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Tolcphone or call at O. J. Miller's
for fresh strawberries, banannas,
Florida oral ges, California oranges;
for vegotablos, such as asparagus,
oaulaflower, celery, ripe tomatoes,
beets, carrots, turnip?, radishes, greens
oto. Fresh salt water fish every Tues
day and Friday's. No. 717 Austin
J 1 JT Imc I E nl e
MU r am
u"Tt .!.
s& . -I XJrrt t fi -
1 -t ? r 7 )
8sJ,V .srV? 'V 1
,,, , -tjy nig gsjjlllBh 3
cL A
Wu .
r-. fiHlvtv -si
m A idp r .in nw
iltn JMKflBttMawrai MWF I 1 I
sMrfA; ftikr-g!!!!ig!aW"l"yr
1111 "Hf - UriTIT
H feiss; ll 11 1
-rmyiJSy. s 1 nh -js
S UllS,
I! Mill 1 ill lili
404 Austin Street,
by the thousand at Herz Bros. They
got tho very finest copies of all the
now works wet from the press.
from all parts of tho United States are
received on first trains and opened
fivo minutes after tho trains pass
Fourth street.
All tho popular weekly story papers
of the United States on hand at
earliest moment of arrival.
of Fashion, Literature and Art of tho
United States and Europe at.
A. J. HERZ & BRO.,
Elegant Photo's.
Having secured tho services of Mr.
W. M. Hall, of Ohioaeo, as operator
and rotouoher, will guarantee the pub
lic a finer class of photographic work
than has over been shown in Waoo
Have rocontly purchased tho largest
as well as tho finest photograph lens
in Texas. Call on tho old re liable
photographer and ceo samples.
W. D. Jackson.
Don't be Deceived.
I am still holding down Standard
Granulated Sugar 20 pounds for one
Franco-American Food Co's Frenoh
Soups, 3 pound cans, 3U cents caoh .
Star Tobacco 40 cents per pound. Low
prioeB on everything. Call and soo
Joe S. Thompson,
The Grooer.
Tucker's '"Almondlne."
Proof against cold winds and hot
sunshine for the complexion. It has
alroady becorao quite popular with
the ladies, as also with gentlemen to
uso after shaving whon troubled with
roughness and breaking out. Prioe 2s
and 50 cents por bottlo. Prepared
only by the Lion Drug Store, by
W. L. Tucker.
1-& W' l!?3A. B tf& &
e$$rrr-?- E--
The Popular Grocers,
."iO.V"Alli.till Avoillio
Firstclass goods.
Low prices.
Prompt delivery.
All the novelties.
All the delicacies.
Fresh vegetables daily.
All the fruits and nuts.
Give us a call.
GribMe Brothers,
305 Austin Avenue.
Following' Suit.
On and alter Maroh 1. 1892, I will
eell for cash. My terms will bo from
10 to 20 per cent cheaper on every
thing except lard. Prompt delivery
as heretofore. Try mo for oash,
J C. Stafford.
Corner market 601 Franklin st.
To the Subscribers of the Subsidy
Fund of the San Antonio and
Aransas Pass Railway.
The notes given by the citizens of
Waco to secure the building of the
above named road into Waco have
been turned over to the road by J. W.
Mann, the trustee for the subscribers
to said notes The conditions named
in said notes have been complied with
by the road, and therefore the whole
amount of the notes are due. The
receivers of the ban Antonio and
Aransas Pass railway have placed the
notes in my hands for collection. All
persons, thereiore who have such notes
outstanding will please call at my
office in the Pacific hotel building and
settle up. James I. Moore.
Tomorrow is the last day of ser
vice for this term of the federal
Pompoy Smith and Ed Long wore
arrested last night-and looked up on
oharges of robbery, and Will Farris
for burglary.
Tho Board of Lady managers of
tho Texas World's Fair Association
will meet at Uol. R. B. Parrott's resi
dence tomorrow afternoon.
Judgo Rector, tho newly appointed
federal judgo for this district, is ox
pectod to be hero with Judge Mo
Cormiok at tho coming term of the
oourt. It will be the last time that
Judge McCormiok will preside in that
oapaoity hero.
Tho Clark club meets to-morrow
night at the oourt bou-e and a largo
attendance is dosired "Every man
who desires tho oleotion of Georgo
Clark is invited to lend his presence to
the meeting and assist in the good
Mr. J. R. Scales and wifo and Mr.
