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Location of Flro Aliirin lloxcu.
Firth Ward Flro Station strikes im
5 Corner Oih and Austin ' mil
c h " " " '"in
" 7 Central Fire SUtlon limn
" 8 Wept End Fire station " IIIIIIH
" 13Corcor li'h and Waihlncton " i-m
14 ' Bth and Mnlborough " i-mi
"18 " bthand Colmnbns " t-iltll
10 " 8th and Jackson " Minn
"17 " h and Webster " i-imm
"25 " Sth iind Cleveland " 11-11111
"26 " CthaiulSPolRht " li-Hiiii
"37 " 0th and Washington " lMilitit
" 85 Hoyal Hotel Bth and Franklin " m mil
sti Woolen Mills 13th and Mary " lllMinu
" 37 Corner llith and Jefferson ' Ill-Ililtll
All boxes numboied above 8 sttlkes thus:
Bex 13 strikes 1 and stops, thon Btrlkes 111
uiRtlnp Dox 1?, thtn repeats fonr times.
Box 23 strlkosll and stois, thou sttlkes Hill
making Vox -5 nbd so on.
Keys will bo fbnnd In rc!donces on each cor
ner whore boxes are located Open Fire Alarm
Boxes and pnllllook down and let go. Leave
key In box.
Turn alarm In only for fires. 110.00 line for
false alarms. . , ,,
blow tapping of bells signify company
Second Friday in each month each box is
tapped twice, testlnc boxes and circuit lino
When alarm ot Are Is given t ho Flro Depart
ment has the right or Way on allltreots. All
vehicles must drive near the sidewalk and keep
away from the fire. tS.IJino for running ovor
Kenort of any careless driving going to or
from flros by the Flro Department will bo
thankfully receive by the Chlof, as fast and
careless driving is strlckly forbidden.
Bought Cheap.
Ono of tho largest purohascs made
in Waoo for souio months was the
purohase on Tuesday of tho entire
stook of wagons and auricultural im
plements of S. A. Owens & Son, sold
by the Unitod States marshal to tho
highest bidder. Mr. V. E Duprco
was the purohaeor for spot cash at a
very low price. This big stock added
to his own, makes the biggest stock of
agricultural implements in Central
Texas at his great houses, 101 and
105 Bridge street. His big stock em
braces all tho popular brands of
wagons, plows, cultivators, corn and
cotton planters and everything clso in
tho agricultural implement lino. His
lato purchase gives him a big lover in
prices and Dupree's agricultural house
is tho best place to bny farmers'
goods in the state.
The Greatest Strike.
Among the great strikes that of Dr.
Miles in discovering bis Now Heart
Cure has proven itself to bo one of the
most important. The demand for it
has becomo astonishing. Already the
treatment of heart disease is being
revolutionized, and in any unexpected
oures affected. It soon relieves short
breath, fluttering, pains in side, arm,
shouldor, weak and hungry spells,
oppression, swelling of ankles, smoth
ering and heart dropsy. Dr. Miles'
book on Heart and Norvous Diseases
free. Tho unequaled Now Heart
Cure is sold and guaranteed by H. G.
Rishcr & Co., also his Restorative
Nervine for headache, fits, sprees, hot
flashes, nervous chills, opium habit,
Notice to Contractors.
Sealed prososals will be received at
oflico of oity secretary to be opened at
3 o'olock p. m., April 7, 1S92, at the
flitv hall. Wnrn. TnTns. hv f Via mnvnr
and street committeo, for furnishing
all material and labor and constructing
2,000 lineal feet of ten-inoh sanitary
sewer in first alley south of Clay
street, from First to Sixth street.
Profile and specifications at city engi
neer's office. The right to rejeot any
or all bids is reserved by tho oity
council of tho city of Waco.
C, C. MCCulloch, Mayor.
Attest :
Joney Jones, City Secretary.
Dr. Gunn's Onion Syrup.
