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Residence 120 N 9 St. Realdence 319 N 12 St.
Physioians and Surgeons.
6Ute nt Old Corner Drag Btore. Telopnono
Bt OQlco and Residences.
Office on Austin Street over
First National Bank.
Euoknb Williams. Wji. W. Evans.
Williams & Evans
Atty's $ Counsellors at Law,
rjt o viijexx jj uiZiMxa,
WACO, - - - TEXAS.
A IVritlnv Maehitie that Hells on Merit.
Without a Peer in the Known World.
Hartley & Burleson
Agents, 206 South Third Ft. Waco, Tox.
Supplloiof all kinds on Shortest Notice,
Corner Sixth mid Wutlilngton,
Q-Good rooms and unexcelled table. Hcst
of eerrl ;o at the mo&t reasonable rates. Con
renient to bnelnces center of the city.
uu uiniDiuuo'c2rjiuu,iuii
518 Aimtin Avenue.
waco, : : : texas.
Commercial House.
Cor. Eighth $ Clay Sts.
Vttly tiro bloeJis south ofSlo. l'aclflc Ji.Jt
Terms reasonable. Commercial
Travel especially solicited.
Mrs. N. H. Kirkpatrick.
Blackwoll Hotel.
Good beds and best of fare. Rates
$1.00 por day. Meals 25 cents, 120
Second street, next door to the court
house. tf
J. B. Payno is offering big and as
tonishing bargains in pianos, organs
and small musioal goods.
Buy Egan's Big Muddy Lump coal.
Fine Work.
Nevor in tho history of Waoo was
thero suo h stook of boggles display
ed as can bo found at Tom Fadgitt's.
Tho finest work, tho latest styles and
tho lowest prices. No trouble to
show thorn. Call and see for yoursolf.
One hundred vehiolcsin display room
Remarkable Rescue.
Airs. Richard Curtain, Plainficld,
111., makes tho statemont that she
caught cold, whioh sottlcd on hor
lungs; sho was treated for a.month by
her family physician, but grew worse.
He told hor she was a hopolcss vioiini
of consumption and that no medioine
could euro hor. Her druggist sug
gested Dr. King's Mow Discovery for
Consumption; she bought a bottlo nnd
to hor delight found herself benoGtod
from first doso. Sho oontinued its
use and after taking ten bottles, found
herself sound and well, now docs her
own housework and is aB well as she
over was. Free trial bottles of this
Great Discovery at W. B. Morrison &
Co's. Drug Store; largo bottles 60o.
and $1.00.
to Kellum & LawBon for
lots in Farwells Hoights.
Dookory and Co,, Firo Insuranoo
Agents Provident Building. BpBt
cmopanies and oloso attention to in
terests of insurers.
Tho best restaurant in town, Joe
Lehman's, No. 117 South Fourth
Buy Egan'o Blacksmith coal.
ni vi7D it nm niTAD c wpmii i i mud u
Rnmnndud to .Inll to Aunlt Sontenco ol
Dentil He Is One iif Urn III llipton Onus
Who Murdered Detect He Whitehead and
Deputy Marshal Pool-hoy.
Fout Smith, Ark., March 23. John
Brown, aged 10 years, was convicted of
murder in the federal court and was re
manded to jail to await sentenco of
death. Brown is one of tho Wacooh
Hampton gang, who, on the 8th of Do
cemberlast murdered Thomas White
head, a dotectivo, nnd Josiah Poorboy,
a Cherokeo deputy marshal, near Table
quah, Cherokee nation. Wacooh Hamil
ton was an escaped convict from tho re
form school in tho District of Columbia.
Ho and Brown become boon companions
after Hampton reached his homo after
escaping. Tho ovidenco at tho trial just
closed Bliowed that one Sim Craig had
been arrested by Charles Lamb on a
charge of adultery. Ho escaped from
Lamb and Whitehead, with Poorboy.
were at tho house of Lord W Shorlay,
laying to catch him. During tho night
Hampton, Brown nnd John itoach came
along and tho two officers ordered them
to halt until they could seo who thoy
were. Roach got off his horse and laid
his gun down when Brown shot him in
the arm. Thon Brown and Wacooh both
opened firo upon the officers, killing
them. They took Whitehead's pistol
and robbed him of somo monoy, also
took Poorboy 's Winchester. Roach was
arrested and lodged in jail here, but a
nolle prosequi was entered m his caso
and he became a witness against Brown.
