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Whoever Y a n t s soft
hands, smooth hands, white
hands, or a clear complex
ion, he and she can have
both; that is, if the skin is
naturally transparent; un
less occupation prevents.
The color you want to
avoid comes probably nei
ther of nature or work, but
of habit.
Either you donot wash
effectually, or you wash too
effectually; you do not get
the skin open and clean, or
you hurt'it.
Remedy. Use Pears'
Soap, no matter how much ;
but a little is enough if you
use it often.
All sorts of stores sell it, especially
druggists ; all sorts of people use it.
Thk Nw It authorised to nnninnco tht
MrvarO 0. McUnlloch is caiMWyto for m
election to tho olllo or mayor of Y nco nt tho
ensuing oloctioa In April.
Tim Nuw l nutlior red to announce Major
John V. ilerlior in a cindlinto for muyor at
the ensnliiR city elootlon.
. .
The News Ib anthemo-l to unnoiin-o that
George wl ligli acanlldite for ro-olejtlon to
Iheoillcoof Aldorruanof thsFirat Ward.
Thk News U authorize I to annonnic tint JV
A. I'o'Rols a candidate for nUorm in for tho
First ward
The News la anthorUd to announce tho
name of Mr. A. M Qrlbble for re-election for
tho ofllco of alderman for the Third ward.
TniKnusW anthorlnu to announco tint
Mr Loe Slaughter is no&ndld no for aldorman
of the Third Ward, election in April
We ae antlior'ttd to announco tint Dr. J.
n. J King la a can lldato 1 jr aHorJian or the
Fourth Ward nt the oqbuiuk clostlon
IHrw?jQK M&Utj Sfctenau
County Officers.
ron cotrrrr judos .
The New? la authorized to announce that W.
II JenklnBlsn ctndldaa for ro electlom to
the office of county Judge of McLennan eon-ity,
uhject to the actloi of tha Democratic party.
fob coirarr attoritky.
We are auth-rized to announce Capt. T. A.
Blair ns a dandldate for county attorney of Mc
Lennan connty, subject to the action of tho
Democratic party.
Mr N. A Ilogan authorizes ns to announce
that he Ian candidate for county attorney of
McLennan county, subject to the action of the
Democratic party,
The Nf.wr Is authorized to announce that
Jndge V. II. Hardy ia a caudldato for county j
altornoy 01 Aiobennan county, euojeci 10 mo
action or the Democratic party.
TnE News li authorized to announce T.
3. 1'rlmm as a candidate Tor tax col cctor for
McLennan county, subject to the action of the
Democratic party.
Wo are authorized to announce Mr. J. C
Jurney aa candidate for the office of v ounty
Tax Colloctor, subject to the action of the Dem
ocrats of McLennan county.
ThkNewsIs authorized to announco Mr. E.
D. Russell as acinddn'o for tax collector of
Mctcnnnn county, subject to the action of tho
Democratic party.
We sro "authorized to minounce that Luke
Moore is a candidate .for tax collector of Mc
Lennan conu'y, subjsct to the action of the
Democratic party.
The News Is nnthorlrd to announce F. P.
Madden as a candidate for county asseor, sub
ject to tho action of tha Uenncratio party.
For .Sheriff.
We are authorized to announce Joe F. Ellison
as a candidate for filler II at the ensuing elec
tion, subject to the action of the Democratic
W, L. Burke Is a cand'date tor sheriff of Mc
Lennan county, subject to the action of tho
Democratic party..
Dan Ford Is a candidate for re-election to.the
office of sheriff or McLennan count), tubject to
the action of the Democratic party.
We aTe autbo-ized to announce J. P.Naylorof
Moody as a candidate forsher ff. subject to tho
action of tho Democratic party of McLennan
roit DianmcT clkhk.
We are authorized to announce thtt Mr. Z.
F. BeafleyUaoan'ildate for re-eloctlon to the
ofllco of district clerk of McLennan county,
suhlect to tne action of the Democratic party,
The News is authorized to annonnce Ed
Eparkg bb ncandlduto for district clerk, Bubject
to tho action or the Democratic party.
The News Is authorized to annonnco Dr. F.
W. Burger as a candidate for the ofllce.or dis
trict clerk, subject to the action of the Demo
cratic party.
n m
The tVsws is authorized to anniunce that
T. H.Kl'liogsworthHa candidate for county
c'crk or McLennan connty. Bubject to tho ac
tion of the llcnwcratlo party.
Tns News Ib authorized to announce that
Tom II. Brown Ih a candidate for county clerk
ofMcLennan county, eubjecttothe action or
tliu Democratic party.
We arn authorized to announco Jno F. Mar
shall as a dandldato forttu cilice of connty
clerk, subject to the action of the Democratic
the News is authorized to anniunce J. W.
Frost in acanddne for county cleric at the
ot.suing election, subject to the nct'onoftho
Democratic party.
