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Wc 11
Are It
Made Were
For Not
Co For
Opcr Buyers
Ation Wc
O'ld not
If it were not for sellers you
could not live. Therefore wc
must co-operate you help us;
wc help you.
Buy your next bill of us for ex
periment. "W. K FINKS & CO
Merchant : Tailor.
If you want a first class bus
iness or dress suit of fine new
brands of goods made in the
highest style of art with, ele
gant trimmings and perfect
workmanship and at reason
able prices, take your orders
to W. A. Schaffer, the leading
Ho. 416 1-2 Austin St, Upstairs
Mr. G. A, Laok is the cutter ot the
WATcuwoitu or Tin: uotm.
'I'lio Iliinctniciit or a Law Hcor;ra
uizlim the Nineteenth Juttlciul
District 11 I'rcsUnu; Ncccsulty.
Iflurllit In Opposition A Commit
tee or Em ilium I.uwrci-N Appointed
logo to Austin lu the Interest or
the lUeuMiro.
Pursuant to the call of Chairman L.
C. Alexander, thirty eight members of
the Waco bar, met yesterday after
noon at tne coanty court room at 4:130.
Tho meeting was oailod to order by
Col. W. L. Prather.
Uol. Prathor was elected chairman
and T. 0. Smith, Etq , secretary.
M.-Surratt, Esq., exphiuud tho object
of the meeting to take action on the
mattor of having a law enacted reor
ganizing tho 10th judicial district and
making it a eoparate district. Ho
stated that he had reliablo informa
tion that Marlin would oppose tho
movemont and theroforo he thought
it necessary to appoint a committeo
composed of ten members of the
"Waoo bar to go to Austin in tho inter
est of this measure.
Capt. T. A. Blair inovod that a
committee of ten be appointed for tho
purpose of going to Austin in the in
torost of tho bill.
Maj. Chus. B. Pearne arose for in
formation and asked what effect a sep
arate dittriot, if it became a law,
would have upon Judge Goodrich. He
stated that the Judge had made a
good ono and if the law would over
throw him because ho had not resid
ed in tho now distriot -two years he
was opposed to it, for tho present.
Mr. Surratt explained that ho had
given tho matter some thought and
did not think it would offoot Judgo
The law relating to mattor was read.
Mr. Preudorgast and othors Bpoko
at BOmo longth upon tho matter.
J. W. Taylor, Esq., stated that if
Major Pcarre and others were oorroot
in thoir opinions that a soparate dis
triot would displace Judgo Goodrioh,
Iio didn't want any suoh law.
Mr. M. 0. Parks thought tho mattor
should be passed ovor for tho present.
Capt. P. A. Blair desired, with tho
consoqt of his second, to withdraw his
motion, which was done, but ronowed
by Mr. Prendergaat.
Mr. Taylor moved as a substitute
that a ooramittoo of five members of
tho Waco bar be appointed to go to
Austin and inform our representative
and senator that it would not be
praoticablo at this timo to pass a law
making a separate district for Mc
Lennan county.
Mr. A. C. Prondnrgast stated that
in view of tho fact that tho bar bad
mot formerly and drafted resolutions
favoring a separate judioial distriot, tho
substitute was out of ordor. Ho also
stated that a separate judioial district
was badly necdod aud that ho did not
boliovo in doing ati injury to the dis
tiiot in tho interest simply of ono man
who may bo in office, that there was
lots of lawyers in Waco just as oapa
bio as Judgo Goodrioh, but that he
desired it to bo understood that he
was ni,t a candidate lor that position.
Mr. 1 ylor again spoko strongly in
favor o' his substituto and gavo hiB
reasoD'J why he did so.
