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Location or Flro Alarm Hoxc.
4 Fifth Ward Flro Station strikes
B Corner th and Ansttn '
C " 4th " " '
" 7 central Fire nianon
" 8 Weet End Fire Station "
" 13 Corner ll'h and aihlngton '
Ml ' 6thandMalboroagh '
" js " 8th and Columbus
"16 " sthand Jackson "
"17 4th and Webster '
"35 8th and Cleveland "
26 " Btnanu spoifini
'ai " etnana wauir
At.h Mid WsdillDKton " 1M1IIIII
S5 Royal Hotel 5th and Frnnklln " lli-illll
SB Wooton Mills isth irnd Mery '' Ill-linn
All boxen numbered above 8 strikes thusi
Br 13 strikes 1 and Hops, then Btrlkes 111
making Hox 13, then repeats fonrtlraos.
llox 23 strikes II and sjors. then sttlkoa Hill
staking llox 25 aid so on.
Keys will bo found In rcsldouces on each coi
ner where boxes are located. Open Flro Alarm
Boxes and pull Hook down and let go. Leavo
key In box.
am alarm In only for Arcs
(10.00 lino for
false alarms.
Slow tapping of bells signify
Second Friday In each month each box Is
tapped twice, testlnc boxes and circuit lino
When alarm of flrolflglvea the Flro Depart
ment has the right of way on nil streets. All
vehicles must drlre near tho sidewalk and keep
away from the lire. 5.) ino for running ovor
Iteport of any careless driving going to or
from Urea by the Fire Department will bo
thankfully received by tho Chief, as fast and
careless driving Is atrlckly forbidden.
At the Court House Saturday Night
as a Candidate lor Congress.
TnE News is in roooipt of a letter
from Representative G. B. Gerald
announcing that ho will speak at tho
court house Saturday night at 8
o'olook as a oandidato for congress to
fill out tho unexpired term of R. Q
Mills. Col. Mills eleotion to tho sen
ate has necessitated tho holding of a
congressional eleotion in tho Ninth
congressional distriot to fill tho vacan
cy thus orcatcd and Judge Gorald
aspires to bo his successor. Tho torm
for which Col. Mills was eleoted in
1890 expires in Maroh 1893 and it is
to fill tho remainder of this term that
an eleotion will be hold, and for which
Judge Gerald is now a candidate.
Thero will doubtless be a full house
out Saturday night to hear Judge
A Queer Mistake.
A peculiar stato of affairs has just
been discovered at tho oity hall.
When south Sixth street was paved
from Dutton to Mary streets the usual
proportion of costs was assessed
against the abutting property owners.
This at least was done in all but
threo cases, and in theso three instan
ces it was assessed against tho agents
having tho proporty in chargo. Of
course whon an attempt to oolleot the
amount was made tho error was dis
covered. How tho error was made is
not known, but it is oertain that if
such a Bohomo could bo worked prop
erty ownors would quiokly put all
their property into rental agents
i ei i
Bought Cheap.
Ono of tho largest purohases made
in Waoo for somo months was the
purouaso on luesday ot tho entire
stook of wagons and agricultural im
plements of S. A. Owons & Son, sold
by the Unitod States marshal to the
highest bidder. Mr. W. E. Dupree
was the purchaser for spot cash at a
very low prioo. This big Btook added
to his own, makes tho biggest stook of
agricultural implements in Central
Texas at his great houses, 101 and
105 Bridgo street. His big stock em
braaos all tho popular brands of
wagons, plows, oultivators, corn and
cotton planters and everything olso in
tho agricultural implement lino. His
lato purohaso gives him a big lover in
prices andDupree's agricultural houso
is the best place to buy farmers'
goods in the state.
m i
Tou Should not fie Without It
Every family is liable to have a
hereditary taint of Consumption in it.
It may date baok 3 or 4 generations.
This faot makes it necessary always to
havo no hand a romedy with whioh
to combat this formidablo disease. A
cough whon taken at first can readily
bo cured bofore it gets a eorious'hold
on tho lungs. Ballard's Horehound
Syrup whon taken in its early stages
will cure Consumption, It is guaran
teed to bring relief in every oaso,when
used for any affeotion of tho Throat,
Lungs and Chest, suoh as Consump
tion, Inflammation of tho Lungs,
.Bronchitis, Asthma, Whooping Cough,
Croup, etc. It is pleasant to take,
perfectly safo and can always bo de
pended on. Sold by H. O. Risher &
to Kollum & Lawson 113 8. 4
st. for lots in Col. Heights'
Clark olub
day night.
at tho court houso Fri-
to Kollum & Lawson for
lots in Farwell Heights.
