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Pp93h Vojatibles Rooalvod ; Dally
Oarrotts, Beot3, Radishes,
TomatoeB, Celery, Paisley,
Rutabaijas, Turnips, Yellow
Yam Sweet Potitoos, Spinaoh, Must
ard Grocne, Turnip Greeks, Young
Onions, Cabbage and Mormon Irish
Send us your orders if you wish the
best and freshest of everything good
to eat,
Quality and prioe Guaranteed, Your
trado solicited, IloadquartorsJ for
everything good to eat,
- Only one case was tried th'iB morn
ing in the mayor's oourt.
Tho default dookot was called in
tho district oourt this afternoon.
The Waco Liquor Dealers associa
tion held an important mooting last
Tho civil non-jury docket was oall
cd this morning in tho oounty court
and all cases, in whioh continuances
were not had, set for trial.
Joo Gorman, (Jie man who fought a
3uol sorao time ago near the (Hint
farm, oamo into town last evening und
gave bond in tho sum of $300 to
await tho notion of the grand jury on
his case.
Justice J. N. Gallagher has placed
in the hands of tho grand jury papers
in 33 examining trials held in his
court sinco tho adjournment of the
last grand jury, and Justico Jack Har
ri6on 15 cases.
Assistant County Attorney Lud
Williams returned last night from
JMoGregor where he oonductod yeBtsr
day, a firo inquest on tho house of
MoDorniot & Drake lately destroyed
by fire. Tho inquest was hold before
Justice J. H Norton.
A negro named Frank Thomas
entered the storo of Mr. Goldberg
jestorday evening and whon tho pro
prietor's baok was turned stole a silver
watch and carried it off. Mr. Gold
berg soon discovered his loss and
notifiod the effijers who effected hie
arrest with the property in his pos
session. Frank will very likely go
over the road.
Tho ladies of the Christian church
hive been very fortunate ia securing
tho services of Prof. Fulton, of Kin
pas City, for an elocutionary enter
tainment, npxt Tuesday evening, at
the City Hall. Prof. Fultou has thr
largest elocutionary experience in the
United States, and he will no doubt
furnish one of the most pleasant even
ings, that any ono could spend.
Mr. W. L. Burke, who has for the
past threo years filled the responsible'
position of chief deputy under Sheriff
Dan Ford has resigned and accepted
tho appointment of riding bailiff for
tho grand jury. Mr. Burke has dis
charged the duties of deputy sheriff
with efficiency and leavos the office
with tho oonfiienoo and respect of all
who know him. As will bo seen by
leff-rpneo to our announcement col
mn Mr. Burke is a oandidate, for
toKollum & Lawson 113 S. 4
at. for lots in Col. Heights
If ever you intend to buy a piano
now is your chance. J. B. Pajno will
sell you one for a sone.
ioKellum& Lwson 113 S.
1st furlotsin Col. Heights.
For Saie.
Threo horses, one tenhorso power
engine and boiler and a lot of shelving
and storo fixtures. Cheap and on
good terms. Moore Bios.
Tom Padgltt
Purhased the stook of buggie3, eto ,
from iho S. A Owens' sale al verj
low figures. Ho will sell them the
same way.
All tho now stylos suitings in oolor
and fabrio ut filbert Bros , fashiona
ble tailors, 116 South 4th street.
to Kellum '& Ltwson for all
kinds of real estate.
Ml yrMlICfiMm.hMt
About tho Silver Crazo and Its
American .Nccnrltlon lteturnod to
This Country Our fluid Flowing
Out to tlio I'orolRii Holder, nmt
tlio JUud In not Vol Tlio Stock
Market Flooded Wltu ZtljrfctorlGii.
New Youk, Maroh 5, 1892.
Tho Stook Marktt is flooded with
"misteries," and rumors of gigantic
railroad deals upon an unprecedent
ed soalo as being oither in progress or
already accomplished. Details of
these havo filled tho daily press for
weeks pas , but only sum operators
as aro within tho charmed oirolos ap
pear to know tho truo inwardness of
many of them. As a oonecquenoo,
judgment passscs for littlo in estimat
ing tho futuro value of many sccuri
ties, for the market is almost wholly
undor tho control of comparatively
fow persons, whose oporations must
nevitably influenoo tho value of thou
sands of millions of stooks and bonds.
Thero is one other factor whioh is
again becoming influential in Wall
Street, aud that is tho silver question.
Already it is produoing important ef
fects whioh had not been expected to
at this early stago in the outworkings
of tho Silver Ast of I89O. T"e re
nowal. of tho exports of gold ba;
proved an eye-opener. During tho
year I89I our oxpoits of goods and
specie exceeded our imports of the
like items by $185,000,000,
and for the first two months of
1892 fully tho same rate
of oxoess bts been maintained
It might havo been expeoted that
under such ciroumstanoes wo should
now bo importing largo amounts of
gold to settle tbis large appiront trado
balanoe in our favor. Tho faot is,
howover, that wo are oalled upon to
export gold. How aro we to account
for this extraordinary raovemont?