Judgo E. H. Graham stated that ho
did tot think noeessity for a re
parato judicial district existod, and
strongly opposod it, for tho reason
mainly that tho reapportionment of
tho distriot would give all tho rolief
sought, and ho thorefore favored Mr
Tavlor's substitute
Mr. V. W. Kendal spoko in high
tprms of Tudee Godrioh and acknowl
edged that in case ho was disquali-.
hod a bad judgo might bo solcoteu in
his plaoo but that wo all have to
tako those chances throughout life,
and ho for one was willing to take
them in overything for tho public
good, without regard to personal pref
erence for any man, He thought a
separate judicial district for McLen
nan county neoessary for tho public
good and would therefore vote against
Mr. Taylor's substituto.
After othor discussion both pro and
con. Mr. Surratt was asked to read
tho law whioh ho did and gavo his
construction of it, which oonstruotion
was not eoncurncdin by Mr. Taylor
and others.
Col. John L. Dyer reoognized tho
importance of asoparato judicial -district,
but he thought under all the cir
cumstances tho matter should bo post
poned for tho present.
W. S. Baker Esq., stated that the
objections raised wero moroly upon
personal grounds and that we should
consider measures, not men. Ho stated
further that the idea that a lawyer
could not be found in Waco equally
as good as Judge Goodrioh was abso
lutely false, and continued in a calm
and conservative but foroible speech
in favor of the separate judioial dis
triot. Judgo W. W. Evans moved to table
the substitute. Carried by a vote of
twenty-sevon to eight,
Vote was tuen taken on
the original motion whioh was car
ried. It was moved by Judgo Eugone
Williams that the thrco members of
the old committee form part of tho
committee of ten. Carried
At the suggestion of Judgo Wil
liams tho following seven members
were appointed: Mesuers E A. Jones,
A. C. Prendercast. W. W. Evans,
Jno. L. Dyer, J. B. Scarborough, Dr.
Thomas Mooro and M. Surratt.
Judge Williams moved that tho
chaitman bo authorized to appoint
othor members as ho thought neces
sity required. Carried.
Tho meeting then adjourned.
The Woman Found In the Streets
Dies at the City Hospital.
Tho woman known as Mary Wators
who was found in the streets Sunday
night died last night at tho city
hospital from the effeots of the drug
sho was suffering from when found.
Tho statoments she had mado in her
begging expeditions about town wore
discovered yesterday afternoon to bo
as falso as the name she gavo. She
was idontified as the wife of a bar
keeper who lived here about ten years
ago. Sho wont wrong, and her hus
band learning tho fact, nearly killed
the destroyer of his homo by beating
him with a olub or pistol used as
suoh. The husband disappeared the
night the assault was mado and has
novor been aeon or heard of in Waoo
sinoo. Shortly afterward the woman
loft Waoo and went to Kansas Uity
and sank to tho lowest depths of
degradation. In her attempts to
drown hor sorrows sho beoamo addiot
ed to tho morphine or liquor habit.
She returned to Waco a short timo
ago and has been supporting herself
by begging on tho streets. Sho spent
tho money so obtained for tho drugs,
the uso of whioh she was so addicted,
until tired' naturo could no longer
stand the strain and gavo way with
tho results abovo mentioned.
Transfers of Real Estate.
RonOlted bv tho Winn AnKt.rnnt. pnil
Investment Company, Room 17 Prov-
mem tiuuaing, waoo, Texas.
W R Wood and wife to S Wilknr.
son, 313 1-2 acres, 0 B Adam's sur
vey, yziuu.
VV P Anderson to L A TCimhrniirrl,.
lot Elevonth aed Speight streets, $1
ana love,
F B Sejdon to F M JSIiller, lot 14,
blook 6, U W Whito addition, $175.
E H Torrence et al to S It Wilkin
son, 51 2 3 aores, Martinez survov.
Total March 21, 1892, 134,76.
Buy Egan's Blaoksmith ooal.
ar Stn?
No. 110, S. 4th St. next to Telegraph onico.
Tho proiulotor rctpcctfiully Invites tho mok
InK pub lo to glvo him a call and try his Uo
now brands of Clours. lie lias llio pleasure Of
ottering to I lie vubllo
The Golden Bell,
the wonder of Five Cent Clears, tho bo-it iu tho
wor it, tot ether with other
Super Extra Fine Brands.
