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Residence ai9 N 12 St.
Physicians and Surgeons.
SUte nt Ola Corner Drag Store. Telepnone
Bt Ofllce and Residences.
Office on Austin Street over
First National' Bank.
Eugene Williams. Wjr. W. Evans.
Williams & Evans
Atty's $ Counsellors at Law,
j'Jio vjhext n uir.iu.va,
A llrltt ii( Mtirhhic that Sell on Merit.
Without a Peer in the Known World,
Residence 120 N 9 lt
M Hartley 84 Burleson
Agents. IOC South Third Bt. Wrco. Tex.
Enjijillce of all kinds on SliorlestNotlce.
JilS Anktln Avenue.
Cor. Eighth J.
Clay Sis.
(July tiro blocks south of Mo
raclfie 11.11
tsr f issTci-ft es.-e?
Terms reasonable. Commercial
Travel especially solicited.
Mrs.,N. H. Kirkpatrick.
blacKwoIl Hotel.
Good beds and best of fare. Rates
$1.00 per day. Meals 25 oents, 120
Second stroot, next door to the court
housd. tf
Buy Japan's Big Muddy Lump coal.
m - -
Fine Work.
Never in tho history of Waoo was
there i Btock of buggies display
ed as can be found at Tom Padgitt's.
Tho finest work, tho latest styles and
tho lowest prices. No trouble to
show them. Call and see for yourself.
One hu ndrcd vehicle s in difplay room
Joe Lehman's for
oonfeotionorios 117
ioo oream and
South Fourth
to Kellum & Lawson for
lots in Farwells Heights.
Tho best restaurant in town, .foe
'Lehman's, No. 117 South Fourth
For Sato.
Three horses, one ten-horso power
cngisi) and boiler and a lot of shelving
and store fixtures. Cheap and on
good terms. Moore Bros.
Sleeper, Clifton & Co. havo added a
repairing department in connection
with their shoe store. All repairing
of boots and shoes neatly done,
Charges reasonable. Leave your
shoes to bo halfsoled at Sleeper, Clif
ton & Co's,, oorner of Fourth and
Austin strcots.
The Pulpit and the Stage.
Rev. F. M. Shrout, Pastor United
Brethren church, Bluo Moon, Kan.,
says; "I feel it my duty to toll what
wonders Dr. King's New Disoovory has
done for me. My lungs were badly
diseased, and my parishioners thought
I could live only a fow weoks. I took
five bottles of Dr. King's Now Dis
oovory and am sound and woll, gain
ing 20 pounds in weight."
Arthur Love, manager Lovo's
Funny Folks Combination, writes:
After a thorough trial and oonvinoing
evidence, I am confident Dr. King's
New Disoovery for Consumption beats
'om all, and cures when everything
else fails. Tho greatest kindness 1
can do my many thousand friends is
to urge them to try it." Free trial
bottlos at W. B. Morrison & Co.
Tfew JfettrsSfOiJi irpzAa) .V'fiviCxy...
Oiijeap hols.
The onl obeap lots offered in Waoo
for tho last five years aro thoso now
on the markot in the Kirkpatriok Ad
dition, East Waoo. These lots arc
being sold for ono-half thoir roal val
ue, making a ohaneo to scouro a do
sirable home such as will never ooour
Cheap JLots.
These lots Ho high and dry. Thoy
overlook a large portion of tho oity
and have perfect drainage. Thoy lie
in tho healthiest part of tho city," oaten
ing tho puro breezes from tho prairie
untainted by passage oyer any part of
tho city.
Cheap Lot
Theso lots havo tho finest soil, a
rich sindy loam, admirablo for gar
dens, and are underlaid with puro
water in inexhaustible quantities at a
depth of fifteon and sixteon foot,
which ean bo usod for irrigation.
Cheap Lot
Thcso lots aro olosor to tho contor
of the oity than any other addition,
and at tho same distance lots aro sell
ing for thrco and Ave times the price
asked for theso. Thero is millions in
it for persons of small meanB. Call on
Mrs. or P. G. Kirkpatriok, southwest
corner Eighth and Clay street.
All parties desiring plats of tbo
ivirkpatriok addition can obtain them
upon application.
Rules and Regulations at the Park
Opon 6 a. m. to 10 p. m. closed on
Sunday night. Pool reserved for
ladies exclusively Wcdnosday evening
2 to 5:30; Saturday morning 9 to 12,
Monday night 9 to 10 for ladies and
gontlemon, pool party, tub, necdlo, and
vapor baths at all hours for pationts
and others. Experienced male and
femalo attondauts day and night.
Tom Padgitt, Proprietor.
