,
Blnto at Old Cornor Drug Storo.
Ofllco hours nt resldonoo, from 2 to 4
p. in. No. M08 South Eighth streol.
Office on Austin Street over
First National Bank.
Eugene Williams. Wm. W. Evans.
Williams & Evans
Atty's $ Counsellors at Law,
vnorinxsT n vmiuxa,
WACO, - - - TEXAS.
Hartley & Burleson,
Honk, Job mid. Commercial
p J&L 1 1ST Is E KL ,
2 South Third Street, ItarHIttlicll Home,
A Trial Order SolMUil.
Corner SixtU nnd AVuHliliigton,
mis. j.m. avicioins, propihethesh
Jj-Oood looms and unexcelled table. Heat
of sorrUo at tho wo&t reasonable rates Con
venient to business center of tlie city.
518 Anstln Avenue.
Cor. Eighth $ Clay Sis.
Only tico blocks south of Mo. J'aclfle 11. J.
Terms reasonable. Commercial
Travel especially solicited.
Mrs. N. H. Kirkpatrick.
The days of wonder will never
coase till tho end of tho world.
Now is your chanoo to down all lOo
and 5o. counters at -io. and 3o. at tho
Storo, G12 Austin Street. Nothing
liko it.
Tho News Is not responsible for nor
will ltpay any bills unless authorized
by a written or verbal order from tho
Blackwoll Hotel.
Good beds and best of fare. Rates
$1.00 per day. Meals 25 cents, 120
Second streot, next door to tho oourt
houso. tf
1000 acre farm, 500 in cultivation, all
first class prairie land. Ten houses,
barns, sheds, wells and ono never
failing spring.
Small farms of 100 or 200, 320 or 400
nores caoh, and many others ohcap
and on easy terms,
Rangingin number of aores of 320, 500
12f 0, 1400, 1866 and 3,000, situated
nta r Waoo. Wo can sell special bnr
go ns in houses, lots and business
Bell & Sassaman,
Keal listaio md Rental Agents, 111
irSlio Is Not Craay Spruks or Her Victim
with lio Tonderest Affection, i:xprcv
Ihr I'l'iifoutul borrow at Having Lost
II or Loto.
Memphis, March (5.- If Alieo Mitchell
is not crazy sho is a most extraordinary
sano person. From tho time of her ar
rest to tho release of Lillio Johnson, hni
co-defendant and room-nmto at tho jail,
sho was very quiet, teeming to care ab
solutely nothing about tho killing of
Freda Ward or tho probablo conse
quences to herself. She was not especi
ally affectionate toward Lillio, though
perfectly friendly, but when Lillio was
admitted to bail and was fcii the eve of
leaving tho jail for her home, Alico be
came violently agitated by tho thought
of the loss she was about to sustain. Sho
frantically embraced Lillio and covered
hor face with kisses, and oven extended
similar caresses to tho father of her com
panion, who was there to tako his
daughter away. But after Lillie's de
parture she speedily regained her com
posuro and now appears to be as well
content alone as sho was before. At
times sho speaks of hor victim with tho
tonderest affection, expressing her pro
fouudest sorrow at having lost her love,
but never a word of regret for having
ruthlessly slaughtered hor. Sho has cut
out of the newspapers all the pictures of
Freda and frequently kisses and talks to
them as if they were the original. In a
different mood sho does some art work
herself, having a considerable talent for
drawing. Among her productions aro
sketches of tho scenes m tho cnnunnl
courtroom during her three appearances
thoro as a prisoner at the bar, including
portraits of tho judge, tho attornoy-geu-eral
and her own counsel.
On the Mulnlloiid by u Mobof I'lrty Arincd
Dkxtek, Mo., March 5. Four fully
disguised and heavily armed men went
to tho jail at Bloomfield and knocked at
Sheriff Barham's door, who opened it,
asking: "Who's thoro?" Ho was cov
ered by guns and ordered to givo up the
keys to Murderer Amos Miller's coll.
He argued and pleaded with the men,
but under threats of instant death he
told tho men where the keys were; then,
at tho front of a revolver, went upstairs
and oponed tho cell. Miller was taken
out, a ropo was thrown over his head
and ho was hurried out of town three-
quarters of a milo south and hanged to
a treo on tho main road.