1'loasoglvomoAcal' and try ray fine elfin".
Very respectfully,
W. Moses.
Tho Gloomy Woathor Makes It
Moro Attractive.
Mimic liCiiil Aililltioiial CliuruiN,
Willie Youuir IHcn In lull Ilrei
SuitH mid ICoiililnor Diuiuouils
Furalsli the Umbulllailiiiieiitk A
Ittniriillicoiit liNliiy or Fine CooiIh
hy tlioJ. Iltintioll Wood Shoo mill
Clothing Company.
In spito of the inclemonoy of the
weather tho grand formal open
ing of tho J. Hansell Wood Shoo &
Clothing company 121, 122 and 123
South Fourth streot was very largely
attended today from early morning to
tho timo of our going to press and the
indications aro for a vory largo attond
anoo up to 9 o'olook tonight, tho hour
of closing, so that despito tho weather
the oponing of this groat firm today
may be classed as one of tho most
brilliant and most successful openings
ever seen in Waco. Tho woathor
was perhaps an advantago for it was
so gloomy outside and bo plo&Bant
within that to oscipo from the gloomy
street into tho cheerful storo was a bit
likejstepping out of purgatory into
paradise so droary was it outeido
and so choorful within. J, Hansell
Wood, while strictly a thorough going
business man, is a man of warm sooial
instinots and these orop out ploas
ingly oven in his business relations.
This makos his openings pcouliar and
pretty. In tho oponing today his
social instincts were given full play
with tho effect of some Bpeoial features
seldom seon in openings and as pleas
ing as novel. The storo was a blazo
of light from a logion of whito and
colored lamps and was warm as toast
and hence most grateful to one step
ping from tho dreary outer world.
A baud of musioians from an alcovo
discoursed delicious musio all daylong
whiloji lovely young lady embowered
in an alcovo of flowers aud surround
ed by grand tropical plants in full
bloom dispensod pretty souvonirs of
the occasion whilo visitors woro enter
tained by proprietors and dorks in
full dress suits. Tho whole affair
was elegant, gonial and pretty: Out
sido of the social aspect of the occas
ion tho display of goods wai eminent
ly pretty, both in the groat store win
dows and in the store,but still outside
of that was the impression croatcd on
all visitors that tho stook of goods in
the new store is tho most complote
ever seen here. f.Tho very superior
quality of tho stock is ovidont in all
The new stook of goods whioh the
Hansell Wood Co , offer to the public
is ono to attraot attention and it did
attraot attention all day. Whoever
bought tho goods got tho croam of tho
market. The vast array of business
and dress suits, the ohildrens olothmg,
tho neckwear, underwear, hats and
oaps and all else Boom all tho best of
tho kind, neat, tasty, well mado and
tony. There is no suspioion of Bhod
dy abouf. anything, and that is the im
pression mado on every ono. Tho fact
of tho business is the J. Hansell
Wood stook oponed up for tho season
is a very superior stook and the opon
ing today and tomorrow will make
thorn a host of now cuBtomors from
tho evidonco of that fact in tho oyos
of those who inspeoted it today, and
tho firm will add now laurels to those
won last yuur. Tho opening will con
tinue tomorrow for tho bonefit of the
ladies to whom tho company oxtond
a hearty invitation. Thoy will bo es
pecially interested in a, magnificent
line of ohildrens outfits as well as
other goods.
Extras for Buggies.