WACO fiuc
Hill Tor the Itrpi'iil of lli Wolf Sculp Ijiw
Cltlrriis or Mill County Ask to llo Ito
tallied In tlio Twnly-"t until lUstrlct
I'or lli-clat ration of Votont.
Austin, Mnrch 21. In tho house Mr.
Hamilton presented it memorial from
school trustees of Houston protesting
against tho passngo of the uniform test
book bill.
Mr. Crawford Messngo from com
missioners' court of Dallas county ten
dering tho use of tho court rooms to tho
civil court of 'appeals.
Mr. Baker of Tom Green Bill ropeal
ing tho wolf scalp law.
Mr. McKnmey A joint resolution fo
locating tho courts of civil uppeals by
Mr. Robison's bill as. amended by tha
scnato passed. -i
Mr. Swan A bill providing for the
enforcement of "tho mechanic lien law.
Consideration of tho text-book bill
was postponed till tomorrow.
Mr. Ilogan of Brown A petition from
citizens of Mills county, asking to bt
retained in the Twenty-seventh judicial
Mr. Rogan Petition from citizens 01
Coleman county praying that Colemai.
and Brown counties bo made a repro
sentative dtstrict.
Mr. Gough Bill establishing tho loca
tion of tho appcllato courts.
Tho committee on towns and corpora
tions reported favorably on Cochran'
registration bill.
The committee on internal improvo
ments reported adversely on King's (01
Bowie) resolution requesting the 'gover
nor to submit to the legislature a propo
sition to determine whether the com
mission bill should bo changed making
commissioners elective.
Austin, March 24. Mr. Stephens in
troduced a resolution postponing con
sideration of judicial appointments.
Mr. Clemens A bill providing for thi
registration of voters.
Mr. Atlee's bill defining usury ,1was
taken up and passed.
Mr. Carter A resolution to decide by
ballot tho three locations df civil appel
lato courts on Wednesday, Mnrch SO.
Tho senate and houso met in joint ses
sion at 12 to canvass tho returns on tht
vote for senator. The vote was dealared
as has been announced.
Wreck on tho O. unci BI.
Ode, HI., March 24. While tho OhH
and Mississippi passenger train wai
crossing the Illinois Central tracks her
a freight train on the latter road crashed
into it, carrying away the day coach
and one end of a sleeper. Thero were
seventeen passengers in the day coach,
all of whom were injured, but not fa
tally. A passenger in tho day coach
says: "The engine passed right through
our coach. Tho engineer must have
been asleep. His train was made up oi
seven loaded and thirteen empties. No
ono in the sleeper was injured. The en
gineer of the Illinois Central had the
presence of mind to put out his flro, thus
preventing a conflagration. Among the
injured were three ladies. Mrs. S. W.
Moyers of Elk City, Kan., had her left
arm and head cut. Most of tho injured
reside in Indiana, Illinois and Ohio. The
Illinois Central engineer claimed he
could not control his train. "
County Judges lu Clover.
Kansas City, March 24. It develops
that the threo Cass county judges who
are serving a term of imprisonment here
for contempt of court for refusal to ar
range a settlement of their county's rail
road indebtedness and who mysteriously
disappeared from jail were out on their
parole of honor by courtesy of tho court
marshal. Tho judges havo many friends
in this city, guests of ono of whom they
were. They returned to jail and again
placed themselves under charge of Mar
shal Stewart. The marshal has fitted
up for their uso a privato room in the
jail, which they will occupy during their
Cut llln Throat.
Rusk, Tex., March 21. The long-term
convicts at work in tho cast houso inside
tho walls cut a guard's throat and made
a break for liberty, resulting in the kill
ing of Coults, a seventeen-yditr man.
