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Kesldcnce :n 9 N 12 8t.
HldencelN9 8t
Physicians and Surgeons.
OMNfcaV Old Corner Drag Store. Telepnone
&" at Offlco nnd Residences,
Office on Austin Street over
First National Bank.
EuaKNn Williams. Wm. W. Evans.
Williams & Evans
Atty's $ Counsellors at Law,
rn o rut jsxt n vil msa,
Hartley & Burleson,
Uoolt, Job and Vonmiorciul
3E K I KT rs E JR jS ,
20S Sooth Third Street, InrBlttncll Home,
A Trial Order Solicited.
Corner JStxtu and WuhIiIiirioii,
53Good rooms and nnex'cllcd table.
of erri3e at the most TFawablc rates
f mlent to boBlncBB center of tliu city.
G18 A tin tin Avenue.
Cor. Eighth $ Clay Sis.
Only two llocJ.K south ofilo. l'aelfle Jl.Jl
SST F 3 OPS a CIASS.1,-!
Terms reasonable. Commercial
Travel especially solicited.
Mrs. N. H. Kirkpatrick.
The days of wonder will
ecase till tho end of tbo world.
Now is 3'our chanoo to down all lOo
nd 5o. counters at 4j. and 3o. at tho
liko it
G12 Austin Street. Nothing
The News 1b not responsible for nor
will itpay any bills unless authorized
by a written or verbal order from tho
Blackwoll Hotel.
Good beds and best of fare. Bates
. $1.00 per day. Meals 25 cents, 120
Vlecond stroot, next door to tho court
houso. tf
1 Enua JJ
1000 acre farm, 500 in cultivation, all
first class prairio land. Ten houses,
barns, shods, wells and ono nover
failing spring.
JBmall farms of 100 or 200, 320 or 400
aores caoh, and many others ohcap
and on easy terms.
Ranging in number of acres of 320, 500
12C 0, 1400, 18G6 nnd 3.000, situated
net r Waco. We can soil special bar
go ob in houses, lots and business
Bell & Sassaman,
Heal iteia o nd Rental Agents, 111
&OOO AsrentN AVuiilril (Illicitly
to mpplytho Inimoiiko demand for
SOO I'neuN, Itlclily Illitktrutcd,
Prlic, si.no.
A llloirraTihy of the World's Grcate't Dlvlno.
toy Uie fenursiuait or America. Ucwuroof
eatchpenny booke, this la tlia MJiiuliirtt.
Agents' uiccra astonishing interest ItilriiKo.
BondqnlckSOo for out at ami get t lie territory.
Addiess. lIUHHAltl ItltOS.,
4011 Unco Street, I'lilfictelnlila.
r, Uruuaivuy V Locust M.,
bit. Louil, Mo,
A Wcnltliy Orplutn, AVI10 In Well Known In
Now York. IViiRliliif-tnn mid St- LnnU
Tho Young Ludy'it lather Wan n Cutlror
nln Minor.
New Yoiik, March 8. Following closo
upon Secretary Bluino's vigorous defenso
of his wifo nnd son comes tho roport
from Washington thnt James G. Blaine,
Jr., is ambitious of marrying again. Tho
object of his attentions is one of tho
Misses Patten, wealthy orphans, who
aro well known in Now York, Washing
ton and St. Louis. "Tho Patten girls, "
as they aro commonly known, nro very
rich.- Their father was a California
miner who left his widow a fortune.
Naturo had given her an omphatio
Drogue, anil her origin was lowly. But
bho had ambition for hor daughters and
for herself; so sho took her brood to
Franco and began with thorn an aduca
tional course, in which sho was tho moat
earnest pupih Sho did not improvo tho
brogue, but sho gained a great deal of
useful elemontary knowledge at tho con
vent, so that, when sho lolt it, eho was
not ashamed to go into tho fashionable
Society received' her cordially. Sho
made her homo in Washington, where
sho built a beatiful houso on Massachu
setts avenue. Sho had a good business
head, and sho did not squander any of
her husband's fortune Instead sho in
creased it materially, so that when she
died, three or four years ago, sho left
fortunes to all of her daughters. Ono
of them during her lifetirao married
John M. Glover, at that timo a repre
sentative in congresi from St. Louis.
The wedding was a very gorgeous affair.
Not long after this Mrs. Patten furn
ished her son-in-law monoy with which
to niako tho race for governor of Mis
souri, but though ho spent with a lavish
hand, ho was novor heard of in the
nominating convention. After Mrs.