This remedy is a sure ouro for all
diseases of the Throat and LungB,
caused by taking cold. It will 6top a
oouh in one night, no matter how
It is just what its name implies; an
onion syrup, compounded in suoh
manner as to do away with tho un
pleasant taste and odor of the vegita
ble. Whon in need of a cure for a cough
or cold, try it. Price 50 cents. Sold
by W. 13. Morrison & Co.
Notice to Contractors.
Sealed proposals will bo received at
tho offioo of tho city secretary, to bo
opened at 3 p. m., April 7th, 1S92, at
the oity hall, Waco, Texas, by the
mayor and street committeo, for
furnishing all material and labor, and
constructing two wooden bridges on
First street; one 100 lineal feet long
across Waoo Creek nnrl onn RS linnni
feet loDg across first branch south of
TTr 1 t ...
aco reeic. nans ana specifications
at oity engineer's office. The right to
rojeot any and all bids is reserved by
tho oity counoil of the oity of Waco.
O. O. MoOullooii, Mayor.
Attest: '
Jonky Jones, City Secrotary.
?-. Wear better .finn
O Shoo 4I4 Austin st.
fffif &1 IlL
fljfHIS MAN has been hunting
It with one of H. E. Ambold's
fine guns sure shot. Fine guns
for sale or for hire.
419 Austin Street.
am. av. it. doidkidc;i: on its
X Itoclc Ilullahtcd Itontl Soon Timo
Shortened mid CIihiirccI Union
Depot Talk.
Mr. W. B. Doddridge, general man
ager of tho Cotton Belt railway and
party, who have boen in Waoo lor a
daj and a half lelt yesterday after
noon on the return trip to St. Louis.
Before ho left he was approaohed by
a News reporter in reforenoe to the
proposed Union depot for Waco,
Alas! It proved to be a rumor only. J
no said mat 11 was possiuio mat a
deal would bo made with the San An
tonio aud Aransas Pass railway
by which tho latter road would
use tho Cotton Belt's passenger depot.
This deal, though, had not been made,
it was only a possibility of the nsar
future. It is an undisputed fact that
the Cotton Belt has tho best located
depot in town and it could with slight
alterations accommodato two or three
Mr. Doddridge expressed himself as
boing well pleased with tho central
oity, she was growing and improving
all the timo.
In reference to tho Mary street pav
ing he said that tho work would short
ly bo re-commcnccd and rapidly push
el to a finish.
The company has just leoently
purchased an extensive quarry just
west of McGregor and a rock crusher
capable of crushing twenty-five or
thirty car loads of rook a day was on
the road now. When this orushor
gets to running tho company propos
es to rock ballast the road from
Gatesville to Corsicana.
When Waco wants to pave any
more of her streets the Cotton Belt
will be able to furnish tho oitv with
thirty car loads of tho best rook in
Texas already crushed every day.
There will bo no extension of tho
Cotton Belt HncB in Texas soon.
"If you want more railroads in
Texas, said Mr. Doddridge, sail in and
eleot Clark and show to the world
that Texas is not inimical to the in
vestment of capital within her con
fines. Since leaving St. Louis I have
received the auditor's report, showing
that the lines in Texas cost $20,000
moro to run last month than the en
tire revenues amounted to At this
rate you can readily see that the com
pany will not soon build more roads.
Wt havo had three important exten
sions under advisoment, but on ac
count of this extreme hostility wero
unable to se'l our bonds and there
fore unable to build. Wo had pro
posed widening to standard guage
and extending to tho heart of the pine
region tho Tyler Southwestern. Tho
extension of the Hillsboro branch to
Whitney and tho Gatesvillo division
to Llano wore tho other two exten
sions proposed."
"We will make some changes in our
timo card shortly. On April -13 tho
timo of tho .hast bound local will bo
ohanged no that It will leave Waco at
(J or 7 a. m, instead of 3 a. m. The
through passoneor trains will bo run
on tho prosent sohedulo for a month
or fcix weoks yet." The timo will then
bo changed, but just how much is not
definitely fixed upon but will be to
wards shortening the timo to St.
Louis by two or three hours.
Mechanics S3 Shoe
always wear well.
l--3 fmn , j i i
ATicociors nuntiu:u.
