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W. H, WII.KK8, M D
Hcsldcnco UCO N 12 St..
Physicians and Surgeons.
Slate al Old Corner Drag Btoro. Telopaone
at OQlco mid Residences.
EuciENn Williams. Wst. W. Evans.
Williams & Evans
Atty's $ Counsellors at Law,
viioriitRXT nuinmsa,
A Writing Machlnv (lint tietlit on .Matt.
Without a Peer in the Known World.
Hartley & Burleson
AgentcSOO South Tblnl Ft. Waco. Tex.
Siillloeof all kinds on Shortest Notice.
41 S . r, -lit nrJtKf i
-PTX. AU StrYM-BMft.SQHHfr ftiri
."ilS Anfctiu Avenue.
waco, : : : tuxas.
Commercial House.
Cor. Eighth $ Clay Sis.
Only firo btorUn suutlt of Mo. 1'aeljlc Jl.JC
Terms reasonable. Commercial
Travel especially solicited.
Mrs. N. H. Kirkpatrick.
The only oheap lota offered in Wnco
for tho last fivo years aro thoso now
on the market in ihe Kirkpatriok Ad
dition, East Waoo. These lots are
being sold for ono-half their real val
ue, making a ohunoo to seouro a de
sirablo homo such as will never occur
Cheap JLots.
Theso lotB Ho high and dry. They
overlook a large portion of tho oity
and havo porfect drainage. They lie
in tho healthiest part of tho city, catch
ing tho puro breezes from tho prairie
untainted by passage over any part of
tho city.
Cheap Lots
Theso lots havo tho finest soil, a
rich sandy loam, admirablo for gar
dens, and aro underlaid with pure
water in inexhaustible quantities at a
depth of fifteen and sixteen foot,
which oan bo usod for irrigation.
Cheap Lot.
Theso lots are closer to tho contor
of the oity than any other addition,
and at tho same distance lots ara sell
ing for thrco and five times the price
asked for theso. There is millions in
it for persons of small means. Call on
Mrs. or P. G. Kirkpatriok, southwest
corner Eighth and Clay street.
All parties desiring plats of the
ivirkpatriok addition oan obtain them
upon application.
ci nr.KNs oi'Tiu: tiiikii waku
Ill I. urge Number to Hear tlio Cult
tlliliitcN lor iHuyor l'rencnt tliclr
ClitlitiN Circul i:iitliiihlanui.
HlticlimitH on tliu Wiiriuuli,
Ulackwell Hotel.
Good beds and best of fare. Hates
$1.00 per day. Meals 25 cents, 120
Second stroot, next door to tho court
house. tf
Buy iSgan's Big Muddy Lump coal.
Fine Work.
Never in the history of Waco was
there i stock of bnggies display
ed as can be found at Tom Fadgitt's.
Tho finest work, tho latest styles and
tho lowest ptices. No trouble to
show them. Call and see for yourself.
One hundred vehicles in display room
Joe Lohman's for
oonfeotionoricfl 117
loo oream and
South Fourth
Rules and Regulations at the Park
Open 6 a. m. to 10 p. m. closed on
Sunday night. Pool resorved for
ladies exclusively Wednesday evening
2 to 5:30; Saturday morning 9 to 12,
Monday night 0 to 10 for ladieB and
gontlemon, pool party, tub, needle, and
vapor baths at all hours for patients
and others. Experienced male and
fomalo attendants day and night.
Tom Padgitt, Proprietor.
J. B. CiiEbNUT, Manager.
Everybody goes to Joo Lenman's
when they want a good meal, or he
to Kellum & Laueon for
in Pravident addition.
tfl jth. toKollum & Lawson
5T4 st. for lots in Col
113 S.
to Kellum & Lawson for
lots in Fftrwells Heights.
Tho best restaurant in town, Joe
No. 117 South Fourth
For sale.
Tbreo horses, one ten-horse power
ongino and boiler and a lot of shelving
and storo fixtures. Cheap and on
good terms. Mooue Bnos.
