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fiFiill Associated Press Reports jj5
EHTJllTjlHlllin JVJtV M, 1HHH.
JKntered at the VottoQlee ntll'noo, X an, u Sternal Clans matter .
VOL. 4. NO. 228.
50 Cents ter Month
Every Depaftpiept
"Will make a special exhibit of
NETS, and many of our own creation.
During the Exhibit the Store will remain open until 9:30 p.
m. We propose to make this the Greatest Exhibition
of Merchandise ever held here.
One hundred and fifty-six persons
n Waco have purchased lots in
Coldwater, each person buying from
one to twenty lots. Next month we
will commence to run excursions to
Coldwater and the price of every lot
will be doubled and at the increased
price will be cheaper than any Coun
ty Seat property ever offered for sale
in the Panhandle. Buy lots now
$5, $10, 15, $20, $25, $30, $40, $50.
(Next month they will be) $10, $20,
$30, $40, $5o, $60, $80, $100.
Phillip L. Alexandre,
Hotel ltoy.il.
Or H. A. Arnold & Co.,
Provident Building.
I, Harry 0. Chamberlain, a notary
public, do hereby certify that I have
acknowledged 156 deeds to Coldwater
lots. Hahry 0. Chambeklain.
llorriblo Jolto I'lnyeil 011 11 Follow
Worltniun. PniLADKLPHiA, April 5. While at
tempting to light his pipo at an eloo
trio light as ho was told to do in a
ioko by a follow-workman, a Hun
garian, at Johnslown,Pa., was instantly
killed laBt night. A current oi 2,000
volts passed through hiB body.
7(h & Bih.
the Latest Novelties, and our
Give Thorn a rrlal.
One by one one Kirk & Roesing
aro fitting out gentlemen with new
spring attire as fast as u largo number
of men oan do the work. Their place
is the busiest in the city and their
skillful workmen run far into tho
night to keep up with thoir orders.
Their elegant parlor is never without
a customer and the clip of shoars is
everlasting. Kiik & Reosine; aro pop
uhr tailors. Their fine fits and ox
quBite workmanship aro proverbial
and to givo them an order for a suit
is to ensure being well dressed. They
carry one of prettiest spring goods
soon this season. