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l,ocntlnu of Firo Alarm IIoxo.
4 Firth WkI Firo Station strike
8 Ctornormh ".nil Anstlti '
6 " 4th " " "
' 7 Central Fire Htntlon "
8 Wet End Fire Station "
" 13 Corner HHi aud W aUlnKton "
"U ' BthandMalborongh "
15 " 8th ami Columbus
10 " 8th andJacl8on "
"17 " 4th ami Webner "
as ' 8th and Clcvolaml '
M " Mh aud Speight "
nn? r.fTmnJ VAilneton "
' S Uoyal Hotel 5th and Franklin " iii-mn
" 30 Woolon Mills 18th and Mary " in-llim
" 37 Corner xutn ana Jcueraon m-iiiiui
All boxes numbered above 8 strikes thum
B 13 strikes 1 and stops, then strikes 111
maklnp Uox 13, then ropeats four times.
Box 25 strikes II and stops, then strikes Ullr
making IIox 25 an d so on.
Keys will bo found In rcsldoncos on each coi
ner where boxes are located. Open Fire Alarm
Boxes and pull Ilook down and let go. Leave
key In box.
Tnm alarm In only for arcs. 110.00 fine ror
false alarms. , ,
Slow tapping of bells slgnlry company
Second Friday In each month each box Is
tapped twlco, testing boxes and clrcnlt lino
When alarm of llro Is given the Flro Depart
ment has the right of Way on all streets. All
vehicles must drive near the sidewalk and keep
away from the Are. $3.0 J nno for running over
Report of any careless driving going to or
from fires by the Fire Department will bo
thankfully received fey the Chief, as fast and
careless driving Is strlokly forbidden.
Egan has tho best cheap ooal in
o market at $5.50 per ton
Tho best restaurant in town, Joe
Lohman's, No. 117 South Fourth
Fishing taokle of cvory dosoriptioD
with & full stock of huntors supplie
H. E. A '1BOLDS.
Paul Jones rye whisky, $3 per gal
lon good as any $4 whisky in the
city, for sale by J. A. Early.
A J. Leslio for first-olass watoh
clook and jewelry ropairing. Same
building with II. E. Ambold Austin
A National Event
Tho holding of the World's Fair
in a oity scarcely fifty yeara old will
bo a romarkablo event, but whether it
will really benefit this nation as much
as tho discovery of the Restorative
Nervine by Dr. rrankhn Miles .is
doubtful. This is just what tho Amer
ican peoplo need to ouro their sleep
lessness, neuralgia, nervous debility,
dullness, confusion of mind, etc It
acts like a oharm. Trial bottles and
fine book on "Nervous and Heart Dis
eases," with unequaled testimonals,
free at H. 0. Rioher & CVb. I is
warrantod to contain no opiu
phine or dangerous drugs.
Bought Cbeap.
Ono of tho largest purchases made
in Waoo for some months was the
purohaso on Tuesday of tho entire
Btook of wagons and agricultural im
plements of S. A. Owens & Son, sold
by the United States marshal to tho
highest bidder. Mr. W. E Dupree
was the purohasor for spot cash at a
very low prioo. This big stock added
to his own, makes tho biggest stook of
agricultural implements in Central
Texas at his great houses, 101 and
105 Bridge street. His big stook em
braces all tho popular brands of
wagons, plows, oultivators, oorn and
cotton planters and overything elso in
tho agricultural implement lino. His
late purohaso gives him a big lover in
prices and Dupree's agricultural houso
is the best place to buy farmers'
goods in the state.
A Mass Mooting Selects Mr. Latimor
as Candidate for Alderman.
In pursuance to a call published in
The News of yesterday, about 100
oitizons of the Fifth ward mot at the
firemen's hall on Tyler street to soleot
a oandidate for aldorman from that
Mr. Thos. Mann was oleotod ohair
man and Mr. Percy McGeo secretary.
Sovoral nominations worn tlmn
mado and upon ballot it was found that
Mr. S. W. Lattimerhad recoived more
votes than all of his competitors com
bined, and ho was doolared tho duly
chosen candidate for alderman from
tho ward.
After the result of tho ballot was
made known tho oleotion was made
unanimous by a rising vote.
After all buBinoss had been tran
sacted tho crowd called upon Mr.
Lattimor for a spooch and ho respond
ed, briefly thanking them for tho
Mr. Lattimer was followed by
Messrs. Goode and IIerbort,candidatcs
for mayor, who spoke more longthily.
