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of Flro Alnriu IIoxcn.
1 Fifth Ward Fire Station strikes
& Corner 9th and Austin '
6 ' 4tli " " "
7 Central Firo mauon
a W..I Wnil Hire Station "
18 Corcer W'h anil Washington "
" 14
Mh and Malboroneh '
8th ami Columbus '
SthandJaoMon '
Mh and Webstor '
8th and Cleveland '
Mh and Speight "
Mlloviil Hotel Bth aud FraHkUn " llMUll
Oiuaut. iia"uiunvii
' li6 Woolen AHUs 13th and Mary " III-IIUII
' 37 Corner 10th aud Joffersou ' iii-inxiil
All boxes .numbered abovo 8 strikes thus!
Br 13 strikes 1 aud stops, then strikes 111
making ltox 13, then repeats four times.
Box 35 strlkesll and Btops, then strikes 1III
making Box 25 abd so on.
rjinxcnoxs ron oivino alaum.
Keys will bo found in rcsldonceson each cor
ner where boxes are located. Opon Fire Alarm
Boxes and pull Hook down and let go. Leave
key In box.
Turn alarm In only for fires. 110.00 fine for
false alarma. .... ,
Slow tapping of bolls signify company
Second Friday In each month each box Is
hmiAii twlftn. tenting hoxpH nnd circuit lino
When alarm of fire Is given the Fire Depart
ment has the right of way on all streets. All
vehicles must drivenear tho sidewalk and keep
away from the Are. 5.00 line for running ovor
Keport of any careless driving going to or
from ilres by the Fire Department will be
thankfully received by the Chief, as fast aud
careless driving Is strlckly forbidden.
Try Egan's $5.50 Lump coal.
Tho best restaurant in town, Joe
Lehman's, No. 117 South Fourth
Fishing taokle of every description
with a full stook of hunters supplie
H. E. A 'ibolds.
Joo Lehman Is tho most popular res
taurant man in Texas. His plaoo
117 South Fourth street
Pure and white lara at 9 cents
por pound in ton pound cans at Grip
pen's, oornor Fifth and Franklin.
Egan has tho best cheap coal in
tho market at $5.50 per ton.
A J. LobIio for first-olass watoh
clook and jewelry ropairing. Same
building with H. E. Ambold Anstin
Electric Bitters.
This remedy is becoming so well
known and so popular as to noed no
special mention. All who have used
Elootrio Bitters sing tha same song of
praise, A purer modioino docs not
exist and it is guaranteed to do all
that is claimed. Elootrio Bitters will
oure all diseases of tho Liver and
Kidneys, will remove Pimples, Boils,
Salt Hheum and othoraucoUons caus
od by impure blood. Will drivo Ma-
laria from trie system and prevent as
well as onro all Malarial fevers. For
cure of Headache, Constipation and
Indigestion try Eleotrio (Jitters En
tire satisfaction guaranteed, or money
refunded. Prioe 50 ots., and $1.00
Eor bottle at W. B. Morrison & Co.,
rug Store.
Dr. Gunn's Onion Syrup.
This remedy is a sure oure for all
diseases of the Throat and LungB,
caused by taking cold. It will stop a
cough in one night, no matter how
It is just what its name implies; an
onion syrup, compounded in such
manner as to do away with tho un
pleasant taste and odor of tho vegito
blc. When in need of a oure for a cough
or cold, try it. Price 50 conts. Sold
by W. B. Morrison & Co.
A Sound Liver JMakes a Well Man
Are you Bilious, Constipatedand
troubled with Jaundice SickHead
aoho, Bad Taste In Mouth, Filn
Breath, Coated Tongue, Dyspepsia
Indigestion, Hot Dry Skin, Pain in
Baok and between the Bhoulders,
Chills and Foyer, &o. If you have
any of these symptoms, your Silver 1b
out of order your blood is slowly
being: poisoned, because "your Liver
doos not act properly. Herbine will
cure any disorder ot tho Llver,Slom
aoh orBowels. It has no equal as a
Liver Mediclue. Prioe 76 cents. Free
sample bottle ntJ3. C. Eisner's Drug
Items and communications intended
for this department should bo sent to
.No. 800 North Twelfth Btroet or tele
phoned to No. SO. on or before Friday
afternoon of each weok, in order to
receivo proper attention. News
notes reoeived after 10 o'clock Satur
day morning cannot appear until the
next week, however niuoh we may
regret tho delay.
