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Location of Hro Alarm Iloxc.
4 Fifth Ward F'ro Station strike H"
5 Corner 9th and Austin ' mil
V ' th mm
7 Central Fire Htatlon " mini
8 Weet Knd Fire station " IIUIIII
" 18 Corner U'h anil Washington ' i-"t
11 OthandMalboroagh" l-Illl
'IS " Sthand ColumbUB " l-lim
"18 ' 8th andJacMon " mihii
"17 " 4th and Webster " l-inilll
"25 8th and Cleveland " li-imi
28 " MuamlBpolght " iwimi
"27 " 6thand Washington "lMtmii
" SS Itoyal Hotel 6th and Franklin " hmiiii
' SO Woolen Mills 18th and Mary " nwitlll
" S7 Corner loth nnd Jefferson ' iii-iimii
All boxes numbered above 8 strikes thus;
Btx IS strikes 1 Bnd stops, then strikes 111
maklnn Vox 13, then repeats fonrtlmes.
Box 25 strikes II and Btops, then strikes mil
waking I)ox25 aid so on.
Keys will be fonnd in roldonceson each cor
ner where boxes aro located. Open Flro Alarm
Boxes and pull Hook down and lot go. Leave
key In box. ,
Turn alarm In only for tires. 110.00 line for
false alarms. , ,
Slow tapping of bells signify company
Second Friday la each month each box Is
tapped twice, testing boxes and clronlt line
When alarm of flrelsgiveu the Flro Depart
ment has the right of way on all streets. All
vehicles must drive near the sidewalk and keep
sway from the Are. (S.Ojmno for running ovor
Kepnrt of any careless driving going to or
from flres by tho Fire Department will be
thankfully received by the Chief, as fast and
careless driving is strickly forbidden.
Tbe Bell Water Company Extends
Its! Mains on Jackson and
Flint Streets.
Tho Roll Water companv has re-
coived four car loads of six-iuoh main
to extend tho company's service in
the southorn part of tho oity. Tho
now mains will bo laid on Jaokson
and Flint stroots and will have firo
new hydrants located there. Thero
will bo a hydrant on tho oorner of
Thirteenth and Fourtconth streets at
their intorseetion with Jaokson, and
on Twelfth, Fourteenth and Fifteenth
at tho intersection of Flint streets.
A National Event
Tho holding, of tho World's Fair
in a oity scarcely fifty years old will
do a romarK&Dio event, Din wuetner it i
will really boneht tbis nation as much
a6 tho discovery of the Restorative
Nervine by Dr. Franklin Miles is
doubtful. This is just what tho Amer
ican peoplo need to ouro their sleep
lessness, neuralgia, nervous debility,
dullness, confusion of mind, etc. It
acts liko a charm. Trial bottles and
fine hook on "Nervous and Heart Dis
eases," with unequaled testimooals,
free at H. 0. Richer & GVs. I is
warranted to contain no opiu
phine or dangerous drugs.
Y. M C. A.
Announcements for tho Stats Con
vention this Year.
The Young Mens Christian Asso
ciation of this city has received tho
invitations and announcements of tho
Ninth Annual Convontion of c
Stato Association. Tho meeting this
year will be hold at Dallas, the oon
vention being called to order on April
14. The meeting will last four days,
concluding Sunday April 17. The
list of speakers invited, and who will
be moBt likely to attend, contains tbe
names of some of tho leading men in
association work from all parts of tho
United States. All railroads will give
a rate of four cents per mile for the
round trip.
Bought Cheap.
Ono of tho largest purchases made
in Waco for some months was the
purohaso on Tuesday of tho ontire
stook of wagons and agricultural im
plements of S. A. Owens & 8on, sold
by the United States marshal to the
highest bidder. Mr. W. E. Dupreo
was tho purohaser for spot caBh at a
very low price. This big stook added
to his own, makes the biggest stook of
agricultural implements in Central
Texas at his great houses, 101 and
105 Bridgo street. His big stook em
braces all tho popular brands of
wagons, plows, cultivators, corn and
cotton planters and everything olso in
tho agricultural implement lino. His
lato purohaso gives him a big lover in
prices and Dupree's agricultural houso
is tho best placo to buy farmers'
goods in the stato.