Tho convicts had constructed a ladder
and seized tho guard (Jones), bound him
and started to scalo the walls by means
of tho ladder, holding Jones in front to
prevent being shot, but Jones made an
outcry and a guard (Coleman), tired,
killing tho front man, when another
convict cut Jones' throat. Nono es
caped and Dr. Jameson says Jones may
Died Inu llox Car.
Marble Falls, Tex., March 24.
Found dead in an empty box car, a man
of medium size, middlo age, had on
heavy clothing and genoral appearance
of a tramp. Nothing was found on his
person to identify him. He is supposed
to havo died from oxcossive drink, as he
had been around tho saloons for several
uuyo unu mi empty wuisKy iiasK was
found on his person. It is said by some
mat no was calleil Dy tho name of Burke.
Ho was buried by, tho county.
Succoss of Director Slosson In Nash
ville. Tho News has received oopies of tho
various papers published in Nashville
which oontain the roports of tho visit
of tho Texas exhibit oars. The papers
and privato lottois whioh havo also
boon roooivod at thoir office stato that
tho snow was from twelvo to twonty
inohes docp. Director W. B. Slosson
has acknowledged the rcoipt of about
10,000 copies oiroulars, pamphlots and
illustrated nowspapors whioh was col
looted and forwarded by The News.
Ho says that ho is asked oftoner of
Waoo than of any other city in Texas
and that we may look for a big influx
of investors and visitors as soon as
warm woathor boginB. The following
clipped from a column artiolo on the
first pago of tho Nashville
Evening Herald shows how Waco is
boing advertised.
Waco, the goysor city, surprises
overy ono. Tho sixtcon hot wator
wolls ropresontod. 1.840 foot doop,
flowing 5,000,000 gallons per day,
goes far to corrcot the impression of
"dry Texas,'' and a magnifioent nati
torium with tho tamiliar namo of Tom
Padgitt attaohed, looks inviting. '
The oars have just finished distri
buting 10,000 ciroulars advertising
Mr. Padgitt's natatorium for as Mr.
Slosson says: -'The people are eager
to learn of the new rival of Hot
Springs, whioh is having suoh un
paralleled sucooss," Thk News will
publish the route of tho oars in a fow
days so that any ono can send adver
tising to them.
A Sure Cure for Plies .
Itohing Piles are known by mois
turo liko perspiration, causing intense
itohing when warm. This form as
well as Blind, Bleeding or Protrud
ing, yield at once to Dr. Bosanko's
Pile Remedy, which aots dirootly on
parts effeoted, absorbs tumors, allays
itohing and effeots a permanent euro.
50 cts. Druggists or mail Ciroulars
free. Dr. Bosanko, 329 Arch St.,
Philadelphia, Pa. Sold by W. B.
Morrison & Co.
Extras for Buggies.
Carriage and buggy tops, carriage
and buggy whools, buggy bodies, oush
ions, 'tzy baoks, springs, 5th wheols,
shaft shaokles, prop nuts, prop
joints, oots, storm aprons, shaft tops
single t ecs, shafts in pairs or odd,
poles, broast yokos,polo cireles, dashes,
dash rails, seat handles, etc., cart
wheels and springs, at
T. P. Sparks & Son's.
Fishing taokle of overy description
with full stook of hunters supplie
H. E. Ahbolds.
Isn't ono Snraapnrilla as good aa
another? No! No!! No!!!
Don't think it. Don't for a moment
think it. If you want Bull's Sarsaparilla,
demand it and take no other. It contains
Ingredients that are not found In any other
sarsaparilla. These very Ingredients thai
make it different from other &arsaparilias
are cue most important, in lact, essential
to its cuiatire virtue. Omit them and
Bull's Sarsaparilla would be as inert as
tho many inferior preparations of sarsapa
rilla found in many drug stores. Bull's
Sanaparilla contains no unimportant in
gredient. Each ingredient used is chosen
for its beneficent effect upon the human
system. Combined, they exert a harmo
nizing influence upon every" function of
the body, improving digestion, strengthen
ing (tie liver and kidneys, cleansing the
blood of poisonous matter, toothing the
nervous system, enlivening the mental
faculties, and in a word, by infusing new
strength and life, completely rejuvenates
every part and makes oue feel altogether
like a new person.
