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Co-'Jd not
If it were not for sellers you
could not live. Therefore vc
must co-operate you help us;
we help you.
Buy your next bill of us for ex
periment. W. K. FINKS & CO
Merchant : Tailor,
If yon want a first class bus
iness or dress suit of fine new
brands of goods made in the
highest style of art with ele
gant trimmings and perfect
workmanship and at reason
able prices, take your orders
to W. A. Schaffer, the leading
No. 416 1-2 Austin St, Upstairs
Mr. G. A. Lack ia the cuttor of tho
Tho Grand Supremo Ofllcers of the
World Coming'.
Hon. D. P, Markey, Supreme Com
mander, and Maj. N. S Boynton, Su
preme Record Keeper, Knights of tho
Maccabees of the World, are, at pres
ent, making a tour of the state of
Texas, and will be in Waco next Fri
day the first day of April. Waco Ar
tesian Tent, No. 6, the local branch
of the order, is preparing to give these
distinguished visitors an entertain
ment and reception at the city hall,
Friday night. A musical and literary
programme is beiog prepared to that
end, to bo followed by an informal
reception, and all the good people of
Waco, who are interested in fraternal
organizations, are invited to be pres
ent. Supreme Commander Markey is an
ex-senator of Michigan,and Maj Boyn
ton is an ex-speaker of the Michigan
house of representatives, and both are
'fluent speakers. The later is the
founder of the Kuights of the Macca
bees, and also one of the organizers of
the Nationol Fraternal Congress, and
is probably the most noted and influ
ential man in fraternal circles in the
world. He is also author of the only
book of rules of order governing se
cret societies ,
The Knights of the Maccabees have
insurancebenefits, which js an import
ant and modern feature' unknown to
the Maccabees of the Bible, those
mighty warriors of old, yet in other
Tospects the modern order is founded
on that of old, an historical account
of which may be found in the
The programme for Friday evening
will be printed as soon as the commit
tee of arrangements have it com
pleted. Transfers of Real Estate.
Reported by tho Waoo Abstract and
Investment Company, Room 17, Prov
dont Building, Wace, Texas.
J B Cornish to E W Marshall, lots
7,8, 9, 10 and n block 5, Trice and
Barna addition Fifth ward, $600.
W E Jackson to N K H Sas
saman, lots 26 and 26, Bell addition,
N H Paramore et al to R C Thomp
son, lot 8, block r, and lot I4, block
10, Axtell, 50.
N H Paramore et al to R C
Thompson, lot I2, block 19, Axtell,
A J Ilorton to .f N McEver, lots 4
and 6, block 3. Walton's addition to
McGregor, $100.
F C Beall et all to J R Mobley, lots
19 and 20, block, 6,Beall's addition,
N A Conger to R E Conger, 2oo
acres Galindo grant, 22io.
Totol March 24, 1392, $3975.
The News 1b not responsible for nor
will It pay any bills unloss authorized
by a written or vorbal order from the
ma nairor.
Hilt & Co'a., now utoro 414 Austin.
TwrllTuiicl SlWr DIhcuhmmI In tlio Sunn to
Mini TliaC llnily llrftii-tl to Accept tho
llnu-H! Krtnliit Inn Hill Introduced l-tntilMilni;TnriMit)-oiio
Austin, March 23. Thohouso refused
to reconsider tho voto on Robison's bill
regulating tho issuauco of teachers' cer
tificates. Martin's (of Somervell) resolution in
structing Texas , congressmen to voto
for silvor, nntl nuicmlcd by sonato bo as
to mnko tariff reform paramount, tho
house by a voto of 52 to !$3 refused to
concur in the senate amendment.
By Mr. Vestal A resolution inviting
Senator Chilton to address tho legisla
ture. Adopted.