Patten's death thero was a dispute among
tho heirs over the money which had
been advanced to Glover. Tho Patten
girls drivo a sylish cart about Washing
ton, dross handsomely and attract a
great deal of attention. A Bhiiuo alii'
anco with tho Patten family would not
creato much surprise. Young Blaine
has nover been self-supporting. Ho has
been dependent all hLs lifo on tho friends
of his father for salaried positions,
which did not demand much ability. Ho
is not popular or bright, and ho does not
seem likely to mako another match on
his merits. If ho can chango tho Blaino
name and prestige for a fortune, ho will
make himself at least financially inde
pendent of his father.
Result of 11 Comnrnmlftiug Situation.
New York, March 8. Mrs. Kato
Scanlan died in a Now York hospital,
tho victim of hor jealous husband's rago
nnd his outraged feelings. Richard
Scanlan went homo and alleged ho found
his wifo in a compromising situation
with his own brothor, Michael Scanlan.
A vigorous quarrel ensued and harsh
words followed, until, rendered almost
insnno, tho husband dashed a lighted
lamp from tho tablo nnd hurled it at his
wife. Tho lamp struck tho woman
under tho loft eyo nnd knocked her to
tho floor. In a moment sho was a blaz
ing bundlo and, regaining her feet, ran
shrieking to tho street, where tho police
caught her and carried her to a neigh
boring houso. Sho was horribly burned
on overy part of her body and six hours
later died in torriblo agony. Tho hus
band was found some hours later in
hiding. Ho acknowledged ho throw tho
lamp which caused his wife's horriblo
death. '
A is Muii ami Wife.
Valparaiso, lnd., March 8. A couple
by tho niiino of John Mclndeor and wifo
registered at tho Sheridan Hotol, South
Bend. A fow hours later thoy wero
taken in custody by an officer from Bat
tle Creok, Mich., who was nrmod with
requisition papers for their arrest. Tho
alleged Mrs. Mclndeer, it transpired, is
tho wifo of C. W. Spinner, a business
man of Battle Creek, who will now ap
ply for a divorce from his unfaithful
spouse. Mclndeer, who claims to bo tho
representative of a St. Louis wholesale
house, will bo prosecuted to tho extent
of tho law.
A. Cincinnati Doctor Clulm a. Groat
Cincinnati, March 8. Tho oyes of an
nnny of consumptives so long fixed for re
leaso from tho clutchra of death's most
efficient aids aro now likely to bo turned
toward Cincinnati. Without any vain
boasts, Dr. W. It. Ainick makes tho
claim that consumption cau bo cured,
and ho is ready to present tho living
proofs of Jho efficacy of his discovery.
Dr. A. B. Richardson, editor of tho
Lancot nnd Clinio, in tho forthcoming
number of that journal will testify to tho
cure that has been off octed in tho caso of
Wm. Emery, who had suffered for threo
years. Ho bogan trentmont Oct. 20 last,
and has entirely recovered, gaining
thirty-two pounds in six weeks. Tho
paper will cite half a dozen other cases
just ns remarkable. Dr. Amick is pro
fessor of ophthalmology iiv the Cincin-
nati college or incdicnio and butij
and ho says: f
"Koch rendered tho profossionjjind
humanity a splendid service by fintting
tuo tuberculosis microbe, but ho did Jnot
go back far enough. Ho discovered
tho disturbing element, nnd my treat
ment is based on this knowledge"
Grayish-brown tablets coinpriso tha
mineral portion of tho prescription. TI19
constitutional remedy is tho shade of old
bourbon, twenty dropsin water sweet
ened with glycereno forming a doso,
taken four times a day. In addition
each patient has an inhaler of the doc
tor's design. Threo months' treatment,
Dr. Ainick claims, will suffice to estab
lish a thorough euro in all save heredi
tary coses, which aro more tedious.
Says tho doctor:
"No sano person will supposo that any
treatment will euro a given diseaso after
it has passed a certain limit. Consump
tion is no exception. One grand feature
with this treatment is that it is not dan
gerous, and there aro no risks to run,
as in tho dangerous Koch inocula
tions." A WoiiIthyMiin Wuylnld Folks.
Springfield, O., March 8.-A persist
ent pursuit nfter a desperate criminal
has resulted in bringing to light a queer
phaso in tho character of a well known
citizen here. For somo weeks citizens
havo been living in constant terror of
somo one who, lying in wait for passers
by, seemed to tako fiendish delight in
clubbing them with a heavy iron rod.
Attempts to capturo or identify him
wero all baffled.
2 1 James Curry sawn figure which an
swered to the description of tho man
sliuking along tho street and tho shadow
of a fence. Ho gavo tho alarm and
headed a party to capturo tho fel
low. Mr. Curry soon caught up with
tho man, when tho Ir.tter turned and
knocked him down with n tremendous
blow, then rushed toward the open coun
try. Tho pursuers chnsed him for a
long distance, and gradually gained on
him. Ho suddenly stopped and rushed
toward.them with a short club. So ter
rjblo was his appearance tho whole
crowd turned nnd ran. Tho man then
rushed buck toward town. The crowd
soon recovered courage and followed.