J. B. CiiKbNUT, Managor.
Everybody goes to Joo Lenman's
when thoy want a good meal, or he
to Kellum & LawBon for
in Pravident addition.
d Ato Kellum & Lawson 113 S.
iJftf 4 st. for lots in Col. Heights.
Joe Lehman is tho most popular ros
taurant man in Texas. His plaoo
1 17 South Fourth streot.
Dr. Geo. P. Mann, dentist. Full
sett of uppor or lower teeth, $12.50.
Buy Egan's Indian Territory coal
Egan's black diamonds" will soon
give way to "cool comfort," try him
ere it is too late.
Extras for Buggies.
Carriago and buegy tops, carriago
and buggy wheels, buggy bodies, oush
ions, 'izy baoks, springs, 5th wheols,
shaft shaokles, prop nuts, prop
joints, oots, storm aprons, shaft tops
Bingle i 'ecs, shafts in pairs or odd,
poles, breast yokos,polo circles, dashes,
dash raiis, seat handles, etc, ojirt
wheels and springs, at
T. P. Sparks & Son's.
to Kellum & Lawson 113 S.
4th St. for farms & ranches
Excursion to Dallas.
Tho rounion of ox-Oonfederato vet
erans at Dallas, April 5th, the Mis
souri, KanBas and Texas railway will
sell round trip tickets April 4th and
5th, good for return until April 13th,
at ono fare for the round trip.
J. E. Smith. Ticket Agent.
A Suro Cure for Pllos.
Itching Piles are known by mois
ture liko porspiration, of using intense
itching when warm. This form as
well as Blind, Blooding or Protrud
ing, yiold at onco to Dr. Bosanko's
Pilo Remedy, whioh aots dirootly on
parts offeoted, absorbs tumors, allays
itching and effeots a pormanont euro.
50 otB. Druggists or mail. Circulars
freo. Dr. Bosanko, 329 Arch St.,
Philadelphia, Pa.
.Sold byW. B.
Morrison & Co.
to Kollum & Lawson fo
lotsin Kartell Heights.
UNiir.Ainiv condition or Tin:
county .TAiii i:.v,va;uATi:.
More Light and Hotter Veil Hint Inn
Nooiteil-Fiillliritl Enforcement nt
Tlic I.uw Commended 1IIIU ol In
dictment I'd 11 ml ure IMoMlr for
ItllRilcmeimorM Cninity In tinnil
Financial Cnmlitloii
Hon. W.I,. Goodrich, Judiro.
The grand jury respectfully submits !
the following final report
The number of bills of indictment
that have been presented during its
sitting attest the fact that the county
is not free from law breakers.
It will be found, howerer, that most
of the offenders charged aro of the
grade of misdemeanors, and ol those
the greater number are for violations
of the laws against gaming, selling
lottery tickets, andtrafficking on Sun
day. It is not probable that this class
of offenders will decrease until there
exist a much stronger public senti
ments demanding its suppression,
offenses against the person aod against
property have not been of more fre
quent occurrance than is perhaps
common in all populous communities.
The laws, in these respects, appear to
have been observed and enforced with
commendable faithfulness, and the
grand jury believe that nowhere can
bo found better protection to life, per
son and property than is given in Mc
Lennan county.
The county is in good condition
financially. The report on this sub
ject of the honorable county judge,
which is herein appended, is full and
explicit, and is of especial interest to
the taxpayers of the county. The sug
gestion therein in regard to roads and
the means whereby greater imprpve
ments of this character may be secur
ed, are commended to the public at
tention. COUNTY JAIL.
Complaint having been mado that
prisoners bold in tho oounty itil had
suffered greatly In their health from
being two much crowded, careful at
tention was given thoroto. A com
mittee from tho grand jury exam
ined carefully the condition of tho
prison wards, heard reports of tho
oounty judge, sheriff, jailers and
county physician and found that said
oomplaints havo been somewhat ex
aggerated, Tboro does not appear to
havo beon any sorious sickness except
in cases of disease oontracted prior to
incarceration. Tho prisiners gonor-
ally havo been remarkably healthful.
It is true, howover, that tho prison
department is not sufficient in capac
ity for tho county's needs, and it is
not as woll lighted or ventilatod as it
should be.
One doplorable evil growing out of
laok of proper prison accommodation
is tho fact that young boys and also
persons suffering from montal derange
ment aro obliged to be confined in
oorapany with old and hardened
offenders, beoauso thero is no other
safe placo in which to keep them.
