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Tolephonc or call at O. .1. Miller's
for fresh strawborrica, bonannas,
Florida orarges, California oranges;
for vegetables, such as asparagus,
caulaflower, celory, ripo tomatoes,
beets, carrots, turnips, radishes, greens
cto. Fresh salt water fish ovory Tues
day and Friday's. No. 717 Austin
G. F. $WJW
404 Austin Street,
Novels by all the popular authors,
English and Amcrioan.
Novels. Every now work of fiotion
as soon as it is out.
Novels embracing tho old English
authors, London print.
Novels, including all tho dimo and
niokcl series, at
A. J. HERZ & BRO.,
Cigar, News Dealers & Stationers,
104 South Fourth Street.
Elegant Photo's.
Having scoured tho services of Mr.
W. M. Ilall, of Chicago, as operator
and rotouoher, will guaranteo tho pub
Ho a finer class of photographic work
than has over been shown in Waco.
Have recently purchased tho largest
as well as tho finest photograph lens
in Texas. Call on tho old re liable
photographor and see satnploB.
W. D. Jaokson.
Don't be Deceived.
I am still holding down Standard
Granulated Sugar 20 pounds for one
Franoo-American Food Co's Frenoh
Soups, S pound cans, 30 cents caoh.
Star Tobaoco 40 eents por pound. Low
prices on overvthinc. Call and soo
Joe S. Thompson,
The Grocer.
Tuckor's "Almondlne."
Proof against cold winds and hot
ounshino for the complexion. It has
already booomo quite popular with
the ladies, as also with gentlemen to
uso after Bhaving when troubled with
roughnosB and breaking out. Prioo 25
and 50 oents por bottle. Prepared
only by the Lion Drug Store, by
W. L. Tucker.
Following Suit.
On and after March 1. 1892, I will
ell for cash. My torms will bo from
10 to 20 per cent cheaper on every
thing exoept lard. Prompt delivery
as horetoforo. Try mo for oash,
J. C. Stafford.
Corner market 601 Franklin st.
Hotel Royal Bar.
Hayden c Haydeu, proprietors.
Neut und quiet. Very linost wines
and liquors. Superb lunch at 10.
Old friends and cuBtomrrs as well
.now will meet a hearty weloomo.
A Sure Cure for Plies.
Itohing Piles are known by mois
ture liko perspiration, causing intense
itohing when warm. This form as
well as Blind, Bleeding or Protrud
ing, yiold at once to Dr. Bosanko's
Pilo Remedy, which acts direotly on
paits effected, absorbs tumors, allays
itching and effeots a pormanont euro.
BO cts. Druggists or mail Ciroulara
free. Dr. Bosanko, 329 Arch St.,
Philadelphia, Pa. ;Sold by W. B.
Morrison & Go.
Paints g Oils,
j - TVWy,..
c "rmr . r
- . . t - . Tfc. n - jr mimim"
" y- --
The Popular Grocers,
AOu'Atitttiti Avoillio
Firstclass goods.
Low prices.
Prompt delivery.
All the novelties.
All the delicacies.
Fresh vegetables daily.
All the fruits and nuts.
Give us a call.
Gribble Brothers,
605 AllNtln Avcjilio.
Sinplo pages of Mr. E. H. Fox's
Souvenir of Waoo havo been reooived
and they are very beautiful and at
tractive. Tboso who subscribed for
them will not be disappointed.
Tho meeting in tho Fifth ward re
nominated Mr. Latimor. Ho certainly
is tho choice of tho Fifth warders, as
thoy have now twice nominated him
by an overwhelming majority.
It is only a short tiino bofore tho
United States court will conveuo and
thore is as yet only a few papers filed.
It would bo well for tho legal frater
nity to romember that Friday, April
1, is tho last day of service.
Mr. Charles McGregor, Waco's tal
ented voung artist, has just finished a
magnificent pioturo entitled "Listen
ing to tho FairieB" whioh he will have
on oxhibition in his studio in tho
Provident building for a few days.