Don't be Deceived.
I am still holding down Standard
Granulated Sugar 20 pounds for one
Franco-Amorioan Food Co's Frenoh
Soups, 8 pound cans, 30 cents oaoh .
Star Tobacoo 40 cents per pound. Low
prices on everything. Call and soo
Joe S. Thompson,
Tho Grooor.
Buy Egan's Indian Territory coal.
Tlio President Appoints Him to the Posi
tion to Which Ho Aspired Anll-Slliei
Men IlxrcoilliiRly Sore Ovor Their l)e
feat Citulnot on llerlngSea Mutters.
Washington, March I). In tho de
partment of justico it is said that all tho
charges mado in tho Bankhead resolu
tion ugalnst Judgo McCormick were not
only maturely considered by tho chief
executive, but that tv special agent was
sent to Texas to inquire into thorn whon
tho namn of Jndgo McCormick was up
as a candidate for tho place, dn tho cir
cuit court of appeals.
Tho result of tho investigation was
perfectly satisfactory to President Har
rison with McCoraiick's character. Ho
then appointed him to tho position to
which ho aspired. Since then thoro has
been no change in tho views of tho pres
ident in regard to tho appointee. It was
thought tiiat tho charges amounted to
nothing moro than might result either
in tho withdrawal of his naino or a re
fusal on tho part of tho senate to confirm
him. It is voll understood now that
thero will bo no impeachmont proceed
ings; that his name will not bo with
drawn nnd that ho will bo confirmed.
His friends in Texas have been ex
tremely active of late, as not only tho
Toxas inoinbers of the house, but the
Texas senators are daily in receipt of in
dorsements from citizens from every
part of the commonwealth. Some let
tors are still received urging an investi
gation, but tho majority declare him to
bo innocent of everything said against
him and testify to his liigh charactor as
a judge, a lawyer and a citizen.
The Anti-Sliver Men Are Very Sore
over their defeat and say that the
snooker in forcing tho matter on the
house beforo tho proceedings of Satur
day were read and approved, was guilty
of conduct which will greatly injure tho
party in tho east.
Mnch interest is now manifested in
tho course tho Republicans will pur
sue in regard to tho matter. Bontello
said he desired tho silver question
brought up that the Democrats of tho
east should know exactly where their
party stood in this matter. This is all
right, but tho Republicans have it in
their power, aided by tho anti-free coin
ago men, to force tho committee on
rules to bring in a rule to stop tho do-
bale. The free coinage men do not de
sire to resort to such a rule if possible to
avoid it.
The bill will pass the house, but not
by a big majority.
Senator Coke had the senate to pass
tho bill allowing parties to build jetties
at Ropes Pass.
Tho shetch and plans of
Tho I) alius l'nblic llulldlng
have been approved by tho postmaster
general and are now in the interior de
partment. Tho sketch and plans of the Fort
"Worth building have not yet been sub
mitted to these officials. The architects
have not yet been submitted to these
officials. The architect's offico assures
Judge Abbott that the contracts for both
buildings would be lot between now and
tho middle of May.
Washington, March 9. A number ot
papers were presented by the vice-president
and referred.
Mr. Higgins called the attention of the
committee on foreign relations to the
resolution offered by him some tirao
since on tho subject of the Nicaragua
canal. Ho desired it referred to that
committee. So ordered.
The calendor was then takon up and
a number of measures acted on. The
joint resolution to provide for interna'
tional bi-metallic ngreement was laid
aside without action. A bill passed au
thorizing the construction of jetties.
piers and breakwaters at private expense
in the Gulf of Mexico at tho month ot
Ropes Pass, Tex.; also to establish a
military post at Little Rock, Ark.
The pure food bill was taken up as
unfinished business, tho question being
on Mr. Coko's amendment to striko out
sections 7 and 8.
