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W. 0.W1LKE8,MD
Reel Jcnco IltO N 12 St.
Bliaenc "" - -
physicians and burgeons.
Stole t Old Corner Drag 8 lore Tclepnone
at ODlco and Residences.
Office on Austin Street over
First National Bank.
Williams & Evans
Atty's $ Counsellors at Law,
r ji o r in but 11 v izi in a,
WACO, - - - TEXAS.
Hartley St Burleson,
Hook, Jnb and Oommcrclnl
Wt Sooth Third Ctreit, ItirHIUbttl Done,
A Trial Order Solicited.
Goiuor Slxtli ana Washington,
nns. j. in. ivkujins, rRoriUETBESs
tJ-Good iooiAb And unexcelled table, licet
of perrlso at thomott reivonablc raiee. Con
Ttnlect to business center of the city.
618 Austin Avennc.
Cor. Eighth $ Clay Sis.
Only two bloelis south of Mo. l'acifl 11. It
Terms reasonable. Commercial
Travel especially solicited.
Mrs. N. H. Kirkpatrick.
Tho days of wonder will never
ccaso till tho ond of tho world.
Now is your chanoo to down all lOo
and 5o. counters at 4o. and 3o. at tho
8toro, C12 Austin Street. Nothing
liko it.
Tho News 1b not responsible for nor
will ltpay any bills unless authorized
by a wrlttou or verbal order from the
9 m
Blackwell Kotol.
Good bedB and best of faro. Rates
$1.00 per day. Meals 25 cents, 120
Second street, next door to the court
house. tf
1000 aore farm, 500 in cultivation, all
first class prairio land. Ten houses,
barns, shods, wells and ono uovor
failing spring.
Small farms of 100 or 200, 320 or 400
aores each, and many others oheap
and on easy terms.
llangin g in number of aorcs of 320, 500
12C 0, 1400, 186G and 3,000, situated
near Waoo. We can Boll special bar
ga ns in houBcs, lots and business
Bell & Sassaman,
JtiBtau' nd Rontal Agents, 111
SOOO Agouti Wuiilcd Uuldtly
to enpplTtbo inimciifto demand for
SOO 1'ukci, Ulclily Iliumnitcd,
Price, 81.50. , . , ,
A 1Hnnri.nl. v rt thn Wnrlil'll flrPdte't Divine.
by the hpurcnnit of America. Beware of
caicn-pcnny dookb, ima 1a iuoi.'"
igents'succpfs astonishing Interest liitnuo.
KeDd quick 30o for onlflt and Ret tbo territory.
Addiees. HDHllAHOHUOS., .,
40(1 Klico Mrtict, IMUudclplUU.
or, Uroadwuy Sc Lncunt M.
St. l.uult, Wo.
"".'. inn Ma at.
BTornl Town on tho Simta l'o Expecting
tho Frisco Extension Twelve Skeletons
Unearthed on tho Wnshlta Itlver l!io
lu of Churokeo Indians from Cnrollnn.
Paris, Tox., March 9. The influx ot
Toxas cattle into tho Indian Territory
this spring promises to bo vory groat.
Judge Clafk of Oklahoma has decided
that improvements upon public lands
are taxable
Ono man in Beavor county, Okla., re
cently recoived $103 as bounty on wolf
scalps secured by him.
It is said that five editors, ono ministoi
and a dozen lawyors are undergoing tho
bi-chlorido of gold treatmont for drunk
enness in tho Oklahoma City institute.
Every town on tho Santa Fo between
Paul's Valloy and Guthrie is expecting
to secure tho Frisco oxtonsion from
An old Araphahoo chief took his allot
ment on the Bite of a favorite messiah
dance ground. Now when tho Indians
como thero to dance he forbids them, for
the reason that thoy tramp out the
grass and burn tho timber.
Under the law allowing tho Indians
of Oklahoma to leaso tho lands allotted
to them thoy may lease for a term of
three years, but must rosido on them.
Counties having Indian residents will
thus have the benefit of taxes on all im
provements on these lands.
Tho Cherokees havo over 100 schools
with an attendance of ovor 8000 pupils,
Tho malo and female seminaries at Tab
lequah were erected at a cost of over
"When tho graders for tho Rock Island
road crossed tho Washita river in mak
ing a cut they unearthed twelvo skelo
tons. No one in tho vicinity know any
thing of a graveyard thero and it is snp
posed to havo been an ancient burying
ground of tho Washita Indians, who
havo dwelt along that river since tho
earliest Spanish explorations.
Tho people of Oklahoma aro com
plaining that Governor Shaw is appoint
ing too many of his Missouri relatives
to lucrative positions.
