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P(PC f C
It is a wonderful soap
that takes hold quick and
does no harm.
No harm ! It leaves the
skin soft like a baby's ; no
alkali in it, nothing but soap.
The harm is done by al
kali. Still more harm is done
by not washing. So, bad
soap is better than none.
What is bad soap? Imper
fectly made ; the fat and al
kali not well balanced or not
What is good soap ?
All sorts of stores sell it,
especially druggists; all sorts
of people use it.
Cnntity Officer.
iron couiiTr attoiinbt,
WeaToantli rlzed to unnonnco Capt. T, A
Blali in a lamltilato for coutity attorney or Mo
Ix'nnan oounty, subject to tbo action of tbo
Democratic party
Mr N A llognn authorlzca us to nnnonnco
thntbolsa ciidldate for county attorney of
JIcLoimnri roti tv, subject (o tho action of tbo
De ocratlop.irty.
The News is aalliorlzcd to announce tbat
JnilKo U II. Hanly Is a candidate. fr county
attornov of McLo imu county, BUJcct to tho
action of tho Democratic party.
The Nkws ! authorized to annonnce T.
J I'rimra as a candidate ror tx ci 1 cotor for
McLennan county, subject to tho action of tbo
Dcmocra lc party.
Wth flrA ntittinrf mi! in Mnnnnnftn T T r.
Jnrnoy as candidate (or tho ofllec of ounty
Ta ( uillnetor, subject to tho action of tho Dem
ocrata of McLennan county.
For Sheriff.
Woare authorized to announce Joe P Ellison
as a candidate fur sheriff at tho ennnlnR elec
tion, subject to the action of tbo Democratic,
W. I,. Burke 's a candidate for clierlffof Mc
Lennan com ty. subject to tb action of tbo
Democratic! arty.,
Dan Fo d Ir n candidate for re-election to tho
onico fsberlu f McLennan count , eubjectio
the action ot the Democratic party.
Woaro 'U bo Ired to announce J. P.Naylorof
Moody as h ennd'date for slier ff subject to tho
action ot tho Democratic party of McLennan
Vo are authorized to announce tlint Mr. Z.
r Uoa'Iey I- a cm lldate for re-election to tho
nIo of il!i"rlct clerk of McLennan couty.
subject to t tioaoftho Democratic party.
Tub News Is xuthorized to announce Ed
Sparks -s acandliato for district clerk, subject
to tbo actlonorthe Democrailc patty.
Tub Newb authorized to announce that
Tflni IT. U.nn.t. t n . it.l. m . ,
-of McLennan county, subject to the action or
uoD-mo ratio party,
W arn authorized to annonuro Jno F, Mar
ahall us a inndldato for tt cllk-e of county
clerk subject to tho action of tho Demociatlc
Tho charter or municipal clootions
in a number of counties in Now York
state March 1, gavo tho Domocrats a
blook oyo in noarly ovory instance.
Tho towns of Chrtego, Utica, Elmira,
Newborg, Auburn, Poekskill and Corn
ing were lost to tho Domocrats, and in
the counties of Ontario. Saratoga,
Monroo, Montgomery, Dutchess and
Wayne, tho Republicans gained a
majority porvisors. In the
town of Batavin, tho Republicans
oleoted ono supervisor for tho first
time in twclvo years. Tho cause of
tho land slido is ovidont
upon its faoo, but tho reports to tho
New York papers stato plainly that
tho Deniooratio slump was a rovolt
against tho Hill niaohuc. In Utica
the maohino, knowing tho oxtent of
tho opposition, nominated a jro-
nouncod Clovcland man for mayor,
and did everything it could to coun
tcraot tho impression that it was a
Hill ticket, but it was no uso They
"had it in" for tho maohino und
slaughtered its tiokot. In Elmira,
Hill's homo, tho anti-Hill Democrats
and tho Ropublioans pulled togethor
to defeat tho maohine candidato, and
suoceeded by a largo majority. In
Oswego tho race for mayor took a
triangular form, tho Cleveland and
Hill Democrats Bnhtting and running
two candidates for mayor. Allen
represented tho Republionns and re
ceived 1.8S2 votes. Bugler was tho
Cloveland candidato and received
1,81G votos. Mitchell was the Hill
candidato and rcocived 793 votes.
Thus in Oswegc tho issue was squarely
drawn and tho Cleveland man got
mom man twice as many votes as
the Hill man. The result of tl osc
elections is proof positivo that Hills
chances to carry New York is slim in
deed. If, after such demonstrations
the Democratic party iguores the
Wost and thrusts the Tammany can
didato upon tho country it deserves
defeat, and it will get it Will tho poli
ticians about Washington who have
been mesmerized by the great spoils
man take notioo of tho condition of
things in Now York? Hill having
lost his strength in New York and
having always been the weakest
oandidato ovur yet proposed, outside
of his own state it would bo nonsense
to put him on the ticket any where
Let Tammany quit hor bulldozing
uftcr this and accept tho invitable.