Hampton and Brown remained at large,
committing depredations and peddling
whisky until the 29th of last January,
when Wacooh was killed by Deputy
Marshal Heck Brunnor, and on the same
night Brown was captured in bed at tho
houso of Hampton's mother. When ar
rested ho had his own Winchester lying
across his bed and tho gun thoy had
taken from Poorboy lying on a table by
his bed. At the trial he claimed that ho
acted in self-defente, not knowing who
the parties were, and that they shot first.
This ho could not prove and ho will no
doubt hang. He takes tho matter very
Her Kyc Removed nnd n Hand Cut Off,
but She Wnnts to Found a Mission.
New York, March 23. Mrs. Homer
Baldwin, who was injured in tho Hast
ings railroad wreck on Christmas eve,
has submitted to a painful operation at
tho Getty House, Yonkers. The unfortu
nate woman's sightless eyes were re
moved, as was one hand at the wrist
and tho fingers of tho other hand. The
operation upon her eyes was to lessen
the pain that she has suilered and also
to aid- the progress of skin grafting.
"I know I 6hall never comeVrat of the
ether alive," she said, "but I am willing
to taka every possible chance of living
offered me."
Dr. David Johns administered the
ether" and 'the operations were mode.
The first operation, that of removing the
eyes, was performed by Dr. Callan, as
sisted by Dr. Schopon. It lasted twenty
five minutes. Then Dr. Schopen ampu
tated four dead bones that protruded
ffom tho right hand and patched up the
mutilated thumb of tho hand. Ho then
cut away tho heart of tho dead bono of
the left arm and removed tho mortify
ing flesh around it. Tho operations
on tho hand lasted just eight minutes,
and a short time afterward Mrs.
Baldwin came to and called for her
Of the ten pieces of skin already
grafted upon her forehead fivo have re
tained their vitality and grown into
place. One has already attained thosizo
of a half dollar.
It is Mrs. Baldwin's intention, if sho
ultimately recovers, to establish a mis
sion. Wont Hack on Him Oner.
San Francisco, March 23. Tho an
nouncement is make tliat Anita Bald
win, tho only daughter of "Lucky"
Baldwin, the well known California
millionaire, had eloped with her cousin,
George Baldwin. The latter came seven
years ago from Crawfordsville, Ind.,
and since then lias been employed in tho
Baldwin.Hotel in tiiis city. He is 25
years of age, while the young woman is
18. Tho millionaire seriously opposed
the match and had taken measures to
keep tho young people apart.
As Miss Baldwin is a minor the young
couple could not obtain a licenso to
marry, so young Baldwin obtained a
tug and thoy wero married out at sea by
a minister.
Tho secret was well kept and only di
vulged when the husband and wife be
came tired of living apart. Even aftv
tho secret marriage Anita frequently
a?ked her father's consent to marry her
cousin, but ho was obdurate. He fre
quently expressed tho intention of mak
ing Anita his heirets if sho obeyed his
wishes and it is said that ho promised to
give her the famous Santa Anita farm
with $10,000,000. During the trouble
which arose during tho courtship
"Lucky" Baldwin threatened to disin
herit her if she married young Baldwin.
norrluie jvtrucme.
Philadelphia, March 23. When tin
board of charities meets nt Huntington
amass of startling information will
come before it by Stato Senator Osborne
of this city, bearing upon cruelties in-'
flicted upon the inmates of tho Pennsyl
vania Industrial reformatory. Tho
names of eighty-three boys will bo pre
sented, all of whom havo been victims
of long confinement in solitary cells,
and in most instances havo also been
whipped with water-soaked lenther flaps,
chained up to iron bars above their
heads or to floors) and in somo cuses
compelled to carry a ball and chain.
Some of theso victims,it is charged, were
driven iuto insanity and to attempt sui
cide. Ittittcll Harrison ut llvniiKvllIe.
EVANSviu-i:, Ind., March 23. Rtmsell
Harrison, the president's son, J. P. Dela
innrnnd C. C. Uphain, latter' two from
Montana, are here negotiating for tho
purchn'-e of tho Ev.iusvillo "street car
lines which are to become electric tint,
year. t 1; is claimed that Harrison and
his friends are on a political lav in the
iutue-a uf thu.ltiiiu i'.. faiherj but this
tli-t young man denies, i-nying that hi.-.
viMt is purely n business one. lie de
clines to talk politics.
11111 (In. wilt;: Dally.
New Youk. March 23. District At
torney Ridgcway, who accompanied
Senator Hill on his southern tour, lint?
returned to Brooklyn. Ho said Senator
Hill will have delegates from every
southern state. Tho ex-governor, ho
said, was growing stronger in tho minds
of the people, not alone in tho south,
but throughout tho country.
