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waoo riKB m: im.kt;tient.
Location of Mro Alarm Iloxcu.
4 Fifth Ward Flro Station strike 1111
5 Corner 9ih aiKlAnstlo ' mil
J6' .. 4th ' ' " mm
' 7 Central Fire Htatlon " "mil
B Weft End Fire station " , Ilium
" 13 Corner l'h and WathlnRton " t-m
"14 ' 6th anil MnUioroagh " l-lin
IB ' gthnml Colnmbus " iuiil
'IB " SthandJaoWaon " l-iliill
17 " 4th and Webster " I-llliiil
"25 ' 8th and Cleveland " Ji-mn
so " Cth and Speight " n-iiim
'27 " ctuand Wellington "lMmin
" 55 ttojal Hotol 6th and Franklin " in Hill
SB Woolen Ji:ils nth and Mary " III-IIiiII
" 37 vornor loth and Joffereon ' UI-IIllilI
AH boxes numaeiod above 8 itrlkca thnat
Bex 13 strikes 1 and flops, then strikes 111
making Box 13, thon repeats four times.
Box 25 strlkesll and stops, thon strikes UHi
making Box 25 avd so on.
DiwtcTioNS ron oivino AUnn.
Keys will bo found In rcsldoncegon each coi
ner where boxes are located. Open Fire Alarm
Boxes and pnllllook down and let go. Leave
key In box.
Turn alarm In only for fires. 10.00 tine for
fale alarms. ,
blow tapping or bells signify company
Second Friday In each moath each box Is
tapped twlco, testing boxes and circuit line
When alarm of lire in give., tho Ftro Depart
ment has the right of way on nllEtreetB. All
vehicles must drive near the sidewalk and keep
away from the Ore. $5.J tine for running over
Iteport of any careless driving going to or
from flres by the Fire Department will be
thankfully received by tho Chief, as fast and
careless driving Is strfckly forbidden.
You Should not be Without It
Every family is liable to have a
horeditary taint of Consumption in it.
It may date back 3 or 4 generations.
This faot makes it nooessary always to
have no hand a romedy with whioh
to combat this formidablo disease A
cough when taken at first can readily
bo cured before it gets a serious hold
on tho lungs. Ballard's Borehound
Syrup whon taken in its early ages
Will cure Consumption, It is guaran
teed to bring relief in every oase.when
used for any affection of tho Throat,
Lungs and Chest, suoh as Consump
tion, Inflammation of the Lungs,
Bronohitis, Asthma, Whooping Cough,
Croup, etc. It is pleasant to take,
perfectly safe and can always be de
pended on. Sold by H. C. Risher &
Bought Cheap.
Onooftho largest purchases made
in Waco for some months was the
purohaso on Tuesday of tho entire
Btook of wagons and agricultural im
plements of S. A. Owons & Son, sold
by the United States marshal to the
highest bidder. Mr. W. E Dupree
was the purchaser for spot cash at a
very low prioo. This big stock added
to his own, makes tho biggest stock of
agricultural implements in Central
Texas at his great houses, 101 and
105 Bridgo street. His big Btook em
braoes all tho popular brands of
wagons, plows, cultivators, corn and
cotton planters and everything oIbo in
tho agricultural implement lino. His
lato purohaso gives him a big lever in
prices and Dupree's agricultural house
is tho best place to bay farmers'
goods in the state.
The Greatest Strike.
Anions the great strikes that of Dr.
Miles in discovering his Now Heart
Cure has proven itself to bo one of tho
most important. The demand for it
has becomo astonishing. Already the
treatment of heart disease is being
revolutionized, and many unexpected
euros affected. It soon rolieves short
breath, fluttering, pains in sido, arm,
shouldor, weak and hungry spells,
oppression, swelling of ankles, smoth
ering and heart dropsy. Dr. Miles'
book on Heart and Norvous Diseases
free. Tho unequaled New Hoart
Care is sold and guaranteed by II. C.
Eisner & Co., also his Restorative
Nervine for hoadaobe, fits, sprees, hot
flashes, nervous chills, opium habit,
Notice to Contractors.