'ev York lins l,705,20.i people.
'Tin population of Diooklyn is (Km,00O
Kingre&sinan Springor is still critically
a oan rraneisco tiispnicii says serious
rioting is going on in Japan.
President Harrison has returned to
Washington from Virginia Bench.
Fanners in South Dakota aio putting
in seed wheat. This breaks tho record.
Another rich strike Of gold lias boon
miulo at tho Bonanza near Villa Grove,
Tho perpetual and only Baptist col
lege of iKebraifcn is to ho located at
Grand Island.
Jennie Dun-ell, colored, is undor ar
rest at Hopkinsville, Ky., for poisoning
her three children.
Grover Cleveland's headquarters dur
ing tho Chicago convention will be at
the Grand Pacific Hotel.
Louis Butler of Marshall county, Ivy.,
eloped with his cousin's wife, twico his
ago and mother of six children.
A 5-year-old son of a negro near Co
lumbia, S. C, gouged both eyes out of
his littlo sister's head with 11 spike.
John and Charley Stuart, deputy
United States marshals, were killed by
moonshiners in Polk county, Tenn.
James Dubois was arrested at Cin
cinnati for infanticide. Ho confessed
to throwing his 3-day-old son in tho Ohio
Mrs. Potter Palmer says JjflOO.OOO is a
niggardly appropriation for World's fair
pnriwses from so rich a stato as New
Firo at Dexter, Mo., destroyed tho
Iron Mountain depot. Loss $70,000 on
depot anil other buildings; two-thirds
Two hundred colored people arrived
at Littlo Rock en route to tho Cherokee
strip and it is estimated 1500 more are
Tho Iron Trade Review of Cleveland
in its resume of tho .iron trado says
furnaces must shut down and await a
Genoral McNulta projioses that tho
same laws which prohibit foreign ves
sels from engaging in tho coasting trado
shall bo applied to foreign railroads.
Hugo Kail, owner of a steamship line
and a prominent Bohemian of Mount
Pleasant, Pa., is missing. He had sJSOOO
of other people's money in his possession.
Fifteen officers of tho Louisiana lot
tery, charged with violating tho anti
lottery law, wero arraigned in Now Or
leans and gave bond for their
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The Nr.wsis authorlnd to nnnoanco lice
CofcV as a candidate Tor re-election to the olllco
er countable of rccinolNo.l Mcl.ennaa conn-
ty , subject to the action of tho Democratic pa ty.
Vi Jame n. Lockwood nuthnrlzo na to
AnooticcpLlui a a candidate- tor constable of
precinct No I McLfiinau cuanty, subject to the
action of tho Democracy.
Tiik Nuvs Uantborlzedto announce John O.
weet s a canil clato for mayor at the ensulnc
lty election, on April 5tU,
Thk News li anlhorizcd to anntnnce thut
OT. yor C. n. McUulloch in a oandidato for re
eltctlon to theoUlcK or mayor of Waco at tho
ensulig oloction In April.
Election let Tccsdayln April. We are au
thorized to announce Major A Hinchman as
candidate for tho office of Mayor of Waco at the
coming city election.
Tim Nfwsls lui'lmr.'ied to announce Hon. n.
J Goodoosac ndldatofor may, r of the city of
Waco at the e niltn; election la April.
The News la authorUrd to annonnce tho
Tinnieof Mr A. M GilhblH lor re-election for
the offlro of alderman for tbn Third ward.
3fc 2Battr Sfefotts
Every one who wants copies of
Judge Clark's apeooh, delivered re
cently at Weathcrford, can obtain
them, ready for mailing, at tho busi
ness office of The Newh.
The Gitesvillo Past runs this at its
mast head, "For Governor, Goorgo
M. Clark, of Waoo." That is all
tight, friend Post, but pleaso tako tho
"M" out. It is plain George Clark.
The Aouston Post intimates that
it would be for Hill provided be will
announce his betrothal. It says:
"It is proper that every man should
havo a wifo, and in the cvon and
symmetrical development of society it
is also proper that every woman should
havo a husband. Senator Hill is at
present a bachelor, but if he wero
president it might bo different. If it
should bcoomo known thit thero whb
a lady in the case, every domoorat in
the country would bo for Hill and
Not all, somo would refrain through
sympathy for "tho lady" whom they
would not wish to soo ombarassod by
a defeated husband.