No fault is found with tho officers in
charge. Tho inmates of the jail havo
been woll fed and made as comforta
ble as tho condition of their safekeep
ing would admit. Tho grand jury
offers no suggestion as to the proper
remedy for this existing prison dofi
oioncy, but refers the matter to the
konorablo county commissioners, to
whose jurisdiction it properly bolongs,
Tho homo provided for poor and in
digent persons was carefully inspoctcd
by a committeo from the grand jury
and found to bo in all respects in good
condition, Thero are at present
twelvo beneficiaries thoreln, all of
whom are most kindly cared for and
made as oomfortable as their physical
condition will admit.
county oonvict farm
The county oonvict farm, being
some miles out of tho cfti was not
It has reoently paBSod uuder a now
management and is hclioved to bo
properly and legally administered.
Thus having finishod tho work
given us in charge, we ask of your
honor to bo discharged.
D. R. Guri.ey,
T. O, Tunis,
Joseph 8mith,
T. II. Knight,
B. J. KltNDItlOK,
II. O. Mills,
J. H. Baker,
W. M. Arnold,
J. D. Morgan,
E. L. Humphreys,
T. J. Pridey,
Buy Egan's "Blaok Diamonds."
Hitilivny Employon' Mrllto in n 1'nlr
Way l Sullxlactory Settlement.
Toi'EKA, Kan , March 30,Grand
Chief Ramsey of the Order of Railway
Telegraphers, and tho grievance coin
mittee operators on the Atchison,
Topck and Santa Fe railroad held sev
eral conferences with General Mana
ger Robinson yesterday. Differences
heretofore existing are almost adjust
ed ,and it is expected by both parties
interested that a settlement will be
icutucu luiiiuuuw. onouiu nicy Kill
aZTCC a telegraphers strike will fol
low on the entire system. Tho clwr
man of the order of railway conduc
tors and brotherhood of railway train
men's grievance committee are here
in the interests of their orders.
Specimen Cases
S. II. Clifford, Now Cassol, Wis,
was troublod with neuralgia and rheu
matism, his stomach was disordered,
his livor was affootod to an alarming
degree, appetite foil away, and ho was
terribly rcduood in flesh and strength.
Throo bottles of oleotrio bitters cured
Edward Shophord, Harrisburg, 111.,
had a running sore on his leg of eight
years' standing. Used three bottles of
Eloctric Bitters and seven boxos of
Buoklen's Arnioa Salvo, and his log is
sound and well. John Speaker, Ca
tawba, O., had five largo fover sores on
his leg, doctors said he was inourablo.
Ooo bottlo Eleotrio Bitters and ono
box Bucklon's Arnioe Salvo cured him
ontiroly. Sold by W, B. Morr'iBon
& Co.'s drug storo.
jack Tin: itiii;it.
AVritcNU l.dtter tn the CIilol' of Io
lice of New OrlciuiH,
New Orleans, Maroh 30 "Is it a
hoax or is it n terrible warning?''
This is an uneasy query that arises
involuntrrily in tho minds of thoso
who road the brief, but ominious
epistlo received by tho chief of polico
yostorday. It is Bigncd in a bold, un
swerving hand, horribly suggestivo of
tho razor slashes of "Jack the Ripper."
Here is tho missive: "Sir; I notioo
the papors stato that I havo been
oaught in Australia. Please contra
diot same for me. Will bo in your
city soon on my way home, and will
bogin operations at once. Instruct
your captains and corporals accord
ingly" Signed
"Jack the Ripper."
r t .
' -ssCx,,
sifter dinner,
if you havo discomfort and suffer
ing, take Dr. Pierco's Pleasant
Pellets, or Anti-Bilious Granules.
They're mado to assist Nature in
her own way quietly, but thor
oughly. What tho old-fashioned
pill did forcibly, theso do mildly
and gently. 'lvhey do more, too.
Their effects aro lasting ; they
regulate tho system, as well as
cleanse and renovato it. Ono littlo
Pellet's a gentlo laxative ; three to
four act as a cathartic. They're
tho smallest, cheapest, tho easiest
to take. Uncqualcd as a Liver
Pill. Sick Headache, Bilious Head
ache, Constipation, Indigestion, Bil
ious Attacks, and all derangements
of tho stomach and bowels, are
promptly relieved and permanently
They're the cheapest pill you can
buy, because thoy'ro guaranteed to
give satisfaction, or your monoy is
You only pay for the good you
Can you aRk moro f
Hotel Royal Bar.
naydon & Haydon, proprietors.
Noat and quiot. Vory finest wines
and liquors. Superb lunoh at 10.
Old frionds and oustomors as well
now will meet a hearty welcome.
Colloctlnjr of Paintings.
A vory attraotivo collection of paint
ings in paBtol is on exhibition at Mo
Kennon b drug storo which iB tho work
of Prof. Eyth. Tho most prominent
work in tho collection is a portrait of
Judgo Olnrk which shows very oxoel
lent and superior skill. Prof Eyth is
an artist of acknowledged profcoienoy
as hia work shows.
