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Waco hih! in:i'Aitnii:sT.
Locution of Flro Alarm IIoxcu.
j t-mh ri.4 1?lrn Htntlnti ntrlkos
i inn
5 Oornor 9 h ad Austin '
6 " 4th " "
" 7 Central Fire Station "
" 8 Weft End Flro Mtntlou "
" 13 Corner 14 h ami Wahlncton '
'14 ' 6th and Malborojgh
"18 ' Stlui'iii uoumuns
"16 " 8ttinndJaclBon "
" 17 " 4th Biid Wobster "
"33 ' 8th tnd Cleveland
88 " Oth and Sveljclit
'3 " biunuu n-umft'Y" -
.. ... I fl..f !. .1 Ivnnlrlln Ill.tTtTT
" io Woolon Mills istli and Mary " m-lllill
" 37 Corner 1' th and Jefferson HI-IMUI
All boxo numboicd nbovo 8 strikes tlinst
Box 13 strikes 1 and stops, thou strikes 111
maklni llox 13, then repeats four times.
Hox 25 strikes II and stops, thon strikes llllf
making Hox 25 nt d so on.
Keys wll" bofonnrtln rcldoncoson each coi
ner whore boxes aro located Open Flro Alarm
Boxes nnd pnll Hook down and let go. Leave
"Fnrn aUrra lu only for tires. 10 00 lino for
false alarms. . . ,.
blow tapping of bells signify company
Seeond Friday In each month each box Is
tapped twice, testing boxes and circuit lino
When alarm of lire is glvp the Flro Depart
ment has the right of way on all meets. All
vehicles must drive near tho sldowalkand keep
away from tho Are. $5.00 line for rnnnlng ovor
hose. . ... ,
Itenort of any careless driving going to or
from fires by the Fire Department will bo
thankfully received by tho Chef, oa fast and
careless drl'lngla strlckly forbidden.
Try Egan'B $5.50 Lump coal.
Call at J. A. Early's and look at his
cash advertisement.
Tho best restaurant in town, Joe
Lohman's, No. 117 South Fourth
Fishing tackle of ovory description
with a full stock ot huntorssupplie
H. E. A IB0LD8.
Joe Lehman is tho most popular ros
taurant man in Texas. His placo
117 South Fourth stroot.
' Paul Jones rye whisky, $3 per gal
lon good as aDy $-1 whisky in the
city, for sale by J. A. Early.
A J. Leslio for first-class watoh
clook and jowelry repairing. Same
building with II. E. Ambold Anstin
Had not Slept for Years.
Mr. A. Jackson, an old resident of
Rusk, Texas, and manager of tho
magnificent now hotel of Rusk, in
forms us he had not slept at night for
years except in shot naps, owing U
incessant coughing. Ho was advised
whon very much run down to try
Ballard's Horehound Syrup; ho was
immediate relieved of his Cough and
his rest improved to such a degree
that hi could sleep soundly all night;
Mr. Jackson states: "1 regard Bal
lard's Horehound Syrup supperior to
any Cough Syrup on tho market, and
its freedom from Opium and Morphino
leaves no constipation after using it.
For this reason alono I oonsider it the
best Cough Syrup in the world for
ohildren. My Lungs aro now stronger
than they have been for years. This
Syrup is very soothing to tho throat
and lungs."
Sold by H. C. Risher & Co.
Bought Cheap.
Ono of tho largest jurchases made
in Waoo for some moiths was the
purohaso on Tuesday of tho entire
stock of wagons and agricultural im
plements of S. A. Owons & Son, sold
by the United States marshal to tlio
highest bidder. Mr. W. E Dupree
was the purchaser for spot cash at a
very low prioo. This big stock added
to his own, makes tho biggest stock of
agricultural implements in Central
Texas at his great houses, 101 and
105 Bridgo street. His big stock em
braces all tho popular brands of
wagons, plowB, cultivators, corn and
cotton planters and everything olso in
tho agricultural implement lino. His
late purohaso gives him a big lover in
prioeB and Duprce's agricultural houso
is tho best place to bay farmers'
goods in the state.
Buy Egan's Indian Territory coal.
tf d Keiium & Lawson for
JT" lots in Farwells Heights.
