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Wc It
Are It
Made Were
For Not
Co For
Oper Buyers
Ation Wc
Co"ld not
If it were not for sellers you
could not live. Therefore wc
must co-operate you help us;
wc help you.
Buy your next bill of us for ex
periment. W. K. FINKS & CO
Merchant : Tailor.
If you want a first class bus
iness or dress suit of fine new
brands of goods made in the
highest style of art with ele
gant trimmings and perfect
workmanship and at reason
able prices, take your orders
to W. A. SchafFer, the leading
No. 416 1-2 Austin St , Upstairs
Mr. 6. A. Lack is the outtor ot tho
m:i,ii:x acojiiciin vtio;n c.vivrs
To Mather llio Dciuocriitic Orjjii
ixntion in tliim t'oiimy-A Com-
1 iiiiiuicutloii from Keslileuts of
Crawford l'rotemlUK Against Free
for all Itaco.
Crawford. March :J0. Tho ques
tion of nominating tbo candidates of
tho Democratic party is now agitating
tho minds of tho demoorats of this
county. Under existing oircum
stances, we believe with all the odiums
attached to primaries that they will
bo tho boat for the maintenance of tho
organization of tho party that all oan
.agree on.
There is a combination of republi
cans and Third party men to defeat
the organization of the democrats by
advooating a free-for-all race. There
may bo some good democrats favoring
this move who havo not given it the
proper thought.
It is with profound astonishment
and regret that we learn tho ohairman
of the oxeoutive oommitteo ol this
county is in sympathy with this free
for-all race move. Can such an idea
bo ontertaincd for a moment by Dcm
oorats? Are wo going to allow tho
ohairman to disorganize our party?
What this element is seeking is the
indorsement of the Democratic party
for this undemooratio movo. We
would like to know if in the history
of tho party suoh doctrine has over
been advooatod? Has not the Demo
cratic party beon a party of nomina
tions sinco tho dawn of this govern
ment? Can a party exist without or
ganization? Now, will tho Democrats who havo
ever stood firm to tho principle of tho
party stand idly by on account of their
favorite candidates for county offioora
and see tho parly go down under tho
pressure of those wbo have ever been
seeking her destruction?
If it be true that the ohairman, or
any member of tho oxeoutivu commit
tee of this county, advocates such a
movo as a free-for-all raoo, we hero
and now enter our solemn protest, and
suggest that tho Democrats of this
county meet at Waoo and elect an ex
ecutive committee that will prosorvo
tbo organization of tho party.
Tho object of an exooutivo oom
mitteo and a county ohairman is to
preserve tho party. A free-for-all
race means tho disor gnization of the
n. M. Warren.
B. J. Brown.
R. Jones.
The Artesian Steam Laundry, J, P.
and Geo. A. Wood proprietors, is tho
biggest thing that over struck this
town and is already being patronized
by everybody from Park avenue to
Place your policies with Dockery &
Co. Best of companies.
One of daintiest 5 cent cigars
ovor offered to the public in Waco.
I'uro tobacco, well made, free
smoker, deliciou aroma. Try it.
Kept by the New Cigar Store, No. 110
South Fourth street, next to telegraph
W. Moses.
Of the Democratic Party in Session
in Dallas.
l.iliel) (Jet tho Tun Convention.
Hill's lluldt Font Worked for Ef
fect nijalii lie l (.rent After tho
By Associated Preis to The News.
Dallas, March 31. Chariman
Web Fmloy and twenty-three out of
thirty-ono members of tho Democratic
state executive committee are in the
city to arrange for oalling two state
conventions. A oonvention to send
delegates to Chioigo will probably bo
held in this oity in May. The state
nominating convention will likely be
held in Galveston in August. A poll
of tho committee on presidential pref
erences resulted as follows : Hill 12,
Cleveland 5, Boies 1, Palmer 1, Car
lisle 1, no choice 2.
Now Is tho Time to Procure a
The latest novelty r.nd the best
thing out is the "Artisiio Guide to
Chicago and tho World's Columbian
Exposition." It is a nioc and neatly
bound book of over -100 pages, whioh
is ju6t from the press, and in view of
the near approaoh of the oelebration of
the greatest event in the world's his
tory, and the cheapness and merit of
the volume, it is having an unprece
dented solo. Be sure to give your
ordor to tho ogent, who is now in
The Gabert Bros.
It is worth while for any one who
wears olothes to refrain from purchas
ing until he has taken a good look at
tbo fine stock of the Gabert Bros.,
11G 8outh Fourth street. Thoy are
tho leading tailors with tho largest
and finest stock of goods ever brought
to Waco. They oarry all the new and
nobby styles of tho spring of '92
with suoh doversity that no ono can
fail in finding goods to suit his own
particular fanoy. When it comes to
outting and fitting tho Gabert Broth
ers are artists in every sense of the
word with the most skillful workmen
that oan be procured. They give per
fect fits and somehow their clothes
have a look about them that only tho
work of artists can produce. Give
thorn a call and look over their big
fino stook before ordering a suit and
you will havo no reason to regret any
order you may favor them with.
Buggies, phae
tons and carria
ges, boucht at
the recent Shoriffs sale dirt cheap. I
will sell them the samo. Big ohanoo.
Ton Padoitt
Tho Clark club meots tomorrow
Subscribers who do not receive
their paper will confer a favor by re
porting so at office, as that is the
only way wo can know whether the
carriers do their duty or not. Carriers
not allowed to sell papers under any
Tho Artesian Steam Laundry is the
biggest laundry in Texas and is al
ready doing a fine business. J. P.
and Geo. A. Wood proprietors.
UTj I -4- 5 jg $a Shoes combine
-M..M..I.JI ( S comftft, wear style.
