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Rn nsTEN&iht
&owii, 9 GENTS.
Cliemies, 9 GENTS.
Skirts, 29 CENTS.
Drawers, 39 CENTS.
Corset Covers
Fine French Cut Muslin aud Cambric Underwear, perfect
fit and finish, handsomely trimmed,
AT 49 CENTS TO $3.39, WORTH 75 CENTS TO $4.00.
At 15 cents, worth 25 cents.
At 35 cents, worth 50 cents.
At 75 cents, worth fully $1.00.
White and Colored, Laundered and Unlaundered.
We Have Moved to Corner 6th St.
. Botan, President
Vm. (Uyhuoh.
'Ice Presidents
Tom Padoitt.
JtntJSarOItSB. Uotan, Wm. Cameron. Tom Padgitt. J. ;K. Roes, W..V. Tort, "W. M.
lellett, D. It WalWce. W. R. Donnlca, Wm. Bremtedt, M. A JUoupsr.
ESTAcooants of Banks, Bankers, Merchant! and others aro 801101161 We possess u nrpna-m
Acllltlf for nrnMnir nolieotlonp
Mysterious Animal Ran to
Earth at Last.
An ordinary gray wolf, after an ex
olliDg chase, was kiled this morning
by a oolored man named Josh Friday
and brought into town. It is on ex
hibition at the saloon of Mr. T. B.
Waite, oommotily known as "the
hunters' resort," where a large orowd
has nearly all day thronged tho place
to get a sight of tho ferocious beast
which has bailed the hkill oi Waoo's
most famous huntsn.cn, defied tho
fleetest hounds of Central Texas and
exhausted the bottom of the most
enduring thoroughbreds, for the past
three months. It is about four feet
lone from tip to tip, two feet high and
"weighs about twenty pounds. Many
of the sportsmen contend that this is
not tho animal, but that the ono whioh
has created so much excitemont is
still at largo.
Mr. J. H Matthews, of Lampasas,
is at tho Hotel Iloyal.
Mrs. J. W. Williamson, editress of
tho J exas Columbian Journal was in
the city Saturday and Sunday.
Miss Bessie Lee Baton returned to
day from a visit to Nashvillo, aud is
welcomed homo by a host of friends.
Mess 0. R. Phillips, W. T. Blako
and H. 0. Mills of McGregor aro
quartered at tho New MoClolland.
Hon. II. James Quartos editor and
proprietor of the Fayttto County Dein
oorat Bpent Saturday and Sunday in
tho oity. Ho returned homo today.
$4,000.00 to Loan.
On two years tirao, on seounty ap
proved by County Court, four thousand
dollars, belonging to Blako estate.
Apply to J. N. Gallagiieu,
or to Administrator.
Wm. W. Evans, Attornoy.
Sprinter ItuMlng- Kiiby-
Wabuin(1ton, Maroh 7. At 2 a.
m. a bullotin was given out at tho
Springor residence stating that Mr.
Springer's condition was somewhat
improved aud a rcquost was added
that tho family bo not disturbed more
than was absolutely necessary. At
noon ho was resting easy.
Sale S
J. K, B08B, Cashlor
A. L. Bhowj", (-Assistant
I Cashier.
Strictly In It.
Tho proprietor of tho Royal Barbor
Shop and their efficient assistants arc
strictly in it. A better shave, hair
cut or bath cannot bo found anywhero
in the city than there. Qivo them a
If you would bo well and olegantly
dressed order your suits from Gabort
Bros. New style goods, stylish trim
mings and perfect fits at Gabort Bros.,
fashionable tailors, 116 South 4th
The Maccabees.
Tho Knights of tho Maooaheos of
the World, is a fraternal organization,
with insurance benefits, which is
founded on the history of tho Macca
beca, those mighty warriors of old. It
is now in its fourteenth year, but
branches, or tents, arc just being or
ganized in Texas, by Mr. J. B. Saw
tell, Deputy Supromo Commander.
Tho sixth Tent in the stato of Texas
was organized at Odd Fellows Hall
last night, with such representative
citizens as Sam Sanger, John Ross,
Itobt. S. Ross, and J. C. J. King at
its head. Tho namo is Waco Artesian
Waco Juvenile Cavalry.