Fine Work.
Novor in tho history of Waco was
there suoh Btook of buggioB display
ed as can bo found at Tom Padgitt's.
Tho finest work, tho latest styles and
tho lowest prices. No trouble to
ahow them. Call and see for vnnrRoir.
VJUU uuiucen Vcni
1 3 1 t -l . .. '
The Antl-Sllter Moit mill Silver Men Com
pli'tlns Arr-tiiRcitti'iilt for tliu llitttlo on
the MHit 1SII1 Mr. Crulii's l'olnt ol
Order .Sustained.
Washington, March 22. In tho river
nnil harbor bill the following appropria
tions wore mado: Sabino Pass 500,000,
Cedar bayou Gnlveston bay ship chan
nel $-10,000, Buffalo bayou .$25,000, mouth
of tho Trinity $10,000, Cypress bayou
$2000, for the completion of tho survey
of Sabine river from the mouth of Sutl
doth bliui! $3000. Exauiiuatious ami
surveys are provided for from tho mouth
of tho Brazos to Columbia, of the ship
channel through Sabino lake from the
upper end of Sabino Pass to tho mouth
of Sabino and Neches rivers from Siul
deth's bluff to Logansporr, Tho com
mittee refused to order n survey of the
Trinity river for tho reason that thera
bad been ono survey and tho engineer in
chargo of it had reported adversely to
going into its improvement. This was
dono in all coses where there had been
surveys with unfavorable reports.
Mr. Mills has informed his friends
that ho intends to return to Texas and
enter vigorously into tho campaign foi
the term in the senato which will com
mence March next.
Tho nnti-silver men and silver men
are very busy getting nil thoir mon to
gether for the battlo on tho silver bill.
Tho best judgment is that tho bill will
pass by fifteen or soventeon majority.
Struiigtlieului; tho fleet.
Washington, March 22. It is said at
the navy department that no orders
have been issued looking to the dispatch
of the naval fleet to Bering sea this sea
son. Nothwithstandiug this semi-official
statement it is said tho department
is preparing vessels for servico in the
Northern Pacific ocean in tho event they
will b'e needed. These arc tho Adams,
the Ranger and tho Michigan. Othei
vessols that will bo utilized in cuso it is
deemed advisable to strengthen the
fleet are tho Baltimore, the Charleston,
the Boston aud Yorktown.
These with the four vessels Bear,
Rush, Corwin and Albatross would con
stitute quite a formidable fleet.
For projects there is directly appro
priated in the bill tho following
amounts: Charleston harbor $300,000,
Mobile harbor $330,000, Savannah river
$425,000, improving the Ohio river by
tho construction of a movnblo dam at or
below the mouth of Beaver river $100,000,
Point Judith, R. I., $100,000, Columbia
nver, Oregon, nt the Cascades
$435,000, Mississippi river $4,000,000, of
which $2,500,000 is below tho Ohio's
mouth and the rest above. Among ap
propriations are tho ship channel at Gal
veston bay $-10,000, Sabino Pass $300,000,
Buffalo bayou $25,000, Trinity $10,000,
Cedar bayou $14,000.
Tho Chinese Minister Tnlk,
Washington, March 22. Tsui Kwo
Gin. Chinese minister, lms Tirana! n.
letter to tho secretary of stato urging an
eariy response to tue various communi
cations of the Chinesn pnvprn
ment sent this government with
VAf AVAV1 Aft 4- A AT. A ,- X--J -....f i tV .
incicuto iu iuo resuii'uim Ol umnesfc
immigration. In an interview tho min
isterNud: "For several years I have
boon endeavorincr to seenro rwrtflr trant.
ment for my peoplo nt the hands of the
United States. If tho United States
wishes to put a stop to Chinese immi
gration it should bo dono by moans ot
treaty with my country. For tho United
Sbites to agree to a treaty providing foi
tho admission of Chinese and then ovor
rido it by an net of congress is hardly
acting in good faith."
Said the reporter: "If tho United
States pub further restrictions on Chi
neso immigration will tho Chineso ex
cludo Americans from their terri
tory?" The answer was a diplomatic one. "It
seems to me tho Americans should con
sider tho bituation and withdraw from
China of their own free will. Tho Amer
ican peoplo aro talking a great deal
about reciprocity just now. They
should remember reciprocity works two
IllvcraiKl Harbor Illll.