Tho Houston Post reprints tho
clauso in Torrell's spcooh questioning
tho ability of tho people to seleot men
capable of coping with tho railroads
on account of tho corrupt iniluonooB,
ho fears, will prevail, and critioisca as
"Thus talked Sonator A. W. Terrell
at Georgetown about tho Texas state
Dcmooraoy in convention assombled
and about the oapacity of tho peoplo
of Texas for self government. Tho
peoplo, in his opinion, can bo corrupted,
tho convention of the Democracy,
which has given to Texas tho bright
galaxy of vlrture and statesmanship,
whoso administrations rofleoted honor
on its progress as a state, can not bo
trusted, in his opinion. Qovernors,
heads of its finance, its land depart
ment, custodians of its millions of
money, guardians of tho oduoation of
its masses, its law office oharged with
tho protection of its legal rights, its
judiciary whose name has never been
tainted or reproaohod. Theso havo
all, according to this cynical sneerer
at those who have ranked among tho
noblest and bost of its chief executives
been given the seal of party con
fidence by Democratic representatives,
inoapablo of resisting corrupt
ing influences whenevor exposed to
them, Such a convention cannot bo
trusted to nominate a railway oommis
sion. Tho masses "have no personal
knowledge of tho poouliar fitness of
candidates." On one hand tho people,
on the other wo behold millions of
money interested in electing peons to
serve its interosts."
This to the mon and tho children of
the men who, amid the perils of revo
lution and shock of civil strife, hayo
never cringed to power or accepted
ease and safoty by the sacrifices of
honor and independence."
Tho editor of tho Belton Journal
has submitted tho caso of tho Journal
vs. Belton Reporter to the editor of
tho Now York Sun and has obtained
a deoision in his favor. This ought
to settle it. It is hoped tho angel of
peace will hover over tho sanotum
sanotorum of oach of our estuemod
Bolton contemporaries now that Dana
has spoken.
The Nbws Is authorized to announce Uee
Cook as a candldato Tor re-election to tho office
of conf table of precinct No. 1 McLennan coun
ty, subject to the action of tho Democratic party.
Mr. James II. Lockwood authorize'' ns to
announce him ns a candidate tor constable of
precinct No. 1 McLennan county, subject to the
action of the Democracy.
We ara autboriied to announce Mr. Andrew
Goddard as candidate for re election to the
oPIce of county surveyor, subject to tho action
Of the Uemocratlc Party.
ron mayo it.
Election 1st Tuesday In April. We are au
thorized toannounce Major A. Hlncbmnc as
candldato for the ofllco or Mayor of Waco at the
coming city election.
The News Is nu'lmrlzed toannounce Hon. R.
J Goodo as a candldato for mayjr ot tho city of
Waco at the o .suing election in April.
Thk Naws Ib authorized to announce John C.
Weet aa a cand'date for mayor at tho ensuing
city election, on April cth
The Denison Herald says: "Mr.
Chilton, borrowing an idea from
Othello, says: 'I have done the state
some service, and they know it.'
That's true, Chilton is not a bad man.
He has brought no discredit upon
Texas. But he should hereafter be
careful who ho plays marbles with."
The Marlin Ball says: "The people
had a regular hog-killing time in
1800 and have been feasting on back
bone. Now they want brainB." Olark
can supply the want, and give us all
tho .buck-bone noeded too. Clark's
baok-bone, however, doesn't reach to
tho top of his head.
Judge Clark's Appolntmouts.
Tho following appointments havo
boon mado by Judgo Clark when ho
will Bpoitk on political issues :
McKinncy, Saturday, March 2Gth.
Jowott, Wcdnosday, March WO.
Palestine, Thursday, March 31.
Rusk, Saturday, April 2.
Hondorson, Monday, April 4.
Atlanta, Wednesday, April G.
Texarkana, Thursday, April 7.
Torroll, Friday, April 8.
Dallas, Saturday, April 9.
Hillsboro, Wednesday, April 13.
Waxahaohio, Thursday, April 14.
Corsioana, Saturday, April 1G.
Other appointmonts will be an
announoed from timo to timo. Gov.
Hogg is invitod to be prosent at any
appointment and participate on equal
Tho roturn of Chilton to Tyler ns a
private oitizen was eelobrated in grand
style. Tho Tylor pooplo will havo an
opportunity to confer a similar honor
upon Govornor Hogg in January 1893.
Judge Gorald speaks at tho oourt
house tomorrow night. It will bo his
opening speech as a candldato for con
gress, It is not necessary for The
News to stato that it will bo interesting.
Chairman llcagan threatens to re
sign his offioo and tako tho stump for
Hogg or a dark horso. Tbus do
the mutterings of tho approaohing
campaign portend blood. Now ia the
time to subscribe
The Pulpit and the Jitage
Rev. F. M. Shrout, Pastor United
Brethren church, Bluo Moon, Kan.,
says: "I feel it my duty to toll what
wonders Dr. King's New Discovery has
done for me. My lungs were badly
diseased, and my parishioners thought
I could livo only a few weeks. I took
five bottles of Dr. King's Now Dis
oovery and am sound and well, gain
ing 20 pounds in woight."