Tho toxt-book bill was taken up. Coch
ran of Dallas offered to amend by strik
ing out section 111 and inserting the fol
lowing: "Tho fact that tho contents of
this bill clearly implios that the peoplo
of tho several school districts of this
state aro incapablo of self-government
and incompetent to regulato their local
affairs, or to protect themselves from
themselves, creates a public neces
sity that tho protecting caro of a cen
tralized and paternalistic government bo
speedily established, and tho further
fact that tho passago of this bill will
greatly facilitate tho accomplishment of
tho ond sought, justifies tho suspension
of tho constitutional rulo which requires
bills to be read on threo seVoral days in
each house, and the same is so sus
pended. "
Tho toxt-book bill discussion will oc
cupy tho attention of tho house two or
more days.
Mr. Batts of Bastrop presented a tele
gram from Superintendent Palmer of
Dallas county saying that tho people of
Dalliis county were for the bill. Per
sonal recrimination was then indulged
in between Batts and Cochran.
Austin, March 23. Mr. Burnoy pre
sented a memorial from tho San Anto
nio board of trade protesting against the
passage of the alien land law.
Mr. Garwood introduced a bill estab
lishing twenty-ono judicial districts.
Two hours' discussion was had on
tariff and silver and by a voto of 19 to
12 the senate refused to accept the house
Mr. McKinney's house resolutions
providing for the location of appellate
courts by ballot reported adversely and
a conference committee was called for.
The Allen Lanil Law.
Austin, March 25. The committee to
which was referred tho different alien
land law bills have amended Gossott's
bill so as to allow them to hold 840
acres instead of 200 and with several
minor amendments havo reported favor
ably with tho recommendation that it
be jxiesed.
One important amendment is a pro
vision that in caso of trustee's sale by
an alien mortgage holder tho debtor
shall havo one year in which to redeem.
It ScenrcH for Illm III Itlch lirotlicr-In-Law's
Cordial Kninlty.
New York, March 25. Samuel B.
Althouse, tho richest man in tho villago
of Far Rockaway, L. I., and the largest
land owner, was arrested and taken be
fore Justico Seaman, who released him
on $300 bail, on a charge of petit lar
cency. Mr. Althouse's arrest was made
at the instigation of Dr. S. S. Guy, u
dentist, living in Far Rockaway. Mr.
Althouse and Dr. Guy are brothers-in-law.
Thoy married sisters, the Misses
Mott, whoso father became suddenly
wealthy by tho rapid increase in the
value of real estato on tho Long Island
The trouble between Dr. Guy and Mr.
Althouse grows out of a photograph on
tin, four for 23 cents, taken some years
ago. The picture stood on tho hand
some oak mantol in Dr. Guy's drawing
room. It was pf an apparently hand-,
some man and woman, and when visi
tors asked for information Dr. Guy
would say, "that is Mrs. Althonso and
her old beau, Mr. Bronson." Mr. Alt
houso did not hko this. Ho requosted
Dr. Guy to put the picture of Mrs. Alt
houso and Mr. Bronson in a more pri
vato place or destroy it altogether, but
the dentist refused to listen to such a
procedure. .Mrs. Guy removed tho tin
typo once, and Dr. Guy made such a
fuss about it that she had to return it.
These thinirs convinced Mr. Altlinnu
that Dr. Guy kept tho photograph in
view to taunt nun. He dm not like this
kind of "guying ''
A few days ago Dr. and Mrs. Guy
went away for a hhort vacation. The
picture was left in its pluco, on an easol
on the mantel. When the Guys got
back homo the picture was gono and the
easel broken. For some reuson tho pic
ture had been glued fast to tho easel.
Dr. Guy was furious. Ho learned that
a littlo boy had entered tho liouso and
carried off tho picture. Ho fuund the
boy, and ho said that Mr. Althonso sont
him into tho doctor's house to steal tho
Tho issuo was now a straight one be
tweeu tho brothers-in-law. Dr. Guy
savs he demanded n rtnm nf tim i,i,.