Hotel Royal Bar.
Hayden & Haydcn, proprietors.
Neat and quiet. Very finest wines
and liquors. Superb lunoh at 10.
Old friends and customers as well
now will meet a hearty woloomo.
Subscribers who do not receive
their paper will confer a favor by re
porting so at office, as that is the
only way wo can know whether the
carriers do their duty or not. Carriers
not allowed to sell papers under any
Do You Know It?
A common cough is the most dan
gerous thing in tho world to neglect; a
slight haoking cough is also vory
dancrerous. as it always leads to
bronohitis and consumption. Don't
neglect them. In selecting a remedy
for coughs, colds and bronchitis, bo
Bure and got one that is not full of
opium and one that will not produce
constipation. Ballard's Horehound
Syrup does not constipato, remember
this. It is perfectly harmless for chil
dren, and it's the most soothing and
healing tbront and lung medioine in
tho world. It cures consumption,
coughs, colds, sore -throat, asthma,
whooping oough, oroup, bronohitis,
hoarseness, sore lungs, tickling in tho
throat iMid greatly strengthens tho
lungs after pneumonia. Sold by fl.
O. Rishor & Co.
Joe Lohman is tho most popular ros
taurant man in Texas. His place
117 South Fourth street.
Dr. Gco.,P. Mann, dentist. Full
sett of upper or lowor teeth, $12.50.
Buy Egan's Indian Territory coal
Egan's blaok diamonds" will soon
give way to "cool comfort," try him
ere it is too late.
Extras for Buggies.
Carriage and buggy tops, oarriago
and buggy wheels, buggy bodies, cuBh
ions, 'azy backs, springs, 5th wheols,
shaft shaokles, prop nuts, prop
joints, oots, storm aprons, shaft tops
single t -ecs, shafts in pairs or odd,
poles, brodst yokes, polo circles, dashes,
dash raits, seat handles, etc., cart
whcclB and springs, at
T. P. Sparks & Son's.
"to Kellum & Lawson 113 S.
4th St. for farms & ranches
Mi to Kellum & Lawaon 113 S. 4
TOtiyst. for lots in Coh Height
Excursion to Dallas.
Tho rouniou of ox-Confederate vet
erans at DallaB, April 5th, the Mis
souri, Kansas and Texas railway will
sell round trip tickets April 4th and
5th, good for return until April 13th,
at ono fare for the round trip.
J. E. Smith. Tickot Agent.
A Sure Cure for Plies .
Itching PileB are known by mois
ture liko perspiration, causing intense
itobing when warm. This form as
well as Blind, Blooding or Protrud
ing, yiold at onco to Dr. Bosanko's
Pile Remedy, which aots dirootly on
parts offeoted, absorbs tumors, allays
itohing and effeots a permanent euro.
50 cts. Druggists or mail. Circulars
free Dr. Bosanko, 329 Arch St.,
Philadelphia, Pa. Sold by W. B.
Morrison & Co.
to Kellum & Lawson fo
lotfcin Farwell Heights.
The political meeting at Padgitt's,
Park Saturday night was largely at
tended, principally by citizens of tho
third ward, but in point of boisterous
conduct and disrespeot to tho speak
ers was not unlike every other held
during the present municipal cam
paign. It is stated, however, that it
far surpassed Friday night's meeting
at Riohio ball for peaoo and quiet.
Tho Park Theatro being occupied as
a Bkating rink tho meeting was held
beneath (the trees in tho open air.
Order was called at 8:45 and Mr.
James I. Mooro clooted chairman.
The reporters of tho daily papers were
elected secretaries.
By agreement among themsolvos
the candidates spoke in the order re
ported below, Maj. John F. Herbert
occupying the stand first, in substanoo
as follows: 1 am before you as a
candidate for mayor. I want, in the
outset of my remarks to disabuso
your minds of ono thing. It has been
roportcd on tho streots and in tho
papers ttiat i am runninn- in tne in
terest of McCulloch. Suoh is not the
case. I am running in the interest
of John F. Heibert and for good gov
ernment for Waco. I bolong to no
clique, no ring, no gang. I am run
ing beoausc 1 want the oflico and
think I will make a good mayor.