1000 aore farm, 500 in cultivation, all
first class prairie land. Ten houses,
barns, sheds, wells and ono uovor
failing spring.
Small farms of 100 or 200, 320 or 400
aores oaoh, and many othors oheap
and on easy terms.
Ranging in number of aores of 320, 500
12f 0, 1400, 18G6 and 3,000, situated
ma r Waco. We can sell special bar
g ns in houses, lots and business
Bell & Sassaman,
fcsta o and Rental AgontB, 111
An Interesting Communication
From Cltlzons
AkUlllir for Ull i:.t()Ilsloll ot tlio
'IVxiiN Central to tlint lMuce. Tlio
.llntter Itcforrcil In IlluiiliKer Hum-
111 ton llpiort of tlio Sccretury ol'
lliu Hoard of Trnde.
Tho Board of Trade met in regular
session last night and persuant to au
nounoemunt, in yesterday's News
Mr. J. B Scarborough presented a
communication from Messers Frank
M. Gimble president of bank of Aus
tin, U M. C' ristenberry attorney at
law, F. L Knox & Co., bankers and
druggists, L. M. Brico attorney at law,
J. M. Hanna and Martin Duval sur
veyors and civil ongineors.
The communication sets forth the
advantages that would result to Waoo
by scouring direct railway connection
with that section. The papor says in
Tho oountry referred to does busi
ness now almost exclusively with Fort
Worth aud Dallas, shipping to and
from Abileno, in Taylor county, over
tho Texas and Pacifi. railway. The
trade of this territory fails to roach
ynu from the fact that a troublesome
change aud delay is met with at Cisco.
If the road (Texas Contral) was ex
tended to Auson, all the territory
mentioned above would reach the road
at this and other convenient points
from the fact that this would be tho
Dearest and most accessible routo to
all points within the territory, and
once shipped, it would reach you for
tho same reasons that it now takes the
direction of Fort Worth and Dallas
Wo aro anxious to have a road into
our country. Wo want your business
men, and tho management
of tho railrood company, to
know of our development and our fu
ture prospects. Wo wish to set fair
ly before you what we aro and what
ve may be, believing that you, with
us, will seo that it is to your interest
as well as ours to aid iti securing this
extension, of a road to your own oity.
Wo would in this connection ask
your honorablo body to appoint a del
egation to visit us, and satisfy your
selves as to our resources and if sat
isfied that the connection would bo
boncficial to yourselves wo would ask
your inflaenco and assistanco in
inducing tho company to extend.
If you can visit us, kindly adv.ise
us as to your wishes and tho place
that you would havo us meet you, and
we will gladly moet you, and give all
information in our power. As wo aro
so fortunate as to bo acquainted with
Mr. J. B Scarborough an attorney of
your city, we have requested him to
present this letter to your honorable
body and give such information as ho
possesses in regard to tho oountry and
Tho paper was referred to General
Manager Charles Hamilton of the
Texas Central,
The following committee was ap
pointed to go to Albany, where they
would bo met by citizens of Anson
with conveyances:
Col. R. B. Parrott, ohairman;
Messrs. Ed Rotan, Euceno Williams,
Sam Sanger, J. S. MoLendon, W. L. j
l-ramer, 3. w. aiaydon, Travis 1'.
Jones, H. Behrons, Jamos B. Baker,
J. B. Scarborough and 0. 0. McCul
looh. Tho following report was reoeived:
Waco, Tex., Dec, 19,1Sq1.
col. R. B. Parrott, I'resMdent Waco Board of
Tho committee to which was reforred
tho matter of auditing tho aocountB of
tho seoretary, mado the following re
port :
Collooted from January 1st to No
vember 30, 1891, (per books), S2,505..
80, paid to treasurer and accounts
(per voucher), $1,505 80. Wo find
tho books and btatemonts correot,
vouohors being taken for all monoys
paid out. The assets of tho board are
such that all liabilities oould bo liqui
dated and leave a surplus in tho treas
ury if all members would pay dues to
Deoember 1st, 1891.
Respootfully submitted,
Jno. T. Battle,
Sam Sanger,
Bart Moore,
Tho board then adjourned,
Fine Jersey butter received twioo a
week at J. A. Early's.
to Kellum & Lawson for all
kinds of roal OBtato.