CarriaCTO and buecrv tang, nflrrinrrn
and buggy wheels, buggy bodi&B, oush
ions, 'izy baokB, springs, oth whools,
shaft shackles, prop nuts, prop
joints, oots, storm aprons, shaft tops
single t -ees, shafts in pairs r odd,
poios, Droast yokes,polo circles, dashcB,
dash rails, seat handleB, eto', oart
wheels and springs, at
T. P. Sparks fc Son's.
vAnd Cutting Sorapo on Third Stroot
Everybody rushing to tho scono and
behold thoro was no blood spilled,
but the prioo of groceries was buto
out down, so the poor caa oat as well
as tho rich, Sb evory one that wants
to save money aro shooting tor 205,
South ThirdBtrcet, determined to reap
tho benefit of J. H. Shopo's out
prices. He is still selling
18 pounds granulated sugar for.$ 1.
Tho beet hams in town 10 1 2
Good family flour, sack $1.20
P'gshouldcrsper pound 10
Sootoh oats, per paoknge, 10
Fino choico grated P, apples at 25
Fine choice slico grated apples at 15
3 lb California poaohes per o 20
3 lb pio poaches per o 10
Lion and Arbuoklo colTco por lb 22 1-2
30 lbs bucket new crop jelly for $1,50
1 qt jar proparcd mustard 25
2 lb lunch tongue, per can,. . . . 25
A fino sugar corn, per can 10
Crushed Java ooflee 5 lbs 1.00
Tho best Rio green coffoo 5 lbs $1.00
To ovory person in Waoo it will pay
you to call on J. H. Shope and look
through his large and nice stook of
grocorios beforo buying. Bemembor
his number, 205, South Third stroot.
Ho I For the Bosque.
Tho Hobson Lino havo complotcd
their surveys for an extension of thoir
lino to the Bosque, but have not yet
deoided vhich one they will adopt.
Whiohovor route taken it is oxpeoted
that the work will bo complotod and
cars running in sixty days. This is
an important imporovomont and spoaks
well for tho enterprise of tho company.
Wedding Bolls.
Cards are out announcing the
marriage of our popular follow
townsman, Mr. T. R. Wilsford to MiBs
Fannie Taylor, to be oelebratcd at tho
homo of tho bride's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. It. S. Taylor of Vernon, Texas,
next Thursday, tho 24th, at 9:3t) a. m.
Mr. Wilsford is a well-known and
highly esteemed business man of this
city, being a member of tho firm of
Worsham & Wilsford, running a lino
of drays and doing a flourishing
The brideto bo is a charming bollo
of Vernon and boloved by all who
know her. Tho happy twain will ro
turn to Waoo about the 27th inttant.
and tako up their future residonoo at
027 North Eighth street.
Mayor's Court.
Carry Fisher and Stella Nolan, of
the soservation, wore arraigned this
morning for fighting together. Carry
was dismissed but Stella was Booked
by tho mayor to tho tune of a five
dollar bill.
Complaint was somo days ago lodg
ed against Charley Smith, a colored
boy, charging him wi'h throwing a
rook at Mrs. E. M. Keeno, a whito
lady, with intent to injure her.
Oharlio skippod out and has not yet
been apprehended, but his oase was
called this morning and at tho instanco
of tho city marshal, who stated that
the matter was beforo the grand jury
and that tho parties interested desired
that hody to handle it, tho city attor
ney reoommended that the case bo
dismissed in tho city court. The
mayor without further inquiry dis
missed it but subsequently learned
tho faot, court was reconvened and
tho complaint reinstated.
Waco's Cossacka Mass Meeting
Next Saturday.
At 2 p. m. next Saturday tho Waoo
Juvonilo Cavalry will hold a mass
meeting to whioh all eligible boys in
Waoo will be invited or rathor aro in
vited. The'objeot is reorganization
elootion of officers and ieoeiving re
oruits. It is desired to enlist no less
than one hundrod boys from fiftoen
to eight years old, nono aooepted ox
cept boys of good oharaotor, owning
ponios. M. B. Davis.
Henry Epstoln, Proprietor.
This elegant place of resort No. 414
Franklin Btreet has been newly refit
ted and furnimod. It is now ono of
tho ooolest and handsomest plaoes in
tho oity, Nice appointments, purost
wines and liquorr.' are served over the
counter, and fre lunoh at all hours.