Suddenly tho man rushed toward tho
houfco occupied by ono of tho most prom
inent and wealthy citizens of this place,
William Bender. Quickly opening tho
door ho rushed inside. Tho pursurcrs
feared tho man might do something des
perate, so they rushed nfter him. What
was their amazemont to find tho man
lying on a lounge, pale as death with
bloodshot oyes. It was tho master of
tho houso, William lienuer. He con
fessed ho had committed tho assaults and
says that it was on account of an irre
sistible iinpulso.
TaJcen in time,
even Consumption yields to tho
wonderful effects of Dr. Pierco'a
Golden Medical Discovery. It
won't mako now lungs but it will
mako diseased ones healthy when
nothing else will. Thero's reason
for it, too. Consumption is Lung
ecrofula. For every form of scrof;
ula, and all blood-taints, tho "Dis
covery" i3 a positive euro. It'B
tho most potent strength - restorer,
blood - cleanser, and flesh - builder
known to medical science. For
Weak Lungs, Spitting of Blood,
Bronchitis, Asthma, Catarrh, and
all lingering Coughs, it's an une
qualctl remedy. It's a guaranteed
ono. If it doesn't benefit or euro,
you havo your monoy back. You'vo
everything to gain from it nothing
to lose.
It's especially potent in curing
Totter, Salt-rheum, Eczema, Erysip
elas, Boils, Carbuncles, Soro Eyes,
Goitre, or Thick Neck, and Enlarged
Glands, Tumors and Swellings.
Great Eating Ulcers rapidly heal
under its benign influence.
A naro Chance
If you want a piano or organ of fino
makes now is tho opportunity to buy
one on your own terms and at priccB
unheard of. Call on J". B. Payne
and seo the largest and finest stock of
pianos over brought to central Texas
and ask terms and prices. This is tho
opportunity of a lifo time and no pru
dent person should negleot it. Tako
notico in time. There will never bo
6uch a chance to buy organs or pianos
as cheap or on such terms.
Buy Egn's Big Muddy Lump ooal.
Letter Heads,
Note Heads,
Bill Pleads, Statements,
Do you need Cards, Tickets, Tags
or Talkers of any sort?
The News
j fumy EQvivvnn
and if you want the very finest
work at the lovest price, come
to The News with your orders.
Do Yau Know It?
A common cough is tho most danger
ous thing in tho world to negleot; a
slight haoking Cough is also very dan
gerous, as it always leads to BronohitiB
and Consumption. Don't nrgleot them.
In fclccting a remedy for CoHghs,
Colds and Bronchitie, be euro and get
ono that is not full of Opium and one
that will not produce Constipation
Ballard's Ilorehound Syrup does not
constipate, rcmomber this. It is pc-
feo'ly harmless lor ohildron, and it s
tho most soothing and healing Throat
and Lung medicine in the world. It
cures Consumption, Coughs, Colds,
Soro Throat, AsthmH, Whooping
Cough, Croup, Bronchitis, Hoarseness,
Sord Lungs, tickling in the throat and
greatly strengtLon tho Lungs attor
Pneumonia. So . by II. 0. Ribhor
& Co.
IjTTHIS MAN has been hunting
" with one of H. E. Ambold's
fine guns sure shot. Fine guns
for sale or for hire.
419 Austin Street.
A Secret ofS access.
H. C. Risher & Co., druggists, be
liovo that tho secret of success is per
severance Therefore thoy persist in
keeping tho finest lino of perfumeries,
toilet articles, cosmetics, drugs and
chcmioals on tho market. Thoy espe
cially invite all persons who havo pal
pitation, Bhort breath, weak or hungry
spoils, pain in sido or shoulder, oppres
sion, night mare, dry cough, smother
ing, dropsy or heart disonso to try Dr.
Miles' uuerjualcd Now Heart Cure,
before it is too lato. It has the larg
est salo of anv similar remedy. Fino
book of testimonials free. Dr. Miles'
Restorative Norvine is unsurpassed
for sleoplessncss, headaohe, fits, eta.,
anu it contains no opiates.
This IsihEEmntl
Wo havo S1200 worth of Shoes
loft, and wo aro going to surprifoyou
tho noxt two woeks. Wo havo routed
tho houso for two more weeks, and
reduced tho remainder lower than
ovor. About 800 pairs Ladloa1 lino
Oxfords and Button Boots, at prices
that will surprise you. Tho mer
chants are trying to buy us out, bat
wo prefer selling at retail. Boo our
Men's 9)2. -tn a i: well worth 85.