Sealed proposals will be received at
tho offioe of tho city seorotary, to bo
oponed at 3 p. m., April 7tb, 1892, at
the oity hall, Waco, Texas, by tho
mayor and street committeo, for
furnishing all material and labor, and
constructing two woodon bridges on
First streot; one 100 lineal feet long
across Waoo Creek and ono 85 lineal
feet long aoross first branch south of
Waco Creek. Plans and specifications
at oity ongineer's offioe. The right to
reject any and all bids is reserved by
the oity council of the city of Waco.
C. O. McCullooh, Mayor.
Jonev Jones, City Secrotary.
Dr. Gunn's Onion Syrup.
This remedy is a euro cure for all
diseases of the Throat and Lungs,
caused by taking cold. It will atop a
oough in ono night, no matter how
It is juBt what its name implies; an
onion Byrup, compounded in suoh
manner as to do away with tho un.
pleasant taste and odor of the verita
ble. When in need of a cure for a oough
or cold, try it. Pnoo 50 cents, Sold
by W. B. Morrison & Co.
rrraw Piiiini Hi
jfltHIS MAN has been hunting
with one of H. E. Amuold's
fine guns sure shot. Fine guns
for sale or for hire.
419 Austin Street.
That Electric Light Check
Tho following appeared in Sunday's
issue of Current Topics :
"To Mayor McCulloch : Has the
city ever got those lights whioh were
to' be furnished for tho forfeited 81,000
certified check whioh you did not
havo the nerve to oolleot ?"
Tho following correspondence rofers
to the above :
Wac-, March 2S, 1891
Having had my attention called to a
statement in last Current Topi 03 that
Mayor O. O. McCullooh did not
oolleot forfeit check put np by gas
company, I take pleasure in
stating that said monoy was
on doposit in the First National bank
and samo was paid on demand of
Mayor McCullooh.
J. K. Rose, Cashier.
Waco, Maroh 28, 1892.
0 C McCullooh, Mayor, Waco.
Dear Sir: Replying to your favor
of this date will say that in tho month
of August, cannot give you the exaot
timo or date, you left with mo for col
lection a check on the Waco Gas com
pany on the First National bank, said
cheek being certified by the First
National bank, same was presented
and refused. The ohe.k was re
lumed to you, and on the 25th day of
September you deposited to the credit
of tho oity of Waco $1,000 in oash,tho
same being in payment of cheok
herein before mentioned. Yours re
speotfully, W. W. Sblet,
City Treasurer.
Mayor's Court.
Three offenders were up before the
mayor this morning.
Mrs. George Devine, charged with
assault and battery on the body of
Iiella Arrowood, acknowledged that
she had given the girl a shaking, but
that she had raised Ella, that she
was wayward and disrespectful, and
that she came to her house and sauc
ed her. The complainant is the same
girl who was oaught some time ago in
acompromising position with a negro
hack driver, by Officer Black, and
against whom a fine was assessed for
such outrageous conduct. Mrs. Devino
was discharged upon the suggestion
of the city attorney.
Jim Scotty was fined $i for intoxi
cation. '
Frank Lowery was arraigned for the
same offense but his case was con
tinued till tomorrow week, on account
of an important witness.
The Great Notatorium Corner
Fourth and Mary Will be a
The plans drawn by Architect Sam
Herbert for the Natatorium on the
corner of Fourth and Mary streets
havo been accepted, and it is to be
one of the finest institutions of its
kind in the south.
The erection of the building will
begin very soon and it will be an orna
ment to that part of the city. At
some future time The News will give
a detailed description of the buildinc.
showing that like the great Provident
building, it will be an ornament to the
city and a lasting monument to the
enterprising Col. Parrott.
The Cotton Belt will sell a one fare
for round trip rato to Hot Springs,
Ark,, on April 7 and 8 good for ro
turn until May 10. The ocoasion is
the sale by the government of all of
its property not occupied by springs
or hospilal building.
lttlftlt I&IM lfillUlm
Mil ',
Waco Losos Ono of Hor Oldest and
Most Honored Cltlzons.