The gonial proprietor has spared no
pains or expcnsojto mako his plaoo a
daisy. Grand free lunoh Saturdav
night with popular athletic sportB and
Fishing tackle if ovory description
with a full s tooK of huntora supplie
To tho Lovors of Art in Photo
graph. Having moved to my now gallory
over 701 and 703, Austin stroot, (tho
old Ilinohnian Building), I am now
bettor prepared than ovor to give tho
pooplo of Waoo tho finest Photos in
tho state. Tho boautiful "aristo" (so
highly endorsed by tho leading gal.
ories.) in all its beauty, at my studio.
I will havo on exhibition for a few'
days, an ologant oil portrait of Mrs,
Goo. Clark, by Mons. Do Gissao, whioh
has been framed in a vory handsomo
"Florontino" framo, making a portrait
well worth a visit, to all, and moro
especially to tho tho ladies.
I will bo glad to weluome my old,
and many now oustoraors. Don't for
got my now address, ovcr 701 and 703,
Austin Ave.
Deanb, Photographer.
Novels by all tho popular authors,
English and American.
Novols. Every now work of fiotion
as soon as it is out.
Novels embracing tho old English
authors, London print.
Novels, including all tho dinio and
nickel series, at
A. J. HERZ & BRO.,
Cigar, News Dealers & Stationers,
104 South Fourth Street.
A Sound Llvor Makos a Well Man
Are you Bilious, Constlpatcdand
troubled with Jaundice SlckHead
aohe, Bad Taste in Mouth, Flln
Breath, Coated Tonguo, Dyspepsia
Indigestion, Hot Dry Skin, Pain in
Back and between the Bhouldors,
Chills and Feyer, &o. If you have
any of these symptoms, your lJver Is
out of ordor your blood is elowly
beinff poisoned, because your Iilvor
does not act proporly. HEBBrNB will
cure any disorder of tho LIver,8tom
noh orBowels. It hns no equal as a
Liver Medicine. Price 76 conta. Free
sample boltlo itH. C. Kisher's Drug
Don't be Deceived.
I am still holding down Standard
Granulated Sugar 20 pounds for ono
Franoo-Amorican Food Co's French
Soups, 3 pound oans, 30 cents each .
Star Tobacco 40 cents por pound. Low
prices on overything. Call and sco
Joe S. TnojirsoN,
The Grooor.
Tucker's "Almondlne."
Proof against cold winds and hot
sunshine for the complexion. It has
already become quite popular with
the ladies, as also with gentlemon to
uso after shaving when troublod with
roughness and breaking out. Prioo 25
and 50 cents por bottle. Prepared
only by the Lion Drug-Store, by
W. L. Tucker.
Following Suit.
On and after March 1. 1892, I will
sell for cash. My terms will bo from
10 to 20 per cont cheaper on every
thing except lard. Prompt dolivory
as horetoforo. Try mo for cash,
J. C. Stafford.
Corner market G01 Franklin st.
Hotel Royal Bar.
Haydon & Haydon, proprietors.
Noat and quiot. Vory finost wines
and liquors. Superb lunoh at 10.
Old friends and customers as well
now will moet a hearty welcome.
The Gabert Bro3., fashionable tail
ors, 110 South 4th streot havo the fin
est cutters, employ the most skillful
workmen and havo the largest and
finost stock of spring goods in tho
city whilo their prioes are very rea
sonable. Givo them a oall.
The News Is not responsible for nor
will it pay any bills unless authorized
by a written or verbal order from tho
Buy Egan's Athraolte coal.
Elegant Photo's.
Having secured tho servioes of Mr.
W. M. Hall, of Chicago, as oporator
and rotouoher, will guaranteo tho pub
lic a finer class of photographic work
than has ovor been shown in Waoo.
Have recently purchased tho largest
as well as tho finost photograph lens
in Texas. Call on tho old re liable
photographer and boo samples
W. D. Jaokson.

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