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Countr Officer.
von oinrtr juimi .
Tn New l aatUotlre I tu nnuounco that V
II Jonklnsls iv oimlUtoto for ro election to
l,e offleoot county J aeBofMoLPiiusn con ty,
object to tho uctloo of thtf I)cmocrtlo party.
fob counrr attokney-.
Wcnteauth rlied to amiopnco Capt. T. A.
Uhlt as a laniMilatn for com.tr attorney of Mo
aionnan county, ulJcot to the action of tho
KomocmUo party.
Mr N. A Ilogananthorli'.ca ns to announce
that bo Is n c.dUUU for county attorney of
McLounau couuty, snbject to tho action of tho
Democratic party.
Tine News Ik anthorlrcd to annonnco that
Judge DII. IIantylacandiato for county
attorney of MoLomao oounty. subject to tho
.action of the Democratic party.
rottTUt ooLi.iecTon.
TiiK N'kws l anthorlreJ to announce T.
3 lTimm as a candidate for tr collector for
McLennan connty, snldoct to the actiou of tho
Dcmocra lc party.
Wo are authorised to anuounco Mr. J. O
Jurnoy as candidate or the office of ounty
Tax Collector, f uhject to the action of tho Dem
ocrats of McLennan county.
ThkNewsIs autboilred to announce Mr. K.
T. Itustell as acand date for tar collector or
McLennnn county, BuWcct to the aotlon or tho
Democratic party,
AVo aro autlioriicd to announce that Luke
Mooreisacaudldite for lax collector of c
I.fniinn loumy, tnLJect to tho action of the
Derm cratlc party.
TheNe'ctsIs anthorlrcd ti announco V. P.
Madden as a candidate for county sssesor, sub
ject to tho action or the ucraoorutlo party.
The 'bws Is aulhirlF-od to unounre that P.
II Pospelsactti'dtdatu Tor rc-destlon to the
ofllco or county tixanecBsor.snhJeci lotho bo
lion of the Heroocatfc party.
For Sheriff.
Wo are authorlied to announce Joe F. Ellison
as a candidate for sheriff at the ensuing elec
tion, subject to the action or tho Democratic
W, L. Burko Is a candidate for sheriffof Mo
Lennan couuty, subject to the action ot tho
Dau Ford In a candidate for ro-cloctlon to tho
offlco or sheriff or McLounan count) , subject to
tho action of the Democratic party.
Wo are nutbo'lzed to announco J. P. Kaylor or
Moody as a candidate for nhor ff. subject to the
action of tho Democratic party or McLennan
tob Didunior clbrk.
We are anthorleed to anTionnce that Mr. Z.
V Bcatloy la a candidate for re-election to the
office of district cleric of McLennan connty,
tnblect to tto action ofthe Democratic party.
The News la nathorlzeil to announce Ed
Sparks kb a candidate for dintrict clerk, subject
to tho action of the Demooraiio party.
Tire News Is authorised to announce Dr. T.
W. Burger ns acandldato for the oCJce or dij
trlct clerk, subject to tho action or the Demo
cratic party.
Thk NeWsIs au'liorlrod to announce that
T. H.Kl'llncsworthli n candidnte Tor county
e'erk nf Mol.nnn connty subject to the ac
tion of the llenucratlo party. ',
TjieNewb Is authorU'd to announce that
Tom II. Brown Is a candidate ror county clcru
of McLennan couuty, subject to the action of
tho Democratic party.
We aro authorized to announce Jno F, Mar
eball as a dandidato forth) uflli-e or county
clerk, subject to the action of thoBemociattc
TheNkwhIs authorized toann'unco J W.
rrostws acand d'te frconnty clerk at the
msning election, subject to tho net on or the
Jemocrd tic party .
TheINews Is authorizel to announce Qeorgn
T. Keeblc as a candidate Tor county clerk ol
iMoT.ennan county, tuhjeot to tho action or the
Democratic ratty.