The Elks.
The annual election of officers for
Waco Lodee of Elks ooourred last
night with tho following result: W.
U. Watson, E. 11 ; Jno. M. Connor, E.
L. K.: Jno. B. Tsoharnor, E. L. K.;
O. 0. DcZouohe, E. L K ; R. Chris
tophor, soorotary; Jno. P. Massoy,
treasurer, W. 8. MoCall, tyler. Mr.
W. H. Thompson was elected a mem
ber of tho oxooutive board.
A' J. Loslio for first-class watoh
clook and jewelry repairing. Same
building with H. E. Auibold Austin
Fifteenth Annivorsary of MeLon-
nan Lodge, 1. 0. 0. F. Colebratod
Last Night.
Just fifteen years ago last night
MoLonnan Lrdgo, No. 211, Independ
ent Ordor of Odd Fellows was planted
in Waoo. This celebration of thiB
aniversary was tho object of tho
gathering at their spacious ball last
ovoning beautifully docoratod for
tho occasion by Messrs. S. V. Piorco,
Goode, Best and S. W. Ouambors.
Considering the inolomonoy of tho
weather a fair gathering was on hand,
and in tho rondition of tho well ar
ranged programme a raro treat was en
joyed by all present.
Tho ontertainment was opened by
an eloquent prayor by ltov. William
Wilson Do Hart.
Tho history of MoLonnan lodge
was givon by Capt. T. A. Blair which
was listened to with rauuh interest,
especially by thoso who woro not be
foro familiar with it. Tho lodgo was
organized with only fourtcon members,
sinoo whioh time tho names of ovor
500 worthy mombors havo boon on
rolled, many of whom havo passed
over tho silent river and othors inovod
away, but at this timo tho lodgo has
an active membership of between 75
and 100, who aro regular attendants
and heart and suul in the noblo work.
MoLonnan lodgo has dispensed.
sinoo it was first instituted, over 5,
000 to worthy objeots of charity,
nursed its sick, suooorod, helped and
comforted its distressed, and cared
for tho widows of deceased members
and eduoatod their orphans.
This lodgo has tbo distingnishod
honor of having furnished three grand
mastors of the supreme lodgo of tho
stato and ono delegate to the supremo
lodgo of the world.
Next on tho
a vocal solo,
song," by Miss E.
was well rendered,
programmo was
"Tho Cooked
Burgess, whioh
showing perfeot
of her well trained voice
Tho reoitation by Miss Laura Yates
ot Sbakcspoaro's Romeo and Juliot,
descriptive of tho courtship sceno on
tho baloany, contrasted with courtships
of the ninoteonth century was simply
grand and elioited tho wildest ap
plause. ,
The instrumental solo by Miss Hal
lio Tarver was well executed.
A vooal solo was next well render
ed by Mr. John B. Tullis, accompa
n'ed by Miss Emma De Zouohe. Misb
De Zouohe was to havo delivered a
recitation but was forbidden from
doing bo by her physician on aooount
of hoarseness.
Miss Eva Dairow was also unablo to
carry out hor part of tho programme
on account of hoarseness.
Mr. J. W. Taylor, next delivered an
eloquent address upon the history of
the practical work of odd fellowship
as seen by an outsidor, which was
both instructive and edifying.
MiBS E. Loyd rendered a difficult
but beautiful instrumental solo in a
manuer whioh did tho lair performer
much credit and delighted the audi
ence. Tho ontertainmont closed with
singing the long metro doxology.
Their Next Annual Meeting to be
Held in the Central City.
Chiof A. AL Piesoott and tho other
officers of tho Waco Firo Dopartmont
oro already at work making elaborate
preparations for the ontertainmont of
the Stato Firemons Association
whioh meets here this yoar. Tho
meeting will bo called to order on
May 11 and will last three days.