Accidentally Shot.
Velasco, Tex., March 23. Joseph
Cox, a young gentleman living on his
father's farm near Kried's ferry on Bas
trop creek, a few miles from this city,
accidentally shot himself whilo cleaning
a six-shooter. The bullet entered his
thigh half way between tho kneo and
groin, and ranging down.lodged between
tho nnklo bono
Like another woman
the ono who's used Dr. Picrco'i
Favorite Prescription. She's a
itronger and a happier woman
and a healthy one. Tho aches,
tains, and weaknesses, that made
ifo miserable arc gone the func
tional disturbances or irregularities
that caused them havo been cured.
Faco and figure show tho change,
too. Health baa restored the
charms that rightfully belong to
her. For all the weaknesses nnd
ailments peculiar to womanhood,
" Favorito Prescription " is a posi
tive remedy. No other mcdioino
for women w guaranteed, as this is,
to givo satisfaction in every case,
or tho money is refunded. It's pro
prietors aro willing to tako tho risk.
What it has done, warrants them
In guaranteeing what it will do.
It's tho cheapest medicine you
can buy, because it's guaranteed to
givo satisfaction, or your money ia
You only pay for the good you
Can you ask moro ?
That's the peculiar plan all Dr.
Pierce's medicines aro sold, on.
Important Notice.
The annual water rates of tho Waco
Water and Light oompany aro as
Family uso $ 4 00
Banks 4 00
Offices 4 00
Barber shops, por chair 1 50
Bath tubs, publio 4 00
iiath tubs, privato 2 00
StoreB G 00
Drug stores 8 00
Saloyns 10 00
Bestauranta 10 00
Closet, publio 2 00
Closets, private .-... 1 00
Urinals, publio 2 00
Urinals, privato 1 00
Photographer 8 00
Privato stable for ono horso,
including washing carriage. . 1 00
Each additional horso 76
Cows 75
Lawn sprinkling, 20o per 100
square feet for season.
Offioo: Room No. 11, Provident
Items and communications intended
lor tbi department Bhould be sent to
No. 800 North Twelfth street or tele
phoned to No. SO, on or before Friday
afternoon of each week, in ordor to
roceive proper attention. News
notes reoolved after 10 o'clock Satur
day morning cannot appear until tho
next week, however much wo may
regret the delay.
- mw 1b Iil
IIjtHIS MAN has been hunting
1 with one of H. E. Am hold's
fine guns sure shot. Fine guns
for sale or for hire.
419 Austin Street.
The Rook Island Crostes Red River
In July.
It is now nearly an assured faot
tv at long before the expiration of
1892 tho trains of the Chicago, Rock
Island and Pacific will be running
regularly into Waoo. General Freight
and Tiokot Agent Bell of the Toxas
Central told a News reporter yester
day that the track-builders of tho
Rock Island route woud cross Rod
River somo time in July. Ho did not
know at just what point it would cross,
but thought that a point opposito
Henrietta would bo ohnscn, and that
they would build through that town
and conneot with the Witchita Valley
road at Wiohita Falls. The Rock
Island ban already acquired the
Wiohita Valley road and when thoy
mako connection with it, it will lcavo
a gap oi only about fifty or sixty
miles for them to fill to have a through
line to the gulf via tho Texas Central
from Albany and tho San Antonio and
Aransas Pass from here. Thoro is
little doubt hut tlut this gap will be
filled as soon as connootion is mado at
Wiohita Falls. As soon aB the gap
is filled the through trains will bo run
into Waoo and on to the gulf as
soon as tho Brazos can bo bridged.
Complying- with general
J quest,
J UUliUriAftl'b IMLUS
will in future for the United
States be covered with
A Tasteless and
Soluble Coatins:,
comnletelv distruisincr the
b . . - C . C7 ..
taste of the Pill without in any J
way impairing its efficacy.
J'rice 25 cents a Box,
New York Depot 165 Canal Street. J
Remarkable Facts.
Heart dieeaio is usually supposed
to bo incurable, but when properly
treated a large proportion of cases can
be cured. Thus Mrs. Elmira Hatch
of Elkhart, Ind., and Mrs. Mary L
Baker, of Ovid, Mich., wero oured
after fluffcring 20 ears. S.O.Lin
burger, druggist at San Jose, III., Bays
"workoa wpnucr for his wife. Jjovi
Logan, or 'Buchanan, Mich , who had
heart disoase for '60 years, says two
bottels mado him "feel like a now
man." Dr. Miles' New Heart Curo is
sold and gaurantecd by II. C. Risher
& Co. Book of wonderful testimo
nials free.