Mr. Faulkner moved to amend the
seventh section by striking out the words
"that every person manufacturing oi
oxposing for sale or delivering to a pur
chaser any drug or article of food" and
inserting in lieu thereof the words "that
every person who manufactures foi
shipment or delivers for transportation
from any state or territory to any othoi
state or territory any drug or article ol
food and every jwrson who exposes for
Bale or dolivery to a purchaser any drug
or articlo of food received from any state
or territory other than tho state or terri
tory in which said drug or article of food
and such nrticlo is in original unbroken
packago" shall, etc. Tho amendment
was agreed to.
A vote was th en taken on Mr. Coko's
motion to striko out sections 7 and 8 and
tho motion was rejected.
Mr. Cockroll moved to strike out sec
tion 9 and it was agreed to. It is de
clared a violation of tho act to be held to
imply knowledge and intont on tho part
of the accused. Tho second and othei
sections woro amended so as to restrict
tho application to original unbroken
Mr. Morgan moved on additional sec
tion providing for tho prosecution ol
cases in any district court of tho United
States and for tho soizuro nnd confisca
tion of tho articles by process for con
demnation, tho proceeds to bo paid into
tho! treasury. Agreed to.
Tho bill was then ordered printed bo
foro passage.
"Washington, March 9. In his prayer
tho chaplain feelingly referred to tha
death of Representative Kendall of Ken
tucky. As a mark of respect to tho memory ot
Representative Kendall the house ad
journed. The Treaty Considered.
Washington, March 9. Tho sonato
in executive session considered the arbi
tration treaty received from the presi
dent. Tho text of tho treaty was read
in full nnd there followed an animated
but no acrimonious disenssion of tht
document. It soon became npparcni
the treaty was to recieve severe and
formidable opposition. This opposition
took several forms and there arc at leasl
threo different views on tho subject. Ot
one hand a body of senators resented
bitterly tho idea of ratifying any nrbi
tration treaty. They held the right ot
tho United SUites to tho waters acquired
from Russia was boyond question nnd ii
would be a cowardly surrender on the
part of this government for it to consent
to submit its right to tho uncertain de
cision of foreign arbitrators.
A considerable number of senator
appeared to believo tho approval of the
treaty to be a distinct gam in the diplo
matic battle, as it committed Great
Britain to a recognition of tho fact thai
tho United States had a claim to juriti
diction of the waters of Boring sea undtu
the Russian titlo, a point which she hat
heretof oro steadily refused to allow.
The third party thought tho treaty
should not be approved finally withoui
the addition of a clauso renewing the
modus vivendi. Some of tho senators
took the ground that while tho treaty
might bo safely ratified by tho senate
the administration should bo instructed
in the event of the continued refusal ol
tho British government to insuro the
protection of the seal during tho course
of tho arbitration, to order vessels of ths
United States to seize every offending
vessel without regard to nationality.
They announced if troublo resulted from
the adoption of this course they were
prepared to fully support tho adminis
tration, taking all the necessary steps
to give effect to tho existing laws of tho
United States for tho protection of seals.
After discussion had progressed in this
strain for an hour tho treaty was re
ferred to tho committee on foreign rela
tions. TheCnbinet on llerlngSea.
Washington, March 9. The meeting
of the cabinet was devoted almost en
tirely to the consideration of tho Boring
sea question with a view to deciding on
a plan of action in caso Great Britain
adheres to her refusal to renow for the
present season, pending arbitration, the
modus vivendi of last year. Thero was
smaller attendance than usual, owing to
the absenco of Messrs. Blaine, Fostoi
and Noblo. Tho matter was thoroughly
discussed and it is understood it was de
termined to insist upon a renewal of the
modus vivendi for tho preser vation oi
seals in Bering sea.
The president and every member ot
tho cabinet present participated in the
discussion, and the opinion was unani
mous that the position assumed by the
British government is untenable and not
justified by the condition of tho sealing
industry. The argument made that the
opening of Bering sea for tho presout
season to tho indiscriminate slaughter
of peals by poachers woidd undoubtedly
result in tho serious injury if not total
destruction of tho industry and thus de
feat the very object sought in the nego
tiations botween tho two countries.
Inasmuch as Sir Julian Pauncefote,
British minister, had a conforenco with
Wharton, who was acting secretary of
state, it is inferred he was apprised of
tho president's earnest desire for agree
ment between the two countries respect
ing tho present boaling season that will
preserve the statu quo of tho fisheries
until tho main question can be arbitra
ted. This government is desirous of
reaching a prompt agreement in regard
to tho fisheries in order that it may be
officially promulgated in advance of the
departure of the sealing fleets now fit
ting out in this country and Canada.