Br. Geo. P. Mann, dentist. Full
sett of upper or lower teeth, $12.50.
Lee Slaughter Again Nominated
by Unanimous Vote.
There was an enthusiastio hbsoui
blago of Third ward voters at Pad
gitt's park last night, who met to nom
inato an alderman in pursuanoo of a
call of Mr. Frank Cravens, chairman
of tho Young Men's Eeform club in
that ward.
The meeting was called to order by
Mr. F. R. Cravons and purposes stated
in connection with a hearty woloomo
to all votors present to onroll them
selves as mombcrs of tho club, which
was responded to by tho addition of
sovonty seven new names.
A motion was thon mado and car
ried that nominations for alderman bo
declared in ordor.
Mr. James I. Moore, aftor a fow
explanatory remarks as to tho course
tho gontleman whoso namo ho was
going to plaoo in nomination had
taken sinoo tho previous ward moot
ing, and giving oxoollent reasons for
the same, again plaoed before tho club
the namo of Mr. Leo Slaughtor as
candidate for alderman from tho Third
ward. And continuing. Mr. Mooro
paid his nomineo a very high compli
ment, speaking in tho highest words
of commendation. This was met by
a general manifestation of approval
by tho body, who by a, rising vote de
clared Mr. Slaughter as its r.omineo
and authorizing tho secretary to oast
their ballot as a unit. Tho olub thon
adjourned, feeling that their delay had
now been fully justified.
Mr. Slaughter was present at the
meeting and acocptcd the nomination.
Election Proclamation.
By virtuo of tho authority vested in
me by law, I bcroby order an eleotion
to bo held in the eity of Waco on the
first Tuesday in April, tho 5th day
thereof I8g2 for tho election of a
mayor and also one alderman to repre
sent each ward in tho oity of Waco.
Eleotion to bo held at tho following
First ward at the city hall, presiding
officer, J H Torbett.
Second ward at West End Firo sta
tion, presiding officer, J as. N, Harris.
Third ward at Storo Eagan blook on
Eighth street between Mary and
Franklin stroets, presiding offioer,
Charles Motz.
Fourth ward, at Central Fire station,
presiding officer, M. M . BoggeBs.
Fifth ward at East Waco Firo sta
tion, presiding officer, W. D. Wallace.
(Attested) C. C. MoCullocu",
Joney Jones Mayor.
City Seoretary,
Transfers of Real Estate.
Reported by tho Waoo Abstraot and
Investment Company, Room 17 Prov
ident Building, Waco, Texas.
W R Woodward to J W Boyd, lot
on North Gth street, Stephens grant,
8888 00.
J M Parks and wifo to W A
Humphries, 116 A of W Wheeler
survey, $800.00.
W O Cox to G Crain, lots 5 and G,
blook G8, McGregor, $135.00.
R E L Bailey to J C Jurney Jr.,
lot 20, blook 301, Sullivan's addition,
S1225 00.
Total March 11, 1892, $3048.00.
Don't be Deceived.
I am still holding down Standard
Granulated Sugar 20 pounds for ono
Franco-American Food Co's Frenoh
Soups, 3 pound cans, 30 cents caoh.
Star Tobacco 40 eents per pound. Low
prices on everything. Call and seo
Joe S. Thompson,
The Grocer.
Miles' Norvo And Liver Pills
Act on a new principle regulating
the liver, stomach and bowels through
the nerves. A new discovery. Dr.
miles' Pills speedily euro blllousnesB,
bad taste, torpid llvei piles, consti
pation. Unequaled for men, women,
and children. Smallest, mildosr, sur
est. 60 doses 25 centu. Samples free
at H. O Risher & Co's. Drug store 613
Austin avenue
Don't wait for the big boom now
coming which will lift up priocs, but
take advantago of tho depression and
buy a fino piano of J. B. Payno at
about half price.
,. Buggies phae
tons and oama
ees boucht at
big reductions at tho S. A. Owena
sheriff salo. Will bo sold to ousto
mors at equal reduotion in prices.
Big ohanoe. Tom Padgitt.
Before you' order a now suit seo tho
now and elegant suitipgs of tho spring
of 1892 at Gabert Bros., largest and
finest stock in the-oity.