Only ono man besides Sheriff Barbara
saw the party in Bloomfield, and ho says
fullv fifty men wero in tho mob. Their
victim was carried out without a sound,
and it was unknown until tho sheriff
6ont out word of what had happoned.
Tho sheriff states that ho was completely
taken by surprise, as ho was expecting
guards to como to the jail to watch the
Tho murderor was left hanging until
9 o'clock next morning, when the cor
oner cut his body down, held an inquest
and delivered tho body to Miller's
This is tho last chapter in tho Dexter
tragedy. Officials aro investigating,
and if tho members of tho mob aro ap
prehonded it will go hard with them.'
All is quiet now.
Victims orThoIf'oivn ftrorrf.
St. Louis, March 5. Fire in tho storo
of Marcus and Abraham Cohen, on
Chouteau avenue, was followed by an
explosion, blowing out tho front of tho
storo. Tho police and firemen found
Marcus horribly burned and removed
him to a hospital, where he died. Abra
ham was found charred beyond recogni
tion on the floor of tho storo aftor tho
firo was quenched. Mrs. Marcus Cohen
and threo children wero removed from
rooms above uninjured. Inquiry shows 1
tho men had removed most of tho stock,
then turned on tho gas and opened a
gasolino can. Before leaving, however,
one inadvertently, it is thought, lighted
a match. Tho explosion followed and
the men wore hoisted with thoir own
petard and died victims of thoir own
criminality. Tho insurnuco for which
tho men loBt thoir lives was $7500.
AV11I Fight liltluT orThnm.
Nbw York, March 5. The following
telegram was addressed to the editor of
a morning iwper here:
St. Paul. March 5. John L. Sullivan
authorizes me to stole t)iat he will flghl
oithor Charles Mitchell or Slavin
at the Olympic club, New Or
leans, for a purse of 135,000,
and an outside bot of $10,000 or
much more. He can and will host them,
tho fight to tako place tho last weok in
August ur the first weok in next Septem
ber. Duncan B. HaiiiusOn.
Parsons, Kas., March 5. Charles
"Wright of Beflglo, Kas., was sandbagged
on tho M., K. & T. railroad, platform in
this city and robbed of sjfiGO. His loft
ami fell on the railroad track and was
run over by a train backing up, necessi
tating its amputation. Tho robbers mado
their escape.
A Villi of Lloven Stories.
Chicago, March G. Borgaii, a yomng
carpenter, employed on 'the now Ash
land block, comer of Randolph and
Clark streots, fell from tho eleventh
story to tho ground floor and wivsj not
killed or even made sensoless. His loft
leg was broken in two places above tho
knee, and thrco libs on tho left sido wore
fractured and ho received minor injurie.1.
lie struck some of tho elevator wires in
hisfnll, breaking tho momentum. lie
was quito cheerful whilo his injuries
we to being attended to and will recover
in all probability.
Still Undrr An-Mt.
EAOi.n Pass, March 5. Conductor
O'Brien and Engineer Glover and tho
brakeman and fireman of tho passenger
train which struck and killed tho Mexi
can woman at Venadito Wednesday
evening aro still under nrrest at that
place and tho case is undergoing inves
tigation. From accounts received from
parties who wore on tho train no blamo
could be attached to auy one for the un
fortunaco accident and it is thought they
will all bo reloaded as soon as tho cir
cumstances aro brought before tho
A Child's Suicide.
FREnroivr, Pa., March 5. Charles
Kepplo, aged ll years, son of Peter
Kepple, committed suicide near here by
hanging himself in his fathers burn.
Tho boy had done something for which
his father reproved and threatened to
whip him. Tho boy left tho house angry,
and when ono of the family went to tho
barn tho lifeless body was found dang
ling at tho end of a ropo tied to a joint.
To Ho Ill-opened.
Lincoln, Nob., March 5. When the
Boyd-Thayer case comes off in tho su
preme court on tho demanding order of
the United States supremo court, an an
swer will bo tiled by ex-Qovcrnor Thay
er's attorney and tho result will be vir
tually another contest for tho guberna
torial seat on the old grounds.