Elmer Uodson, Aivarctto, Tex., writes:
" My strength and health had been failing
me for several years. My blood was in a
very impoverished condition and very Im
pure. My limbs felt lame, rickety and
rheumatic, and I could not walk without
tottering. I felt myself growing prema
turely old, and my face began to look
pinched and shrivelled. I suifered con
siderable, was restless at night, very ner
vous, and growing very melancholy. My
eyes were sore and I had catarrh. I tried
many tonics, and bitters and blood puri
fiers, but failed to get better. I finally
bought six bottles of Bull's Sanaparilla,
and before I had used it all I felt like
another man. My strength and health
improved, pimples and sores disappeared
from my person, aches and stiff joints left
me, and I consider myself a well person."
"There Is no other remedy i
a nleaiant
to take and so sure In Its effect as Dr. Bull's
worm Destroyers. Price 25 cent.
SV There la one chill remedy whose ef
fect Is certainty. It has been tested lav
many thousands severe cases and never
known to fall. It Is called Smith's Tosle
Byrnp. Take no other.
S;hn D. Pabk & Sons, Whohtalc Agents,
& 1T7 and 17V tjjrcamore St, Cincinnati, 9,
Try Egan's $5.50 Lump ooal.
Piiro find wh.tn lata at 0 conta
per pound in ton gallon cans at Onir-
rEN's, oornor imth and i'rauklin.
to Kellum & Lawson, for
all kinds of real ostato.
Compotont.holp can find employ
mont at tho Woman's Exchange
No. 113 North Fourth street.
Tho meals fusnished daily at tho
Woman's Exohanqe cannot bo ox
colled. Everything tho market at'
ords. Ousters in any style.
o Killum & Livtcn
kinds of real estate.
Froc Fino rich soil for gardens or
yards given away at old Avonuo
stables, Eighth street, bctwen Austin
and Franklin.
For the best and freshest bcof,pork
mutton, veal, sparcribs, fish and
oysters o o Crippen corner Fifth
ana Frankling
1111 m mm-
to Kollum & Lawson 113 S.
4th St. for farms & ranohoa
J. B. Payne want's to sell a lot of
pianos. Ho will sell at such prices
and on suoh torms that you will bo
constrained to buy.
A J. Leslie for first-class watoh
clock and jewelry ropairing. Same
building with H. E. Arnbold Austin
to Kollum & Lawson for lotB
in Frovidont addition.
Whon you want nico fresh meat
mutton, beef pork and purer lard at 10
eonts per pound, go to
Mellou & Delaney
125 South Third Btroot.
I will sell you finer work in the
buggy line and for loss money than
can bo bought olsowhere. Call and
see my immonso stook . Ono hundrod
vehioles in display room.
Toji Padgitt,
Sleeper, Clifton & Co. havo added a
ropairing department in connection
with their shoe store. All repairing
of boots and shoes neatly done.
Charges reasonable. Leave your
ahoes to bo halfsoled at Sloopor, Clif
ton & Co's,, corner of Fourth and
Austin streots.
The biggest stock of pianos, organs
ana small musical goods in (Jontral
Texas at J . B. Payno's,and tho prioes
at whioh they are being sold iB simply
astonishing. Now is tho ohanoo of a
lifetime to get a fine piano dirt cheap.
Backlen'a Arnlae. Salve.
The best salve In the world for outs,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fe
ver sores, totter, ohappod hands, chll
blalns, corns and all skin eruptions,
and positively ?ures piles, or no pay
required. It is guaranteed to give
satisfaction or uioney refunded. Price
25 cents a box. Fcr sale by W. B
Morrison & so.
Buggies, phao-
tons and oama
ces, bought at
the recenitffs n-'f dm t) I
will soil them the samo. Big chance.
Tom Fadgitt
Strange as it may seem, tho ques
tion iB often asked; "Do you furnish
moals for mon also, at tho Woman's
Mzehangc?' Consignments of all
kinds of eatables, needle work, and
orders for plain sewing solicited from
women alono. Tho Exchange furnishes
a market for all such from women who
wish to holp themsolves; but the eat
ing department of the Exchange is
open to men and womon both, as it is
only the mothod to defray expenses.
All gontlcmon who wish to see a
worthy institution succeed, call and
get a nico meal.
Specimen Cases
S. H. Clifford, Now CasBel, Wis ,
was troublod with neuralgia and rhou
matiem, his stomach was disordered,
his livor was affcotcd to an alarming
dogreo, appetite fell away, and ho was
terribly rcduood in flesh and strength.