Mayor MoCullooh is running bocauso
ho wants the peoplo to endorso his
administration. Mayor Hinchman is
running to vindicato his record, He
is a olever man, but would do much
better out on a ranch than as mayor
of Waco. I havo nover done liko he
has, nor will I ever do so, that is to
furnish and distribute kegs of beer
to the peoplo to drink, hoping by bo
doing to influcnco their votes. This
is what was dono in East Waco a few
days ago. Mr. Goodo says if ho is
electod mayor he will bo the humblest
and quietest man in Waco. We don't
waat a silent mayor, wo want a rustler
who will look ont for the best interests
of tho city, a man who has some get
up about him and who will do bis
whole duty. Mr. McCulloch is a
number one, good man, but ho is too
easy. He don't spur tho officers up
enough. If I am elected mayor I will
be mayor. Wo need a great rovolu
tion in tho counoil. If you paid more
attention to tho oleotiooAof aldermen
thero would not be so noh complaint
against the mayor. What I boliovo
is right I will do regardloss of conse
quences. When I went into tho
council a man who was fined $1 had
to pay $12 or $15 in trimmings beforo
be got out of it. I introduced a
resolution to do away with that in
famous porquisito system. It was
an unpopular movomentat first, but I
kept ut it till I carried my point. It
is said by some that the mayor has no
power, but this is a mistake. If any
thing is done in tho counoil bo doos
not like he can veto it. When I first
went into the counoil there was no
systom in the oity secretary's office.
The records woro kept in old pots,
jars, tin cans and whatover was most
handy, and nothing could be found
when wanted, but now the business of
that office is so systemized that the
scorotary can lay his hand on any
thing you may want in an instant.
Waco to-day is in a better
financial condition than any oity in
Texas, she haa more and better im
provements than any other, and yet
people are complaining. Tako a busi
nesslike view of tbia matter. Tho
creditors of a merohant may hear re
ports that he is about to fail and
think they will close down on him to
savo themselves, but ho tolls them to
hold on. He takes them in his storo
and shows them his stock of goodB and
says: Here is my capital, when times
get better and I can dispose of these
goods 1 will pay you wnat i owo you.
The question is asked: "VShoro is
our money?" I'll tell you whoroit is.
It is in tho many miles of splendidly
improved streets, in our fine bridges
which will last a lifetimo, in our effic
ient firo departments which wo Bhould
feel proud of, in our sower rystom and
in our sohool buildings which those of
no city in TexaB can comparo with.
Tako theso as our assets and place
them on one sido of tho account and
our liabilities on the other and you
will sco wo aro not in such a bad fix.
If I am elooted mayor I will boo that
Waco keeps moving steadily on "Her
bright star of prosperity will oontinuo
to shine out in lottors of gold and wo
will move on to glory."
Mr. R. J. Goode was was the noxt
speaker. He said that ho was charged
with being a friend to tho laboring
people. So I am and hopo 1 always
will bo, but I don't expect to bo eloot
ed alono upon their votes. If I am
elected I will treat all alike whether
rich or poor. I am
tho ono who raisod tho
tho wages of the laboring people. 1
grant Major Herbert tho credit of
vcting for it with mo but ho did not
raise his voice in favor of it, ho did
not fight for it as I did. He ought to
remain alderman of the Fifth ward, for
which position his people endorsed
him. 1 am hero because I havo a
record as alderman in tho past and I
believo 1 will bo elected by a large
majority. If I am elected no man nor
sot of mon oan influence my vote upon
any matter. I may not always bo
right but will have tho courage of my
oonviotions and represent tho peo
ples interest and bo mayor. Tho per
quisito question is a dead issuo but 1
was tho first to introduoo a resolution
to abolish it. It was brought about
by me and by no ono else. 1 havo no
chargo to make against any man run
ning, but I do say that tho presont ad
ministration has beon tho most ex
travagant ono wo havo had for ton
years. I say that the money roooived
for thoso bonds has been misappro
priated, and spent in tho wrong
place not beon proporly distributed
where improvements wero needed.
