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V g. I
jr. WILKES, M D W. O.W1LKR1?, M D
Etiiaonco 120 N 0 t UoBldcnco III 0 N 12 St..
Physicians and Surgeons.
Cltte t Old Cornor Drug Btore. Telepnono
At Olllco unci Iti'Bliloncoa.
Office on. Austin Street over
First National Bank.
EoanSE Williams. Wm, W. Evans.
Williams & Evans
Atty's $ Counsellors at Law,
vjiorinisxT noxhinxa,
WACO, - - - TEXAS.
Hartley & Burleson,
Honk, Job unci tloitiincrciul
J? 3S I KT Is E 3E ,
JOO South TMrd Otrifl, Jfarllltthell Home,
ATrlal Order Solicit fit.
Corner Mxtli mill WimliliiKton,
MILS. J. HI. WIGGINS, pkophietress
rJ-Good rooms nnd nnexrellml toblo. West
of frr(3o at tho most rcnunnlilo rales. Con
Tetilent to baelnces center ot tlie city.
518 Anktln Avenue.
waco, : : : tkxas,
Commercial House.
Cor, Eighth $ Clay SXs.
Only tteo blocks south nfllo. Varljlc 11. It
tsr :f ibstcia ss.-et
Terms reasonable. Commercial
Travel especially solicited.
Mrs. N. H. Kirkpatrick.
Blackwell Hotel.
Good beds and best of fare. Hates
$1.00 per day. Meals 25 cents, 120
Second street, next door to the oourt
house. tf
J. B. Payne is offering big and as
tonishing bargains in pianos, organs
and email musioal goods.
- i mum ..... . ..,
Buy Egan's Big Muddy Lump coal.
The Sherman paper occupies near
ly a column eulogizing Prof. Fulton's
Readings in that city last week.
. p
Shado and fruit trees for a fovy days
longer. Lot next post office.
Strictly in if.
Tho proprietor of tho Royal Barbor
Shop and their efficient assistants aro
triotly in it. A bettor shave, hair
cut or bath cannot bo fonnd onyvvhero
in tho city than there. Give t hema
Remarkable Rescue.
Mrs. Biohard Curtain, Plainfiold,
111., makes tho statement that she
caught cold, which settled on her
lungs; sho was treated for a month by
her family physioian, but grew worse,
Ho told hor she was a hopeless viotim
of consumption and that no medioino
could ouro hor. IJr druggist sug
gested Dr. King's .New Disoovery for
Consumption; sha bought a bottlo and
to her delight found herself benofitod
from first doso. Sho continued its
uso and after takine ten bottles, found
hersolf sound and woll, now docs her
own housowork and is as well as she
ever was. Free trial bottles of this
Groat Discovery at W. B. Morrison &
Co'e. Drug Store; largo bottlo 50c.
and $1.00.
to Kellum & Lawson for
lots in Farwells Heights.
Dookory and Co , Firo Insuranco
Agents Provident Building. Best
oempanies and close attention to in
terests of insurers.
First State Mooting Now In Session
In Dallas.
Tlio Opening Kernifm I'rcnchcit by
Ir. ISoitrluiui, or Wiico-l'rocoril-InirfcTotliiyitiiu
the I'roffrum for
Tho Grsfc stato conferenoo of the
Kpworth Lcaguo is in session in
Dallas. Tho opening sermon was
preaohed last night by Rev. H. A.
Bouiland D. D. of Waoo at the first
Methodist cliuroh.
This mornitg at 8 a. m , tho
servioes woro opened by prayer
followed by praise service led by Rev.
J. E. Greon, lloujton, Tex., 8:45 a.
m., organization, election of officers;
objoot of the convontion stated in gen
eral tormB by the prcBidont; 9 a. m,,
modern religious societies among
young people with speoial refnronco to
tho history of tho Epworth Leaguo,
Rev. J. W. Hill; 9:15, spiritual devel
opment of our young people as pro
moted by tho league, Judgo N. A.
Stodman; 10:30 a. m., adjournment 30
minutes; sooial conversation; 11 a. m.,
preaching by Bishop J. S. Koy; 2:30,
prayer and praise sorvice led by Rev.
H. G. Soudday; 3 p. m . tho reflex in
fluence of the leaguo on te spiritual
lifo of tho entiro church, Rev. J. M.
Barous; 3:45, tho league asun agency
of tho church for dispensing oharity,
Rov. D F 0. Timmons.
At 7:30 to night Rov. W. F. Floyd
will preaoh.
