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IFuU Associated Press Reports.
EHTAllLlBJlEn JVI.Y 10, 1HH8.
Entered at the VoitofflceatWaco, tai, a Beeoml Cla$ SIntter.
VOL. 4. NO. 205.
50 Cents Per Month
We would consider it a special favor to have you ex
amine our new stock of men's suits and trousers for
the present season. All the advanced ideas for
jj I "Clothing Made Ready to Wear,"
Have been utilized in their manufacture and there is
hardly a garment in our stock today that is not equal to
custom made.
We feel confident that we show a selection of styles,
colors and qualities from among which all tastes can get
pleased, and we have no hesitancy in claiming that our
prices will be the very lowest.
We further believe that our twenty five years experi
ence in the retail clothing business must be of consider
able value to our customers in so far as their getting
Correct Styles-Full Value-Satisfactory Fit
We beg to call special attention to our lines of men's
suits at
IO, $12.50, 155
They will be found the
clothing ever offered to the
pas Beep Used
To a wonderful advantage in the purchase of this season's
Stook, and has accomplished for us truly surprising results.
Our New Goods have arrived, and wc are now offering the
best bargains in Furniture ever
V-entral iexas.
You can not afford to buy
have seen our New Goods.
Our $27.50 Cheval Suit Saves you $12.50.
Our $37.50 Cheval Suit Saves you $15.00.
Our $47.50 Cheval Suit is the best value we ever offered
and saves you $20.00.
Our new line of Wicker Rockers and Fancy Chairs is
the most attractive ever shown in this "market. Latest de
sign?, largest stock and lowest prices.
Our new stock of Sideboards is full of wonderful values:
Our $18.00 Sideboard saves you $7.00, and you are very
hard to please if our $30.00 Sideboards are not fine enough
for you.
until.you have seen the latest thing out. We have it and
you will want it.
Sixth and Jackson Streets.
best values in perfect fitting
placed before the people of
a Bedroom Suit until you
Tho Terrible Vengeance Wreaked
Upon Murderors.
TI10 TltrcoiTIcu wlio Shot tlio Four
Deputy Shorlf fs In Memiilils Last
Saturday Night, Mrot tliolr Doom
at tbo Ilntids of uITCob All Taken
From Jail and Shot to Death Tho
Quick aud fatal Work of Ven
geance. Memphis, March 9. The dawn of
this bright spring morning as it oast
its light across tho Tonnossoe
metropolis, disolosed tho dead bodies
of throo nogroos riddled with bullets
and partially covered with brush ly
ing in an open lot about cloven and
one-half miles from tho heart of tho
city. The bodies as thoy lay out
Btrctohod with their faaos turned
hoavonward wero muto reminders of a
terrible work. The names of tho
ncgroeB whoso bodies wore literally
shot to pieoes by tho mob aro: Calvin
MoDowell, William Stuart and
Theodoro Moss. The orimo whioh
tbiB summary vengeanoo was wreaked
.upon them, ambushing and shooting
down Saturday night last four
deputy sheriff's in a very
bad negro locality known as
the "curve," whilo tho officers wero
fulfilling their duties in attempting to
arrest a negro. About 3 o'olook this
morning , sovonty mon, all wearing
masks appeared suddonly on Front
street near tho jail. Jbrom whonoo
they came, no ono will this morning,
hazard evon a guess. None saw thorn
assembling. No officer of th$ law
noticed their passago through any
street, nor did any porson interoopt
thorn in their quiok and quiet march
to tho Shelby oounty jail. Arriving
at the jail they pursuaded Watohman
O'Donnell, who was in tho jail office,
that they had a prisoner for him and
on his opon ng the door forced their
way in, bound him with ropes und
seoured tho keys to tho cells, whioh
ho refused to givo up.
Jailor Williams who was up stairs
slept unconscious through it all. Aftor
making euro that D'Donnell was safe
ly seourod, tho men hied silontly and
swiftly past him into the jail and in a
fow minutes woro in the coll room of
the negro department. Thoro wero
twenty-seven negroes there, all under
arrost for complicity in Saturday nights
affair, and it was no easy task for
theso mon to distinguish thoir muoh
wanted negroes from tho other blacks
in the darkness of tho night. Alice
Mitchell, hears tho noiso and from her
oell on tho upper tier poors down on
tho strango and silent crowd. Not a
word is spoken as the men proooed
quiokly and cautiously along tho rows
of cells. Suddenly tho olick of a key
going into a look is hoard;
tho men stop for an instant;
there is a little soufile, a hand is
clapped over the negroo's mouth un
til he is bound and Mobs, tho mail
oarrior, is in possession of tho mob.
Soon McDowell is found, thon Stuart
and tho party ia roady to start. The
captives aro draggod, pushed and
hustled out of tho jail in a hurry, out
into the yard and past O'Donnell,
still ecouroly bound, they go and in a
minute aro upon the street. Thoy
start toward the Mississippi rivnr
stopping as they readied tho traaLoft
the Uhesapeako and Ohio. A few
words in an undertono, is taken as an
order and tho mon start along
tho traok. Then thero is pitoh
darkness, but no lagging wsb allowed.
In a fow minutes the suburbs of tho
oity wero roaohed. In an opon field
near Wolf river tho negroes mot their
doom. For tho first timo thoy wero
allowed to"spoak. As tho gags wore
romovod Moss said: "If you'regoing
to kill us, turn our faces to the West."