Ono of Waco's oldest and best
known oitizons, Judge E. Dickey, died
late yesterday afternoon and was
buried this afternoon at 3 o'olook.
Tho funeral took plaoe from tho fam
ily residence on Sovonth t.nd Colum
bus streets.
Judgo Dickoy was a life long mem
ber of tho Presbyterian ohuroh and
his pastor for many years, Rov. Dr. S.
A. King, officiated at his funeral.
Judge Diokey was a nativo of Simp
son county, Ky., and was 02 years of
age. For thirteen yoars he has been
living in Waco. In his death Waoo
loses a valuablo citizen.
Specimen Cases
S. II. Clifford, Now Cassol, Wis ,
was troubled with neuralgia and rheu
matism, his stomach was disordered,
his livor was affootod to an alarming
dogrco, appetite fell away, and ho was
terribly reduood in flesh and strength.
Throo bottles of olectrio bitters cured
Edward Shepherd, Harrisburg, 111.,
had a running sore on his log of eight
years' standing. Used threo bottles of
Electric Bitters and seven boxos of
Buoklcn's Arnioa Salve, and his log is
sound and woll. John Speaker, Ca
tawba, O., had fivo largo f over sores on
his log, dostors said he was incurable
Ono Dottlo Eleotrio Bitters' and ono
box Bucklon's Amies Salvo cured him
entirely. Sold by W. B. Morrison
& Co.'s drug storo.
How Is This.
Parker Brothers, tho oarriago men,
havo just received' for tho Artesian
System Laundry four of tho finest
dolivory wagons over poen on tho
streots of Waoo. Tho four jobs cost
to Kollum & Lawson fo
loitin Farwoll Heights.
& deitructlvo cgent, that, like fire, CC
rumst and annihilates Ufa.
la there a single particle of blood polsoa
la your veins? beware' Like the de
vouring flame, it increases in force and
loaves only destruction in its track.
Poison in the blood is due sometimes t
contagion. Sometimes it is inherited. It
ruins health, no matter from which sourc
it springs. It fpeds in n horrible manner
on the Hush, and devastates ever organ
of the body. Pitiable in the extreme
would be the condition of that man await
ing death from the eflects of scrofula,
arphilis, deep-feated ulcers, rottening of
the bonea, sloughing of the flesh, aching
Joints, etc., were there no salvation for
him. But there is; for, although these
conditions continue to grow worse if neg
lected, lie nevertheless can be saved to a
life of usefulness, and every trace of blood
poison can be eliminated from his system
and he be made safe from further suffer
ing, and his posterity insured against the
possibility of a fearful heritage, easily and
quickly, if he will only use that infallible
intidote for blood poison, Dr. John Bull's
Earaaparilla. It contains just such ingre
dients oa nature has provided for cleans
ing the blood of every Impurity, for re
storing strength to the digestive processes,
for assisting in the correct assimilation of
nutrition and building up new tissue.
iy it when other remedies have failed.
It has never and never will disappoint any
one. J. B. Morse, Clinton, Ind., writee :
" I was for many years affected with con
tact011" blood poison. Portions of my tleili
seemed to be fairly putrid and mortifying.
My hair foil out, and I was nn object of re-
gulilon to every one. Mr breath smelted
orriblc, and I had catarrh so fearfully baa
that pieces of frontal bones rotted and eame
out my nostrils. I lost the sense of taste
and small. I btcame a, veritable Dae '
bones, and weighed only elghty-nin
pounds. I could hardly sleep from pain,
bud w bo weak I could hardly walk, 1 he
doctors said I could not live many months.
A druggist persuaded me to try Dr. Hull's
Banooarllla, and strange ns St may seem,
that teraedy saved my life nnd brought me
book to health. I now weigh 130 pounds,
am free from pain und sores, and although
have deop ecars where sores were, I consider
myself In excellent health."
WDon't wait for your child to have
spasms. Remove the worms at once with
Dr. John Bull's Worm Destroyers.
