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Corset Covers
Pine French Cut Muslin and Cambric Underwear, perfect
' fit and finish, handsomely trimmed,
AT 49 CENTS TO $3.39, WORTH 75 CENTS TO $4.00.
At 15 cents, worth 25 cents.
At 35 cents, worth 50 cents.
At 75 cents, worth fully $1.00.
White and Colored, Laundered and Unlaundered.
We Have Moved
, Botan, Predcltnt
tVu. OunraoN ,
Ton Paduitt.
'Ice President!
3Tirst fcTsutiorxa,! Bank,
CAPITAL, f60C,000. 8URPLTJ8 AND PROFITS, 185,000.
DZBEOTOB8R. Kotan, Wffl. Comeron, Tom Padgttt, J. ;K. Boss, W..V. Tort, W. M.
Kcllett,'D. B. Wallace, VI. It. Dtmnlca, Wm. Brenttedt, M. A JCooper
Sr Accounts of Banks, Bankers, Merchant and others are sollolte'l Wo poetess unrpan.ni
dlltles for making eollextlnns
A Great New Store.
One of tho greatest accession
which the business of Austin street
lias enjoyed for some time, is the
opening of the new shoo store at
Ho. 114. Hilt & Co., is the name
of tho new firm and consists of Hilt
& Co., of Dallas, Mr. Frank Connor
lately with Sanger Bros., of Waco
and Mr. W. R. Tucker, formerly
with tho Goodbar Shoo company, of
St. Louis, Mo., and well known all
over the state. It is a remarkably
strong team and all members are
thorough exports in the shoe trade
from infancy. Mr. Connor and Mr.
Tucker who will represent the iirm
in this city at the new store No. tl4
Austin street have a fine reputation
in Waco, which backed by their
thorough conversance with tho busi
ness and abundanco of capital in
sures them a fine business from tho
Trery start. With stock still incom
plete they have done a fine business
already. In a few days with a com
plete stock and prefaced with a for
mal opening, to which the public
will bo warmly invited, they will
uhow a lino of goods which will de
light the hearts of tho fair ladies of
Waco and at prices which will not
dampen enthusiasm. The now shoo
8toro will at once take front rank
among tho nourishing business
houses of Austin street. Watch
for their opening day.
f i
Kirk & Reesing have been mak
ing great improvements in their
place of business and have added an
elegant parlor ior their patrons.
They have now one of tho neatest
and handsomest places in tho city
for their customers and a fine lino
of now spring goods. Give them an
early call.
$4,000.00 to Loan.
On two years time, on seounty ap
proved by County Court, four thousand
dollars, belonging to Blako estate.
Apply to J. N. Gallagher,
or to Administrator.
Wm. W. Evans, Attorney.
ana Whiskey Habits
HCUrOfl At hntnn,pl,h.
loutpalu. Book: of nii
D tlcuUra sent FKKE.
r ' , w.jH.ii mjui.tr.. k.m.ij.
' Atlanta. Go, Offlce ltUli Whitehall tM,
Stilo J
to Corner 6th
J. K, Boss, CaibUi
A. I- Biicnn, f Assistant
) Cashier.
Strictly In It.
Tho proprietor of the Royal Barber
Shop and their efficient assistants aro
strictly in it. A better shave, hair
out or bath cannot bo found anywhero
in tho oiiy than thore. Give them a
Opening on Monday.
On Monday morning the grand
now dry goods and clothing house
Nos. 500, 502 and 50 1 Austin street
Whittinghill, Jones & Goodloe, pro
prietors, will be thrown open to the
public at 8 a. in., and add another to
the great dry goods and clothing
houses of Waco. Tho new house
occupies three large stores with an
elegant frontage and their largo
plate glass show "window, one of the
largest in the city, will hereafter
claim its share of attention from
peoplo out shopping and the new
firm will receive its full share of
patronage. Tho last two members
of the firm have won great success
in business in Waco and Mr. Whit
tinghill is a merchant to tho manner
born. Their stock when complete
will be one of the finest in Waco,
and tho new store will be a vast
accession to tho business of Austin
street. Fine new goods, an im
mense stock at popular prices will
at once put tho new store in tho
front ranks with the other great
leading houses..