Goldstein & Migel are making big
improvements, putting in grand now
show windows and a first class eleva
tor the motor power of whioh is oleo-trioitv.
Out Fop Shorlir Look Out Bovs For
Salt RlvorProparo Your Boats
And buy your grocorioa at tho Spot
Cash storo, on South Third street, No.
Stand, gran. Sucar 20 lb 100
12 1) lb Stan. jTomatoes 1.20
The best Syrup por gal 50
Young Green Corn, per doz 1.20
3 lb Aprioots, por can 1G)j
3 lb. Grapes, per can 16$
3 lb. Peaches, per doz 2 10
3 lb. California Poaches, per doz 2.30
Sugar Cured Hams, per lb 11
Shoulders 10
Lion and Arbuoklo coffeQ por lb 22 1-2
and many other goods that will sur
priso yon at their low prices.. All
my goods are striotly guaranteed
fresh and standard goods. So call at
once for cash bargains at 205 South
Third street J. H. Shoi-e.
A Telegam Received Yosterday
Confirms the Trade.
Tho Wliolo flutter Dlftciiftftcil iimt it
Special Mooting of tho City Coun
cil C'ulleil for I o'clock thlh After
noon Tlio IVortliM estorn lnmir
unco Company It tho Purchaser.
Aldermen Agree not to Charge (or
Their .Services.
Mr. W. E. Hawkins, ohairmin of
the finance committee received tho
following telegram yesterday after
noon from the Northwestern Insu
rance Company:
Milwaukee, Wis.,
W. E. Utuklna Chairman Floanto Committee,
W co, Tex.
We are ready to roceivo and pav for
the 30,00u of Waco city fivo per cent
sewer bond, thirty years second is
sue at price agreed upon, ninety-five
cents on tho dollar and aoorued inter
est, if the bonds aid coupons shall, bo
found in all respeots regular on their
face duly exoouted and registered and
free from erasures, alteration or other
blemishes. H. L. Halmeh,
The finance committee was called
together late yesterday afternoon to
take some aotion on the matter, but
the oommittce concluded to postpone
consideration till this morning at 11
o'clock. The committee, together with
Mayor McCulloch, Alderman Laoy
and City Treasurer W. W. Soley, met
Tho matter of paying for tho work
on the now central firo station now in
oourse of construction on Washington
street was first taken up and tho fund
from whioh tbe amount due should be
drawn from discussed. It was finally
deoided to draw the amount, $800,
from the current contingent fund.
The sewer bond sale matter was
then taken up and the above tolegram
read by Chairman Hawkins.
Alderman Baker suggested that tho
sale could not be consumated without
the sanction or ratification of tho
Tho original resolution of Alderman
Baker beforo tho council was un
earthed by tho city secretary and
found to provide that the mayor and
finanoe oommitteo bo authorized and
instruoted to proceed to sell the re
maining bonds of the city of Waoo
unsold, consisting of $100,000 streot
improvement bonds and $30,000
sewer bonds, all propositions to soil
to be submitted back to this oounoil
for ratification.
In view of this resolution standing
in the way of tho finance committco
any trado, it was derided to call a
special meeting of tho oounoil for this
afternoon at 4 o'clook for the ratifica
tion necessary.
It was suggestod that tho special
meeting would cost tho oity $50,
whereupon Aldermen Hawkins and
Lacy stated that they would make no
charge for their servioos at this meet
ing, and the formor agreed to see "all
the members of the board and request
them to also surrender their per diem,
Tho special oall was issued and the
oommitteo aroso.
Ring up tolcphono 250 and ono of
tbo Artesian btcam Laundry's beauti
ful wagons will call for your wash
and return it soon, clean as crystal,
white as snow and smooth as ivory.
Plaoe yourjpolioies with Dookery &
Co. Best sif companies.
HILT'S, 414 Austin Street.
Buy Egan's Athraolte coal.
FA lf tRl&tfTlN YoU
Mp. NW
All Ew4DlllFnill7P
Our Immense Half-Acre
Store Filled With
rioriiT xnmin
S111M WiiiiunifM
Richer in Design,
Finer in Finish,
Better in Quality,
LdOwer in Price
than ever before
We have new goods arriving daily; every week brings
us something new to show, and every day finds us better
prepared to supply the wants of our patrons. We have
never before een able to show such Real, Wonderful, Live
Bargains in
as this season's spleudid'stock has brought ns.
is now ready for inspection. This line is strong in every
point and oil will find it difficult to duplicate our values in
the following
Antique Finish Ceval Bedroom Suits $ 20.00
" " " 23.50
" 25.00
XVI Century Finish Cheval Bedroom Suits 27.50
Antique Oak " ,c " " 28.50
' " v" " 30.00
" " " " " 35.00
" " " " " " 40.00
" " " 45.00
" " " " u " 50.60
Our $25 suits are well finished, stylish and reliable, and you
could scarcely wish to find a nicer suit than our $45 and
$50 Suits
We desere to announce the arrival of our great car shipment
of the Celebrated
Entirely new, the most convenient and easiest-working Fold
ing Bed manufactured. The Goshen is . a great improve
ment over the old style upright bed and supplies a long
needed convenience for the spare bedroom. You cannot
afford to buy a folding bed until you have carefully examined
our stock, for in assortment, style, quality and price, we are
decidedly in the lead.
See our Solid Oak Upright Folding Bed $40.
We have just received a very large shipment of those
goods and you will find that we are showing Entirely New
Styles and quoting the Lowest Possible Prices. Our Facil
ties are the Best, why shouldn't we quote the lowest prices?
Remember our location: ?ixth and Jackson Streets.
R. A. Caiujthers, Manager.
, Biy oui priGej
aw Pino
yif muuuu!
iffSft'V fStok

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