B iy Bi n'a Blacksmith odal.
Hotol Royal Bar.
Haydon & Haydon, proprietors,
Nont and quiet. Very finest wines
and liquors. Suporb lunoh at 10.
Old frionds and oustomors as woll
now will meet a hearty woloomo.
Everybody goes to Joo Lonman'f
whon they want a good moal, or he
Dookory and Co , Firo Insurance
Agents Provident Building. Bost
cempanios and oloso attention to in
terests of insurors.
The biggest stock of pianos, organs
and small musical goods in Contral
Texas at J B. Payno's,and tho prices
at which they aro being sold is simply
astonishing. Now is tho ohanco of a
lifctimo to get a fine piano dirt cheap.
Tho Gabert Bros., havo tho largest
and fineBt stook of now spring suit
ings over brought to Waco. Thoy
employ the most skillful workmen in
Texas and guarantco perfect fits. Call
and givo them an order and bo well
J. B. Payno is offoring big and as
tonishing bargains in pianos, organs
and small musical goods.
The Gabert BroB., fashionable tail
ors, 116 South 4ih street havo tho fin
est cutters, employ the most skillful
workmen and havo the largest and
finest stock of spring goods in tho
city while their prices aro very rea
sonable. Givo thorn a call.
Yes, good measure, pressed dotva'
mid running over.
Some of tbcie little proprietors of iam
parillaa put up in half-pint bottles art en
vious of the increasing popularity of Dr.
John Bull's fttrsaparilla, put up as it Is in
large quart bottles, and intimate that their
is more concentrated. This is as false aa
deceit can be. A teaspoonful of Bull's
Sarsaparilla contains more concentrated
medicinal virtue than a tnblcspoonful of
any other sarsaparilla made. A bottle of
Dr. John Bull's Sarsaparilla contains six
times the curative virtue of a bottle of any
other blood purifier made. No exception
la made. Now nn invalid wants his
money's worth. He wants good measure.
Therefore, unless misled through ignor
ance, when his system needs a blood puri-
fler, when his system needs a tonic, when
his system is breaking down from blood
impurity or some waiting disease, ho will
demand of his druggist a bottle of Bull's
Sarsaparilla, and on no occasion be per
suaded to take anything that may be off
ered in its stead aa being "just as good."
There is no other remedy so good as Bull's
Sarsaparilla for such diseases as scrofula,
syphilitic affections, salt-rheum, itch, ec
tema, pimples, sores, rheumatism, lama
back, swollen joints, aching muscles, nerv
ous weakness, nervous debility, loss of
appetite, loss of rle-di, loss of strength,
sleeplessness, premature old age, etc.
T.1J Woodruti;joll'er.xonville,Iud., writes:
"For ten years I had been an Invalid. 1 be
came a ohroulu medicine tuVcr. There is
not a blood remedy or u tonic advertised
that I did not try. From uone of them did
I derive any pormunent feood. I became
discouraged. My syRtem was full of blood
Impurities. My slim was covered In places
With brown patches and little sores. My
musclei had lost their strength. I was very
weak. My appetite and digestion were mis
erable. I kept growing worse and worsa
until I began to use Dr. Bull's Sarsaparilla.
I then began to rally at once, and grew
stronger uud stronger. I have now used
firobably J bottles, and my Improvement
n looks and feeling is bo great 1 sesm like
another person. I am now well and strong,
and givo the whole credit of my recovery to
Dr. Hull's Sarsaparilla.'
BWYour children will bo more healthy,
happy and pretty. If you occasionally give
them Dr. John Bull's Worm Destroyers.
Try them. Price 25 cents.
MT'Wnen you have chills and fever, If
you want a sure cure and one that does not
taste bad, tako Smith's Tonic Syrup. It
will please you bolter than quinine or an
other chill medicine.
JonN D. Pauk & Sons, Wioksale Agentt,
176, 177 and 179 Sycamore St., Cincinnati. O,
The Texas & Pacific Bailway
The direct lino to Sbrevepor' and New Orleans,
to Texarkana, Memphis, St. I.' a!, the
Norm find E8t, and to all points
lu Texis, Old and.Now
Mexico. Ariz mi,
Colorado and California.