Tho picture was sold beforo it was
There was a hearty rumor on tho
streets this morning that th6 Toxas
Central had perfooted a deal with tho
Missouri Kansas & Texas and would
shortly enter tho city on their traoks
yia Geneva. The rumor doubtless
emanated from a suggestion mado by
prominent railroader that it would
bo a great saving to both roads to
have a oonneoting switch at some
point near lloss where tho two roads
are only a short distanoo apart. It
waB however only a suggestion and
at that by a gentleman having no
oonnootion with tho traok building of
cither road. Another rumor was that
tho Texas Contral had or would pur
chase tho old Waco Femalo College
and uso it for depot grounds. An at
tempt at verification proved it to bo
only rumor.
For Sale.
Tbrco horses, one ten-borso power
ongino and boiler and a lot of Bholving
and store fixtures. Cheap and on
good terms. Moouu Buos.
Wife, . csWiu .
Used in Millions of Homes 40 Years tie Standi!
aoui'5 ,,.
A Few Points of IntcroNt to tho IMib
llc I'liiln Statement of Facts from
Competent Authority Mayor IUc.
VullorU's Circular Lottor.
For third time I appear in print in
advocacy of my oandidaoy. In no
other relation of life would I permit
myself to be put upon tho dofouiive,
so much as in thiB oaso. It is a neoos
sary condition with tho office-holder.
Being in, he must stand a siego of the
In my two previous statements
I have shown the truo inward
ness of tho financial situation. I will
not recapitulato my arguments therein
but reprint tho two papers, with this,
and simply refer to thorn.
I may add that the bonds, about
which so muoh has been Baid, and
whioh appear to give my enemies so
much solicitude, are praotioally in
Waco now. Tho keys to tho Now
York safoty depoait box, containing
them, aro in tho hands of City Secre
tary Jonoy Jones, and tho keys, aro in
effect, the bonds. The considerable
cost of bringing them baok to Waco ib
a useless expenditure of tho people's
money. This would also involve the
oost of returning them to New York
whon sold.
Part of tho aldermen claimed thoy
could soli tho bonds at a muoh higher
prico than tho one I obtained. Moro
than throo months have expired and
they have failed to aooomplish it. I
will givo a prize to any of these gon
tlomon who will sell them for as muoh
as I did. They will not bring as
muoh again until timo enough has
elapsed for tho oountry to reouperuto.
Now, who committed the blunder?
Tho interest of tho city is being
slaughtered for politioal ends.
Baker, Horbort, Jones and Payne of
tho oouncil say I was correct. The
city attorney says so; eminont legal
talent of Waco and Now York havo
decided in my favor that I had a
right to sell; common eonso. justice
and honesty dictates to us that tho
contraot should havo been oompliod
I claim the right of re-oleotion, for
many reasons. Waco was struggling
under the serious inoonve
nienoo necessarily belonging to
a oity withont a ohartor ; its
gonoral incorporation gavo it only tho
functions of a town. It could not
levy needed taxes to defray bond
issuo, Tho fines assessed by its courts
wero subjeot to revison.' It was a big
tortoiso without a shell, subjeot to tho
harpoon of anybody. Whon tho strug
glo was mado to get the enaotmont of
a spooial charter, thcro was serious
opposition, headed by talent of high
When did tho people obtain their
rights without fighting for them !
How 1 fought, somo of my frionds un
I went to Austin and roturnod
&?" isstasaiZ&i- x-if
.1. gs ' - - I ,1:1.-1
- Jff '"I j -fey' PiT &i '?
Who comes to our Store and catches a glimpse of our
Elegant Furniture and - Beautiful - Carpets,
and no wonder, for we have the latest and the most stylish designs in
every piece of
We have OAK SETS in every shade from the 16th Century to
the lightest modern; the finest of Cherry finish, and the newest pat
terns of Birds Eye and White Maple. Most elaborate and massive
designs in Parlor and Bed Room Suits, and the very latest achieve
ments in upholstery arc embraced in our Stock.
sadder, older, I hope wisor, and I got
tho charter. It was ono cjauso in
that instrument that procured tho freo
bridge, beoauso it paved tho way to
end tho litigation, whioh would most
likely have boon in the courts today.
I do not claim to havo done all.
Waco has proved a suoccss. Its great
buildfngs are springing up like magic
palaco. Its business is iooroasing.
Under my administration Waco did
not maroh toword its goal. It leaped
forward, and that, too, under most dis
astrous conditions. Its growth was in
spito of, not by tho aid of cirourastan
cos. Tho small-pox horror inttrvonod.