After setting off, against this creditor
balanco of some 215 millions foe tho
last fourteen months, all that may
havo accrued ngaiust us in Europe on
aooount of interest, freight on imports,
undervaluations, eto., thero ought to
bo a balanoo in our favor of some
thing like 115 millions; for an avorago
of the last deoade, about 85 millions
surplus of exports over imports has
sufficed to liquidate theso debtor
turns. Thero arises from these facts
tho strongest possiblo presumption
that, sinco tho beginning of 1891, con
siderably over 100 millions of our se
curities have beon toturned from Eu
rope; for tho credit balanoo has un
questionably been settled, and thero
is no other way in whioh it oould havo
been dono except by the re
turn of stooks, bonds, eto. This
rf flax of our securities dates from the
period of tho enactment of tho last
silver law, whioh doubled the govern
ment pu'ehases of silver. It is coin
cident with an opinion everywhere
entertained tn European nnanoial cir
cle?, and emphasized by tho foreign
press, that the course of legislation
and. tho bias of popular opinion in this
country indicated a gravo possibility
that our ourronoy system might bo
como subjeit to a general deprecia
tion of value, whioh would corre
spondingly diminish the value of all
our securities not niado speoifically
payable in gold. As Europe holds
many hundreds of millions of Ameri
can securities of the very kind that
would be subjeot to such deteriora
tion, it is nothing moro than might bo
expected that our obligations should
be returned in extraordinary amounts,
and tho more so as tho Now York
market has been in a condition to
take them without suffering serious
Over 100 million of ssouritips re
turned within fourteen months I This
is tho startling faot just dawning upon
tho perception of Wall Street; and it
naturally suggests some very grave in
quiries; such, for instanoe, ns how
muoh gold should we have had to
ship in payment for these returned
seouritios, had we not beon favored
with an extraordinary surplus of
cereals whioh Europe happened to
noed ? how aro wo to pay for ony
furthor amounts that may bo so re
turned ? what dimensions may tbis
future reflux of investments assume,
bhould the mania for free coinage con
tinue to control the course nf legiela
tion ? and, with only somo $30,000,000
nf gold in tho treasury, outside tho re
quired reaorvo against greenbacks,
whore is the gold to come from to
satWfy theso two possible foreign
drains? It is thus seen that tho silver
mania is bringing us muoh nearer to
a perilous vorge than it is pleasant to
oontemplato, and that unless tho mad
ness of freo silver ogiution can bo in
somp way staytd wo liny witness a
serious di'turbnnco of publio confi
donee muoh earlier than has beon sup
posed possible. Under theso circum-t-tanoes
the main hope of Wall Strcot
is in tho popaiblo formation of an In
ternatioDrtl Couferenoo to settlo tho
wholo silver problem upon a broad
and suro foundation Secretary Fos
ter's visit to Europe for the under
stood purpose of cunferenoo with the
British Government is theroforo hail
ed with great satisfaction as affording
tho only way of csoapn from grave
possibilities. Hknby Clkws,
m m
For District Glork.
Wo take pleasuro iu calling speoial
and partioular attention to tho an
nounoement in the proper column of
tho candidacy of Dr. F. W. Burger
for the offico of district olerk of Mc
Lennan county. It is unnecessary to
say that Dr. Burger is eminently fitted
for the important office of district
clerk. Bo is well known to nearly
ovoy voter in tho county and whero
he is tho best known ho stands highest
for business ability, integrity and
other qualities which the publio look
for in an important publio servico In
tho years 1888, '89 and 90 Dr. Burger
was tbo superintendent of public
schools of tho county, ind his industry,
judgment and affability in tho funo
tions of that offico endeared him to all
with whom ho came in contact. An
essentially Southern man with broad
and liboral views, of liberal education
and fino attainments ha would fill the
office of district olerk with ability and
to the satisfaction of all. The News
oommends Dr. Burger to tho kindly
officers of voters as a man for the
oflno of district clerk whose suporior
cannot be found in tho county.
. . ,..i. ., , .1 m m
A Serious Accident.
Polioo Offioor W. T Briggs while
on his way home last night from a
visit to his mother at Witohita Falls
stepped off tho train at a small station
ashort distanoo this side of that place
and in attempting to board it while in
motion missed his footing and foil.
Be was dragged about fifty yards bo
foro disoovercd and the train stopped
and sustained serious bruises from
whioh ho is suffering muoh pain.