I --.,- w. .MW A..W-
No. 110, S. Mi Bt. next toTologrnph Ofllco.
fl.n iirntitlntnr rrainralfiullT lnVttCS tllO tinok-
Inu pnb lo to give Mm ft call mid try hi! flno
new brnuda or Clijiue. Ho Una Uio pleasure oi
offering lo Uio pnblto
The Golden Bell,
Uio wonder of Five Cent Cleats, the host In tho
world, together with other
Super Extra Fine Brands.
l'lensoBlvomoftcallnnd try my flno cigars.
Very rcspectfnlly,
W. Mioses.
turo, and that Mr. Althoiibo said he had
burned it up. Dr. Guy thereupon went
before Justico Seaman and secured a
warrant for Mr. Althouse's arrest on a
chargo of potit larceny. Ho says he
will press the charge.
A JS'cero Itliinloro Swliiew into
Eternity llollovtntr Unit Ito In
I'likNiui; to n I.unil or For-
pctitul IHism.
LouisvilIjK, Maroh 25. From tho
same gallows from whioh Thcner and
Patterson wore hanged Henry Smith
was swung into eternity this morning
for murder. Tho orimo whioh brought
Smith to tho scaffold was committed
in the afternoon of January 18, 1891.
Without provocation he shot down his
omployor, Louis Speight. Aftor
lingering fivo days Speight died. Tho
seeno of the crime was at tho Speight
saloon and grocery at tho eight mile
house, on tho Brownsboro road.
Smith did not oloso his eyes during
the night. At C o'clook, just aftor
service by Row Taylor, Smith was
handcuffed and his arms pinioned.
Immediately afterward the start was
made for the scaffold. When ho
mounted tho soaffold, Smith, whoso
courage had never loft him, stepped
to the front and made a short speeoh.
Ho said ho had nothing to say but,
welcomed death. He was satisfied
that ho would pass into that world
whore there was nothing but happi
ness. Ho dosed with a fervent
amen. He then stopped on tho trap.
As tho uoobo was put around his nook
Smith laughed and said: ''Bo care
ful." He was smiling all tho while.
At 0:20 the black cap was put on and
noose adjusted. At G:22 the trap fell
and tho body dropped perfectly still,
but after a few seoonds it began jerk
ing in convulsions. At 0:24 Smith's
hands begain twitching, this lasted
for a moment on two and then tho
body became limp. At 6:38
Doctor Gavin pronounced him dead.
Utirlnrai Enter a Ilotiko and Hind
u ml Gag Two LitidicN.
Olio mi Intnlid.
Pittsburg, Pa., Maroh 25. Mary
Taylor daughter of James Taylor was
awakened early this morning by a
noise in hor room and found threo
masked mon armed with revolvers and
knives searching the bureau drawers
she screamed and one robber mado a
lunge at her with a knife,
severely wounding her in tho left arm.
Hor screams awakenod her sister and
the robbers then bound and gagged
tho ladies but tho noiso attracted other
members of the household and neigh
bors and tho robbers were icroed to
retreat. Mr. Taylor, who is nearly
100 years old, recently sold his
property, receiving $25,000 cash and
it is supposed tho thieves were after
the money. Mary Taylor has been an
invalid for sevoralyears, and tho shook
and fright together with the wound
received in tho arm is feared will re
sult in her death. Her condition to
day is very prooarious.
Druggist Burlingham of Dr. Cronin
fame is sued for divorce.
New York is making another attempt
to raiso Grant monument funds.
A Boston school boy died from the ef
fects of being struck by a snow ball.
A woman doctor tit Chicago smuggled
false teoth into tho United States.
Glowing wheat prospects are reported
from many sections of tho country.
Stato officials at Minnesota charged
with conspiracy to defraud two women.
Minnesota will reap millions of dollars
for hor school fund from the minora.'
Chicago doctors cnt into a man's lung
and saved his lifo by removiug an ab
A St. Louis firm gots tho contract foi
supplying Cincinnati pipes for her watoi
A father and two sons brutally mur
der an old man with an axo and hatchet
in Manitoba.
