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'jFull Associated Press
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I:STA1U.1H11K1 JULY 1(1,
VOL. 4. NO. 226.
Every DepaftjTiept
Will make a special exhibit of
NETS, and many of our own creation.
During the Exhibit the Store will remain open until 9:30 p.
m. We propose to make this the Greatest Exhibition
of Merchandise ever held here.
Details of the New Resort to bo Es
tablished by Cal. Parrott.
Tho plans for Col. R. B. Pairott's
n&tatoriutn have been completed and
accepted, and a beauty it is too. The
building is to bo erected of pressed
brick and stono, and will be one story
in night.' Tho pool will bo seventy
by thirty feet, and from three to seven
feet in depth- There will be eovonty
dressing rooms for tho convenience of
the pool bathers. In addition to the
pool there will bo twenty-five tub
oaths in elegant rooms. Every kind
of bath that a human beiug can call
for will be at tho disposal of the
patrons of the establishments. Tho
specifications oull for all of the latest
and most approved appliances, and it
will mako no difference whother
Russian, Turkish, needle vapor, tub
or plunge bath be wanted, the beet
will be had.
The well is now about 1,675 feet
'deep, and will be finished in about a
week. As soon as tho well is finished
the contractors will begin work and it
will bo pushed as rapidly as possible,
perhaps night and day, until complet
ed. It ib Col. Parrott's intention to
have the baths ready by the beginning
ot tho heated term, and this will be
done oven if they do have to work
night and day.
Waco's hot water has becomo so
popular that nearly evory visitor to
Waoo takes a plunge, but whoa wo
get a natatorium in tho heart of the
city Waoo will bo the greatest resort
for traveling men in the state. Our
hotols will always bo crowded and
Waco's already increasing famo as a
lioalth resort will become national,
Tho Artesian Steam Laundry is tho
biggest laundry in Texas and is al
ready doing a fine business. J. P.
and Geo. A. Wood proprietors.
Place your polioics with Dookery &
Co, Best of companies.
m $ Sfh.
the Latest Novelties, and our
A Tax Payer Givos Some Figures on
the Subject,
Mb. Editor: la order to answer
the slanderous charges of tho negro
Sublett, against our city officers in
referenoo to the colored schools, I
hand you tho following statement
taken from the publio iccords. of
Total tax assessment against colored
clt zena for tho year ls'.U 4 ....8317100
Total amount of above paid to April
lfit 18'2 8JOS S8
Bnlnncuduuand nnrall jms i.-j
Tho total amount of school tax includ-.
eu in we bdovo .il71 IX) assessed
apulnet oolored citizens la $l5j7 00
Total raid by tho ,clty to colored
teachers 1 year Is JG3.S 00
This shows that tho oolored schools
have received from tho city sohool
fund more than threo times as much
as the oolored people bavo paid to
said fund. Thus it will bo scon that
the white tax payers are paying annu
ally just $4638.00 to eduaate the col
ored children ! 1 And tho oolored poo-
plo are paying only $1887.00 for the
same purpose. Now what become of
tho chargo th" "whites aro robbing
tho colored peoplo?"
Tay Payer But No Office Holder.
A few days ago a lady lost a valu
ablo gold watch on the street and ad
vertised tho faot in The News offer
ing a reward for its return to the
owner. The watch was found by
Thomas Castillo and return to the
owner who tendered the finder a
handsomo reward whioh was doolinod
with thanks. Such manifestation of
honesty and right on tho part of Mr.
Castollo will be rewarded by tho ap
proval of his own oonBoienco which is
more valuable than money.
AVcntlior Indication.
Ry Associated Frees to Tho N(tti:
Washington, D. C, April 2
Eastern Texas fair till Monday slight
ly cooler on tho Gulf variable windB.
- i
Iowa and Kansas the Greatest
And the Horrible Details Present an
Awful Picture to Contemplate.
Corpses of Tholr Darlings In The
Last Embrace, and'. Fathers
.k u ICcMill of tlio I'eiirful Wreck ol
rumlly anil Homo Ilimsch Itlown
To A to 1111, mill in tlio Doltriu tlio
IVIiiiiirlfld ItciiuiliiM ot -ivoiumi mill
Children lire t'outitl IInroc( uiilz
able unil I iirliiluicd. Tlio Morm
King in Ilk IliiKo I'liys 11 viiht Coun
try Wiiklc mill Whole VainilicH arc
Wiictl out of Existence.
By the Associated Prees to ThaNewe:
Kansas City, April 2. Fifty kil
led. Thoso two words when the story
of the recent Kansas oyclono is told
will represent loss of human life as
near as can be computed. Tcle
graphio communication with a major
ity of towns in tho stricken distriot is
yot very impeifeot and there is still no
connection whatover with a fow points
that were in the path of tho storm.
The first news oyer restored linos tolls
of destruction, suffering and death. It
is bolioved most of the worst disasters
have beon reported, but'thero are still
moro to be heard from. Kiowa and
DeGraft and country in Kansas is
where tho storm oroated tho greatest
havoo. Tho present list of the dead
including those who died from their
iujurios, now numbes 5J7. Death roll
is, at Towanda; Dr. John D. Godfrey,
iged 78, retired physician.
Hersohield Gulp, agea 31. Farm
ers son, John Bailey, aged 21, railroad
laborer; John Blake, aged -17, mer
chant; Goo. Blako, aged GO; Miss An
nio Robbins, aged 35; postmistress,
Earl Karr, aged 11; O. L. Wcstegate,
agjd 32.
At Augustine, Albert Barnes, aged
23, farmer; infant child of Wm.
Rhoades; Harmon "Hoskins, aged 30,
farmer; infant son of latter, and Miss
Herbert Abbott. At Wellington, Mrs.