Cor Sixth and Austin, WACO, TEX
Notleo of Dissolution.
Notico is hereby given, that tho
firm of Fort, Willig & Patton, hero
toforo engaged in tho Ileal Estate,
Firo Insuranoo and Loan business in
Waco, has this day, by mutual con
sent, been dissolved, tho interest of
Messrs. Georgo Willig and R. G.
Patton in tho Instiranco branch hav
ing been purchased by Mr. Walter V.
Fort, who will continuo th insuranco
business, and who is likewise author
ized to collcot ond receipt for nil debts
duo to tho paid firm to this date
Walter V. Foot,
It G. Patton,
.Geo. WiLtiio.
Waco, Texas, March 1, 1892.
Roforring to tho above, beg to say
that I will continuo tho Firo Insur
ance business under firm nnnm of
Walter V. Fort & Co. Thanking
formor patrous of tho old firm for
their liberal patronago in tho past. I
respectfully ask a continuanen of tho
SBino, assuring Ml that business en
trusted to mo will rccelvo prompt
attention. Walter V. Fort.
Maroh 1, 1892.
Extras for Buggies.
Carriago and buggy tops, carriago
and buggy wIicoIb, buggy bndicp, ouBh
ions, lazy backs, springs, 5th wheals,
shaft shaoklcB, prop nuts, prop
joints, boots, storm aprons, shaft tops
singlo treos, shafts in pairs ir odd,
poles, breast 3 okes,polo circles, da lies,
dash rail?, scat handles, etc, cart
wheels and springs, at
T. P. Sparks & Son's.
Following Suit.
On and alter March 1. 1892, I will
Fell for cash. My terms ill bo from
10 to 20 per cont cheaper on every
thing except lard. Prompt delivery
as heretoforo Try mo for oath,
J C Stafford.
Corner market G01 Franklin st.
BaoUWn'n Araloa Hulvu
Tho best s'ilve In tho world for cuts,
bruises, sores, ulcers, Bait rhoum, fe
ver sores, totter, chapped hands, cull
blalns, corns .i-i all akin eruptions,
and positively ' res piles, or no pay
required. It Is . uarnntcod to give
satisfaction or 'uo.na refunded. Price
25 oeilto u box. Fr. oolo by W. B
Morrison Oo.
Elegant Photo's.
Having secured tho herviocs of Mr.
W M. Hull, of Ohicat-o, as operator
and retom her, will guarantee tho pub
lic a finer cIrs") of photographic work
than has over been shown in Waco.
Have recently purchased tho largest
as wrll as the finest photograph lens
in Texas. Call mi tho old re liable
photographer and eco samples.
W. D. Jackson.
A Suro Curo for PHos.
Itching Piles arc known by mois
ture like perspiration, causing intcnBO
itching when waim. This form n&
well as Blind, Bleeding or Protrud
ing, yield at once to Br. Boranko a
Pilo llemtdy, which acts directly on
paits effected, absorbs tumorp, allays
itching and effects a peimanent cure.
50 ots. Druegists or mail Circulars
freo. Dr. Busanko, 1129 Arch ' St.,
Philadelphia, Pa. old by W. B.
Morrisrn & Co.
Rules and Regulations at: tho Parle
Open 0 a. m. to 10 p. m. closed on
Sunday night Pool reserved lot
ladies exclusively Wednesday evening
2 to 5:30; Saturday morning 9 to 12,
Monday nipht 9 to 10 for ladies and
gentlemen, pool party, lub,necdlo,and
vapor baths at all hours for patients
and others. Eaperienccd male and
femalo attendants day and night.
Tom Padoitt, Proprietor,
J. B, Chki-nut, Manager,
Tho VJoUd is Better for It.
Tho world is better becaufce of such
a remedy as Ballard's Snow Liniinont,
because this article relieves it of much
pain and misery, and wo aro thus ono
bled to onjoy its brighter side. It
positively cuiob ail forms Rhcumutism,
Nouralgia, Headache, Sick Jloadaoho,
Latno Back, all Sorca nnd Wounds,
Cuts, Sprains, Brusisos, Stiff Joints,
Contracted Muscles, Poison, Erup
tion Corns, Weak Back, and all pain
all inflammation on man or beast. Its
tho best hocauso its tho most penetrat
ing. Bowaro of all white Liniments
whioh may bo palmed off on you for
Ballard's Snow Liniinont. Thero is
nono liko it- Solo by II. O. Risher
Joe Lohinan'n or
oonfeotionorios 117
ioo croam and
South Pourth
cured at liumu wliu
outpaln. l!oolco(rr
tlcunsent I'Jtr.C
I) flko WH Whtlctall V.

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