Arthur Love, manager Lovo's
Funny Folks Combination, writes:
After a thorough trial and convincing
ovidenoo, I am confident Dr. King's
New Disoovery for Consumption beats
'cm .all, and cures when everything
else fails. Tho greatest kindness 1
can do my many thousand friends is
to urgo them to try it." Free trial
bottles at W. B. Morrison & Co.
Joe Lohman's for ico cream and
oonfeotionories 117 South Fourth
Egan has tho best cheap coal in
tho markot at $5.50 per ton.
Egdn's blaok diamonds" will soon
give way to "cool comfort," try him
ore it is too late.
Clark club at tho court houso Fri
day night.
Specimen Cases
S. H. Clifford, Now Cassel, Wis ,
was troubled with neuralgia and rheu
matism, his stomaoh was disordered,
his livor was affcoted to an alarming
degreo, appotite foil away, and ho was
terribly reduced in ilesh and strength.
Throe bottles of olectrio bitters cured
Edward Shepherd, Harrisburg, 111.,
had a running sore on his leg of eight
years' standing. Used three bottles of
Elootric Bitters and soveu boxes of
Buoklon's Arnioa Salvo, and his leg is
sound and well. John Speaker, Ca
tawba, O., had five large fover sores on
his log, doators said he was incurable.
Ono bottlo Eleotrio Bitters and ono
box Buoklon's Amies Salvo cured him
entirely. Sold by W. B. Morrison
& Oo.'s drug storo.
Cummins 5 & 10 Cent Store.
Sam Jones attaoks George Olark at
Brenham and soolla at tho slogan,
"Turn Texas Loose." It is notlikoly
that Sam will subscribe to the slogan
of Hogg "tio up the oalamity howl
ers," or to thatof Fulton, "give Texas
a rest."
For governor: Chairman Reagan.
Platform: I want you to quit.
Chair seat lOo
Wash pan lOo
(Jraam pitoherlOo
Sugar bowl lOo
Butter dish lOo
Slop bucket 40o
Lamp chimney 5o
Good lantern
Kitchen lamp
Gallon buokot
Men's jaokots
Aeoount book
Good towel
Big dippor
G tumblers
6 goblets
Sugar buoket
Child's swing
Mop handle
Dinnor buoket 25o
Box tooth pi'kslOo
Good lamp 25o
Fine siftor lOo
Dish pan 15o
Fire shovel 5o
Stove polish' 5c
Oil can loo
Good oombs lOo
703 Austin ave., bet. Gth and 8th sts.
To my Friends.
Notioe is heroby given that I can bo
found at my desk at The Evening
News office whon not on tho stroots,
I am still in tho old lino of business.
M. B. Davis,
I General Correspondent.
To have an Opportunity to Show our
New Spring Novelties in the way
of Dress Goods, Silks, Trimmings,
Laces, Embroideries, Clothing,
Hats and Furnishing.
We Offer this Week
inrvmn nnw
Real Unprecedented Bargains.
ii m
1,000 yards Scrim for ourtain use at
3 1-2 cents per yard.
144 dozon Cotton Huok Towols at
3 cents caoh; 5 conts a pair.
A lot of 3 -yards wido laoo curtains for
75 cents a pair.
Ladies' and Misses vests for 5 oonts
LadieB Colored bordor, hom-stitchod
handkerchiefs for 2 1-2 cents caoh.
Gont's fine hem-stitohed colored bordor
handkerohiofa, 20o goods for 10c.
Gent's Striped Full Itogular box,
regular 25o goods, for 15 ocnts.
Gont's $3.50 brown Derby hats for
10 piccos blaok, all wool Henriettas,
40 inohs wide, 75c goods, for 49
conts per yard. k
Ladies' Muslin Ohemiso at 19 cents
When you look at these Bargains ' we will take
pleasure in showing you the late arrivals in Silks,
Grenadines, Challies and our new line of Popular
Milleuery which we have just opened.
All those purchasing goods from us this week will
receive a tablet or a slate souvenir.
521 & 523 Austin Street,
One Door from Cor. Sixth.
Manfactmers H Whflesale Grocers.
Alexandre's Baking Powder.
Alexandre's Pure Bpiees.
Alexandre's Java and Rio Blond Co floe.
Moore Bros' White Wine and Applo Vinegar.
Moore Bros' Pure Cider.
Moore Bros' Flint Candy.
Having purohasod Mr. Alexandre's buBlneBW ro now prepared to nil
orders promptly. Patronize Home Institutions. Sustain our efforts to make
Waco a Groat Manufacturing Centre.
Have removed from Pacific Hotel to Room 28, Provident Bld'g
The old Oraml JCiitUtlita, JV'oWt of l'laxa,
iraoo, texas.
33The finost vehicles and horsca ia th"
oity. Call oarriages for ladies a ape
cialty and when desired, ladies can
have a driver in livery. All trains met.
Prompt atteution to Fall orders and satisiaction guaranteed. Horses
boarded on reasonable terms.,
V,D MATHIKIiD, Preildant.lTJ. D. BELL, Vice Pfesiaent.OIIN D. MAYFIELD, Cashier
The Glty Savings Bank
CHARTERED FEB. 12, 1392.
No v offers 6 per cent.interest on deposit. Interest payable
from date.
P wf

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