Snow In Italy.
Rome, March 5. Violent snowstorms
are raging in Treiste. In the latter city
fcnow is nearly two feet high and roads
are blocked in consequence.
Colonel Porter Head.
SntiSGi'iULU, Mass., March 5. Mer
riam & Son received a telegram from a
son of ex-President Porter of Yalo stat
ing that the latter had died.
31111s Much lmptoied.
Washington, March 5. Representa
tive Mills of Texas is greatly improved.
He is able to sit up and is attending to
IfcpYK&HT iaa
all tho painful disorders and
chronic weaknesses peculiar to the
female sex. They go, with tho uso
of Dr. Picrco's Favorite Prescrip
tion. Periodical pains, weak back,
bearing - down sensations, nervous
prostration, all "femalo complaints "
aro cured by it. It is purely vege
table and perfcotly harmless a
powerful general, as well as uterine,
tonio and nervine, imparting vigor
and strength to tho wholo system.
It costs you nothing if it fails to
givo satisfaction. It's guaranteed
to do so, in every case, or tho money
is refunded. It can bo guaranteed
for it docs it. !Nb other medicine
for women is sold on such terms.
That's tho way its makers prove
their faith in it. Contains no alco
hol to inebriato ; no syrup or sugar
to derango digestion ; a legitimate
medicine, not a bevcraee. Purely
vogctablo and perfectly harmless in
any condition of tho system.
"World's Dispensary Medical As
Bociaticn, Proprietors, No, G03 Main
Street, Buffalo, N. Y.
A Raro Chan
If you want a piano or organ of line
makes now is tho opportunity to buy
one on your own terms and at prices
unheard of. Call on .1. B. Payno
and see tho largest and fiuest stock of
pianos ever brought to contral Texas
and asK terms and prices. This is the
opportunity of a life time and no pru
dent person should neglect, it. Take
notico in timo. There will never bo
suoh a chance to buy organs or pianos
as cheap or on suoh terms.
Just Received Largo Stock
Frosb, garden seed. Como yo markot
gardeners. Wo have ample to supply
you in everything.
W. L. Tuokeb,
at "Lion Drug Storo."
' Cfi X
"" W VWjfcajJ.P'
Jndgo Clark's Appointments.
Tho following appointmonts htvo
been made by Judgo Clark when ho
will spoak on political issues :
Fort Worth, Wednesday, Maroh 9th.
Whitesboro, Thursday, March 10th,
Gainesville, Saturday, Maroh 12th.
Sherman, Monday, March Mth.
Denton, Tuesday, March loth.
Bonham, Thursday, Maroh 17th.
Honoy Grove, Friday, March 18th.
Paris, Saturday, March 19th.
UlHrksvillo, Monday, Maroh 2lBt.
Sulphu- Springs, Wednesday,
March 2:ird.
Greenville, Thursday, March 2Uh.
McKinney, Saturday, Maich 20th.
Other appointments will bo an
announoed from timo to lime. Gov.
llogg is invited to be present at any
appointment and paitioipato on equal
Do Yau Know It?
A common oough is tho most danger
ous thing in tho world to neglect; a
slight hacking Cough is also very dan
gerous, as it alwayB loads to Bronchitis
and Consumption. Don't neglect them.
In selecting a remedy for Couchs.
Colds and Bronchitis, be euro and get
ono that is not full of Opium and one
that will not produce Constipation.
Ballard's Ilorehound Syrup does not
constipate, romombcr this, It is per
fectly harmless for children, and it's
tho most soothing and healing Throat
and Lung medicine in the world. It
cures Consumption, Coughs, ColdB,
Soro Throat, Asthma, Whooping
Cough, Croup, Bronchitis, Hoarseness,
Soro Lungs, tickling in tho throat and
greatly strongtLon tho Lungs aitor
Pneumonia. So by II. 0. Bishor
& Co.
UlfHIS MAN has been hunting
& with one of II. E. Amrold's
fine guns sure shot. Fine guns
for sale or for hire.
419 Austin Street.
A Secret of S uccess.