Threo bottles of clootrio bitters cured
Edward Shonherd, Harrisburc. 111..
had a running sore on his leg of eight
years' standing. Used three bottles of
Elootric Bitters and soren boxes of
Buoklon's Arnioa Salvo, and his log is
sound and woll. John Speaker, Ca
tawba, O,, had fivo largo fever sores on
his log, dootora said he was inourablo.
Ono bottlo' Eleotrio Bitters and ono
box Buoklon's Arnioo Salvo oured him
entiroly, 8old by W. B. Morrison
& Co.'a drug storo.
Catch On
To tho faot that Wnnn h.ia :
faotorv whioh maken mmim nut r ..
baoco, and notcabbago leaves. If you,
want a fino smoko, smoke
Nox AH
Tho best Fivo Cent Cigar in Waco
or if you aro hightonod, smoke '
Little Daisy
by all odds tho bost Ton ContJOigar
in Waco, pure Havana. Or if vnn
aro fastidious, smoko tho
Una n nter
Loudres Grandes, 12 cont cigar.
'lheso oigus mado by thcPionoor Fac
tory, C2i) Austin street, boat all the
oigars in tho market.
Drs. Wilkes & Wilkes and Dr. J.
R Forroll havo fitted up a suito of
rooms in tho new Provident building,
seoond floor, where they may bo found
in futuro. Tolophono at office and
residonoos. Slatos at Old Cornor Drug
Lack & Grconborg, merchant
tailors, 411 1-2 Austin street, invite
you to call and givo them an order
for a suit. Thoy promise superior
workmanship and tho greatest pains
to pleaso.
to Kellum & Lawson 113 S.
4th St. for farms & ranohes.
Mrs. Kato Lawson in at prcsont the
superintendent of tho consignors de
partment of tho Woman's Exchange.
and Mrs. Jas. Davis has chargo of the
eating department. Lunoh or full
meals as ordered, from 10 to 35 cents.
ii nil --o
Subscribers who do not reoeive
their paper will confer a favor by re
porting so at offioe, as that is the
only way wo can know whether the
carriers do their duty or not. Carriers
not allowed to soil papers under any
If you would bo well and olegantly
dressed order your suits from Gabert
Bros. New style goods, stylish trim
mings and porfeot fits at Gabert Bros.,
fashionable tailors, 116 South 4th
Items and communications intended
lor this department should bo sent to
No. 800 North Twelfth street or tele
phoned to No. 30, on or bofore Friday
afternoon of each week, in order to
receive proper attention. News
notes received after 10 o'clock Satur
day morning cannot appear until the
next week, however znuoh we may
regret the delay.
A New Establishment.
Messrs. Laok & Grccnberg, two of
tho most skilfull tailors in tho city,
havo opened up at 414 Austin street
where thoy will be glad to see their
friends and tako thoir orders for fine
spring suits. They do fino work, give
perfect fits and are able to pleaso the
most fastidious. Givo thorn an order
and they will bo suro to pleaso you.
Henry Epstein, Proprietor.
This elegant plaoe of resort No. 414
Franklin street has been newly refit
ted and funmhod. It is now ono of
the coolest and handsomost plaoes in
tho oity. Nice appointments, purost
winos and liquors aro served over the
counter, and ireo lunoh at all hours
The gonial proprietor has spared no
pains or expense to mako his plaoe a
daisy. Grand froe lunoh Saturday
night with popular athletio Bports and.
amusemonts. Drop in.
Important Notice.
Tho annual wator rates of tho Waco
Water and Light company aro as
follows: Family uso ,....' $ 4 00
Banks 4 00
Offioes 4 00
Barbershops, por chair 1 ov
Bath tubs, public
liath tubs, privato 2
Stores 0
Drug stores j. ... 8
Saloyns 10
uestaurants i
Closets, public... 2 00
Closets, private..! --... 1 00
Urinals, nublio I
Urinals, priyato. 1
Photographer 8
Privato stable for one horse,
inoluding washing carriago . . 1
Eaoh additional horse "
Cows. ...
Lawn sprinkling, 20o per 100
square foet for season.
Offioe: Room No. 11, Provident

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