Honry Epstein, Proprietor.
This elegant place of resort No.4H
Franklin street has been newly refit
ted and furnished. It is now ono of
tho coolost and handsomest places in
tho city. Nico appointments, purest
winos and liquors aro Bcrvcd oyer the
counter, and freo lunoh at all hours.
Tho gonial proprietor has spared no
pains or expense to mako his plaoo a
daisy. Grand free lunoh Saturday
night with popular uthletio sports and
amusemonts. Drop in.
Call on Laok fc GreenLorg, H4J
Austin street, for a fino spring suit.
Fishing taokle of every description
with full stook of hunters supplio
H. E. Amboumj.
." t
CljEap Lots.
The only cheap lots offered in Waco
for tho last five years aro thoso now
on the market in ihn Kirknuinnlr Ail.
dition, East Waco. These lots aro
being sold for ono-half their real val
ue, malting a obx"0 to scouro a do-
aiiauiu uume suci as will novor oeour
Clieafi JLots.
These lots Ho high and dry. Thoy
overlook a large portion of tho oity
and havo perfect drainage. Thoy lio
in tho hoalthicst part of tho city, catch
ing tho puro breozes from tho prairie
untainted by passage over any part of
tho city.
Cheap !Lot
Those lots havo tho finest soil, a
rioh study loam, admirablo for gar
dons, and are underlaid with puro
wator in inexhaustible quantities at a
depth of fifteen nnd Bixteon foot,
which can bo UBod for irrigation.
Cheap IiOt.
Theso lots aro closer to tho contor
of the oity than any other addition,
and at tho samo distance lots aro Bell
ing for thrco and fivo times tho prico
asked for theso. Thero is millions in
it for persons of small means. Cnll on
Mrs. or P. G. Kirkpatrick, southwost
oornor Eighth and Clay streot.
All parties desiring plats of tho
ivirkpatrick addition can obtain them
upon application.
Rules and Regulations at tho Park
Opon G a. m. to 10 p. m. olosod on
Sunday night. Pool resorved for
ladies oxcluBivcly Wodnosday evening
2 to 0:30; Saturday morning 0 to 12,
Monday nipht 9 to 10 for ladies nnd
gcntlemon, pool party, tub, necdlo, and
vapor baths at all hours for patients
and others. Experienced malo and
fomalo attendants day and night.
Tom Pabgitt, Proprietor.
J. B. Chksnut, Managor.
Everybody goes to Joo Lonman's
whon they want a good moal, or iio
to Kellum & Lav eon for lots
in Pravident addition.
If ever you intend to buy a piano
now is your ohanop. J. B. Payno will
soil you one for a son?.
Don't wait for the big boom now
coming which will lift up priccB, but
take advantage of tho depression and
buy a fino piano of J. B. Pyno at
about half price.
to Kellum & LawBon 113 S.
4Bt. iorlots in Col. Hoights.
Joe Lohman is the most popular ros
taurant man in Texas. His plaoo
117 South Fourth street.
Dr. Geo. P. Mann, dentist. Full
sett of uppor or lower teeth, $12,50.
Buy Egan's Indian Territory ooal
A Mothers Mistake.
Mothers frequently mako a mistake
in ncgloating tho Cough of n ohilcJ.
A Fort Wayne, Ind., lady writos: My
littlo daughter 6 years old had a sovcre
Cough but as it was nothing unusual
1 thought nothing of it, and allowed
it to run on for 4 or 5 weeks, when it
booamo so obstinate sho bogan losing
flesh, 1 called iu a physioian who
treated her threo weeks without bon
ofit. A neighbor insiBtod upon my
trying Ballard's Horohound Syrup;
it roliovcd her from the first doso and
sho began gaining flesh rapidly, when
we had used two bottles her Cough
had entirely disappeared. I would
not be without it. It docs not consti
pate my childron. Ballard's H ore
hound Syrup is freo from Opiates .
It's tho most Boothiug Throat an
Lung mcdioino in tho world. Price
50o. and $1 00. Sold by H. O. llisher
Lack & Greenberg, morohau
tailors, 4143 Austin street aro pro
pared to do tho very finest work in
thoir lino. Give them a call.
Dockery & Co., Aesuranco Agents
represent first rlass companies only.
Every attention paid to placing risks,
Givo ub a call at our now quarters la
tno rrovioent palming.

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