To-morrow's programmo is as fol
lows: 8 a. m., prayer and praise servico,
led by Rov. J. R. Nelson; 8:30 a. m.,
tho eduoation of our young people
through tho litoraturo of the ohuroh,
John Church, Esq., MoKinnoy; 9:30,
should our young people substitute
interdenominational societies for the
Epworth League, Rov. T. R. Pierce;
10:45, adjournment; thirty minutes
social conversation; 11 a. ui., preaoh
ing, Rov. B. V. Solomon; 2:30 p. m.,
prayer and praise service, led by ;
3:30 p. m., sooial life of tho church
and congregation as promoted by tho
Leaguo, Rev. H. G. Soudda; 3:45 p
m., tho relation of tho pastor to the
League and its work, Rev. J. A.
Stafford; 4:15 p. m., has it como to
stay? If it fall whore will tho blame
lier itov. u. il. tjrcathouBo; 0 p. m.,
adjournment; 7:3o p. in., preaching,
Rov. E. W. Alderson.
Tho Epworth League of tho Motho
dis Episoopal ohuroh was organizod at
Cleveland, O., May 14, 1889. It had
a splendid nucleus in several other
societies of young people, chiefly tho
Oxford loague, organized at tho cen
tennial conference of Amorioan Meth
odism, held in Baltimore, September,
1884 The league in this ohuroh has
rapidly grown and now numbers nearly
half a million members. Bishop
Uurst is oalling upon them to contrib
ute funds for an Epworth building in
tho now American university.
The general oonfereneo of the M.
E. ohurob, south, in I89O ordered tho
formation of tho leaguo throughout
its territory. Tho first chapter was
organized in tho First church, Mem
phis, by a prominent business man,
Mr. J. N. Pepper, who with
Judge Estes of the samo city will
bo present and address tho conference.
Tho name Epworth comes from the
placo of John Wesley's birth, his
father Samuel having been rootor of
Epworth for many ynars. Tho loague
is an institution midway between
Sunday sohool and ohuroh. It gives
young people religious work and
throws upon thorn the responsibility
for its right performance It trains
them in leading ueotings and de
velops qualities that fit for high posi
tions and sustainod industry in tho
ohuroh. It awakens sympathy with
tho sick and the needy. ltgives in
struction in the dootrincs, history and
literature of the ohuroh. It devel
ops tho spirit of testimony and under
another name and with improvements
is tho old-time class mooting.
Tho motto of tho league is: ''Look
up, lift up;" its legend is tho words
of John Wesloy. tho founder of Motho
dism: "I desire to form a league,
offensive and defensive, with every
soldior of Christ Jesus."
Tho infant son of Mr. and Mrs. V.
B, Ragland, aged 15 months, died
yesterday afternoon. Tho funoral took
placo this aftornoon at the residonoe,
1419 Washington streot and interment
at 3 o'clook at Oakwood cemetery,
Rev. Frank N, Calvin officiating,
Pass tho poaohos if you have any
Tho hotels of Waco aro orowded to
overflowing every day.
No oases were tried in tho mayor's
oourt this morning.
Mr. J. Hansol Wood wants to buy
a good, gentle carriage horse.
Tickets aro on salo nt Garlands
opera houso, for Tho Ladies Guild
Mar oh 18.
Thomas NoIbou Pago at tho opera
house Maroh 18, under tho auspices of
Tho Ladios Guild.
The Provident building presents a
beautiful eight when tho eleotrio
lights aro burning at night."
The Young Mens Hobrew Associa
tion will have charge of tho Ovido
Musin entertainment here on tho
evening of the 21st.
Tho oity tax oollootor, S. B. Hum
phreys, Btates that ho will publish tho
delinquent tax list April 1st, but
thinks but fow names will appear
George Jones, oolorcd, was arrested
by Deputy Sheriff John Sholton at
Lorona for carrying a pistol and
brought to tho city this morning and
lodged in jail.
Tho Irish aro Btriotly in it to-day,
and expect to remain in it till an early
hour to-morrow morning. Groat prep
arations for the grand ball to-night is
being made and a glorious tinio is an
ticipated. No cas.es ot interest wero tried in
any of tho oourts to day, but tho grand
jury is still grinding away and will
likoly make lots of work for County
Attorney J. W Taylor by tho timo
the criminal dookot is takon up.
Yesterday was a bad day as ovory
ono will admit and travel was conse
quently light, yet tho arrivals at tho
three prinoipal hotols amounted to
ninety-six. Tho number tho day be
fore was considerably over a hundred
A oold wave, almost unprecedented
in tho history of Texas for this time
of year, has struck Waoo. Last
night and this morning a norther, ac
companied with eloot and rain was on
and it is feared tho peach crop is vory
muoh injured if not entirely ruined.