Tho Waoo Juvenile cavalry congre
gated on their parado grounds on
Franklin streot Saturday afternoon,
where thoy put up an oxcellont drill
of about two hours, whioh would
Lave dono credit to regular grown up
soldiers, The company vas com
manded, for tho first hour, by Sergeant
Richard Beard, whose knowledge of
cavalry taotics and the graoe, preois
sion and promptness of his commands
at odo stump him as material emi
nently fitted, with but little more ox
porionce, for captain of tho company.
Lieutenant M. B. Davis commanded
the company for the remainder of tho
afternoou, after which the lino of
maroh to tho city was taken up. The
company visited tho residenoo of Hou.
George Clark, tho Royal Hotol and
Tue News offiop. whero tho young
soldiers wore drawn up in lino
and presented sabers, after which
they prooecdod to tho court houso
whero ranks vvoro broksn and the per-
formances of the day onded.
Dallas, aro at tho Iloyal.
tidgo J. W. Stevens, of
boib, was in tho city to-day.
Mr. J. H. Palmor, traveling
spondont of the Texas World,
is in
oity to-day.
Captain U. R. Phillip, of MoGro
gor, is in tho oity and is stopping at
the Tow MoOlelland.
Mr. Mick Powers of Taylor, Texas,
was in the oity to-day. Ilo is an en-1
thusiaotio Clark man.
Tho friends oi Mr. M L. Biker will
bo sorry to lorn that. ho is oonfined to
his room from illness.
Mrs. It. B. Rice, of Tho Texas
World, is in the oity, ananging for an
cxtonBivo write-up of Waco.
Mr. Oharls Lsstingor, tho efficient
deputy county clerk, has gone to
Stephenville, Erath county, on a Bhort
business trip.
Miss Maud Bailey raturnod to her
home on the Bosquo yesterday from a
visit to her brother, J. B. Bailoy, at
Wooton Wells.
Tho stock of buggies, farming ira-.
plimonts, etc, is being sold this lifter
noon by tho United States marshal to
satisfy a judgement issued out of tho
federal court.
Hon. J. W. Stovons of Hillsboro, is
ia the oity. He is a new Clark re
cruit, having been won over by Clark's
speech at Weatherfoi'd. He was
nover a Hosg man.
Col. H. K, Wall, formerly of tho
Waoo Lumber Company but now a
prominent lumber dealer ot Fort
Worth is in tho oity and is registered
at tho New MoClolland.
Mr. James H. Quarles, editor and
proprietor of tho Fayette County
Domoorat, is in the city, and his
grcoting is bo cordial he cannot get
away. Mr. Quarles is a favorite in
Mr. 0. Harrison, of tho Lone Star
Cotton Picking Machine company, has
returned from an extended trip to
Chioago, Boston, New York and other
Eastern cities in tho intorcst of the
wonderful invention.
For Spring Millinery Lat
est Novelty in hair goods'
highest price paid for cut
Walter V. Fort & Co.
The firm of Fort, Willig & Patton,
has been disolvcd and a new firm,
under tho name of W. V. Fort & Co.,
has been formed of which Mr, Fort is
tho hoad. Tho business uf real estate
and insurance has had an able expon
ent and rcprcsontativo in Mr. Fort,
who has been engaged therein for
twelve years in Waoo, and haB a repu
tation that is imperishable. Prompt
ness, dispatch and accuracy aro three
characteristics that his friends claim,
have always marked Mr. Fort's busi
ness relations.
What I Know About Hardware and
Future Inventions.
Tho telephone, locomotive, and ice
maohine aro greater wonders than any
traditional miracles of tho ancients.
Freed an brainy Amerioa will produce
still greater wonaora, somo ot them
are now in tho experimental stage
will only mention tho flying machine.
Uq tho ocean, tho steamor is incom
parauij suporior 10 ino strongest sea
monster. On land, tho locomotive
excels in spoed and strength any nni
mal that over lived. In the air, tho
Eagle picks up a shoep and flics wit
it against tho current, a feat that has
never been equaled by mtn, but tho
timo will come when passengers and
freight will fly through tho air at tho
rate of 200 miles an hour with as litilo
danger as they do now on the cars and
over, I want to sell a little moro hard.
lot mo ask you a low questions. Do -
you want a fence that has to be naint
cd cverv vear and has to be mnnurnd
Ir. and MrB. T. P. Marshall,
every 5 years? Do1 you want a fonoa!TYlI
liable to burn down p any time? Dc
you want a tenoo mat is olumsey an
unsightly, then builda wooden fena
but if you want a fodco free from all
iucbu ueieois mat lauts vou ou vears
one, thoa buy a Hard man's sttel -
fence, for sale by
Edi Strauss'
r n-.-. .