The Day Publishing Company fil
ed a deed of trust yesterday evening
with Pat Massoy as trustee. This
action was taken in order to bring
about a reorganization and improve
the paper which will be continued
under the same management.
On and after March 1, 1892, I will
sell for cash. My terms will bo from
10 to 2Q per cent choaper on every
thing oxoopt lard. Prompt dolivery
as heretofore Try mo for cash,
J C. Stafford.
Corner markot C01 Franklin st.
Joe Lohman's for ioo oream and
oonfeotionerios 117 South Fourth
LOST Pedal on a blcjole on Fifth, betweon
Austin and Wftflilnktoti. Itotnrn to Leo
1. ntfyl McClelland Hotel nntlicoclTo reward,
AVi'En.-l,.pllsto (tnJr art at morn 03
rrnviuont miuuing anu iroi airomera
BiJmlOi) work.
torrcre'OBcoseo jtoi rtirouicr, una
M. HAllDY,
li.Io per tl
loo oot ueoil honrt BhlncVs it
X 8
per thousand. Apply 7o8 Austin
Dr. John Wood, of Hubbard City,
is in tho city.
Mr. B. II. Rice, of Marlin, is quar
tered at tho Pacific
Rccoivor B. P. Yoakum of tho San
Antonio and Araubas Puss is in the
Mr. L. J. Polk gnneral freight
agent of tho Mission Routo is in tho
Editor W. P. Connolly, of tho
Hubbard City News is in tho city to
day. Mr. S. J. Mings, of GatoBvillo, is in
the oity, Ho is registered at tho
Mr. 0. B. Caldwell, of Bolton, camo
up yesterday to spend a few days in
Mistes. Louiso and Augusta Halvcr
son, of Clifton, are visiting Miss Kato
Paulson at 708 South Fifth street.
Mr. R. K. Johnston manager of tho
Ovido Musin Grand Concert Co., ao
companiod by his wife, is in tho city
and has apartments at the Royal.
Rev. Win, Hughes, of Whitinsville,
Mass., is now located in Waoo, and
will assist Dr. S. A. King in the
Austin Street Presbyterian ohurch.
Mr. E. Goeth has returned from
Brownwood to Waco, his old homo to
remain permanently. Ho ascribes to
Waco tho credit ot being the best citv
in Texas.
For Spring Millinery Lat
est Novelty in hair goods
highest price paid for cut
40ojjVUSTlN ST.
Walter V. Fort & Co.
Tho firm of Fort, Willig & Patton,
has been disolved and a new firm,
under the name of W. V. Fort & Co.,
has been formed of which Mr. Fort is
tho head. The business of real estate
and insuranco has had an able expon
ent and representative in Mr. Fort,
who 'has been engaged thetein for
twelve years in Waoo, and has a repu
tation that is imperishable Prompt
ness, dispatch and accuraoy aro three
characteristics that his friends claim,
havo always marked Mr. Fort's bu i
ness relations.
What I Know About Hardware and
It is a nonular fallaov. 1. That a
government cati tako 70 cents worth
of silver and make it worth $1.00 by
stamping it. 2. That free coinage of
silver would mako money easier and
interest lower. 3. That a dmil.ln
standard of valvue eanjbo maintained
in any country. 4. Tnat the beBt
money lor tho noli is not the boat
for tho poor. I donv al! this. Gold
is the best money for all, oxoepting
tor onange. iet tree silver coinage
start and gold will disappear as rap
idly as it did whon green backs were
started. Money will become scarcer and
the rato of interest higher, and busi
ness of all kinds, in adjusting itself
on a silver basis, will booomo unset
tled and disorganized. Our govern
ment is now taxing the labor and
industries of tho nation four millions
a month, for the solo purpose of
oreating a better market for tho pro
duct of rich silver mining companies.