Who did tho pooplo and the aldermen
shoulder with the responsible trust of
saving tho citizens lrom that dange
rous tcourge?
My course was endorsed by tho phy
sicians of Waoo, State health officer
Ru'hcrford, and Gov, L. S. Roes.
Other troubles came, reinforced by a
period of finnnoial depression, worso
than the sequel of Black Friday. Tho
stato government's maladministration
oauscd railway building to cease; cot
ton fell into tho bottomless pit. In
the faco of all that, while I havo boon
its ohiof exo utivo, Waoo haB grown,
proBporod and bocomo tho qucon city,
onvied by all, suffering only in her
credit, whioh was stabbed by boguB
Romans seeking to stab mo.
0. 0. MoCullocii.
Mr. E. W. Latimer is Re-Nominated.
Speeches by the Candidates.
Tho meoting held in the Fifth
ward, last night, was only a restora
tion of tbo meeting held earlier in the
week. At this meoting, however,
thero wore no nominations mado. In
this way caoh voter voted for tho man
of his ohoioo whether nominated or
not. When tho ballots wore countod
it was found that Mr. S. W. Latimor
had reooived six moro votes than all
others combined. Tho motion waB
tbon made and carried that tho nomi
naticn be mado unanimous. The
names of Mr. Latfinor's opponents.
wero Sam Smith, W. D Wallace, W
H. Turner and J. R Mobley.
After tho closing of tho balloting
the candidates for mayor wore called
on to speak. Judge J. C. West was
tho first callod and was followed by
Mayor MoCulloch, Major Herbert and
Mr. R. J. Goodo in tho order namod.
Tbo speeches woro spiritod and lively
and evoked roars of laughter and
rounds of applause from friends of the
different candidates.
The meeting was presided over by
W. D. Wallaoo as chairman and VV.
C. Coopor aB socretary.
Extras for Buggies.
Carriage and buggy topSj oarriago
and buggy wbeols, buggy bodies, oubIi
ions, 'nzy baoks, springs, 5th wheols,
shaft shaokleB, prop nuts, prop
jointB, oots, storm aprons, shaft tops
single t -ecs, shafts in pairs or odd,
polos, broist yokcs,polo circles, dashes,
dash raits, seat handles, eto , cart
wheols and springs, at
T. P. Sparks & Bon's.
Buy Egan's Blacksmith coal.
Watch, Clock and Jewelry
Plain and Artistic Engraving.
620 Austin Avonuo.
A Big Fight
On Austin street in prices of cheap
Strictly For Cash.
No deviation from this rulo under
under any cirouuistanooB,
18. pounds grunulatcd sugar $1; 51ba
green ooffco $1, 4 packages ooffco 9O0.
1 doz. 300 matches for 25a., Star to
baooo -lCio., Tinsloy N. L. tobaoco 55o.
Best pat. flour $1.40, meal 55o., 25
bars good laundry soap $1.
21b. tomatoes Ofic. por doz., 31b. to
matoes $1.30 por doz., 231bs beans $1.
Boat unounvasscd hams Ho., bran
$1 per hundred.
Many other urtiolcs too numerous to
mention but all goods in my store at
priocs in proportion, Remember mo
and bring your cash and savo mouoy.
Oil Austin btrcot.
Funeral Directors,
No. 423 Franklin Street.
MIlos' Morve And Llvor Pills
Act on ft now prltiolplo regulating
tho llvor, etomaoli and bowels through
tho nor von. A now dlscovory. Dr.
miles' Pills speedily cure uIIIouhiiobs,
bad taste, torpid liver pllos, consti
pation. Unoqualod for mon. wouion,
and chlldron. Smallest, mllueat, sur
oHt. 60 doBOB 25 contn. Baniploa freo
at H. O Rlshor & Co'u. Drug store 513
Auutlu avenue
Egan has tho best ohoap oo&l in.
tho market at $5.50 per ton.
I II Jfr...,. I -. M
New stock infant shoes at Hilt &
Co's., 414 Austin stroot.
Buy Egan's "Black Diamonds."
1 - -
Moir'a Meohanio's shoes
Buy Egan's Athraclte coal.
n mnani Mm

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