The Pottawattamio payment will not
bo mado until tho rolls aro first taken by
Agent Patrick and approved by tho in
terior department. This will probably
delay the payment until about May 1,
when the first installment will bo mado.
Thero is likelihood of an exodus of tho
Cherokee Indians from North Carolina
to tho Indian Territory. They nnnibei
6everal thousand.
Judge Shackelford, in his charge to
tho grand jury at Ardmoro, said: "Any
liquor, bo it called hop tea, lager or
what not, and as a beverage and that
would intoxicate, is a spirituous liquoi
and a violation of tho law to intro
duce it."
Statement of Mrt. Smith, GHinc Detail
of tho Murderous Assault.
Sherman. Tex., March 9. Mrs. Bottit
Smith, ono of tho victims of Sam Mas
soy, supposed to be in jail in Dallas, re
covered sufficiently to inako a statement
which was in substance- that tho negrt
brought Smith homo 111 a drunken con
dition and hung around tho house, ask
ing for somo coflco which was giver,
him. His actions were of a nature tc
arouso tho fears of Mrs. Smith. Ho per
sised in advising her to got Mr. Sinitl
to sleep. She finally threatened that onb
of Mr. Smith's brothors would bo along
soon and if ho hadn't loft boforo ho go)
there, that he, Massoy, would bo throwx
IIo grappled Mrs, Smith and was try
ing to choko hor down to tho floor, wher.
she screamed for her two littlo boys,
who had just gono to bed, to got up and
wako their father, who had fallon into a
drunken sleop by this time. In tlit
ineanthno sho fought and struggled with
her assailant, who, in addition to brain
ing her otherwise in tho scufllo, bit ond
of her fingers vory badly. Smith, id
whom the little boys had gono, started
up in a half-dazed way, and as ho did so
tho negro caught sight of him, and pick
ing up a billot of wood felled him
into insensibility and seeing tho two
littlo boys awako, knocked them down
m succession,
During his attention to Mrs. Smith lit
dealt her a powerful blow and as she
tried to raise he struck her again and
again, inflicting jterriblo wounds upon
her face, head, 'shoulders and throat.
After this all was a blank to tho pool
Both Smith and his wifo are deaf and
it is not impossible that they will re
main permanently so in -caso thoy finally
recover their physical strength.
The Frosccntins1 Attorney f Hasting,
Nil)., lu Sciirrh nTlSvlilence.
Denver, March 9. Prosecuting At
torney Heffner of Hastings, Neb., is in
Denver in search of ovidenco that Alice
Yocum nnd Jeff Teeman, colored coach
man in the family of Captain Yocum,
had been hero together. It was a littlo
over a week ago that tho killing of My
ron Vanfleet, a real estate broker, by
Captain D. Yocum, United States treas
ury agep.t, caused so much excitement
in xiuaurigs. imo umo ngo tlio gos
&H 01 iiusungB were commenting on
tho rumor that tho young lady liacl
eloped with the colored coachman, Uoth
having left tho city. Miss Yocmn ostjen
ribly had been teaching music. flio
same report was renowed and circulated
with inoro energy than at first but afow
weeks since. It was said to havo origi
nated with young Vanfleot, who was a
former sweetheart of Miss Alice. Tho
prominence of Captain Yocum's family
made the rumors tho more sensational.
Having reached tho ears of tho captain
ho traced the sourco of the rumor to
Vanilcet, and ho Bhot and killed him at
sight. It is stated by Mr. Heffnor that
ho had Boino ovidenco that the two had
been in Denver together and that thoy
were secretly married horo. Although
ho had examined tho records ho finds
that no marriage llcenso wore issued to
them. Still he believes that there is
Borne ground for tho reports. Mr. Heff
ner says they will endeavor to show that
tho allegations mado by tho murdered
man were true.
Gliid Sho Shot Him.
Chester, Pa. March 9. A sensational
shooting affair occurred at Ridley Park
station, two miles above tins city. An
nie Ward, a handsomo-looking woman,
deliberately fired four shots at Michael
Gallagher, a coachman employed by
Superintendent Kennoy of tho P. W. &
B. R. R. At least two of tho shots took
effect, one in tho breast and tho other in
tho back. Tho man was removed to a
hospital. His condition is critical.
After tho shooting tho woman and a fo
malo companion boarded a train and
camo to Chester, where sho startled the
manager and messonger boys of tho
Western Union Telegraph office bv
flourishing tho revolver with which she
did tho shooting, and shouting: "I did
tho shooting and I am not afraid to die.
I only hopo that I havo killed him."