The News is authorized to announco nee
Cook as acandldato for re-election to the offlco
efconptablocf trcclnct No I McLennan coun
ty, subject to tho action of tbo Democratic party.
Mr. Jame H. Lockwood authorize us to
announce htm as a candidate for countable, of
precinct No. 1 McLvnnan county, subject to (be
action or the Democracy.
ron ooorcrr funi:Tos.
We are authorlied to announce Mr. Andrew
Goddard bb candidate for ro election to the
oflcocf county surveyor, subject to tbo action
of the Democratic Party.
ron MAVOH.
Election 1st Tuesday In April. We are au
thorized to announce Major A. Illnchman as
candidate for tho office ot Mayor ot Waco at the
coming city election.
Til bNbws is nu'hTlr.od to announce Hon. It
-J tioode as acandldato for mayor ot tho city of
Waco at tbe et-BUing election in April.
The News is authorized to announce John C.
'West bb a candidate for mayor at tho ensuing
city election, on April Sth.
, TriB News 1b authorized to announce that
Pltyor C. O. McCallocli Is a candidate for re
election to tho otlloe of mayor of Waco at tho
ensulog election In April.
TiikNkws la authorized ti announce Major
-John F. Herbert uaa'-cmdldato for mayor at
tho eiisulng city election.
Tn Newb Is anthorirod to announ'o that
3eorgo 1 ilg la acandldHo ror re-oleotloa to
Uieotllce of alderman of the First Waid.
The Newb is authorised to announrc that W
A. Pugula u cainlidiitu for aljernmi for the
. The News Is authorized to announce the
unmoor Mr. A. M Qilbble Tor re-election ror
the office of alderman, for tbe Third ward.
The News 1 authorized to announce that
Mi LeeBlaugbtcrlsaoandldatofor alderman
of the Third Ward, election In April.
We a'o Buthor'zed to announce that Dr. J,
fl. J King Is i candidate lor aHerman of the
Fourth Ward at tho ousuing eloctlon.
The News U nuthorlr.od to innnnnce W. D.
Laoy as a candidate for re-election aa alder-'
man from tbo Second ward.
itw BoiJto 3feta
Senator Goo. W. Tylor of Belton
'has rotired from thoraao for oongress.
Ho does so ho Bays in the interost of
harmony in Bell oounty,
Thf. News as is woll known has
waged unrelenting war on tho olFort
of the politicians to deooy tho Demo
cratic party into o campaign in whioh
the apoila of offioo was to bo mado the
only issuo beforo tho people It has
pointed out tho successful attempt by
th. onomtos of tariff roform in 1888 to
dogrado tho party with defeat, in order
to fasten upon its honorod loaders at
that timo responsibility. It
has ondoavored to how
and has shown, that David B. Hill if
not tho loader of tho faction in the
party whioh would rotiro from the
oampaign tho prinoiplo issue tho
issuo of Demooratio principles, if you
please, and substitute thorofor tho
question of spoils of office, ho has
beon a willing tool of the beneficiaries
of proteotion and bad permitted his
personal popularity in New York stato
to be used as a lover to prizo tho party
from its position on economic questions
and dump it into the maelstrom of
political strife for offioo only. The
News is pleased to know that tho
people all over this broad land have
awakoned to the danger that threatens
the Demooratio party and aro taking
stops to resist tho unholy influonoos
that would disgraoo it. As this
movement progresses the name of
Grovor (Jlovoland inevitably appears
as tho representative of tho prinoiplo
upon whioh tho party must mako its
fight and despite the strong opposition
to ' him in his own stato
tho signs of the times as presented to
ub by tho actions of Domoorats in
other states point to him bb tho leader
for tho coming battlo. Indeed it is
theohoracterof the opposition in New
York that goads the Democratic
masses to the support of tho man who,
bcoauso of his refusal to plaoo spoils
abovo principle has been tho objeot of
attack from the political place hunters.