What school of finanoo authorizes
suoh a proceeding, and what moral
riht has the government to do thia?
One dollar will go a long way in
hardware. It will buy a post auger, a
good axe and handlo, a fluting iron, a
pat. buggy wrench and jack.a five foot
step ladder, a mattock and handlo, a
steel wire door mat, 1 dozen 0 inoh
flower pots, slovepipo shelf, or a galv.
iron waBh tub, at E. Strauss'
Hardware Store.
Society Notes.
Society notes are again orowded out
of this issue. The roport will appear
Monday filled with interesting items
concerning tho Waoo -100. Wo hope
our friends will bear with us in this
matter. Wo are overwhelmed with
business on Saturday,
WL wars? - iHR-fltSML
wk? mm immrfmm
"Was tw
&me foJierkenJUdipwi
tw -- o
Make thi special offering for Monday Mar. 7th and the
entire week. These are bona fide BARGAINS, and every
purchaser should avail themselves of these offers.
10 pieces 40 in. Bedford cords in
all the new shades worth 60c
for 40c.
15 pieces 40 in. Bedford cords all
wool, worth 85c for 73c per yd.
12 pieces 42 in. French Batiste,
just the weight for spring wear,
worth 85 c for 72 i-2c per yard.
20 pieces 30 in. Diagonal suitings
in all the new colorings, worth
45 c. will go for 34c.
15 pieces French figured chalhes,
all wool, latest novelties, worth
85c. for 72 i-2c.
50 pieces 27 in. Challies, all wool
filling, new designs worth 22 1-2
for 19c.
2 cases of figured Bedford cords,
beautiful designs and colorings,
worth 15c. for 10c. per yard.
We are offering all silk, China
silks worth 60c for 40c per yd.
15 pieces of changeable glacie
silks, one pattern of a color only,
worth g 1.50 per yd. this week
for $112 l-2c per yd.
10 pieces of figured changeable
silks, worth $1.50 per yd., for
this week only for$i.24peryd.
Figured sateens worth 12, 15, 18c
per yd, this week only 10c yd.
Zephyr ginghams worth 1 2, 1 5 &
1 6c, you get them this week
for 10c per yd.
A nobby line of Zephyr cloth in
silk stripes and checks, also in
Bedford cords at 16, 22, 30, 40
and 60c. Best value and nob
SSI aixci 523 tAStizi t.
JjOne Door from Our Old Stand.
QTo 0-a.r
toves and House
420 AND 422 AUSTIN AVE.,
iom" zMm i I r Mra
r-fcj. sfiivvu-. -" riiuiiH?i
v3iCr-m5Sfe esL lit WjMmM.
1 'N.
Hip? MSVl
j&iwKns&n, st. m.
biest in the market.
So pieces of Angora suitings, nov
elty goods 4 yds for $1, worth
15 c. per yard.
A unique line of challies for 4 3-4.
cents per yard.
Just opened a nobby line of brown,
cheviot suits, the latest fad. Ac
tual value $18, will go this week
Yor $12.
50 suits, checked batiste, actual
vulue $18, this week go for $15.
Just received a large line of the
newest shade in brown. Men's
Derby's, good value for $3, wilt
sell this week for $2.
1 00 dozen men's silk Teck scarfs,
retail everywhere for 25 and 35c.
You can have them this week
only for loe each,
loo dozen of our - famous unlaun-
dried shirts, re-enforced back
and front, for 33 1-3 c each, wortk
50c. all over the United States
50 dozen men's colored Balbrig-
gan shirts, worth 75 c will go
this week for 50 cents.
We have three styles of Ladies'
Shoes which we will sell next
week for S1.65 a pair in operas,
plain and patent tipped, that
has no equal in the State.
We have 50 pieces of soft finished
Jfi Bleached Domestic which
we will sell this week for 30
per yard. Will have no more
when this lot is gone.
SiTe'w Store.
Furnishing Goods
HBI 1 H HH iM'

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