After leaving tho telegraph office sho
employed a hackman to drivo hor back
to Ridley Park, where sho was arrested
two hours after. She talked freely to
tho driver and said that Gallagher had
been the cause of her ruin nnd sho
wanted to die. Sho displayed marked
indifference ovor tho tragic affair and
seems gratified with what sho had
Accident to Grncrul hclioflcld.
Washington, March 9. As General
Schofield was driving to tho war, state
and naval building his carriage was run
into by an express wagon. The wheel
of tho carriage was blocked and it over
turned. It was found necessary to re
move tho general through a window,
but fortunately ho was not hurt boyond
receiving a rather severe shaking up.
His escapo was duo to tho coolness of
tho driver who managed to control tho
horses, notwithstanding the overturning
of tho carnaco..
A .feeble woman
is restored to health and strength,
by Dr. Pierco's Favorite Prescrip
tion. If you're overworked, "run
down," or debilitated, you need it
It's an invigorating, rcstoralivo
tonic, and a soothing and strength
ening nervine, imparting touo and
vigor to tho wholo system. It's a
legitimate medicine, too carefully
compounded by an experienced jihy
Bioian, and adapted to woman's deli
cato organization.- For all tho
chronic weaknesses, functional de
rangements, and painful disorrJer
peculiar to tho box, it iB an unfailing
remedy. It's because it is unfail
ing that it can bo sold under a posi
tivo guarantee. If it fails to g 0
satisfaction, in any caso for which
it's recommended, tho money paid
for it will bo promptly returned.
It is a legitimate medicine not
a beverage. Contains no alcohol
to inebriato ; no sjrrup or sugar to
sour or ferment in tho stomach
and cause distress. As itculiar in
its marvelous, remedial results as
in its composition.
A Rare Chance
If you want a piano or organ of fino
makes now iB tho opportunity to buy
one on your own terms and at prices
unheard of. Call on J. B. Payno
and seo tho largest and finest stock of
pianos over brought to central Texas
and ubk terms and prices. This is tho
opportunity of a life time and no pfu
dont person should negleot it. Tako
notioo in time. Thero will novcr bo
Buoh a ohance to buy organs or pianos
as cheap or on auoh terms.
Buy Egan'a Big Muddy Lump coal,
t TT 1! -. .. .. (H
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The News
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Do Yau Know It?
A common cough is tho most danger
ous thine; in tho world to neglect; a
slight haoking Cough is also very dan
gerous, as it always loads to Bronohitia
and Consumption. Don't nogleot them.
In selecting a remedy for Coughs,
Golds and BronohitiB, be Buro and get
ono that 1b not full of Opium and one
that will not produce Constipation.
Ballard's Horehound Syrup docs not
constipate, romomber this. It is por
feotly harmless for ohildron, and it's
tho most soothing and healing Throat
and Lung medicine in the world. It
cures Consumption, Coughs, Colds,
Sore Throat, Asthma, Whooping
Cough, Croup, Bronchitis, Hoarseness,
Soro Lungs, tiokling in tho throat and
greatly strengthen tho Lungs altor
Pneumonia. So by H. 0. JSiahor
& Co.
I IK fel III
IfflHIS MAN has been hunting
Ik with one of H. E. Amhold's
fine guns sure shot. Fine guns
for sale or for hire.
419 Austin Street.
A Secret ofS uccess.
H. C. Rishor & Co., druggistB, bo
liovo that tho seoret of success is per
severance Thoreforo thoy porsist in
keeping tho finest lino of perfumeries,
toilet artioloP, cosmetics, drugs and
ohomioals on tho market. Thoy espe
cially invite all persons who havo pal
pitation, short breath, weak or hungry
spoils, pain in sido or shoulder, oppres
sion, night mare, dry cough, smother
ing, dropsy or heart diseaso to try Dr.
Miles' unequalod Now Heart Curo,
bofore it is too lato. It has the larg
est salo of any similar remedy. Fino
book of testimonials frco. Dr. Miles'
Bostorativo Nervine iB unsurpassed
for sleoplessness, hcadaohe, fits, etc,
and it contains no opiates
This IstiiBienpHi.!
Wo havo S1200 worth of 8hoea
loft, and wo aro going to Burprteoyou
tho next two wooTca. Wo havo rentod
tho house for two nioro wooks, and
redueod tho remainder lowor than
ovor. About 800 pairs Ladlos' fluo
Oxfords and Button Boots, at prices
that will HUrprJao you. Tho mer
chants aro trying to buy ub out, but
wo prefer soiling at retail. Boo our
Men's $2.-J ti03i; well worth 85.
Cor. Sixth and Austin, WACO, TEX
M. I ,"9 Ml .
Notlco of Dissolution.