WMy wife had chills and fever for
nearly a year. At last Hmltu's Tonlo Syrup
broke them up, and I now prescribe it In my
praotlce. Dr. A. W. TravU, Silver Lake, Kat.
John D. Park & Sons, Wholttale Agentt,
175, 177 and 179 Sycamore BL, Cfpclnnatl, a
1000 aore farm, 500 in cultivation, all
first olass prairie land. Ten houses,
barns, shodB, wells and. ono novor
failing spring.
Small farms of 100 or 200, 320 or 400
aores oaoh, and many others ohoap
and on easy terms.
Ranging in number of aoros of 320, 500
12C0, 1400, I860 and 3,000, situatod
near Waoo. Wo can soil special bar
ge'ns in houBcs, lots and business
Bell & Sassaman,
Heal llstaio nd Rental Agents, 111
South Fourth streot, Waco, Toxas
To tho Lovors or Art In Photo
graphy. Having moved to my now gallory,
over 701 and 703, Austin streot, (the
old Hinohuiau Building), I am now
bettor prepared than ever to tjivo the
pooplojjf Waoo tho fincBt Photos in
tho state. The bountiful "aristo" (so
highly ondorscd by tho loading gal
cries.) in all itn beauty, at my studio
I will havo oti exhibition for a few
days, an clognnt oil portrait of Mr
Geo. Clnrk, by Mons. Do Gissao, which
has been framed in a vory handsome
"Florentine" frame, making a portrait,
well worth a visit, to all, and mor'
especially io tho tho ladies.
I will bo glad to welcome my old
and many now oustomors. Don't for
got my now address, over, 701 and 703
Austin Avo.
Deane, Photographer,
Try Egan'd $5. 5b Lump coal.
Pure und whuo laru at 0 cents
por pound in ten gallon cans at Ciur
pen's, oornor Fifth and Franklin,
to Kellurn & Lawson, for
all kinds of real oBtate.
Competent help can find employ
ment at tho Woman's Exchange
No. 113 North Fourth streot.
Tho meals fusnished daily at the
Woman's Exchange cannot bo ox
colled. Everything the market at'
ords. Oysters in any style.
o Kellum & Livton
kinds of real estate.
Froe Fino rich soil for gardens or
yards given away at old Avonue
stables, Eighth street, bctwen Austin
and Franklin.
For the best and freshest beof,pork
mutton, veal, sparcribs, fish and
oystors uo .o Crippen oorner Fifth
and Frankling
to Kollum & Lawson 113 S.
4th St. fov farms &ranohos
A J. Loslio for first-class watoh
clock and jowelry ropairing. Same
building with II. E. Ambold Anstin
to Kollum & Lawson for lots
in Provident addition.
When you want nice fresh meat
mutton, boof pork and purer lard at 10
cents per pound, go to
Mkllor & Dklaney
125 South Third streot.
I will sell you finer work in the
buggy line and for less money than
can bo bought olsowhere. Call and
see my immense stook.. Ono hundred
vehicles in display room.
Tom Padqitt,
Notice to Contractors.
Sealed prososals will be received at
offlco of oily secretary to be opened at
3 o'olock p. m., April 7, 1892, at the
oity hall, Waco, Texas, by the mayor
and street committeo, for furnishing
all material and labor and constructing
2,000 lineal foot of ten-inoh sanitary
sewer in first alley south of Clay
stroot, from First to Sixth streot.
Profile and speoifioations at city engi
neer's office. Tho right to rejoot any
or all bids is reserved by tho oity
oounoil of tho oity of Waco.
C. C. MCCullooii, Mayor.
Attost :
Joney Jones, City Secretary.
Buggies, phao-
tons and oarna
rres. bouuht nt
tho recent Sheriffs sale dirt cheap. I
will sell them tho samo. Big ohanco.
Tom Padqitt
Strange as it may seem, the ques
tion is often asked; "Do you furnish
meals for rnon also, at tho Womatfi
JOcehangeV Consignments of all
kinds of eatables, needle wort, and
ordors for plain Bewing sohoitod from
women alono. Tho Exchange furnishes
a market for all such from womon who
wish to help themsolves; but the eat
ing department of the Exchange is
open to rnon and womon both, as it is
only the method to defray expenses.