Tbo idea is fast growing that Clove
land can win without New York if he
should loso that stato and oven if ho
cannot, that if known will, perhaps,
not prevent his nomination,
The indications at present point to
a spontaneous uprising of the people
demanding Clevoland, just as the peo
ple of Texas rose up in their might
and demanded the election of lloger
Q, Mills to tho Bonato. Of course tho
politicians will objeot to their freedom
of aotion boing "abridged" by tho
pcoplo. They will doubtless tako it
as an indignity hoaped upon them if
tho people "hamper" them by
instructions. But tho Dem
ocratio masses havo a way
of expressing their own free will and
it augurs woll for tho party ot the
people that they, at this orisis, evince
a determination to stand by thoir
principles and preserve the party es
outohoon in its prostine purity. It
looks now as though it would bo
Cleveland. If not Cleveland it will bo
a Western man.
If the Tyler Democrat Reporter's
report of Duncan's speech is correct
he tried to quote Araham Lincoln,
and made the following botch 0f it:
"Some 'imes you can deceive some
people, and some times you can de
ceive all people, but there never was
a time when you can deceive all peo
ple all the time." And the band
played Dixie.
Judging from she universal joy ovor
Mills' election to tho sonate, there is
no Democrat living moro generally
admired than he. The Newb ventures
the assertion that if Mills lived north
of the MaBon and Dixon lino lio would
1)e the next president of tho United
The color of tho Hogg badgo will
bo blue. That is in uooordanoe with
their feelings and tho color will deep
en as tho campaign progresses.
The News has, just found out what
made the orators at the Chilton obse-
quiPB BO
1 Dixie.
mad: The band played
Thoso at Jowott and Palostlno to bo
Flllod by Judgo Nunn of
Owing1to extreme faticuo and ac-
oruod business at home Jrtdgo Olark
will not spoak at Jowott or Palostino
this weok. His appointments at Jowott
Wednesday and Palostino Thursday
will bo tilled by Hon. D. A. Nunn of
Crockett. Judgo Clark will spoak at
RuBk Saturday as per annouecment.
Jowott, Wednosday, March 30.
Palostioe, Thursday, Maroh HI.
Rusk, Saturday, April 2.
Hondorson, Monday, April 4.
Atlanta, Wednesday, April 0.
Texarkana, Thursday, April .7.
Torroll, Fridy, April 8.
Dallas, Saturday, April 9.
Hillsboro, Wodnosday, April 13.
Waxahaohio, Thursday, April 14.
Corsicana, Saturday, April 1G.
Other appointments will bo an
announced lrom timo to timo. Gov.
Hogg is invited to be presont at any
appointment and partioipato on equal
Tho Port Worth Mail, after carrying
Isaao P. Gray of Indiana at its mast
head for months drops him and
oomes out for Cleveland. It Bays:
Palmor of Illinois, Gray of Indian
and Boies of Iowa have a great many
admirers, but the Democratic party or
any other party, as far as that is con
cerned, just as well try to hang out
tho ooean on a grapevino to dry as to
elect a western man to tho presidency.
G rover Cleveland is the most availa
ble man in tho Demooratio party, and
he is ooming to the front as rapidly as
deoenoy and propriety will permit.
Tho Donison Horald says:
'Judge Aldridgo's great speooh is to
be printed and circulated broadcast.
It is a great speech and ought to be
circulated at the public expense in
stead of tho Hogg message"
The uazotto is still troubled over
the increasing popularity of Clevoland
and correspondingly inorcased popu
larity of Hill, and fires this at thoso
who believe that Cleveland is the only
Democrat who can win:
"It is a great crime in this country
not to believe that ono man is its
anly hope."