Notioo is heroby givou, that the
firm of Fort, Willig & Patton, horo
toforo ongaged in tho R-jal Estato,
Firo Insuranoo nnd Loan businoss in
Waco, has this day, by mutual oon
Eont, been dissolved, tho intorcst of
Messrs. Goorgo Willig and It. G.
Patton in the lnsnranoo branoh hav
ing boon purohasod by Mr. Waltor V.
Fort, who will oontinuo the insuranoo
business, and who in likowiso author
ized to colloot and roooipt for all debts
duo to tho Baid firm to this dato.
Walter V. Foivr,
II G. Patton,
Gko. Wilmo.
Waco, Toxas, Maroh 1, 1892.
Roforring to tho above, beg to say
that I will oontinuo tho Firo Insur
ance business under firm namo of
Waltor V. Fort & Co. Thanking
former patrons of tho old firm for
their liberal patronage in tho past, I
rcspootfully aBk a oontinuanoo of tho
snmo, assuring all that business en
trusted to mo will recoivo prompt
attention. Walteu V. Fout.
Maroh 1, 1892.
Extras for Buggies.
Carriago and buggy topsj oarriago
and buggy wheels, buggy bodios, oubTi
ions, lazy baoks, springs, 5th whools,
shaft shaoklos, prop nutB, prop
joints, boots, storm aprons, shaft tops
single trees, shafts in pairs or odd,
poles, brpast yokos,polo cirolcs, dashcB,
dash rails, seat handloB, oto,, cart
whools and springs, at
T. P. SrARKB ifc Son's.
Following Suit.
On and after Maroh 1, 1892, I will
sell for oasb. My terms will bo from
10 to 20 por oont cheaper on every
thing oxoopt lard. Prompt dolivory
as heretofore. Try mo for cash,
J. C. Stakkoud.
Corner market1 601 Franklin st.
BaokloA'a Arolos Balvo.
The best salvo in tho world for oats,
bruises, sores, uloors, salt rhouin, fe
ver sores, tetter, ohappod hands, cull
blalns, corns ani nil skin oruptlons,
and positively mros pllos, or no pay
required. It la guaranteed to give
satisfaction or 'aonoy refunded. Prlco
26 cents a box. Fcr sale by W. B ,
Morrison Oo.
Elegant Photo's.
Having scoured tho services of Mr.
W. M. Hall, of Chicago as oporator
and rotouoher, will guarantco tho pub
Ho a fioer olass of photographic work
than has ovor boen shown in Wnoo.
Havo rooontly purohasod tho largest
as well as the finest photograph Ions
in Texas. Call on tho old ro liablo
photographer and seo samploB.
A Sure Curo for Piles.
Itching PileB aro known by moiB
turo liko perspiration, causing intonso
itohing when warm. This form as
well as Blind, Bleeding or Protrud
ing, yiold at onco to l)r. Bosanko's
Pile Remedy, which aots directly on
patts effected, absorbs tumors, allays
itohing and effcots a pormanont curo.
50 ots. Druggists or mail Circulars
frco. Dr. Bosanko, 329 Arch St.,
Philadelphia, Pa. '.Sold by W. B.
Morrison & Co.
Rules andlRogulations at; tho.Park
Open G a. m. to 10 p. m. olosod on
Sunday night. Pool reserved for
ladies oxcluBivcly Wednesday evening
2 to 5:30; Saturday morning 9 to 12,
Monday night 9 to 10 for ladies and
gontlomon, pool party, tub, necdlo, and
vapor baths at all hours for pationts
and others. Experienced malo and
fomalo attendants day and night.
Tom Padqitt, Proprietor.
J. B. CiiKhNUT, Managor.
Tho World a Better for It.
Tho world is bettor because of such
a remedy as Ballard's Snow Liniment,
becauso this articlo relieves it of much
pain and misery, and wo aro thus ODa
blod to enjoy its brighter sido. It
positively ouros all forms Rheumatism,
Neuralgia, ncadahc, Sick Ileadaoho,
Lamo Baok, all Soroa and Wounds,
Cuts, Sprains, Brnsisos, Stiff Joints,
Contracted Musolen, Poison, Erup
tions, Corns, Weak Back, and all pain
all inflammation on man or boast. Its
tho best booauso its tho most penetrat
ing. Bowaro of all whito Liniments
which may bo palmed off on you for
Ballard's Snow Liniment. Thero is
nono liko it. Solo by II. O. Rishcr
Joe Lohman's for
confectioneries 117
100 orcam and
South Fourth
to Kcllum & Lawson for
'lots iu Farwolls Heights.

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