Washington. March 22. Tho hous
comnutteo on rivers and harbors com
ploted consideration of tho rptmlnr ri
and harbor appropriation bill. It ap
propriates !u,7uu,uuu. The greatest
feature of tho bill is the oxtent to which
the committeo enlarges tho policy of the
contract system. This year tho com
mittee authorized national contracts to
bo entered into aggregating $32,151,700
distributed us follows: Charleston, S.
C., $2,178,000; Savannnh, $3,217,000;
Mobile, $1,443,800; Hudson river, $2,447,
006; Columbia river, Ore., $1,700,000,
Great Lakes, $3,340,000; Point Judith
R. I., $1,175,000; Beaver dam in Ohio
rivor. $850,000; Mississippi river, $10.
000,000. ' '
'o Alliance witji Argentine.
Washington. :M"nii oq mi, ...
department officials say there is no truth
in tho report that tho United States hat
established an alliance offensive and de
fensive with Argentine and tho courte
sies exchanged with Admiral Walker's
fleet at Bueno3 Ayres havo no signifi
i cance.
Eloctlon Proclamation.
By virtue of tho authority vested in
me by law, I hcroby ordor an elcotion
to bo held in tho oity of Waoo on tho
first Tuesday in April, tho 5th day
thereof I8g2 for tho election of a
mayor and also ono nldcrmati to ropro
pont caoh ward in tho oity of Waco.
Elootion to bo held at tho following
First ward at the city hall, presiding
offioor, J II Torbott.
Second ward at Wost End Firo sta
tion, presiding offioor, Jas. N. Harris.
Third ward at Storo Eagan blook on
Eighth street between Mary and
Franklin streets, presiding officer,
Charles Motz.
Fourth ward, at Central Fire station,
presiding offioor, M. M . Bogeess.
Fifth ward at East Wnco Firo sta
tion, presiding offioor, W. D. Wallace.
(Attestod) C. O. MoOum.ooii,
Jonev Jones Mayor.
Oity Soorotary,
A New Establishment.
Mossrs. Lack & Greonborg, two of
the most skilfull tailors in the city,
havo opened up at 414 Austin street
where thoy will be glad to see their
friends and tako thoir ordors for fine
spring suits. They do fino work, givo
perfect fits and are ablo to plcaso tho
most fastidious. Givo thorn an order
and they will bo suro to ploaso you.
Happy Hoosiors.
Wm. Timmons, Postmaster of
Idavillo, Ind., writes: "Elootrio Bit
ters has dono more for mo than all
other medicines combined, for that
bad fooling arising from Kidney and
Livor trouble." John LobHo, "farmer
and stookman, of same plaoo, says:
"Find Eloctrio Bitters to bo tho best
Kidney and Liver medicine, made mo
feol like a new man." J. W. Gard
ner, hardwaro merchant, samo town,
Bays: Eleotrio Bitters is just the
thing for a man who is all run down
and don't oaro whother ho lives or
dies; ho found new strength, good
appetite and felt just like ho had a
now lease on life. Only 50c. a bottle,
at W. B. Morrison & Co.'a Drug Storo.
Tho Gabert Bros., havo tho largost
and finoBt stook of new spring suit
ings over brought to Waco. Thoy
employ the most skillful workmen in
Toxas and guaranteo perfect fits. Call
and givo them an order and bo well
I will soil you finer work in tbe
buggy line and for loss money than
can bo bought elsewhere. Call and
see my immense stook . Ono hundred
vehioles in display room.
Tom Padqitt,
to Kellum &" Lawson, for
all kinds of real estate.
For the best and froshest beof,pork
mutton, voal, spareribs, fish and
oysters to 0 Crippon oorner Fifth
and Frankling
to Kellum & LawEon
kinds of roal estate'. .
Competent help can find employ
ment at tho Woman's Exchange
No. 113 North Fourth street.
Free Fine rich soil for gardens or
yards given array it old Avtmue
stables, Eighth street, bctwen Austin
and Franklin.
to Kellum & Lawson 113 S.
4th St. for farmB & ranches
Before you order a now suit soo tho
now and elegant suitings of tho spring
of 1892 at Gabert Bros., largest and
finest stock in the oity.
J. B. Payno wants to soil a lot of
pianos. Ho will sell at such prices
and on Buoh torms that you will bo
constrained to buy.
to Kellum & Lawson for
lots in Farwell Heights.