Mr. L. T. Riohio received a tolo
gram this morning announcing the
death at Bolton of his mother-in-law,
Mrs. Parnell. Mr. Richie loft on tho
1 o'clock train for Bslton to join his
wife and children, and attend the
last sad rites of a dovoted parent.
Two vault doors havo just boon put
in at tho postoffico building, ono in tho
postoffioo and one in the revenue de
partment. 'I ho vaults havo been
needed for a long timo but tho doors
according to specifications woro of an
unusual size and had to be made to
Everybody goes to Joo Lenman's
when they want a good moal, or iie
As good as new
that's tho condition of liver, stom
ach and bowels, when Dr. Pierco'B
Pleasant Pellets hayo dono their
work. It's a work that isn't fin
ished when you've stopped taking
them, either. It?s lasting. They
cure, as well as relievo. And it's
all dono bo mildly and gently I
There's none of tho violcnco that
went with tho old-timo pill. Ono
tiny, sugar-coated Pellet's a gentlo
laxative thrco to four act as a
cathartic. Sick Hcadacho, Bilious
Headache, Constipation, Indiges
tion, Bilious Attacks, and all de
rangements of tho stomach and
bowels, aro prevented, relieved and
cured. As a Liver Pill, they're un
cqualcd. They're purely vegetable,
perfectly harmless tho smallest,
cheapest, and easiest to take.
They're tho cheapest pill you can
buy, becauso they're guaranteed to
givo satisfaction, or your money is
You only pay for the good you
get. Can you ask moro ?
That's tho ptculiar plan all Dr,
Pierce's medicines nro sold on.
TOHIS MAN has been hunting
with one of II. E. Amuold's
fine guns sure shot. Fine guns
for sale or for hire.
419 Austin Street.
TSiis EslheSenjniiil!
Wo- havo S1200 worth ot Shoes
loft, and wo are going to surprhoyou
tho noxtt wo weeks. We havo routed
tho house for two moro weeks, nnd
reduced tho remainder lower thnn
ever. About 300 pairs Ladles' fluo
Oxfords and Button Boots, nt prices
that will surprise you. Tho mer
chants nro trying: to buy us out, but
wo prefer selling at retail. Boo our
Men's ?2.8hoos; 1 worth 85.
Cor. Sixth and Austin, WACO, TFX
Remarkable Facts.
Heart diseaso is usually supposed
to bo incurable, but when properly
treated a largo proportion of casos can
be cured. Thus Mrs. Eltnira Hatch
of Elkhart, Iud., and Mrs. Mary L.
Baker, of Ovid, Mich., woro cured
after jsuffcring 20 3 cars. S. O. Lin
burgcr, druggist at Sin Jose, III., says
"workod wonder for his wife." Lovi
Logan, or Buchanan,' Mich , who had
heart disoase for 30 yoars, says two
bottels made him "feel like a now
man." Dr. Miles' New Heart Cure is
sold and gaurantccd by n. C. Risher
& Co. Book of wonderful testimo
nials frco.
A Rare Chance
If you want a piano or organ of fine
makes now is tho opportunity to buv
one on your own terms and at prices
unheard of. Call on J. B. Payno
and see tho largest and finest stock of
pianos ovor brought to contral Texas
and hbk terms and prices. This is tho
opportunity of a lifo timo and no pru
dent person should negleot it. Take
notice in timo. There will never bo
suoh a chance to buy organs or pianos
as cheap or on suoh terms.
Miles' Norve And Liver Pills
Aot on a new principle regulatlnc
tho liver, etomnon and bowelslhrougn
thenorvos. A new discovery. Dr.
miles' Pills speedily ouro biliousness,
bad taste, torpid liver piles, consti
pation. Unequaled for men, women,
and chlldron. Bmallost, mildest, sur
est. 50 doses 25 cents. Hamplos free
at H. O Rishor;& Cb's. Drug store 518
Auntin avonue
to Kellum & Lawson 113 S
4th St. for farms & ranohcB
To Subscribers.
If you know yourself to be in ar
rears for the month of March, please
pay at office and not kick, and call mt)
hard names for cutting you off. I
have tried to see overybody and can
not make half a dozen trips to col
lect 50 cents. Respectfully,
S. J. Quay.
A piece of handsome silver ware
given away at J. A. Early's to cooh
cash purohasor amounting to $25 dur
ing tho next thrco months.
Dr. R. W. Park has removed his
offico to the Providont building; room
No. 20.