Tho McGregor Observer is a Hogg
paper and Brer O'Bryan after wading
through his exchangos in tears, and
much tribulation, at last observes a
gleam of liopo and with eyes oast up
ward and hands fervently olaspod, be
passionatelyexolaims: "Tho Houston
Post, Bless its image, is coming
around niooly."
The Waxahaobio Entherpriso puts
V. H. Getzendauor of. that town in
nomination for Governor. Do
hear aseoond?
Following Suit.
On and after March 1. 1892, I will
sell for cash. My terras will bo from
10 10 20 per copt cheaper on every
thing except lard. Prompt delivery
as heretofore. Try me for oash,
J C Stakfoiid,
Corner market G01 Franklin st.
Joe Lohman's f or ioo oroam and
oonfeotionerios 117 South Fourth
"Sworn to lliforo aic," Ktc.
Avoca, Ark., March 7. Colonel Al
bert Peel of this place, while out pros
pecting for a mill site near Tuskahoma,
I. T., a few days ago, met with an un
expected adventure. Tho day was
warm the first of tho season which
seems to have ar6used various sorts of
wild animals, especially bears, from
their winter's sleep. Of theso latter
wild beasts Colonel Peel encountered
seven, and, for a moment, the sight al
most paralyzed him. Fortunately, how
ever, tho colonel was "loaded for bear,"
havine; with him a Parkor three-barrel
gun. Ho opened firo first with his rifle
barrel, following it up with both shot
barrels. His range was close and his
aim accurate. He killed three in quick
succession, and tho crack! crack! crack!
01 ms reiiablo gun so terrorized tho
other four bears that they made good
their escape, and it is safe to say that
tho colonel was perfectly willing to lot
them go. Ho was satisfied that ho got
threo of tho boven without getting
hugged himself.
L B. BLACK, C&shWr
meohantcs an t othor olasaoa golloltod . W
and ipeolal attentloi
bought and Bold 01
J. S. MoLENDON. President
0. u. HiaaiKsoN.
J. T. DAVIB, Vloe-proaldent.
J. K. PAilKn,
Aoconntnof tmntn. bankers, ineroh&nU, ftrranra
yap much attention to mnal aojountaaslnrgaoni
onr collection department, tnl rnnitnnrtnv nl n
all the prlnolpal psinlaof tho Dnltod States and KurODO.
..i.uvwuu vi uiu. unu&Di), iuoruuniivn. iftuuftra. xneonaaici
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Having purohased Mr. Alexandre's buslnesw eare now prepared to till
orders promptly. Patronize Home Institutions.
Waco a Groat Manufacturing Centre.
Sustain our efforts to maki
Ciiicuao, Mnrch 5. A horse whip
ping hero last night led to a government
investigation into alleged wholesale
smuggling of imported dress goods. S.
C. Wade, a young Englishman, soundly
castigated J. A. Cummings, mannger of
Kate Reilly's fashionablo dress making
establishment in this city, claiming that
Cummings had grossly insulted his wife
who was employed in tho place. Ho
also alleges his wifo and many othor
young women wero induced to leave
England by Kate Reilly's representa
tives, who promised them largo salaries,
and also induced them to snmgglo largo
quantities of wraps and Parisian robes,
which Mr. Wade claims was tho object
in bringing them over. Ho has laid this
information beforo tho authorities, who
havo been lo tho place and secured sev
eral robes which it is claimed Knto
Roilly herself smuggled to this country.
They propose to mnko an inventory of
all the goods in tho placo and seize all
that havo not paid duty. Mr. Wado has
given tho authorities a list of names of
women who havo recently beon brought
to America by Kate Roilly, and who ho
claims brought over from .t2500 to $.J00O
worth of di esses and wraps with
out paying Uncle Sam his fees.
Kate Roilly, or Mrs. Major Griffith as
she is known in London society, is
among tho eolebrated dressmakers of
tho world. In London bho is tho court
dressmakor in Picadilly. Her husband
is an ox-mujor of tho English army and
federal inspector of prisons. She also
has a fabhionablo establishment in New
York. Mrs. Wade says she was hired
Have removed from Paoiffe Hotel to Room 28, Provident Bld'er
The old Oraml JUMdlug, Xortli of Vlazn,
The finest vohicles and horses in tlu
city. Call oatriacrcs for ladies a spe
cialty and when desired, ladies can
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Prompt attention to all orders and
boarded on reasonable terms.
satisfaction guaranteed. Horses
V, I) SIAYSIEI.D, President. " J. I). DELL, Vice President. JOUK"D. MAYFIELD, Oashlar
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$100,000 Capi 1 Stocfe-
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