H. C. Rishor & Co., druggists, bo
liovo that tho secret of success is per
severance. Thdroforo thoy persist in
keeping tho finest lino of perfumeries,
toilet articles, cosmetics, drugs and
chomioals on tho market. They espe
cially invite all persons who bavo pal
pitation, short breath, weak or hungry
spells, pain in sido or shoulder, oppres
sion, night mare, dry cough, smother
ing, dropsy or heart disoaso to try Dr.
Miles' unequalcd Now Heart Cure,
before it is too lato. It has the larg
est 6alo of any similar remedy. Fino
book of testimonials free. Dr. Miles'
Rcstorativo Nervine is unsurpassed
for sleoplessnoss, headache, fits, etc.,
and it contains no opiates
Wo havo S1200 worth of Shoes
left, and wo aro going to surprieeyou
tho noxt two weeks. Wo havo rontod
tho house for two moro weeks, and
reduced tho romalndor lower than
over. About 300 pairs Ladles' fluo
Oxfords ami Button Boots, at prices
that will eurprlHO you. Tho mer
chants nro trying to buy us out, but
wo prefer sailing at retail. Soo our
Men's ?2.0 Hhoos; woll worth 5.
Cor. Sixth nnd Austin, WACO, TEX
Indian Territ
lift i f& ff .
iff li'SJlLuF
Wax All
Tho new cigar. Nothing
Boats tho record for flavor.
Koi AH
Tho only Hand Madk, Havanna
filled, Fivo Cent Cigar in Waco. Rest
over made Try them and you will
smoke no otbor.
Has como to stay, Tho Pioneer
Cigar Factory, 620 Austin Street,
Till". STATU 11' TKXAJi
TotlicSlicrifT or nny Constable or Mol.onn.tn
County Greeting :
You aro hereby commanded, to summon lip
wnkti g publication ortlili" citation enoo n ouch
week for four succui-kIto weeks prior to (ho re
turn day hereof In Borne newspaper published
In Jlolj nnan canity, Texan, ticorgo Miller to
bo and appear before the Ilorornblo Dlstrlot
C'ontt of McLennan couutv. Toxas, at tbe next
regular term tlieroo', 10 bo 'oil In the Court
House, In Hie Cltv of Waco, on tho first Mondu
In March A. D. Wl, then nnd thcro to nusivo
tho Plaintiff's Petition, filed In aultli said
Conrton tho 11th dny ol Febrnp-rj A. I), IBM
wherein Alice Miller Ih PI Mn till, and G o'gn
Jllllei Is Defendant. File No ofsul being No,
Kit Tho natnto Of tho I'lnlntlu"n domi mils ns
loiiowo, to-wii:
PlnlnitlT Books a Jiulftmont for divorce on tho
Rrotimlsofo ucl trvaiiecnt, and abandonment
by dofendant for Ihreo yesra Hkhki.n Vsu
r-OT, nnd have yon then and there thin Writ,
with yonr onilortcinont thereon, showing hovr
you have executed tho same .
Uiviii UniiliiMV llANn and Real of
( 1 aatd Court, at Oltlco In tho City of
I.. S. Wnoo, this the Mth day of January A,
( J I. lsili. Attest Z F. Ilr.AgLicr.
. Clerk District Court,
McLennan ounty, T? -m.
To the Sheriff or any oonstablo of McLennan
connty, Greeting:
"Vcu aro lierebycoinmaadcd to summon IIol
len O. Crosby by making publlcalli nofthU
citation In some nuwepaper published in Mc
Lennan county once In each week forfonrsuo
ceativo weeks previous to return tlay hereof,
to bo and appear before tho bono ablu District
Court or Alcl.ennnn i;nu ty, Toxns at the noxt
regular term thereof to bo held In the oourt
houso tn tho city rf Wncoontho ilrt Monday
In March, A. 1). 1RH2, then and thcro tn answer
tho plaintiff's petition, tllodln a suit In sali
court on tho -Mb dny of January, A. D. IN)
wherein K. L, Crosby Is plaintiff and HcIIm
C. Crosby defendant
File No of snlt boiiik No nSlt,
Thonaturooftho plaintiff's domand Is as fol
lows, to wit: a Btilt for divorce from tho
hnndB of matrimony bated on tho grounds of
abandi nmcut.