Scarcoly bad he Uttered tho words
whon the oraok ot a rovolver was
heard and a ball orashed through his
oheek. This was a signal for tho
work. A terrible volley was poured
upon tno snivenng nogroe
who instantly fell dead
in their tracks, McDowell fell faeo
dawnward but Moss and Stuart fell
Grand Spring Opening!
March Tth aiul 8fli!
Souvenirs Will Be Presented to La
dies and Children.
WACO, : : : : TEXAS.
Plate Glass Insured Against Breakage. : . : : : 1 1 1
: : : t ; Represent a Line of First-Class Companies
Prompt Attention to all Business Placed with ns.
over each other. The Bobies pre
sented a horriblo sight. MoDowell's
jaw was entiroly shot away and ba k
of his right oar thero was a hole large
enough to admit a man's fist. His
right hand too had been half blown
away as if in dofenso ho had grabbed
tho muzzlo of a shot gun. Stuart is
shot in tho mouth and twioo in tho
back of tho head. His body is rid
dled with buckshot. Moss's ear is
shot oil and soveral bullot holes aro in
his forehead. Tho mob quietly disap
peared. Not a traoo of thorn oan be
found this morning. Tho bodies of
tho dead nogroes wero brought to
Walsh's undertaking establishment at
seven this morning, in less than tit
toon minutes tho place was surround
ed by about two hundred negroes
All woro afraid to talk, however, on
account of tile near proximity of the
whites, but on tho outer edges of tho
crown woro heard many muttcrings
and oursos. Ono negro aptly ex-i
pressed the foclings ot a majority of
his raco by saying: "If these
niggers stand this, wo's dono up,
suah." An inquest was hold at 10 a.
m., and tho bodios were then sont to
thoir homos at the "ourvo." At 10:15
a. m., word reached tho oity that tho
negroes wero assembling in largo
numbors at tho "ourvo." JudgeDuboso
immediately equipped 150 mon with
Winchesters and thoy left for the
(Jotlou JTItirUot.
New York, Marob 9, Cotton
Now Orleans, March 9. Cotton
unohangod. futures quiet. Maroh G 20;
April G22; May 0.31; June G.40;
July G.50; August G 53; Soptombor
G.G9; Ootobor 0.78; Novomber G.8G.
Hales 30,000. Others unohanged.
A Torrlblo Illlxzurd.
Minneapolis, Maroh 9. This oity
is now in tho storm centre of tho
worst blizzard that has boon seen in
tho northwest in four 5 oars. The
cold wind that blows from tho west at
tho rato of forty miles an hour, is
oombined with fine dry snow that pen
otrates every whero.
Undo Sam and Smokeless Powder.
Philadelphia, March 9. The United
StutesTjovormncnt lias determined upon
tho maiiufucturo of smokeless powder
for uso in small arms and heavy
ordnance, and wilh this object in view
Captain Pittman, tho well known ord
nance ofllcer and expert chemist, has
boon dowiled to take chargo of tho labor
atory at Frakford arsenal.
Jones k Mi
Mr. Frost for County Clerk.
Mr. !J. W. Frost of Crawford, in
this issuo of Tim News, places his
name before tho pcoplo as a oandidato
for County Clork. He will bo ro
mombered as having mado a vigorous
campaign for this offioo two years ago,
in which he plaood himsclt boloro tuo
people in a most favorablo light and
oponnd the way for a more successful
effort in tho ooming oontcst. Mr.
Frost camo to Toxas while a boy and
has resided in this county tho best
part of his life. Ho now has a largo
family and is thoroughly identified
with tho interests and wellfaro of the
oounty, and is a good business man
with exemplary habits, and an aooom
plishod book-keeper, with long ox
perionoo and excellent training in
offioo. In short, ho is a most, worthy
gontlcman and eminently quualiliod
for the effioient disohargo of tho du
ties of tho offico ho seeks.
Sheriff Shcrnimi Makes a Capture at Sal-
pbur Springs.
SuLi'iiun SniiNas, Tex., March 0. '
Parties reported to Shoriff Sherman that
thoy had observod a negro located in tho
brush a few miles north of town, that
tho location was desolate und fho actions
of tho nogro suspicions. Sheriff Sher
man immediately repaired to tho spot,
found nothing, took up tho search aud
by inquiries learned that tho negro was
taveling in an easterly direction along
tho Cotton Belt road, leaving tho road
whon mooting any ono or passing a bcc
tion house. Sheriff Sherman reached
Mount Vernon, watched around
tho town and dopot for awhilo
and whilo standing near tho public
well on tho square discovered somo ono
cautiously como out of tho hotel. Tho
sheriff followed him up," each moviiig
off nt a lively pare, and increasing their
Birced at each stop. Ho was overhauled
near tho depot, nrrcstod and brought
hero and jailed. Ho had in his posses
sion two pocketknives, iv heavy watch
chain, n largo bread knife, which proved
to bo tho property of tho Garrison hotel,
which was pilforud by somo sneak thief
n fow nights ago. From tho description
given ho closely resembles in appearance
tho negro wanted at Sedalla, Mo., for
a crime committed on tho night of Feb,
23, and for robbing in Denison March 2.
This negro on examination shows nmrk
of a wound through tho thigh, n heavy
scar on tho front of his breast and back,
all ovidontly tho result of gunshot
wounds. If this negro proves to bo tho
party wanted, Sheriff Shonnan boa
rnadon fine haul, $1000 reward being
offered by citizens of Scdnlia, in addi
tion to a W0 roward offered by tho gov
ernor of Missouri.

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