Hardware Store.
Whila It is true I have been chosen Gic Presfdctrt of Qte LonfaJ
ail Slate Lottery Company, viceEA, DAUPHIN, deceased, Ijtffl.
retain the Presidency of the Gulf Coast Ice and Manufacturing Co;
pmy, so all proposals for supplies, machinery, etc., as well as all othej
bosiaeis coamunlcaU'ons should be addressed tome here as heretofore
na&Rwv 1&&)1m
Make thi special offering for Monday Mar. 7th and the
entire week. These are bona fide BARGAINS, and every
purchaser should avail themselves of these offers.
10 pieces 40 in. Bedford cords in
all the new shades worth 60c
for 40c.
15 pieces 40 in. Bedford cords all
wool, worth 85c for 73c per yd.
12 pieces 42 in. French Batiste,
just the weight for spring wear,
worth 85 c for 72 i-2c per yard.
20 pieces 30 in. Diagonal suitings
in all the new colorings, worth
45c. will go for 34c.
15 pieces French figured chalhes,
all wool, latest novelties, worth
85c. for 72 i-2c.
50 pieces 27 in. Challics, all wool
filling, new designs worth 22 1-2
for 19c.
2 cases of figured Bedford cords,
beautiful designs and coloring.,
worth 15c. for ioc. per yard.
We are offering all silk, China
silks worth 60c for 40c per yd
15 pieces of changeable glacie
silks, one pattern of a color only,
worth Si. 50 per yd. this week
for $112 l-2c per yd.
10 pieces of figured changeable
silks, worth $1.50 per yd., for
this week only for $1.24 peryd,
Figured sateens worth 12, 15, 18c
per yd, this week only ioc yd.
Zephyr ginghams worth 1 2, 1 5 &
1 6c, you get them this week
for ioc per yd.
A nobby line of Zephyr cloth in
silk stripes and checks, xalso in
Bedford cords at 16, 22, 30, 40
and 60c. Best value and nob
5S1 aracl SSS5 tastiza. St.-
TlGOne Door from Our Old
- J
To O-U-x
Mtili 4zz auauiN AVii,,
. . r Mn . a tti'Tit -
. wrwseefe.
1 , e 'l
'i sfflzr "Nre?.
. m - i-fl.
ai - ssy'i'yriavs
Kfefe.. .--iaSr t
frr- nn iMWOTir T" 11 iflmflwMimr r m
i. tOtf&EBlfi-fi9fK9lsElv 5ots1Ws1sK5HsBBsMHP -ssaPSftpi
iirawlaHBMsKasfc gisMMg WsPi-?WBrivMsSSsgK?
-- gEssss.7rr-------j "r ;- -
biest in the market.
50 pieces of Angora suitings, nov
elty goods 4 yds for $1, worth
15c. per yard.
A unique line of challies for 4 3.4
cents per yard.
Just opened a nobby line of brown
cheviot suits, the latest fad. Ac
tual value $18, will go this week
for $12.
50 suits, checked batiste, actual
vulue J5i8, this week go for 15.
Just received a large line of the
newest shade in brown. Men's
Derby's, good value for $3, wili
sell this week for $2.
100 dozen men's silk Teck scarfs,
retail everywhere for 25 and 35 c.
You can have them this week
only for ioc each.
loo dozen of our famous unlaun
cried shirts, re-enforced back
and front, for 33 1-30 each, worth
50c. all over the United States.
50 dozen men's colored Balbrig
gan shirts, worth 75 c will go
this week for 50 cents.
We have three styles of Ladies'
Shoes which we will sell next
week for $1.65 a pair in operas,
plain and patent tipped, that
has no equal in the State.
We have 50 pieces of soft finished
& Bleached- Domestic which
we will sell this week for 3c
per yard. Will have no more
when this lot is gone.
rfcTeTxr Stozs.
,. -- r

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