Chief Presoott has already eeleoted
tho badges to bo worn by tho dele
gates and they aro by long odds the
finest ovor seen tin tho city. The
programmes wi'l be tho finest emboss
ed imitation ivory and will no doubt
fullfill the intention of tho depart
ment whioh is to get finer atid pret
tier ones than haB ever boon shown at
apypreceoding mooting of tho Asso
cution. It has been several years
sinco tho State Association met in
Waoo and it is tho intention of tho
Waco department to show their broth
ron of tho state at largo that tho Waoo
firo dopartmont has beon keeping in
the lead of fire departments in tho
stato. Waco's reputation is second
to nono whou it comes to entertaining
conventions, or associations and her
firo department is second to none in
tho stato and with Chief Piesoott at
tho holm there is no doubt but that
tho visiting firemen will bo ontortain
ed as such a noblo and self-saorifioing
body of mon should bo always troatoi
fi to Kollum & Lawsonll3 S. 4
Wvat for lots in Col. Heights
Election Proclamation.
By virtuo of tho authority vested in
me by law, I horoby ordor ata clootion
to bo held in tho oity of Waco on tho
first Tuosday in April, tho 5th day
thereof I8g2 for the olootion of a
mayor and also ono alderman to rnpro
scut each ward in tho city of Waco.
Elcotion to bo held at tho following
First ward at the city hall, presiding
offioor, J H Torbott.
Second ward at West End Firo sta
tion, presiding offioer, J as. N. Harris.
Third ward at Storo Eagan blook on
Eighth street' between Mary and
Franklin stroots, presiding offioer,
Charles Motz.
Fourth ward, at Central Fire station,
presiding officor, M. M . Bogecss.
Fifth ward at East Waco Firo sta
tion, presiding officor, "W. D. Wallace.
(Attestod) C. C. MoOum.ooii,
Jonky J0NE8 Mayor.
City Soorotary,
A New Establishment.
Mossrs. Lack & Groonborg, two of
tho most skilfull tailors in tho city,
hnvo opened up at 414$- Austin street
where thoy will be glad to soo their
friends and tako thoir orders for fino
spring suits. They do fino work, give
porfeot fits and are ablo to ploase tho
most fastidiouB. Givo thorn an order
and they will bo suro to pleaso you.
Happy Hoosiers.
Wm. Timmons, PostmaBtor of
Idavillo, Ind., writes: "Elootric Bit
ters has done more for mo than all
other medicines combined, tor that
bad feeling arising from Kidney and
Liver troublo . " John Leslio, farmer
and stockman, of same plaoc, says:
"Find Eloctria Bitters to bo tho best
Kidney and Liver medicine, made mo
feol like a new man." J. W. Gard
ner, hardwaro merohant, samo town,
says: Eleotrio Bittors is just tho
thing for a man who is all run down
and don't oaro whether ho lives or
dies; ho found new strongth. good
appetite and felt just liko ho had a
new lease on lifo. Only 50c. a bottle,
at W. B. Morr son & Co.'sDrug Stcro.
The Gabert Bros., havo the largest
and finest stook of new spring suit
ings over brought to Waoo. Thoy
employ the most skillful workmen in
Toxas and guarantee perfeot fits. Call
and givo them an order and bo well
I will soil you finor work in the
buggy Hne and for loss money than
can bo bought elsewhere. Call and
see my immense stook.. Ono hundred
vehicles in display room.
Tom Padqitt,
to Kellum & Lawson, for
all kinds of roal estate.
For the best and freshest boof,pork
mutton, veal, sparcribs, fish and
oysters i?o o Crippon corner Fifth
and Frankling
to Kellum & LawEon
kinds of roal estate.
Competent help can find employ
inont at tho Woman's ExonANOB
No. 113 North Fourth street.
Froe -Fino rich soil for gardens or
yardB given away at old Avonuo
stables, Eighth street, betwen AuBtin
and Franklin.
to Kellum & Lawson 113 S.
4th St. fov farms & ranohos
Before you order a new suit soo the
now and elegant suitings of tho spring
of 1892 at Gabert Bros., largest and
finest stock in tbe oity.
J. B. Payne wants to sell a lot of
pianos. He will sell at such prices
and on suoh torms that you will be
constrained to buy.
to Kellum & Lawson for
lots in Farwoll " Hoights.
Strange as it may seem, tho quos
tion in often asked; "Do you furnish
meals for mon also, at tho tVomatt'i
Mcehange?" Consignments of all
kinds of eatables, neodle work, and
orders for plain sewing solicitod from
women alono. Tho Exchange furnishes
a market for all such from women who
wish to help themsolves; but the eat
ing department of tho JUxchangc is
open to men and womon both, as it is
only tho method to dofray expenses.