Since tho above was written it is
learned that Acting Secretary Wharton
delivered to tho British minister tho re
ply of this government to Salisbury's
noto, declining to renow the modus
vivendi. Tins reply reiterates tho posi
tion of this government, and insists on a
renewal of tho modus vivendi of 1691 foi
tho coming season.
It is undestood Sir Julian Pauncefote
wns cabled tho entire text of tho noto to
The Klglit Hour Law.
WAsmnaTOJT, March 0. A sub-committee
on lnhor began tho investigation
of tho subject of enforcement of the
eight hour law nnd in what mannor nnd
to what extent tho law had been evnded
and disregarded by thoso charged with
its enforcement as well as to whothoi
any convict labor wns used by tho gov
ernment in the construction of public
Hotol Royal Bar.
Haydon & Haydon, proprietors.
Noat and quiet. Vory finest wines
and liquors. Superb lunoh at 10.
Old frionds and ouBtomors as well
now will moot a hearty welcome.
Everybody goes to Joo Lonman's
whon thoy want a good moal, or he
Dookory and Co , Firo Insuranoc
Agents Provident Building. Bost
oempanios and oloso attention to in
terests of insurers.
The biggest stock of pianos, organs
and small musical goods in Central
Texas at J. B. Payno'8,and tho prioos
at whioh they aro being sold is simply
astonishing. Now is tho ohanoo of a
lifotimo to get a fine piano dirt choap,
Tho Gabert Bros., havo the largest
and finost stook of now spring suit
ings over brought to Waoo. Thoy
employ the most skillful workmen in
Texas and guarantco perfeot fits. Call
and give them an order and bo well
J. B, Payno is offering big and as
tonishing bargains in pianos, organs
and small musioal goods.
The Gabert Bros., fashionable tail
ors, 116 South 4th street have tho fin
est cutters, employ the most skillful
workmen and havo tho largest and
finest stock of spring goods in tho
oity whilo their prices aro very rea
sonable. Uivo thorn a call.
Tea, good measure, pressed
anil running over.
Some of theso little proprietors of sirs
parillos put up in half-pint bottles are en
vious of the increasing popularity of Dr.
John Bull's ftu-saparilla, put up as it is in
large quart bottles, and intimate that their
is more concentrated. This is as false as
deceit can be. A. tcaspoonful of Hull's
Sarsaparilla contains more concentrated
medicinal virtue than a tablespoonful of
any other sarsaparilla made. A bottle of
Dr. John Hull's Sarsapnrilla contains six
times the curative virtue of a bottle of any
other blood purifier made. No exception
is made. Now an invalid wants his
money's worth. Ho wants good measure.
Therefore, unless misled through ignor
ance, when his system needs a blood purl
fler, when his system needs a tonic, when
his system is brcaldng down from blood
impurity or some wasting disease, ho will
demand of his druggist a bottle of Bull's
Sarsaparilla, and on no occasion he per
suaded to take anything that may be off
ered in its stead as being "just as good."
There is no other remedy so good as Bull's
Sarsaparilla for such diseases as scrofula,
syphilitic affections, sult-rhuum, itch, ec
zema, pimples, sortu, rheumatism, lam
back, swollen joints, aching muscles, nerv
ous weakness, nervous debility, loss of
appetite, loss of ilesli, loss of strength,
sleeplessness, premature old age, etc.
T.B Woodruff, Joilbreonvllle.Ind., writes:
"For ten years 1 liuil liven au invalid. I be
came a chronic medicine taker. Tbero Is
not a blood remedy or n tonic udvortliied
that I did not try. From none ol them aid
I derive any permanent good. I became
discouraged. My system was full ot blood
Impurities. My hlclu was covered in places
with brown patches nnd little sores. My
muscle hud last their strength. I was very
weak. My appetlto and digestion were mis
erable. 1 kept growing worse and worss
until I began to use Dr. Bull's Sarsaparilla.