A ITIuii in Alaliimia Killed anil 1IU
IIoiino Ititrnoil Ovor Illin.
Nashville, Maroh 3O Last night
Thomas Edwards, a well to-do farmor
living alono noar Madison Gross-roade,
Alabama, was murdorod and then his
houso burned ovor him. Two oitizons
of that community, Pctor Martion and
John Mullins, have disappeared and
are claimed to bo tho guilty parties.
They passed through Huntsvillo about
10 o'clook today and as soon as it was
known a doputy sheriff was sent in
persuit. Two flour and ooffoo sacks
has been found at tho house of Mar
tion which havo been identified by a
man who sold Edwards flour and cof
feo before the murder. Whon it wbb
proposed to soaroh Martion's house his
wifo broko down in tears. Mullins is
bolieved to bo in mountains of Jack
son county, Alabama.
' "Turn Hor Looso."
Mr. George Laneri, proprietor of
the Cosmopolitan saloon, corner South
Third street and the public square,
begs to inform his patrons and the
public cenerally, that he has started
up a free lunch from 10 to 12 a. m.
and from S to 12 p. m. on Saturdays.
Givo him a call and George will treat
you right,
Will be Given Away.
Ouronterprising druggists II. C.
Risho'r & Co., who carry tho finest
stock of drugs, perfumorics, toilet ar
ticles, brushes, sponges, etc., are giv
ing away a largo number of trial bot
tles of Dr. Miles' celobratod Restora
tive Nervine. They guarantoe it to
cure hoadache, dizziness, nervous
prostration, sleeplessness, tho ill of
foots of spirits, tobacco, colFee, etc
Druggists say it is tho greatest sollcr
thoy over know, and is universally sat
isfactory. Tbey also guarantee Dr.
Miles' New Heart Curo in all cases of
nervous or organic heart diseases, pal
pitation, pain in side, smothering, etc
Fine book on "Nervous and Heart
Diseases" freo. II. C. Ilisher & Co
Mens $3 Wearwoll
shoes best on earth.
A. dsitrnctlve agent, that, like tire,
rumii and annihilates life.
la there a single particle of blood polios
In your veins? ilevwiru! Like tn de
vouring flame, it increases in force and
leaves only destruction in ita track.
FoUon in the blood is due sometimes te
contagion. Sometimes it is inherited. It
ruins nealth, no mutter from which sourc
it springs. It feeds in a horrible manner
on the liesh, and devastates every organ
of the body Pitiable in the extreme
would be the condition of that man await
ing death from the effects of scrofula,
yphilis, deep-seated ulcers, rottening of
the bones, sloughing of the flesh, aching
Joints, etc., were there no talvation for
him. But there is; for, although these
conditions continue to grow worse if neg
lected, he nevertheless can bo saved to
life of usefulness, and every trace of blood
poison can be eliminated from his system
and ha be made safe from further suffer
ing, and his posterity insured against the
possibility of a fearful heritage, easily and
quickly, if he will only use thnt infallible
tntidote for blood poison, Dr. John Bull's
Earsaparilla. It contains just such ingre
dients ns nature has provided for cleans
ing the blood of every Impurity, for re
storing strength to the digestive processes,
for assisting in the correct assimilation of
nutrition and building up new tissue.
Try it when other remedies have failed.
It has never and no ver will disappoint any
one. J. B. Morse, Clinton, Ind., writes :
" I was for many years affected with cod
Ueloun blood poison. Portions of my fleik
seamed to be fairly putrid and mortifying.
My hair fell out, and 1 was an object of re
pulsion to every one. My breath smelted
horrible, and I had catarrh so fearfully bad
that pieces of frontal bones rotted and came
out my nostrils. I lost the sense or taste
and smell. I became a veritable one o'
bones, and weighed only elghty.nlne
pounds. I could hardly slxen from pain,
Snd was so weak I could hardly walk. The
odors said I could not live many months.