Best mirco moat in tho market, 5
pounds bucketB for 50 cents, at
J. A. Early's.
Olives in bnlk at J. A. Early's.
Buggies phao
tons and earria
ees bought at
big reductions at tho S. A. Owens
sheriff sale Will bo Bold to custo
mers at equal reduotion in prices.
Big chance, Tom Pauqitt.
'" .
Buy Egan's Blacksmith coal,
Cleap Lois.
The onl oheap lotB offered in Waoo
for tho last fivo years aro thoso now
on the markot in tho Kirkpatrick Ad
dition, East Wttoo. Thcee lots aro
being sold for ono-half their real val
ue, making a ohanoo to stouro a de
sirable homo such as will never occur
again. Cheap JLot
These lots lie high and dry. Thoy
overlook a large portion of tho oity
and havo perfect drainage. Thoy lio
in the healthiest part of tho city, catch
ing tho puro breozes from tho prairie
untainted by passago ovor any part of
tho city.
Cheap ldt.
Thcso lots havo tho finest soil, a
rich sindy loam, admirablo for gar
dens, and aro underlaid with puro
water in inexhaustible nmntitios nt n
depth of fiftcon and sixteon foot,
which can bo usod for irrigation.
Cheap ILofs
Thcso lots aro closor to tho contor
of the oity tbau any othor addition,
and at tho samo distance lots aro Boil
ing for thrco and live times tho prioo
askod for theso. Thero is millions in
it for persons of small means. Call on
Mrs. or P. G. Kirkpatrick, southwest
corner Eighth and Clay streot.
All parties desiring plals of tho
nirkpatriok addition oun obtain them
upon application.
fiOOO Agent Wanted (Illicitly
to Miriply thu limiiciike dnmand for
1'iwtvi: lA.m i.i('i'.oi'Mi;itt;i:oN,
500 1'iiL'e, Itiolily Illustrated,
I'rlee. Sl.frO.
A Ulrgrniiliy or tlio World's Orcntot Dlvlno,
by tho ttpiirccon or America, llcwaroof
catcli-icnny books, this is tlio Muiuluril.
ARontH'BUccrrsOHtonlililriR interest inteimo.
Bon d qnlck SOo for ont tit anil cot tlio territory.
AtldicBH. IllJItHAItl) KItOS.,
40(1 Unco Street, I'lilmlolpliln.
or, Itroiidwiiy A: I.neiist M.,
St. Louis, ITIo,
Rules and Regulations at tho Park
Open 6 a. m. to 10 p. m. closed on
Sunday night. Pool resorvod for
ladies exclusively Wednesday evening
2 to 5:30; Saturday morning 9 to 12,
Monday night 9 to 10 for ladies and
gentlemen, pool party, tub, nocdlo, and
vapor baths at all hours for pationts
and others. Experionocd malo and
fomalo attendants day and night.
Ton Padoitt, Proprietor.
J. B. CiiKbNUT, Managor.
A very good Blond tea 3 lbs
ono dollar at J. A, Early s.
to Kellum & Lav eon for lots
in Pravident addition.
I bought out at
tho S. A. Owens'
Sheriff Sale, tho entiro big stock of
Buggies, Phaetons, etc., at less than
ooBt and will soil them dirt aheap.
Ten Padoitt.
If ever you intend to buy a piano
now is your ohanoi. J. B. Payne will
sell you ono for a Bong.
Don't wait for the big boom now
coming which will lift up piicos, but
take advantago of tho depression and
buy a fino piano of J. B. Payno at
about half prico.
to Kollum & Lawson 113 S.
iBt. forlots in Col. Hoights.
Joo Lehman is tho most popular roB
taurant man in Texas. His places
U7 South Fourth Ftroot.
A Mothers Mishu ,
Mothers frequently ni I - a mistako
in ncglcotiug tho Cougli o a ohild.
A Fort Wayne, Ind., lay , rites: My
littlo daughter 0 years old had a sovere
Cough but as it was nothing unusual
1 thought nothing ol it, and allowed
it to run on for 4 or 5 weeks, when it
bocamo so obstinate sho began losing
flesh. 1 called in a physioian who
treated her thrco weeks without ben
efit A neighbor insisted upon my
trying Ballard's Horohound Syrup;
it reliovod her from the first doso and
sho began gaining flesh rapidly, when
wo had used two bottles her Cough
had entirely disappeared, I would
not be without it. It does not consti
pate my children. Ballard's Horo
hound Syrup is frco from Opiates.
It's tho most soothing Throat and
Lung medicine in the world. Prioo
OQo. and $1 00. Sold by II. O. Risher

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