"We can't nominato an idea," dear
Tho Atlanta Journal hath no moroy
on the Georgia continganl. of tho Tam
many crowd. It says:
"Tho Hill boomer bloweth whero he
listenoth, but nobody listoneth to his
Thero is some hope of getting an
Australian ballot law passed by tho
present session of tho legislature,
notwithstanding tho doubt existing
in some quartors as to suoh a law
being inoorporatod in tbo governors
call. Tho governors message did not
contain any allusion to tho Australian
ballot, but one of the first subjects
montioncd was tho passage of laws
putting in operation tt 0 reoont amend
ments to the constitution ono of them
being that providing for registration
cf voters in oities of ovor 10,000 in
habitants and tho Australian ballot
would bo so near akin to suoh pro
vision that thero is no danger of con
stitutional fracture The passage of
such a law as would secure an abso
lute sooret ballot in tho cities would bo
a long stride in the way of pure elec
tions. Who did the jookying with princi
ple whilo tho stato capital was boing
built? '
"Turn Her Loose."
Mr. George Laneri, proprietor of
the Cosmopolitan saloon, corner South
Third street and the publio squaro,
begs to inform his patrons and the
public Generally, that he has started
up a free lunch from 10 to 12 a. m.
and from 8 to 1 2 p. m. on Saturdays.
Giyo him a call and George will treat
you right,
Fishinsr taokle of overy description
with a full stook of hunters supplie
H. E. Ahboldb.
una Whiskey Hailta
cured ut home with
out pain. llooV of par
ticulars Bent FIIKE.
B A R G A I N S !
Encouraged by the run we had, last week
during the little fair weather we had for the
genuine intrinsic BARGAINS we gave, we
are enabled to exceed our last effort.
We Offer This Week, and This Week Only:
So Pairs White Lace Curtains, 3
yards- long taped and finished
with pole and trimmings to each
pair, for 1.50
75 Pairs White Lace Curtains 3
yards long, taped and finished
with pole and trimmings to each
pair, for $2.00
50 Pieces of Solid Grey and
Brown Suiting with stripes to
match a bargain at 10c this
week at 5 c Yard
40 Embroidered Chambray Robes
in brown and blue, for 95c each.
A beautiful assortment of Fancy
Ribbons, in all new shades, 5c
pecial Sales
Men's $2.50 Shoes for $1.40. Ladies' 51.75 Shoes for 1.25.
Misses' and Children's Shoes, 1.50 value,,going for 85c.
It will pay you to look into these bargains and our
various offers on Shoes.
I nil mr
521 & 523 Austin Street,
Manfactm ers 1
Alexandre's Baking Powder.
Alexandre's Pnre Bplooa.
Alexandre's Java and Rio Blend Coffee.
Moore BroB1 White Wine and Apple Vinegar.
Moore Bros' Pure Cider.
Having purohasod Mr. Alexandre's bualnesw re now prepared to till
orders promptly. Patronize Homo Institutions. Sustain our oflorts to ms.ko
Waco a Great Manufacturing Centre.
Have removed from Paeiffc Hotel to Room 28, Provident Bld'g"
Tie old Urn ml Ilulldlng, Xorth of Plata,
TfThefinost vohicles and horsed in thr
city. Call oairiages for ladies a spe
cialty and when desired, ladies can
have a driver in livery. All trains met.
Prompt attention to all orders
boarded on reasonable terms.
W, II MA.YSIELD,Prejd6nt.arJ. D.BELL, Vice Prcldeat.;rJOnN;D. MAYWKLD, OasU!r
The Gity Savipgs Bapk
CHARTERED FEB. 12, 1892.
No w offers 6 per cent.intcrest on deposit. Interest payable
from date.
A New Lot of Ladies' Waists,
sizes 32 to 40 in., neat figures,
for 75c each
A Lot of Handsome Colored
I lose, drop-stitch, black feet,
cheap at 25 c, for this week, 15c
A Big Lot of Knee Pants, at
25, 35. 5o, 75. Soo. $i.5-
50 Doz. Genuine British Sox,
good value for 25 c, this week 3
pairs for 50c
Fine Striped and Checked Boy's
Madras Short Waists, cheap at
75c, this week at 50c
this Week Only!
One Door from Cor. Sixth.
Wholesale Grocers.
Moore Bros' Flint Candy,
and satisfaction guaranteed. Horses
Offlco WA WflltciliU at.

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