Herein full not ntid havo you then nnd tlior
this wr t, with yc ur Indorsement thereon,
dhowlng how ,. tt banc oxecutod tho eninc.
; ' : Given undormy hand mid tho teal
; Ji. B. : of paid Court, at Olllco In tho city
: : f Waco, this tho2 thday ufJanu-
,.... ory, A. 1). 1BIU.
Attest1 Z. V. IlKAtKr,a
clerk District Court. McLennan Comity, 'l'ox
fc .i
Til 1-2 STATU or TKXAS.
To the Bhorlff or nny Conntablo of McLennan
Connty Greeting:
You aro hereby commanded to er.n.iBCu
Jan. It. Sparks br mnklng publication of this ci
tation In BOine newspaper publlihedln McLon
n a. i count) onco In eelieek for lour auccea
slvouuckB prclousto rctu n dayh reoft.bo
ami appeal before tho HonoinbloDlstr-et Court
of McLennan lount- , Texas, at tho next regu
lar term thereof, to bcheld In the Court House,
In the ( Itv of Waco, on tho flr t Monday in
March. A. 1). iKH then nndtlieroto aii-ucr tho
I'lulntlff's l'et tlon, tiled m a suit l nild ( ourt
on iho '.'8lh ilny i f .Lniuuy A D IBV.', wherein
Martha.) Sparks lal'InlntllT, at dJa. It Bparka
Is Defendant File No, or suit belli? No MM,
'I ho nature of tho I'lalnttfl's demand U as fol
love to-wl :
A suit (or dl orco for separation fiorn tho
bonds of mntrlnoiiy biiBcdoutho ground of
cruel and nbuBlye treatment dceettton and fail
ure to Btippolt.
IIkiiein F it, Not, nnd harn youthen and
therothlBWilt, with yonr enilnrsHiicnt thereon,
showiue bow you have executed tho paino,
Givkn Unduu Mv Hand and
L. S. : Sen fffald Court, at Ofllte In the
: . City of Waco, this tho IMth day of
; January A. 1) l-i)j
Attest: 1' IIkahlky.
Clerk District c nrt,
-McU-iiiiim County, Texan.
r.000 AKt'lit), Wan toil (tllU'lcly
to puppiy the limiit'iiKii demand fo-CO.-NWllM.-t
I,iri-2II MM!ltii:ON,
500 I'iil'.-ii, ICichly Illustrated,
l'rlrc, ttl.SO.
A Hingraphy of tho World's GrcatoH Dlvlno,
by ttie Npiiruoon ol AimrUu. Ilcwnroof
catch-pciiny books, ililo la the MunduTit
Agents' BUccd-saHtonishlng Interest liiiuin
Bend quick :Wo ror otitllt and get tho territory,
AddtoSH. Ill HI5AI11I ktttOS.,
10(1 lliirn.siriiri, I'll ludclplilii.
or, Itroiidivii j' 'i I.iiciisi si.,
St. l.mils, Iflo.
The Texas & Pacific Railway
The direct lino to Shrovepor and New Orleans,
toTexarkntm, Memphis, St. L' tilr, tho
Nor III and Kim, and to all points
In Texm, Old anclNcw
Mexico. Ariz mi,
Colorado end California.
Tho Favorite Lino via Sacramento Io Oregon
and Wus inston. Only Una offering
Choice ol Itoutes to Points In tho
tioutlientt.vla Texnrkana,
HhrvViport anil
Kew Or eons.
Between Ft. Worth and St. Louis.
no l'nUt Time botwron Toxat ano tho
North and Kajt.
Double Daily Line of Pullman Palaca
Sleeping Car through to it,
Louis via tho
Through Sletputg Cart Betnoen New Of
leans and Dtnver and St Louis
and El Paso. .s
For rates, Ticket" and all InfarmaUon apply
to or addrcteativ of tho Ticket ogen's ox
O. 1', FKOAN,
Trav. 1'ntw Ag't,
OontTiBS AT. ig't.
JOHN A. OKANT,3d Vlcc-I'ro.
Dookory and Co , Firo Insuranoo
Agents Provident Building. Best
companies and oloso attention to in
tercsts of insurers.

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