Alfred Scales rolurned today from
their trip down the river, hot three
woeks they bavo boon floating down
theiivorin a twonty-two-foot boat,
camping on the banks hunting and
fishing and having a gonoral good
time, Both geutlemon woro good
eailors and they shot every fall and
lapid they camo to.
There was a peouliar aocident at the
Katy city office this morning. So mo
improvements are being inado and
among thorn was a big plato window,
4xS feet. Just opposite the win
dow at a distance of about ten or
twelve feet is Mr. Smith's desk and
ohair. This morning a gentleman
walked into tho oflico and sealed him
solf in the ohair. Just as he did so
tho head of tho bolt whioh holds iho
big spring under tho chair gavo way
and tho bolt shot as if from a gun
and went through tho now window.
The Principal of the Second Dis
trict School In Trouble.
W. E. Day, principal of the Fecond
district colored school, was arrested
yesterday evening charged with ag
gravated assault upon the body of a son
of Jack Wallace. The boy was pun
ished by Dy for some'.disobediance
or violation of the rules of the school
of which he is a pupil, and the case
promises to be an interesting one.
Day gave bond in the sum of Si 00
for his appearance this morning to an
swer the charge before the mayor's
court He appeared this morning
but upon the request of Justice J. N.
Gallagher the case was reset for April
9. on account of the unavoidable ab
sence of Judge W. W. Evans, the de
fendant's .attornoy. About thirty
witnesses have been subpoenaed in the
case and the trial will occupy an entire
This is the Fame boy who, about
the 1st of April, refused to sweep out
the schoolroom when requested so to
do. This disobediance was reported
to Mrs. House, superintendent, and
by her to the school board which re
ported thereon to the city council as
follows; ''Since the organization of
the public free schools in Waco it has
been a uniform custom and practice
in the coloied schools to require the
children by turns to sweep the house,
no janitor being employed by the city.
There has never been any written
regulation on the subject and is not
now and never has been any general
objection, but recently an ob
jection has been made, and
tho board has adopted a written rule
endorsing the former practice, to-wit :
authorizing the principal of the school
to require the pupils in turn, when
neccessary, to sweep the house, and
that a refusal to do so is an act of
disobedienco, and the pupils shall
obey or go home. We submit this
regulation apphrable to colored
bchools only for action of the com
mittee." The above report, upon a vote of
the council, of four to six, was not
It is said by some that the'- charge
made against Day was done more for
tho political significance it will have,
in tho present race for mayor, than
from any other cause,
Tho late grand juty returned 20o
bills of indictments, all told. Of this
number 59 were for felonies, ranging
from murder in tho first degree to the
theft of a oomraon $5 yearling, and
tho remainder, 150, for misdemeanors.
Perry Hottel was ro arrested this
morning by Deputy Sheriff Press
Standifor upon another indiotmcnt
found by the late grand jury for em
bezzlomont of over $20, up to tho
time of g'lng to press he had not se
cured bai', but it is thought he will
do so in a short time.
Tho Clark olub meets tomorrow
aW Baking
w .:..,..
Hr, 'iw,"--
Who comes to our Store and catches a glimpse of our
Elegant Furniture and Beautiful Carpets,
and no wonder, for we have the latest and the most stylish designs in
every piece of
We have OAK SETS in every shade from the 16th Century to
the lightest modem; the finest of Cherry finish, 'and the newest pat
terns of Birds Eye and White Ma'ple. Most elaborate and massive
designs in Parlor and Bed Room Suits, and the very latest achieve
ments in upholstery are embraced in our Stock.
Used in Millions of Homes o Years the Standee!
Miscellaneous News Items from tho
Depots Distinguished Visitors.
The officers' car of tho San Antonio
and Aransas Pats railway arrived 111
the city last night. On board wero
General Passonger Agent 11. W.
Andrews, General Superintondont
George L Sand", General Inspootor,
John H. Harris, F E. Nolson, Road
master and Greeno Piokcns, stenogra
pher. Tho trip is one of gonoral in
spection and to introduoe Mr. Nelson
tho new road maBter. Tho party bpent
tho morning in driving over tho city
and inspecting tho numerous improve
ments now being mado bere. They
expressed themselves as being well
satisfiod with tho progress of Waco
and the increasing business boing
done by their road .