Strange as it may seem, tho cjuos
tlon is often asked; "Do you furnish
meals for mon also, at tho Woman's
JExehangcT' Consignments of all
kinds of eatables, needle work, and
ordors for plain sewing solioitod from
women alono. Tho Exchange furnishes
a market for all such from women who
wiBh to holp themsolves; but the eat
ing aopariment 01 tho MJxchange is
opon to mon and womon both, as it is
only the method to defray expenses.
.0.11 gonticmen wno wish to see a
worthy institution succeed, call and
get a nico meal.
to Kellum & Lawson for lots
in Provident addition.
Bollards Snow Liniment
This Liniment is different in com
position from any othor Liniment on
tho market. It is a scientific disoov
ory, which rosults in its being tho
most ponotrating Liniment rvor
known, 'f hero aro numorous whito
imitations, whioh maybe recommend
ed beoauso thoy pay tho sollcr a
greater profit. Bowaro of thoso and
demand Ballard's Snow Liniment. It
positively ourcs Ilhouuiatism, Neural
gia, Outs, Sprains, Bruisos, Wounds,
Soiatio, anil Inflammatory llh 011 mu
tism, Burns, Soalds, Sore Feet, Con
tracted Musole, Stiff Joints, Old
Sores, Pain in baok, Barb Wiro Cuts,
Soro Chest or Throat and is especially
boncfioial in Paralysis. Sold by II.
0. llisher & Co.
Pure and whlto lara at 9 cents
por pound in ton gallon cans at Cltir
ten's, oornor Fifth and Franklin.
Tho meals fusnished daily at tho
Woman's Exchange cannot bo ox
colled. Everything tho market at
ords. Oystors in any stylo.
Sleoper, Olifton & Co. havo added a
ropairing department in eonnootion
with their shoe store. All ropairing
of boots and shoos noatly done.
Charges reasonable. Leave your
shoes to bo halfsolcd at Slocpor, Clif
ton & Co's,, oorner of Fourth and
Austin streets.
A Sure Cure for Plies .
Itching Piles are known by mois
turo like perspiration, causing intense
itohiug when warm. This form as
well as Blind, Blooding or Protrud
ing, yiold at onco to Dr. Bosanko's
Pile Ilomedy, which aots directly on
parts effooted, absorbs tumors, allays
itohing and effcots a permanent cure.
50 cts. Druggists or mail. Ciroulars
free Dr. Bosanko, 329 Arch St.,
Philadelphia, Pa. JSold by W. B.
Morrison & Co.
The biggest stock of pianos, organs
and small musical goods in Central
Texas at J. B. Payno's,and tho prices
at whioh they aro being Bold is simply
astonishing. Now is tho ohnnoo of a
lifetimo to got a fine piano dirt cheap.
Baoklon'a Arnlea Halvo.
The best salve In the world for outs,
braises, soroB, ulcers, salt rheuui, fe
ver sores, tetter, ohappod hands, chll
blalns, oorns an-l all skin eruptions,
and positively jutos piles, or no pay
required. It Is guaranteed to give
satisfaction or money refunded. Price
25 cents a box. Fcr sale by W. B
Morrison Co.
Isn't ono Sarsupiu'llla on good &
another? No! No!! No!!!
Don't think it. Don't for a moment
think it. If you want Bull's Bareaparilla,
demand it and take no other. It contains
ingredients that aro not found in any other
f&rkaparilla. Thtse very ingredients thtt
make it different from other saroaparillat
are the moit important. In fact, esientitl
to its cutntiro virtue Omit them and
Bull's Saraaparilla would be as inert aa
tho many inferior preparations of tarsapa
rilla found in many drug stores. Bull's
Barsaparilla contains no unimportant in
eredient. Each ingredient used is chosen
for its beneficent effect upon the human
system. Combined, they exert a harmo
nizing inllucnce upon every function of
the body, improving digestion, strengthen
ing the liver and kidneys, cleansing the
blood of poisonous matter, soothing tha
nervous system, enlivening, tho mental
faculties, and in a word, by infusing now
strength and life, completely rejuvenates
every part and makes one feel altogether
like a new person.