Buy Egan's Blaoksmith coal.
l a P s- JSt
WWW H ' ,
CONi:iti:sS.llA. lioVKI'.UVOFJIlS p
,:soi;ki i:ivi:sso.-tii: riututi:.
K.vtrnct I'roni IIIn Mpccclt
TI10 House 11 I'ow Iluj x
I. mid or ItetitN Kxlrcnmly
From tho Congrcf n'onnl Record.
Pursuant 'o the requirements of this
statuto the superintendent of tho cen
sus is now tabulating the results of
that inquiry. On the 20th of July last
he gavo to the country, through the
medium of the Associated Press, his
estimate of the probable results of this
work, showing that 2,260,000 farms
and homes were encumbered by mort
gages, aggregating $2,565,000,000.
Since that time the superintendent
has completed the tabulation as to fivo
states Alabama, Kansas, Tennessee,
Illinois and Iowa from which it is
apparent that his estimate is likely to
be very considerably increased when
the accurate totals shall be finally
I whs, thcreforo, Mr. Chairman,
tluito surprised to bear the Btatomcnt
from tho eminent gentleman from
Maino, Govornor Dingloy, in a recant
debate, when ho doolarcd his opinion
that the investigation was orderod
originally, "not from onconomic con
siderations, having refcronco to tho
public wolfaro, but for partisan rea
sons," and further asserted that tho
statistics as to tho fivo states rovcalod
tho fact that tho "mortgages upon tho
farms have generally doorcasod within
a fow years, notwithstanding tho in
crease of tho number of farms."
Mr. Chairman, 1 havo mado an
analysis of extra oonsus bulletin 10,
whioh gives tho "statistics of farms,
homes and mortguges" in tho fivo
states to whioh I havo alluded. This
shows that iustcad of a deurcoso in
the numbor and amount of mortgages,
there has boon an actual incrcaso in
ovory ono of t e states from 188(5 to
1890 incluflivc. The number of
mortgages incrcaso from 738,590 in
1880 to 923,4(17 in 1880, whilst tho
amount of thcso mortgages for tho
same period increased from $018,488,
2O9 to $90010(J9,ri2t), involving an an
nual intorest ohargo upon tho agri
culturists of theso btatcs of $07,
505,020. m -
Tho Clark Club Warns tho Pooplo
Against tho Ciy of Hogg and
Tho following is a copy of a circu
lar sent out to thepeoplo of Durleson
and adjoining counties, under tho
hoad, "Warning to tho Pooplo:"
"Tho frionds of one, James, of tho
tribe of Hogg, for tho purposo of
deceiving tho people, arc crying
Hogg and Commission. Tho com
mission, as everybody knows, has
boon voted on and incorporated in
tho state constitution, and is therefore
settled. When it has oome to pass
that a man who was a ooward in bat
tlomust stat.d beforo a Toxas au
dionoo and villify such men as Rob
erta and R06S in ordor to bolBtor up
his master's oaiiBe, it is timo for the
peoplo to stop and think. It
is also timo for them to think, and
think loud, when Hogg's fuglomen,
rolying upon their ignorance, shout
Hogg and Commission.' Tho Btato
mcnt is an insult to an intelligent
voter. Conic to Caldwell next Sat
urday and hear tho noblo Soth Shop
pard knock tho claim that tho com
mission or its effectiveness depends
upon tho ro-elcotion of Hogg, into,
Transfors or Real Estate.
Reported by tho Waoo AbBtraot and
Investment Company, Room 17, Prov
dont Building, Waco, Texas.
A A Coons and wife to R Hail,
lots 19, 20, 21 and 22 Coons' addition
to Moody, 500.
G C and S V R'y Co to W W Lane,
lot 2, block 7, Moody, $40
G R Shaw to W W Lane, lot r,
block 7, Moody, 40.
W W Lane to Bob Hale, lots 1 and
2, block 7, Moody, $100.
J A Ratliff and wile to N B Baker,
lot 12, section A and B, Hicsel, $85.
W M Rice to John A Bell, 200
acres W Shanon survey, $600.
W T Black and wife to E Martin,
70 acres A A Lowis and 1835 acres
Cassillas survey, $1500.
II A Covington and wife to W II
Lednum tract, Moore street, $1600.
S B Harris and wife to Eyerie, lots 3
and 4, block 16 and part of block 7,
Renick addition, Fifth ward, $100.
W II Turner and wife to M J
Eyerie, part blook 7, Renick addition,
$1 and others.
Total March 30, 1R92, $4566.

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