And Cutting" Scrapo on Third Street
Everybody rushing to tho scono and
behold there was no blood spilled,
but the price of grooorics was suro
out down, bo the poor caa oat as well
as tho rioli. So evory one that wants
to save money are shooting lor 205,
South Thirdstreet, dotormined to reap
tho benefit" of J. II. Shopo's out
prices. He is still selling
IS pounds granulated sugar for.$ 1.
Tho best hams in town 10 J 2
Good family flour, sack $1.20
Pigshouldersper pound 10
Sootoh oats, per paokage, JO
Fino cboioo grated P, apples at 25
Fine ohoice slico gratod apples at 15
3 lb California poaches per o 20
3 lb pio poaohes per o 10
Lion and Arbuoklo coHeo por lb 22 1-2
30 lbs bucket now crop jolly for $1.50
1 qt jar proparod mustard 25
3 lb lunch tonguo, por can 25
A fino sugar oorn, per can 10
Crushed Java coffee 5 lbs $1.00
Tho best ltio green coffee 5 lbs $1.00
To ovory person in Waoo it will pay
you to call on J. H. Shope and look
through his large and nioo stook of
grooorics boforo' buying? Remember
his number, 205, South Third stroot.
Heartily Woleomed Homo.
Mr. Tom Wilsford, an account of
whose approaching marriago was pub
lished in The News a few days ago,
returned on the midnight train last
night from Vernon, Texas, with his
beautiful bride. They were met at
the depot by a number of friends,with
a band of music, which, as the newly
wedded pair stepped from tho train,
played a lively air, while the hands of
the lion of the occasion and those of
the blushing bride by his side, were
grasped in hearty weclome home and
lavish congratulations uttered. The
party then entered tho carriages in
waiting and were driven to No. 626,
North Eighth street, their future home,
where an elegant repast was spred,
and all ate, drank and were merry.
The News joins the many friends
of the young couplo in hearty con
gratulations and wishes them a long,
happy and prosperous life.
1 .
Quelled Without Delay No Suf
llcent Cause.
Some of the negro prisoners in the
county jail rose in revolt against re
turning to their cells after their exer
cise in the run-around Wednesday.
Their condition is in no wise different
from that of the other colered pris
oners not concerned in the rising and
that of the white). The mutiny was
quelled early, two police officers re
inforced the jailers. It made an ex
citing episody but did not amount to
Good Bonds for Sale.
The following appears in the Kan
sas City Times of recent date : "Maj.
A. Hinchman of the city ot Waco,
Texas, states that his city has $130,
000 worth of street improvement
bonds for sale. These bonds draw 5
per cent interest.payableselm-annual-ly,
and will make a good investment
as Waco owes less than any other city
in Texas according to the assessed
valuation. Parties desiring these
bonds can get full information by ad
dressing Joney Jones, city secretary,
Waco, Texas.
County Court.
In the case of Cheneworth vs Black,
which was concluded late yesterday
afternoon in the county court, a ver
dict was rendered in favor of the
plaintiff for $200 damages.
A forco of men are at work this
week cleaning tho machinery of tho
Cameron Roller Mills. As is woll
known tho maohinory of a big flouring
mill 18 very costly, and is easily
ruined by a littlo rust. For this
reason all good mill men havo tho
works thoroughly oleaned, whether
running or not.
Mr. Cameron has now under oon
traot oight big elevators to be locatod
at as many different points in tho
Northwestorn part of the stato. In
this way ho will be able to controll a
supply of grain whioh will keep his
big mills at Fort Worth and Waco
running full timo tho year through.
Seo Hilt & Go's., $2.50 ladies shoo.
Boj's best button boot at Hilt's
Tho citizens of the Fifth ward will
moot tonight.
Hilt & Co,, shoe retailers 4I4 Aus
No cases wero tried today in tho
county court. Adjournment was taken
this morning till 9 a, m., tomorrow.
In tho Panhandle A Lottor from
an old Wacolto.