Elmer Hodson, Alvaretto, Tex., writes;
"My strength and health had been failing
me for several years. My blood was in a
very impoverished condition and very im
pure. My limbs felt lame, rickety and
rheumatic, and I could not walk without
tottering. I felt myself growing prema
turely old, and my face began to look
pinched and shrivelled. I suffered con
siderable, was restless at night, very ner
vous, and growing very melancholy. My
yes were sore and I had catarrh. I tried
many tonics, and bitters and blood puri
fiers, but failed to get better. I finally
bought six bottles of Bull's Sariaparllla,
and before I had used it all I felt like
another man. My strength and health
Improved, pimples and sores disappeared
from my person, aches and stiff joints left
me, and I consider myself a well person."
KW There Is no other remedy so pleasant
to take and so sure In Hi effect as Dr. Bull's
Worm Deitroyera. Price 25 rents.
W There li one chill remedy whoso ef
fect Is a certainty. It has been tested la
many thousands severe cases and never
known to fall. It Is called Smith's Tout
Byrup. Take do other.
John D. Park & Sons, WhoUtalt Agenlt,
175. in and 1W Bjrcamora BL, ClnolnnaU, A
Buggies, phao-
tons and carria
pes. houcrht nt
tho rooenr F . 1 t dire ohia p. I
will soil thom tho Bamo, Big ohanco.
Tom Padqitt.
Cat eh On
To tho faot that Waoo has a cigar
factory whioh niakos oigars out of to
bacco, and not cabbago leaves. If you
want a fino smoke, smoko
Wox AH
Tho host Fivo Cent Cigar in Waco
or if you aro hightonod, smoko '
ILittle Daisy
by all odds tho best Ton ContJCigar
in Waoo, pure Havana. Or if you
aro fastidious, smoko tho
Un assume?
Loudres Qrandos, 12i cont cigar.
Thoso oigars mado by tho Waco Fac
tory, 629 Austin street, beat all the
oigars in tho market.
Drs. Wilkes & Wilkos and Dr. T.
R. Forroll have fitted up a suito of
rooms in tho now Provident building
scoond floor, whore thoy may bo found
in future Telephone at offioo and
residences, Slatos at Old Cornor Drup
Storo. b
1 im -
Lack & Groenborg, merohant
tailors, Hi 1-2 Austin stroot, invite
you to oall nnd givo thom an order
for a Buit. They promiso superior
workmanship and tho groatest pains
to pleaso.
to Kellum & Lawson 113 S.
4th St. for farms & ranches.
Mrs. Kate Lawson is at presont the
superintendent of tho consignors de
partment of tho Woman's Exchange.
and Mrs. Jas. Davis has ohargo of tho
eating department. Lunoh or full
meals as ordered, from 10 to 35 conts,
A Sollloquay.
Sounrrass Hello Lankv. old hnv.
don't you know me ?
Lanky By gum, you aro a stranger
to mo.
Sounrrass Don't vou know Jim
Sourgrass 1
Lanky Why you 1 But by gum,,
whore did you catch that fat ?
Sourgrass Oh I I've been up to
old man Blaokwell's whoro I can get
something to eat. Try him. Lank.
Tra La-La j
n a fow days a
now book and pe
riodical storo will
will bo oponod up at 401 Franklin
street, whero lovers of Literature,
Musio and Art will find all tho peri
odicals foreign and domestio, litest
novels, sheot musio and all the Tra-La-La's
of a popular house. Keop
your eye on the placo and your mum
ory on the number of 0. T. Ridley's
new stand.
When you wont nioo fresh meat
mutton boef pork and puror lard at 10
cents por pound, go to
Melloh & Delaney
125 South Third street
Tulia JLotSe
Garden spot of the great Panhandle.
Bioh loamy soil. Groat wheat oountry.
Tulia L.otSo
Tulia is the county scat of Swisher
oounty. One of tho finest counties
in tho groat Panhandle. Court houso,
churches, sohools, &o., &o.
Tulia Lots.
Swisher oounty is developing rapidly.
Thousands aro going to tho Panhan
dlo daity and the man with tho plow
is daily going to Swishor oounty.
Tulia LotSo
A pretty town in tho prettiest oountry
in tho world. Land level as a floor
and producing immenBO orops of all
cereals, vegetables and fruits.
Tulia Lot So
Everlasting freostono puro wator in
illimitablo quantities at twonty-tivo to
thirty feet.
Tulia Lots
Are in a growing town, in a growing
oounty. Property is advancing daily
and will continuo to advance in a way
to make the hoad swim. Buy now.
Don't delay a day. Lots oheap as
dirt at prices now asked,
For maps, plats and other particu
lars apply to
1. 1. Gouldy
411 Franklin street.

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