Mr. Geo. L. Sands, of the San
Antonio and Aransas Pass, stud that
the cause of the coincidence of a visit
of the officials of all the roads running
into Waco within a week was that they
all needed a good bath and that Waoo
was the best town in the United States
to get it. Be this true or not, it cer
tainly is true that nearly all of the
distinguished visitors tried the nata
torium. The San Antonio and Aransas Pass
is receiving sixty to seventy car loads
of cattle a day from different points
along its line for delivery to the Mis
souri, Kansas and Texas here. The
Katy has been drawn on for over 1000
stable cars which will be filled with
cattlo from along the Aransas Pass
The Missouri, Kansas and Texas
seems to bo doing all tho oattle haul
ing for central and southern Toxas.
Bosidcs tho 1,000 cars oallod for by
the Aransas Pass thero have been nu
merous oalls ulonj hor own lines and
uumorous other tributaries. Tho Katy
will haul many a thousand oarloads of
cattle to tho market this year.
The pay oar of the Arauaas Pass
wis in the city yesterday afternoon
and loft for tho south latt night, leav
ingjall the boys happy.
Tho Cotton Belt, Toxbb and Pa
oifio and other roads will givo a very
low excursion rate iuto Toxas on April
20. This was soourcd by Dirootor
General Sloston and Gonoral Agent
Fairbanks of tho Toxas Car Exhibit.
Tho work boing done by the Texas
cars has boon steadily increasing in
effaotivoness, and Mr.Slosson sondHa
list of several hundred names
every week of partios who
are coming to Toxas. All tho
roads runniug into Toxas and having
diroot oonneotion with roads running
to the stato aro giving overy assistance
possiblo to tho furtherauoo of tho cars
worK. ine cars are now 111 ivon
tuoky between Nashvillo and Louis
ville. Their next postoffioe addrnbs
will be Louisville
Mr. L. O. Harwell with a largo con
struotion gang is at work oreoting a
big turn-tablo for the Aransas Pats.
It is looated on tho recently purohased
property on tho river bank and will bo
near tho end ol the "Saps" big bridgo
across tho river that rumor says )u
shortly to bo built.
FiFsJciass Guaranteed
Watch, Clock and Jewelry
r?3i 1 R ipso.
Plain and Artistic Engravings
620 Austin Avonuo
On Austin street in prices of oheap
Strictly For Cash.
No deviation from this rulo undor
under any ciruuuistanooB,
18 pounds grunulatod sugar tl; 51bs
green ooffco $1, 4 packages ooffoo 9O0.
1 doz. :i00 matches for 25)., Star to
bacco 4f)o., Tinsloy N. L. tobaooo 55o.
Best pat. flour $1.40, meal 55o , 25
bars good laundry soap $1.
21b. tomatoes "J Tic. per doz., 31b. to
matoes $1.30 por doz., 23lbs beans $1.
Best unoanvaseed hams Ho., bran
$1 per hundred.
Many other articles too numerous to
mention but all goods in my store at
prices in proportion. Romombor mo
and bring your cash and savo mouoy.
Gil Austin strcot,
Cummins 5 &
Chair seat lOo
Wash pan lOo
(Jroam pitcher lOo
Sugar bowl 10c
Butter dish 10o
Slop bucket 40o
Lamp ohimnoy fo
Good towol
Big dipper
0 tumblers
G goblets
Sugar buoket
Child's swing 35o
Mop haudlo Ifio
Dinner buoket 25o
10 Cent Store.
Good lantern GOo.
Kitohen lamp
Gallon bucket
Mon's jaokots
Account book
Box tooth pi'kblOo
Good lamp 25o
Fine sifter lOo
Dish pan 15o
Fire shovel 5o
Stove polibh 5c
Oil oau lfo
Good combs lOo
703 Austin avo., bet. Gth and 8th sts.
Tho Tall Sycamore of tho Waco
Lumber Company tho
County Chairman.
Capt. A. J. Carutbers has been ap
pointed by Gen. Felix Robertson
chairman of McLennan county to or
ganize uiark auu eieotivo commission
olubs and he will begin at once to or
ganize clubs over this county. It
ought not to be necessary to organizo
in McLennan but the action of tho
Hogg men at Crawford shows thct
whorevcr they can drum up a major
ity they proposo to endorse Hogg, no
matter what tho occasion. Thoy took
tho Clark men unawares at Crawford
and will do it again tho first opportunity.

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