I then began to rally at once, and grew
stronger and stronger. I have now used
firobably 30 bottles, and my Improvement
n looks nnd feeling is so great I seem like
soother person, lam now well nndstronff,
and give the whole credit of my recovery to
Dr. Bull's Sarsaparilla."
ssrYour children will bo more healthy,
happy and pretty, if you occasionally give
uuuuy givo
them Dr.
,'s Worm
Try them.
Price 'St cents.
JBTWhen you have chills and fever, IX
you wnut a sure euro nnd one thnt does not
taste bad, tnlto Smith's Tonic Syrup. It
will please you belter than quinine or any
other chill medicine.
Jonw D. Park & Sons, Wholesale AgcnU,
173, 177 and 170 Sycamore St, Cincinnati, a
Tie Texas & Pacific Bailiay
The direct line to Shrcyeport an-1 New Orleans,
u ir&DliiUllt Qll'IupiUB. Bl. L.OU1S, mo
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in Toxhs, Old nnd,IJew
Mexico. Arlznn,
Colorauo and California.
Tho Kavorlto Line via Sacramento io Oregon
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Choice of rtontes to Points In the
Houtlieast.vla Tcxnrkana,
ShTnvtport and
New Orleans.
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na Fastest Timo between Tozas nnc the
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Double Daily Lino of Pullman Palace
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Louis via the
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leans and Denver and St Louis
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For rates, Tickets and all Information apply
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JOHN A. GIIANT, 3d Vl,ce-lres.
Did You Ever
stop to think that right here iB situi
tod the pioneer oigar faotory, whore
thoy produoo oigats far superior to
any that aro mado in tho oldor status?
L.et a Man
Only call lor tho "Noxall" Hand made
Havana filled, 5 coin cigar, or the
"Little Daisy" 10 cent oigar and if he
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whore these goods aro sold at whole
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brands will mnko a man
Feel Good all Over.
Dra. Wilkes & Wilkes and Dr. J.
R. Forroll havo fitted up a suito of
rooms in tho now Providont building,
second floor, where they may bo found
in futuro. Telcphono at offico and
residences. Slatos at Old Cornor Drug
The Waco Water & Light Company
havo removed from their old quarter
on Fourth street to now and elegant
offioes in the Provident Building.
Thoy oooupy room No. 11, 1st floor
fao'.ng Franklin strcot one ot the fin
est and most .accessible rooms in the
A Wonder Worker.
Mr. Frank Huffman, a young runt
of Burlington, Ohio, states that he
had been undor tho care of two prom
inent physioians, and usod thoir treat
ment until ho was not ablo to get
around. They pronounocd his case
to he Consumption and incurable. He
was poreuaaeu to try vt. King a iNew
Disoovery for Consumption, Coughs
and Colds and at that timo was not
ablo to walk aoross the streot without
resting. Ho found, boforo ho had
used half of a dollar bottlo, that he
was muoh bettor; he oontinucd to use
it and is today onjoying good health.
If you havo any Throat, Lung or
Chest Trouble try it. Wo guarantee
satisfaction. Trial bottle freo at W
B. Morrison & Co., Drug Storo.
Tra La-La
In a fow days u.
now book and pe
riodical storo will'
will bo openod up at 401 Franklin
street, whero lovors of Literature,
Musio and Art will find all tho peri
odicals foreign and domestio, latost
novels, sheet musio and all tho Tra-La-La's
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your eyo on the place and your mom
ory on the number of 0. T. ltidloy'a
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When you want nice fresh meat
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oonts por pound, go to
Mellor & Delanet
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Tulia JLot
Gardon spot of the great Panhandle.
Rich loamy soil. Great wheat oountry.
Tulia Lots
Tulia is tho county seat of Swisher
county. One of the finest counties
in tho groat Panhandle. Court house,
churches, sohools, &o., &o.
Tulia Xot$e
Swisher county is dovoloping rapidly.
Thousands aro going to tho Panhan
dlo daily and the man with tho plow
is daily going to Swisher county.
Tulia Lots
A pretty town in tho prettiest oountry
in tho world. Land level as a floor
and produoing immonso crops of all
cereals, vegetables and fruits.
Tulia Lots
Everlasting frcestono puro water in
illimitable quantities at twenty-nvo to
thirty feet.
Tulia JLot.
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county. Property is advancing daily
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For maps, plats and other particu
lars apply to
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