All gentlemen who wish to soo a
worthy institution succeed, call and
got a nioo meal.
to Kollum & Lawson for Tots
in Provident addition.
Try Egau's $5.50 Lump ooal.
Bollards Snow Liniment
This Liniment !b different in com
position from any othor Liniment on
tho markot. It is a scientific discov
ery, whioh results in its being tho
most ponotrating Liniment rvor
known. There aro numerous white
imitations, whioh maybe recommond
od booauso thoy pay tho sollcr a
greater profit. Bowaro of thcBo and
demand Ballard's Snow Liniment. It
positively ouros Rheumatism, Neural
gia, Outs, Sprains, Bruises, Wounds,
Soiatic, and Inflammatory Rheuma
tism, Burne, Soalds, Sore Fcot, Con
trasted Musole, Stiff Joints, Old
Sores, Pain in baok, Barb Wiro Cuts,
Soro Chest or Throat and is especially
boncfioial in Paralysis. Sold by II.
C. Risher & Co.
Pure and whito lata at 9 conts
por pound in ton gallon cans at Crip
pbn's, oornor Fifth and Franklin.
Tho moals fUBnishcd daily at tho
Woman's Exchange cannot bo ox
colled. Everything the market at
ords. Oysters in any style.
Sleoper, Clifton & Co. havo added a
ropairing department in connection
with their shoe store. All repairing
of boots and shoos noatly done
Charges reasonable Leave your
shoes to be halfsolcd at Sleeper, Clif
ton & Co's,, corner of Fourth and
Austin stroots.
A Sure Curo for Plies.
Itching Piles are known by mois
turo liko perspiration, causing intense
itohing when warm. This form, as
well as blind, .blooding or i'rotrud
ing, yield at onco to Dr. Bosanko's
Pile Remedy, whioh aots directly on
parts offooted, absorbs tumors, allays
itohing and effects a pormanont ourc.
50 ots. Druggists or mail Circulars
frco. Dr. Bosanko, 329 Arch St.,
Philadelphia, Pa. old by W. B.
Morrison & Co.
The biggest stock of pianos, organs
and small musioal goods in Contral
Texas at J . B. Payne's,and tho pricos
at whioh they aro boing sold is simply
astonishing. Now is tho chanoo of a
lifotimo to got a fine piano dirt choap.
Baoklon'B Arnla&BMve.
Tho best salve In the world for outs,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rhonm, fe
ver sores, totter, ohappod hands, obil
blalns, corns ani all skin ernptlona,
and positively surea piles, or no pay
required. It is guaranteed to give
satisfaction or .jioney refunded. Price
25 cents a box. Fcr sale by W. B
Morrison f!o.
Isn't one Sarsupitrllla, as good as
another? No J Ko ! ! No!!!
Don't think it. Don't for a moment
think it If you want Bull's Sarsaparilla,
demand it and take no other. It contain!
ingredients that are not found In any other
sariiaparilla. These very ingredients thai
make it different from other sars&parillas
are the most important. In fact, essential
to its curative virtue. Omit them and
Bull's Sarsaparilla would be as inert as
the many inferior preparations of sarsapa
rilla found in many drug stores. Bull's
Barsaparilla contains no unimportant in
gredient. Each ingredient used is chosen
For its beneficent effect upon the human
system. Combined, they exert a harmo
nizing influence upon every function of
the body, improving digestion, strengthen
ing flie liver and kidneys, cleunsing the
blood of poisonous mettcr, soothing the
nervous system, enlivening the mental
faculties, and in a word, by infusing new
strength and life, completely rejuvenates
overy part and makes one feel altogether
like a new person.
Elmer Uodson, Alvaretto, Tex., writes:
"My strength and health had been failing
me for several years. My blood was in a
very impoverished condition and very im
pure. My limbs felt lame, rickety and
rheumatic, and I could not walk without
tottering. I felt myself growing prema
turely old, and my face began to look
pinched and shrivelled. I suffered con
siderable, was restless at night, very ner
vous, and growing very melancholy. My
yes were sore and I had catarrh. I tried
many tonics, and bitters and blood puri
fiers, but failed to get better. I finally
bought six bottles of Bull's Sarsaparilla,
and before I had used it all I felt like
another man. My strength and health
improved, pimples and sores disappeared
from my person, ache and stiff joints left
me, and I consider myself a well person."
s- There is no other remedy o pleasant
to take and so sura in Its effect as Dr. null's
Worm Destroyers. Price 25 cents,
There Is one ehlll remedy whose ef
fect is a certainty. It baa been tested ta
many thousnnds severe cases and never
known to fall. It is called HmltUM Tools
Byrup. Take no other.