All gontlomon who wish to seo a
worthy institution succeed, call and
got a nico meal.
ito Kollum & Lawson 113 S. 4
St. for lots in Col. Height
Jno. Moir Railroader shoes at Hi't
& Go's., 4i4 Austin street.
- i w m i ,
Buy Egan's Blacksmith ooal.
Catch On
To the faot that Wnnn lut. . .:
factory which makos cigars out of to-
uaccu, ana noicaDoago leaves. If yon
want a fino smoke, Huioko
Jtfox All
Tho best Fivo Cent Clear in Waco
or if you aro hightonod, smoke f
Idttle Daisy
by all odds tho best Ten ContTCigar
in Waoo, pure Havana. Or if y01.
ii ro fastidious, smoko tho
Una ssu mer
Loudres Grandos, 12 oont cigar.
Theso oigirs uiado by thePionoer Pao
tory, 021) Austin street, beat all the
oiyars in tho market.
Drs. Wilkes & Wilkes and Dr. J.
R. Forroll have fitted up a suito of
rooma in tho new Providont building,
second floor, where they may bo found
in future Telephone at office and
residences. Slates at Old Corner Drug
store. 6
Lack & Groenborg, merohant
tailors, 414 1-2 Austin street, invite
you to call and givo thorn an order
for a Buit. They promise superior
workmanship and tho greatest pain&
to pleaso.
Subscribers who do not receive
their paper will confer a favor by re
porting so at office, as that is the
only way wo can know whether the
carriers do their duty or not. Carriers
not allowed to sell papers under anj
circumstances. If you would bo woll and olegantlj
dressod order your suits from Gabortr
Bros. New style goods, stylish trim
mings and perfect fits at Gabort Bros.,
fashionable tailors, 116 South 4tb
Items and communications intended
lor thl department should be Bent to
No. S09 North Twelfth street or tele
phoned to No. 80. oa or before Friday
afternoon of oaoh week, in order to
roceivo proper attention. Nowb
notes received after 10 o'clock Batur
day morning cannot appear until the
next week, however muoh we may
rogret the delay.
A Sound Llvor IHakes a Woll Mac
Are you Bilious, ConBtlpatedan
troubled with Jaundice SlokHoad
aoho, Bad Taste in Mouth, Filn
Breath, Coated Tongue, Dyspepsia.
Indigestion, Hot Dry Skin, Pain in
Bnck and between the Shoulders;
Chills and Feyor, &o. If you hav
any of those symptoms, your iiiver in
out of order your blood is elowlj
being poisoned, because your liver
does not act properly. Hekbinb will'
cure any disorder of the Llver,8lom
aoh orBowels. It has no equal as &
Liver Medicine. Price 75 centa. Freo
sample bottle ut fl. O. Risher's Drug
Store. 6
Straight dinner from 12 to 2 and
anything you want at any hour at Jotr
Strictly Artesian Water.
The annual wator rateB of tho Waoc
Water and Light company are as
follows: Family use t $ 4 Oft-
Banks 4 0
Offices 4 06
Barbershops, por chair 1 5t
Bath tubs, public 4 09
Bath tuba, privato 2 00
Stores G 09r
Drug stores 8 0
Saloyns 16 00
Bestaurants 10 00
Closetp, publio 2 00
Closets, privato 1 W-
Unnals, public 2 00
Urinals, privato 1 W
Photographer. .. .: 8 00
Privato stablo for ono horso,
inoluding washing carriago. . 109
Eaoh additional horde 7&
Cows..., 7fc-
Lawn sprinkling, 20o per 100
squaro feet for season.
Offioe: Room No. 11, Provident
f you Want
A nice pleasant place to spend aa
hour take in the "Provident An
nex." Fine airy rooms, hand
somely decorated. Best of fine
drinks, lunch all day long. Satur
day nights Grand Free Lunch.
All sorts of games and recreations
and atheletio sports and free
gymnasium at
414 Franklin Street.

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