Deputy Sheriff Tom Maddin who was
on his return trip from Grconvillo,
where ho had beon to accompany an
attached witness, boarded tho same
train at Hillsboro and contributed at
muoh as possible to the comfort of
his insured follow officer, during tho
remainder ot tho trip.
The injuries of Mr. Briggs aro pain
ful and will perhaps keop him confin
ed to his room about a month but
they are not oonsidered dangerous.
t 1
Gorman residents of Buenos Ayres
have Bent Bjsmarck as a birthday
presont a magnificent album contain
ing viows of tho oity and suburbs.
Zebulon Sypher, a pork raiser of
Norwood, 111., is said to closely resom
bio piotures of Shakespcaro. Of
course, ho believes in the baconian
Sypher, too.
Ono of tho prominent Prohibition
ists of Kansas, it is stated, is named
Boozo. Ho is ono man who oould
find out what's in a name by trying it
on, but will not.
The total valuo of tbo estate of tho
recently deceased Prince Victor, of
Hohenlohe, formerly Governor and
Constable of Windsor Castlo, is re
ported at lesB than 25,000.
Patti sang "Littlo Annio Roonoy"
in Chiosgo on Wednesday evening. It
is understood that Nioolina is prac
ticing that other olassio about tho do-
soent of Mr. McGinty
Mr. Noble, a Cambridge sonlptor, is
making for exhibition at tho Chicago
fair a bronze statuo to roprcsont a man
perfeotly proportioned acoording to
tho ideas ot Dr. Sargent, the Physioal
Director at Harvard.
Mr. Wilson, who recently gavo his
name to Lady Sarah Ohurohill (of the
Marlborough family,) has taken hers
in exohange, and now adds "Ohuroh
ill" to his usual signature
Lord Alington introduced a uniquo
inovation at his reoont' marriage to
Miss Leigh, Two of tho bridesmaids
wcro his own grand-daughters, The
examplo will not bo gonerally fol
lowed. Mrs. John T. Adair, tho American
wife of an Irish gentloman, has an
Irish castlo, an English cstato and a
big Texas ranch, but disoards them
all for tho oh aims of London life,
Sho was a Miss Wadsworth, 20 years
or so ago, a momber of a well known
Tennessee family of that mamo,
Tff 0 lew uMuMes
Out-Judgo Georgo Clark for Gov
ernor and
J. H. Sh po is tho man to buy your
groceries from. Ho sells only for tho
cash, and don't you forgot he sells at
rock bottom prioos.
Hams sugar ourod per poind 10J
oonts. Pig shoulders sugar ourod per pound
10 oents.
Throo pound Tomatoes, per oan 10
A Patont flour, per saok $1 35.
Arbuoklee and Lion oolfeo per
pound 22 1 2 oonts.
Now Windsor grcon oorn por oan
10 oonts.
Mormon Irish potatoes a bucket
25 aents.
$1,00 jar piokols for 75 conts.
75 cent jar piokels for CO cents.
40 oont bottlo piokels for 25 oonts.
25 cent bottlo pickets for 15 oents.
15 cent bottlo piokols for 10 cents.
First class California oabbage, per
pound 3 12 oents.
Eirly June peas per can 12 1-2 ots.
Two pound tomatoes threo oans 25
Two pound corn beef ono oan 25
Ono pound corn beof two cans
25 oents.
2,400 matches for only I5 cents.
3 600 matches for only 25 conts,
9G0 matches for only 10 cents,
And ho is headquarters for all
leading brands of oigars and tobacons.
Remember his plaoo of businoes 205
South Third stror, near oornor Third
and Franklin streets.
Fipsfolass Guaranteed
Watch, Clock and Jewelry
J3E if A. I X ING.
Plain and Artistic Engraving.
620 Austin Avonuo
Election Proclamation.
By virtuo of tho authority vested in
me by law, I hereby order an election
to bo held in tho city of Waoo on the
first Tuesday in April, tho 5th day
thereof l8o2 for tho election of a
mayor and also ono alderman to repre
Font oaoh ward in tho city of Waco.
Election to bo held at tho following
First ward at the city hall, presiding
officer, Joe Torbett
Second ward at West End Firo sta
tion, presiding offioer, J is. N, Harris.
Third ward at Storo Eagin blook on
Eighth street between Mary and
Franklin streets, presiding officer,
Charles Motz.
Fourth ward, at Central Fire station,
presiding officer, W. W. Bogcress.
Fifth ward at East Waco Firo sta
tion, presiding offioor, W. D. Wallace
(Attested) C. C. MoCoLi.oon,
Joney Jones Major.
City Secretary,
A Big Fight
On Austin street in priceB of ohoap
Strictly For Cash.