John D. Park & Sons, WholtiaU Agenti,
17& in and ITS Hjcamore BL, Cincinnati, A
Buggies, phae
tons and cama-
rrnq. Vimirrlir. nt
tho rocenitfJa salo dnt cb I
will soil them tho samo. Big ohanco.
Ton Padqitt
Catch On
To tho fact that Waco has a nw...
faotory whioh makos cigars out of to.
bacco, and not cabbago leaves. Ifyoa
want a Fino smoko, smoko
Hox All
Tho best Fivo Cent Cigar in Waco
or if you aro hightonod, smoke '
Little Daisy
by all odds tho best Ton f!nnfn;..
in Waoo, pure Havana. Or if TOu
aro iastidious, smoko tho
Una 8 inner
Loudres Grandos, 12 cont cigar.
'llieso cigars mado by tho Waoo Fac
tory, 629 Austin street, boat all the
oigars in thomaiknt.
Drs. Wilkes & Wilkoa nnd TV t
R. Forroll havo fitted up a suito of
roomB in tho new Provident hniMinn
second floor, where they may be found
in luturo. xeiopnone at offioe and
residoncos. Slatos at Old Cornor Drue
Lack & Groonborg, morchant
tailors, -114 1-2 Austin stroot, invite
you to call and givo thorn an order
for a suit. They promiso superior
workmanship and tho groatost pains
to pleaso.
to Kollum & Lawson 113 S.
4th St. M farms & ranches
Mrs. Kate Lawson is at presont the
superintendent of tho consignors de
partment of tho Woman's Exchange
ar.d Mrs. Jas. Davis has obargo of tho
oating dopartmont. Lunoh or full
moals as ordered, from 10 to 35 conts.
Subscribers who do not receive
their paper will confer a favor by re
porting so at office, as that is the
only way wo can know whether the
carriers do their duty or not. Carriers
not allowed to sell papers under any
If you would bo well and olegantly
drosBed ordor your suits from Gabert
Bros. New style goods, stylish trim
mings and perfect fits at Gabert Bros.,,
fashionable tailors, 116 South 4th
Spring Modiclno.
Dr. Gunn's Improved Livor Pills oa
aooount of thoir mild aotion aro eepo
oially adapted for oorrooting spring
disorders, Buoh aB impure blood, tired
brain and aching and worn out body.
Thoy aot promptly on tho Livor and
Kidneys; drivo out all impurities from
tho blood, and malaria from tho sys
tem. Only ono Pill for a Doso. Try
them this spring. Sold at 25 contsa
box by W. B. Morrison & Co.
When you want nico fresh meat
mutton, beof pork and purer lard at 10
conts per pound, go to
Mellou & Delaney
125 South Third elroet.
Tulia IL.ot
uaruen spot oi me great rannanaio.
Rioh loamy soil. Great wheat country.
Anna jLotSo
Tulia is tho county soat of Swisher
county. One of tho finest counties
in tho great Panhandle. Court houso,
churches, sohools, Ac, 10.
Tulia Xot I
Thousands aro going to tho Panhan
dle daily and the man with the plow
is daily going to SwiBher county.
Tulia Lot
A pretty town in tho prettiest country
in tho world. Land level as a floor
and producing immenso crops of all
cereals, vegetables and fruits.
Tulia Lots
Everlasting frcostono puro wator in
illimitablo quantities at twenty-nvo to
thirty foot.
Tulia IiOte
Are in a growing town, in a growing
county. Property is advancing daily
and will oontinuo to advanco in a way
to mako tho hoad Bwini. Buy now.
Don't delay a' day. Lots cheap as
dirt at prices now asked.
For maps, plats and other partiou
lars'apply to
I. H. Gouidy
411 Franklin street.

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