West and Herbert aro just as much
responsible as anyono else, thoy were
in tho council, but will never bo thero
again. Tho monoy expended in going
to Now York was not too muoh but
this trip wasn't nocossary. Every
dollar spent has bceu well spent.
Judge John O. Wost next took
tho stand and made an exocllent
speech. He said: "Wo havo met
hero under tho troos, God's first tom
plo to decide what our laws shall bo
and who shall administer them. Next
to tho worship of God no higher duty
devolves upon us than that of Boloct-
ing our officers. Tho gentlemen who
havo preoeeded mo havo said 'I, 1, I'
till thov aro hoarse. I am tired of so
much 'I.' When I am eleotcd mayor
I want you to say 'ho.' I want you
to givo us all a fair chanoe, Hold us
all up and sorutonizo us and select the
best man. If you seloot any ono of
my opponents I will submit and sup
port him heartily. I want to warn
you against falso reports circulated
just upon the cvo of election when it
is too late to deny or correct them.
Suoh things have been done and good
mon thus defeated. A great doal has
beon said about my platform and that
I voted tho other day to sell tho $30,
000 sewer bonds at 95 when I had
declared in mv platform that I was
opposed to Belling Waco bonds at less
than par. My platform is a general
statement of my position on the most
important principles involved and no
other candidato has had tho nervo to
como before tho people stating what
their views arc on theso questions.
When my oard, with my platform,
was printed a resolution was on tho
books authorizing W. E. Hawkins,
ohairman of th finanoo committeo to seo
tho bonds at 95 conta and I say that
it was a good deal, after the matter
had been gotton in such a muddlo by
an attempt to sell thom at 91 cents. 1
am in favor now of selling tho
$100,000 street improvement bonds at
95 cents, but if I am elected mayor I
shall oppose tho salo of any more
bonds at lesB than par. We arc, now
about dono with this oanvaBS. The
peoplo want rest. If you don't want
to vote for me next Tuesday, voto for
some ono else. If yon aro satisfied
with tho administration just past,
ratify it by returning it. Mayor Mo
Cullooh, though sick,, was on hand
and spoko next. Me Baid no was a
candidate beforo the peoplo for re
oleotion to tho offioo of mayor of tho
city of Waco. Major norbert had
made in his speech a thorough vindi
cation of his administration. He tolls
you about our improved streets, our
find bridges, our excellent system of
public free schools, and states that
everything is all right. Mr. Goodo
stated that ho raised tho wages of the
laboring mon tho truth is, that as
chairman of tho street committeo, I
introduced that resolution and did all
I could to havo it adopted. Mr. Wost
says ho has givon you a platform.
That platform haB dono more to do
feat him than anything olso. During
tho time that Mr. Hinohman was
mayor ho had a vory intelligent
son-in-law who was and still is oity
secretary. Had it not been for Jonoy
Jones Mr. Hinohman never could
havo hold tho offioo of mayor. If you
elect him ho may do vory well till
the term of offioo of Jonoy Jones ox
pires whioh will be in ono year from
this timo, thon you will bo virtually
without a mayor for one year, unless
tho peoplo seo fit to ro-eloot Jonoy
Jones city seorotary, No ono over
know whero Hinchman stands. Ho
has no politics and has always been
on tho fenoo in every question of im
portance involving a principle for the
good of tho peoplo It is said that I
am too easy and that 1 will not mako
u fight for what 1 think is right. I
refer you to tho fight 1 mado for tho
charter we aro now living under
against a dologation of tho best tal
ent Waco affords in opposition to mo
at Austin. I leave this to Mr. Mooro,
who is here, and who was agiinst mo
at and tho proposed charter at the
time, to say whether or not I mado n
determined fight for it. (Mr. James I.