No doviation from this rulo under
undor any ciroumstanoes,
18 pounds granulated sugar $lj 5lbs
green ooffeo $1, 4 packages coffee 9O0.
1 doz. 300 matches for 25)., Star to
bacoo 45o., Tinsley N. L. tobaooo 55?.
Best pat. flour $1.40, meal 55o., 25
bars good laundry soap 81.
21b. tomatoes 95c. per doz., 31b. to
matoes $1.30 per doz., 231bs beans $1.
Best unoanvassed hams lis., bran
$1 per hundred.
Many other articles too numorous to
mention but all goods in my store at
prices in proportion. Remember mo
and bring your cash and save mouoy.
Gil Austin strcot. '
Sleoper, Clifton & Co. havo added a
repairing department in conneotion
wuu tneir snoe store. All repairing
01 ooots ana suoes neatly done
narges reasonaoio. L,eave your
shoes to be halfsolod at Sloepor, Clif
ton & uo s corner of Fourth and
Austin streets,
Dr. Geo. P. Mann, dentist. Full
Bett of upper or lower teeth, $12.50.
To tho Lovors of Art In Photo
Having moved to my now gallery
ovor 701 and 703, Austin stroot, (tht
old Hinohmau Building), I am now
bettor prepared than ovor to give tho
pooplo of Waoo tho finest Photos in
tho state. Tho boautiful "aristo" (so
highly endorsed by tho loading ga.
cries,) in all its beauty, at my studio,
I will have on exhibition for a fow
days, an elegant oil portrait of Mrs,
Goo. Clark, by Mons. Do Qissao, whioh
has been framed in a vory handsome
"Florontino" frame, making a portrait,
well worth a visit, to all, and more
especially to tho tho ladies.
I will bo glad to woluOme my old,
and many now customers. Don't for
got jny now addross, ovtsrJfOl and 703,
Austin Avo.
Deane, Photographer.
All the fashion publications both
domestic and foreign:
Bon Ton
Myrns Journal
Tbo Delineator
Fashion Bazaar
Kbvuo do la Modo
Album ties Modos
L'Art do la Mode
La Modo de Purls
Voting Ladles journal
Buttorlck'u Metropolitan Fashions
Cigar, News Dealers & Stationers,
104 South Fourth Street.
Gfyeap Q(s.
The onl oheap lots offered in Waco
for tho last fivo years aro thoso now
on the markot in the Ktrkpatriok Ad
dition, East Waoo. Those lots aro
being sold for one-half their real val
ue, making a chanoo to scouro a de
sirable home such as will never ooour
Cheap JLots.
These lots Ho high and dry. They
overlook a large portion of tho oity
and havo perfeot drainage. They lio
in tho healthiest part of tho city, catch
ing tho puro breezes from tho praitie
untainted by passago over any part of
tho city.
Cheap Lots
Those lots havo tho finest soil, a
rich smdy loam, admirable for gar
dens, and are underlaid with puro
water in inexhaustible qumtitics at a
depth of fifteen and sixteen feet,
whioh can bo usod for irrigation.
Cheap Lf
Theso lots aro closer to tho center
of the oity than any other addition,
and at tho samo distance lots are sell
ing for three aud five times tho price
asked for theso. Thero is millions ia
it for persons nf Hiuall means. Call on
Mrs. or F G Kirkpitriok, Bouthwest
corner Eighth and Clay strcot.
All parties desiring plats of the
nirkpatriok addition oan obtain them
upon application.
Notice to Contractors.
Soalfd proposals will be received at
huo uuiug ui uiby oouioiai j, t" "
opened at 3 o'clock p. m. March fif
1892, at tho oity hall, Waco, Texas, by
tho mayor and street committee, for
furnishing all material and labor ana
constructing, approximately, ttu
lineal feet of six inoh sanitary sewer
as follows : From Jefferson aloog
Fourth street, with lattcral botween
Columbus street and Ban on branch to
center of blook, between Soventh and
Eighth streets, arid latteral between
Washington and Columbus streets ex
tending from Fourth to Fifth streets.
Profiles and specifications for inspec
tion at city engineer's office. Tho
right to rejeot any or all bids, is re
served by tho oity oonnoil of tho oity
of Waco. February 19, 1892.
Attest: O. O. MaUuxLMCii,
Joney Jones, gity SeereUry.
Milos Nervo And Liver Pills
Aotona new principle regulating
the liver, etoniaoh and bowels through
the nerves.' A now discovery. Dr
miles' Pills Hpoedlly oure biliousness,
bad taste, torpid llvei piles, consti
pation. Uuequuled for men, women,
and children. Smallest, mildest, sur
est. 60 doses 25 contu. ..Samples free
at H. O Rlnhor & Co's. Drug store 51
I Auotln avenue

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