The FaTorlto Line via Sacramento to Oregon
ana wbb-mcion. uuiy line oucring
Choice of Bout oa to Points In tho
SoutbeaaM la Texarkana,
Sbrevt prt and
New Orleans.
Between Ft. Worth and St. Louis,
no Fastest Time between TexaB auo the
North and East.
Double Daily Line of Pullman Palace
Sleeping Cars through to if.
Louis via the
Through Sleeping Cars Between New Or
leans and Denver and St Louis
ana El Paso.
For rites, Tickets and all Information apply
to or addrces nuv of the TltVct agenda or
Trar-TaesAg't, QemFais AT.ij't.
JOUN A. GIIANT, 3d Vlce-JPrei.
dajjjAb, rcxAul
Did You Ever
stopto thino that right here is Bitua.
tou tne .pi neer oigar factory, where I
iuUJ, huuucu uigais iar superior to
any that aro mado in tho older states?
Let a Man
Only oall for tho "Noxall" Hand made
Havana filled, 5 cont oigar, or the
"Littlo Daisy" 10 oont oigar and if he
wants something very fino lot him call
for tho "UnnBBumor" Loudres Grands
2 for 25 cents and if hiB dealer does
not kcop thorn ho can go to tho pio
neer cigar faotory, G2o Austin Avenue
whore those goods aro sold at whole
sale and rotail, and to try any of their
brands will mako a man
Feel Good all Over.
Dra. Wilkes & Wilkes and Dr. J,
R. Forroll have fitted up a suite of
rooms in tho new Providont building
second floor, where they may bo found
in future Telephone at offioo and
residences. Slatos at Old Cornor Drug
The Waoo Water & Light Company
havo removed from their old quartoto
on Fourth Btreet to now and elegant
offices in the Provident Building.
They oooupy room No. 11, 1st floor
fao'.ng Franklin street one oi tho fin
est and most acoessiblo roomB in the
Spring- Medicine.
Dr. Gunn's Improved Liver Pills on
acoount ot tnoir mua aotion aro eppo-
oinlly adapted for corrooting spring
disorders, such aB impuro blood, tired
brain and aching and worn out body.
Thoy aot promptly on tho Liver and
Kidnoys; drivo out all impurities from
tho blood, and malaria from tho sys
tem. Only ono Pill for a Dosoo Try
them this spring. Sold at 25 ccntsa
box by W. B. Morrison & Co.
Tra La-La
In a few days a
now book and pe
riodical storo will
will 'bo opened up at 401 Franklin
streot, whero lovers of Literature,
Musio and Art will find all tho peri
odicals foreign and domestio, latest
novels, sheot musio and all tho Tra-La-La's
of a popular house. Keep
your cyo on the placo and your mem
ory on the number of O. T. Rldloy's
new stand.
When you want nico fresh meat
mutton, beof pork and puror lard at 10
cents per pound, go to
Mellor & Delaney
125 South Third street.
Tulia JLot.
Garden spot of the groat Panhandlo.
Rich loamy soil. Great wheat country.
Tulia JLot.
Tulia is tho county scat of Swisher
county. One of the finest oounties
in tho great Panhandlo. Court house,
chnrohes, sohools, &o., &o.
Tulia Lots
Swisher county is doveloping rapidly!
Thousands aro going to tho Panhan
dlo daily and the man with tho plow
is daily going to Swisher oounty.
Tulia Iof
A pretty town in tho prettiest oountry
in tho world. Land level as a floor
and produoing immenso orops of all
cereals, vegetables and fruits.
Tulia Lots
Everlasting freostono puro wator in
illimitablo quantities nt twonty-fivo to
thirty feot.
Tulia Lots
Aro in a growing town, in a growing
oounty. Property is advancing daily
and will continue to advanoo in a way
to maba tho head awim. Buy now.
Dcn't dolay a day. Lots oheap as
dirt at prices now asked.
For maps, plats and othor particu
lars apply to
I. H Dnuldy,
411 Franklin stroet.
Buggies, phao
tons and oarria
cos. bought at
he recent sheriffs sale dirt oheap. I
will soil them tho samo. Big ohanoo.
Tom Padoitt.
, has tho best onoap oo iu i

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