John Showalters, infant child of Wm.
Little and his four children At South
Haven, Benj H. Maple and James H.
Maisle, his: son. At Wichita, Pat
Martin a farmer. At Eureka, Miss
Mary Razer. At Strong City, John
Glosser, Mrs. John Glosser and their
infant child. In Missouri thero were
only two fatalities so far as known as
follows. At Moberly, Mrs. Joseph
Connelly and at St. Joseph the seyen
year old daughter of Rev. F. B. Bush
nell. These deaths resulted from in
juries received during yesterday's gale,
both victims being struck and killed
by flying missils hurled by wind.
Kansas City, Mo , April 2 The
Stars Wamego Kansas special: Seven
people killed is a dreadful record
of the hurricane Thursday night in
this vicintty. The dead are: Mrs.
Albert Eggers and two children, aged
3 and s years, John Johnson, laborer
on Eggers' farm; Churles Taylor, Mrs.
Charles Taylor and her 9 ye"ar
child. Tho house of Albert Taylor
was oomplotoly demolished and was
scattored broadcast over tho farm.
Mrs. Eggers was found dead holding
in her arms tho dead body of a young
child. Tho body of tho oldest child
was found somo distance foom tho
house Their faces all had the ap
pearanco of being badly burned, dust
and durt having been forced below
the skin by tho forco of tho wind.
Albert Eggors waB found about mid
night wandering about his farm. He
was in a dazed oondition and had
sustained a fracture of tho right arm
and other bad bruises. His
injuriosmay result fatally. His mind
now appoars completely lost as a re
sult of learning the dreadful fato of
his wifo and children. Tho houso of
Entered at the Vonlofjlce ntWitto, T a, cm
We Have a Full and Complete
Styles, Colors
We always have a Full Line of all the
Newest Shapes in
( For which we are Agents.)
AAXsliin. a.xxcl ljLf tin
Cider .Miiniit'adiii'rr and Dealer in
Agricultural Implements,
Wagons, Buggies, Carriages and Road Carts, Barbed and plain wire.
Agent for the celebrated Whitman Hay Press, McCormick's Binders
and Mowers, Deering Binders and Moweis, Osborne Binders and
Mowers. Full supply extras kept on hand for all machines. Examine
my stock and get prices and you will not buy elsewhere. Cor, Bridge
and First Streets, Waco, Texas. d&w
Don't buy until you have seen our lines. We can fit any size
man, large, mcdiiSm or small. Everything guaranteed.
John Taylor was moved somo distance
from the foundation end dashed to
the ground with terrific force wreck
ing, it oomplotely. Taylor's body waf
found among tho debris crushed aud
mangled beyond recognition.
His 9 year old ohild mot
death in tho ruins. Tho body
being found near tho father. Mrs.
Taylor was resoued from tho rumB in
an unsconoious condition. She will
hardly recover Tho house of J T Jonns
ocoupied by John Fulmor was torn
out of shape and almost completely
wrecked. Fulmer, wifo and mother
woro terribly injured. They will
probably recover. Other houses in
th' vicinity wero badly damaged by
tho storm but no other fatalities have
been reported.
Omaha. Nob., April 2. At Elsio.
Neb., yestorday tho snow drifted two
foot doop causing suffering, but tho
storm is over. At Dunbar, Nob.,
several houses woro blown down and
one person slightly injured. At EUio
several persons wore fatally wounded.
Tho Westorn Union telegraph wires
throughout the state were blown
down and tho company was unablo to
do business except to Chicago via
bioux City, This was tho only wiro
working during tho morning. Botweon
Patton and Julesburg, Col., miles of
wiro and polls were down. Tho
Western Union was entirely cut off
from communication with Denver. A
family named Andorson had just
moved in a small houso in Benson
Wjntejirkt, Iowa, April 2. Ab a
result of yesterdays storm king a
number of houses wero unroofed and
sovcral small buildingB blown down.
John Bard, a pioneer citizen was
Seeomt Chun JlfnHrf.
50 Cents ter Month
Assortment of all the Latest
and Makes of
& CO
struok by a falling tree and fatally in
jured. Muscatine, Iowa, April 2. Yes
terdays storm caused considerable
damatro horo. A numbur of huildincn
Buffered and a number of peoplo wero
injureu. ino rooi 01 tho uommer
cial Houso was blown off.
DuitUQUK, Iowa, April 2. Tho
wind blew a hurricane last night. The
Univorsalist church was badly damag
ed and numerous other buildings in
jured. Tho Koy City Boat House
was demolished and the boats sunk or
drven away. One man is reported
Glvo Thorn a xrlal.
One by one one Kirk & Boosing
arc fitting out gontlemon with new
spring attiro as fast as a largo numbor
of men can do the work. Their plaoo
is the busiest in tho city and thoir
skillful workmen run far into tho
night to keep up with thoir orders.
Their elegant parlor is nover without
a custorcor and tho clip of shoarB ia
everlasting. Kirk & Jleosing aro pop
ular tailors. Their lino fits and ox
qusite workmanship aro proverbial
and to givo them an order for a suit
is to onsuro being well dressed. They
carry one of prettiest spring goods
seon this season, Givo them your
patronage aud be elegantly drebscd.
$10 Lost.
A ton dollar bill was lost on South
side of Franklin Htroot, botwoon
Fourth and Twolfth streets to-dny
aioon by a young Judy omployod as
souniHtroKB In that locality, und who
foelM the loss of hor hurd-uamod cash
very soroly. If tho finder la an hon
est man or woman, und has sympa
thy for un linnost worldlier girl and
orphan, plcaso hand tho monoy to
7J. 31. Fjiankmn, iA
JenRs k
.No. 1011 FranKlInj

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