A drugglat persuaded me to try Dr. Hull's
Banaourilltt, and strange as It may seem,
that omedy saved iny lifo and brought me
baok to health. I now weigh 136 pounds,
am free from pain und sores, and although
have deep scars whore sores were, I consider
myself In excellent health."
WPDon't wait for your ohlld to have
spasms. Horaove the worms at once with
lir. John Bull's Worm Destroyers.
WMy wife hal chills and fever for
nearly a yer. At last Smith's Tonlo Syrup
broke them up, and I now prescribe It In my
practice. Dr. A. W. Travlt, Silver Lake, Kat.
Jonif D. PiBK & Sows, WhoUiale Agent,
US, 177 and 178 Sycamore Bt, Cincinnati, a
The Cotton Belt will sell a ono fare
for round trip rato to Hot Springs,
Ark., on April 7 and S good for re
turn until May 10, Tho occasion is
tho sale by the govornraent of all of
its property not occupied by springs
or hospital buildings.
to Kellum & Lawson, for
all kinds of real ostato.
Plaoo your polioies with Dookery &
Co. Best of companies.
To tho Lovors of Art In Photo
graphy. Having moved to my now gallery
ovor 701 and 703, Austin stroot, (the
old Hinohman Building), I am now
better prepared than ever to givo the
pooplo of Waoo tho finest Photos Jd
tho state. Tho beautiful "aristo" (sc
highly ondorscd by tho loading gal
ones,) in all its beauty, at my studio
I will have on exhibition for a few
days, an elegant oil portrait of Mrs
Goo. Chirk, by Mons. Do Gissao, whioh
has been framed iu a very handsome
"Florontino" frame, making a portrait,
well worth a visit, to all, and more
especially to tho tho ladies.
I will'bo glad to welcome my old.
and many now ouatomors. Don't for
got my now address, over.701 ar'1703.
Austin Avo.
Deane, Photographor
Try Egan's $5.56 Lump coal.
Egan has tho best cheap coal in
tho markotat $5.50 por ton.
Pure and whito lam at 0 cents
por pound in ton gallon canB at Cull'
pen's, corner Fifth and Franklin.
MJT 1-9 Wearwoll $3 Bhoo
JH.1I IS fiuo fo fittora.
Compo tent help can find employ
rnont at tho Woman's Exchange
No. 113 North Fourth stroot
Tho meals fnsnished daily at the
Woman'b Exchange cannot be ox
colled. Everything tho market af
ords. Oysters in any style.
i vt Kelluin & Lfvton
L?5 CP kinds of real estate.
Froe Fine rich soil for gardens or
yards given away at old Avonuo
stables, Eighth street, botwen Austin
and Franklin.
For tho best and freshest boof,pork
mutton, veal, sparcribs, fish and
oysters i; o o Crippon corner Fifth
end Frankling
to Kellum & Lawson 113 S.
4th St. fov farms 6c ranobos
A J. Loslio for first-class watoh
clock and jewelry repairing. Same
building with II. E. Ambold Austin
to Kollum & Lawson for lots
in Provident addition.
When you want nico fresh meat
mutton, beef pork and purer lard at 10
oonts per pound, go to
Mellor & Delaney
125 South Third street.
Hard Hitter $3
Shoes, Austin avo.
I will soil you finer work in the
buggy line and for loss money than
can bo bought elsewhere. Gall and
see my immense stock . Ono hundred
vehioles in display room.
Tom Padoitt,
You Should not 60 Without It
Every family is liable to have a
horeditary taint of Consumption in it.
It may dato baok 3 or 4 generations.
This fact makes it necessary always to
havo no hand a remedy with whioh
to combat this formidable disease A
cough whon taken at first can readily
bo cured before it gets a Bcrious hold
on tho lungs. Ballard's Horohound
Syrup whon taken in its early ages
will cure Consumption, It is guaran
teed to bring relief in every oaBo.when
usod for any affeotion of tho Throat,
Lungs and Chest, suoh as Consump
tion, Inflammation of tho Lungs,
Bronohit'iB, Asthma, Whooping Cough,
Croup, etc. It is pleasant to take,
perfeotly safe and can always bo de
pended on. Sold by H. C. Risher &
Strango as it may seem, tho ques
tion ia often asked; "Do you furnish
meals for mon also, at tho Womanh
JZceltangc?" Consignments of all
kinds of eatables, needle work, and
ordorH for plain sewing solioitod from
women alono. Tho Exchange, furnishes
a market for all such from women who
wish to help themBolvcs: but the eat
ing departmout of tho Exchange is
open to mon and womon both, as it is
only the method to dofray oxponsos.