HuLVEtt, Hall oounty, Toxap,
Maroh 21, 18'J
Editor News.
If you will permit mo, I will givo
sonio of my Waoo friends and othors
thrjugh tho columns of your papei a
briof description of this part of Toxaa.
Tho groat Panhandle is largo enough
for several states itself, yet is but a
small portion of Texas. This part of
it is a pleasant country to livo in and
land is cheap. Thoro is plenty of
honiestoad land hero, but it is very
rough. There is sohool land in
ahunditnoo of excellent quality, be
sides patented land of finest grado at
from $1 to $5 por acre. Fruit and
vegotablos jjrow well hero, and wheat,
oats, corn, in faot everything suited to
this oliinato flourishes.
Gam) is abundant. Door, antelope,
wild turkoys, prairio chickons aro all
Elontiful. Thoro is one thing we
avon't got, and I am glad of it. It is
negroes. This is strictly a white
man's oountry. I have seon but one
nogro siuoo I came hero and ho was in
town. Wo are not inviting any of
them into this oountry. Wo want
good white neighbors, but no black
ones. 1 havo bo fuss to make with
tho colored "man and brother," but I
boliovc the whito peoplo and tho no
grocs should live separately.
Upon my return from work last
night I wat mado happy by finding a
copy of Tiiu News on my table. My
joy was intensified when 1 opened it
and found in box oar lottcrs tho words
"Turn Toxas Loose" and I soon found
myself yelling "Hurrah for George
Clark, turn hor loose." This whole
oountry is enthusiastic for Clark and
wo aro orazy to havo him visit us. Wo
want to hear him epcak and give him
assuranoo that when tho time comes
wo will vote solidly to "turn Texas
J as. A. Bvrum.
TheN Gabert Bros.
It is worth while for any one who
wears clothes to refrain from purchas
ing until ho has takon a good look at
tho fine stock of tho Gabert Bros.,
11G South Fourth street. Thoy are
tho leading tailors with tho largest
and finest stock of goods evor brought
to Waoo. They carry all the now and
nobby styles of tho spring of '92
with suoh devorsity that no ono can
iail in finding goods to suit his own
particular fanoy. When it oomes to
cutting and fitting tho Gabert Broth
ers aro artists in every senso of the
word with the most skillful workmen
that oan be proourod. Thoy givo per
fect fits and somehow their olothes
have a look about thorn that only tho
work of artists can produce. Give
thorn a call and look over their big
fino stook boforo ordoring a suit and
you will havo no reason to regret any
ordor you may favor them with.
At tho residence of his parents, two
miles from Waco, on tho Dallas road,
Mr. Hugh Steed in tho 18th year of
his ago. Interment at Oakwood to
morrow at 11 o'clook. Frionds and
aoquaiutances of tho family invited.
The deceased is a brother of E. H.
Steod, who didd about a month ago at
the same plaoe. The family aro ex
ceedingly unfortunate and in their
sad bereavement they have the sym
pathy of a host of friends.
Entertainment Postponed.
Owing to the weather and so many
entertainments, the ladies of the Wo
man's Exchange have decided to
postpone the entertainment to be
given by the Histrinoics till next week,
probably Friday 'April 1st. Due no-
tico will bo given.
Acoording to tho tabulated report
of the vote of MoLennan county, oast
four yoars ago, the Democratic major
ity was only about $1000. The voto
in tho oity at tho sauio time was as
follows: First ward Domocratio major
ity, 200; Sooond ward, 291; Third
ward, 142; Fourth ward, 40; Fifth
ward, G, making an aggregato of 071,,
Jf you Want
A nice pleasant place to spend an
hour take in the "Provident An
nex" Pine airy rooms, hand
somely decorated. Best of fine
drinks, lunch all day long. Satur
day nights Grand Free Lunch.
All sorts of games and recreations
and atheletio sports and free
gymnasium at
4:4 Franklin Street.
1 mim-
(.ifc.-ii-.iL tU,

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