Mooro said that suoh was tho fact.) I
have tried 2500 oases as police judge,
have had only ono appeal and not a
singlo reversal. Hinchman presided
for two years and today cannot tell a
rulo of order on our books. Hinohman,
Goodo and Herbert say they want a
man lor suporintendont of
our public sohools. I say
that Mrs. Willie D. House is a noblo
woman and under her administration
as superintendent we have an cxoollcnt
system of public sohools. That she is
a oapablo and efficient sohool superin
tendent cannot bo gain-said and to
mako an unwarranted fight against
hor without juBt canso, but simply be
causo sho is a woman aod uot entitled
to vote, is vory wroiiK. 1 say wo havo
the best system of publio free schools
of any oity in Texas, and as good a
superintendent in Mtb. House as could
bo obtained, whethor man or woman.
We owo less monoy than any oity in
Texas, and part of our bocdou in
debtedness is tho old Texas Central
railroad bonds, Evory dollar spont
has been well spont. 1 am in favor of
improvements, of progress. We
ought to continue to improvo our
streets and givo the working men em
ployment. I lay no espeoial olaims to
tho office, it belongs to tho peoplo,but
I havo done tho best I could under all
tho circumstances and havo the con
sciousness of knowing that I havo
dono right. I would thank you for
your votes and if elected I promiso to
continuo to do my wholo duty as
mayor, administer tho laws of tho city
with even-handed justice to
all aliko and try to con
tinue in tho line of progress
which has marked my administration
Major A. Hinchman was tho noxt
spoakcr. Ho mounted tho stand, pul
led off his coit, as usual, and started
out in a high koy: "Oh I ye mon of
Waco. I am not here to abuse any of
my oppononts. I have beon to Kan
sas City on business and to my ranch
in Hamilton county making a living
for my family and have had but littlo
timo to speak. 1 havo beon stabbed
in tho back by thoBe who I havo bc
frionded in timo of need. It has
been roportcd by a sot of thiovos,
scoundrels and liars that 1 didn't pay
tho mechanics for building my house.
This is a ho. I paid tho men $1,000
more than they wero ontitlod to undor
tho contract when the contractor
couldn't pay them. Tho man who
steals my pooketbook steals trash but
ho who steals my good namo robs me
of that which do'es not eurioh him but
makes mo poor indeed. 1 liko Mo
Cullooh as a neigobor but if ho was
ever cut out for a mavor he was spoil
ed in tho mak'ng. 1 can saytho eamo
thing about Herbert and Wost. I
want to hit a man who has triod to hit
me. Tho supporters of McUullooh,
Herbert and West havo treated mc
honorably but Goodo's supportors
have dono me dirt. Thero is a man who
calk himself a contractor whose ini
tials aro Ulaudcr. Ho is a low down
cowardly cur, an anarchist, a liar. I
was driven out of a meeting last night
by Goodo men and not allowed to bo
herd. Is my record not clean and
white? If not why don't Homeono
como up and show whero it is not. I
was mayor for two years and tho first
man who ever sold a dollars worth of
bonds at par. Wo havo the grandost
oity in Texas and when it comes to
selling her bonds bolow par 1 am not
in it. If the old man is let alono for
fifteen or twohty days ho will soil tho
$100,000 of street improvement bunds
at par, and will stako my reputation
upon it. If you oloot mo
mayor of your city I wi'l bo
mayor for tho poorest man as well as
for the banker. Vote for a man who
you think will do tho most good for tho
greatest number of pooplo, and will pay
no bills oxcept thoso endorsed by the
finanoo committeo.
i At tho oonolusion of Major Hindi
man's speooh Mr. J. P. OlarL' mountod
tho stand to reply to so mo usporcoins
thrown at him by Major IILohman,
but ho was jooicd so by tho crowd that
it was with difficulty that ho -ipoko at
all during his epcoob, in which noth
ing of interest was said, cries of "got
down, pull him down, sling him out,"
etc, woro loudly shoutod by tho crowd.
Major Ilinohman'a only reply to
him was: "lam not shooting at small

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