All gentlomon who wish to sco a
worthy institution succeed, call and
got a nioo moal.
to Kollum & Lawson 113 S. 4
st. for lots in Col. Height
Catch On
To tho faot that Waoo lus a oiear
factory whioh makes cigars out of to
bacco, and not cabbsgo leaves. IfVo
want a fine smoke, smoko U
Nox AH
Tho best Five Cent Ciijar in Waco
or if you aro hightonod, smoke '
Little Daisy
by all odds tho best Ton Ccnt'Cicar
iu Waoo, pure Havana. Or if yOU
aro fastidious, smoko tho
Uii a inner
Loudres Grandos, 12 cont cigar.
Theso cigars mado by thePionoer Fac
tory, G21) Austin street, beat all the
oigars in tho market.
A Sound Llvor Makos a vYoll Man
Aro you Bilious, Constlpatodand
troubled with Jnundlco SfokHoad
aoho, Bad Taato in Mouth, Flln
Breath, Coated Tongue, Dyspopsla
Indigestion, Hot Dry Skin, Pain in
Baok and betwoen the Shoulders,
Chills and Feyer, &o. If you have
any of theso symptoms, your JUlver is
out of order your blood is slowly
being poisoned, because your Liver
does not act properly. Hebuinb will
cure any disorder ol tho Llvor,8lom
aoh orBowols. It has no equal as a
Llvor Medicine. Prico 76 cents. Freo
sample bottle atH. C. Rishor's Druj?
Store. s
Drs. Wilkes & Wilkes and Dr. J.
E Forroll havo fitted up a Buitcof
rooms in tho new Provident building,
socond floor, whore thoy may bo found
in future Telephone at office and
residences. Slates at Old Cornor Drue
Miles' Nerve And Liver Pills
Act on a new prlnolplo regulating
the liver, stomaon and bowels ihrougn
tho nerves. A now discovery. Dr.
miles' Pills speedily euro biliousness,
bad taste, torpid liver piles, consti
pation. Unequaled for men, women,
and children. Smallest, mildest, sur
est. 60 doses 25 cents. Samples free
at H. C Risher & Go's. Drug store 51S
Austlu avenue
Straight dinner from 12 to 2 and
anything you want at any hour at Joo
Strictly Artoslan Water.
Tho annual water rates of the Waoo
Water and Light company aro as
Family uso t $ 4 0O
Banks 4 00
Offices 4 00
Barbershops, per chair 150
Bath tubs, public 4 00
liath tubs, private 2 Oft-
Stores 0 00
Drug stores 8 00
Saloyns 10 00
Bestaurants 10 00
Closets, public 2 00
Closets, private 1 00-
Urinals, public 2 00
Urinals, privato 100
Photographer 8 00
Privato stable for ono horse,
inoluding washing carriage . 1 00
Each additional horse 75
Cows 7f
Lawn sprinkling, 20o per 100
square feet for season.
Office: Room No. 11, Provident
build iner.
Funeral Directors,
No. 423 Franklin Street.
1000 aore farm, 500 in cultivation, all
first class prairio land. Ton houses,
barns, shode, wells and ono nover
failing spring.
Small farms of 100 or 200, 320 or 40O
acres oaoh, and many others cheap
and on easy terms.
Ranging in number of acres of 320, 50'
12C 0, 1400, 1866 and 3,000, situatod
near Waoo. Wo can boII special bar-,
gains in houses, lots and business
Bell & Sassaman,
Heal lii'Btaio nd Rental Agents, 111
South Fourth stroot, Waco, Toxab
fZiyw, .. a. IlL axwM
, v
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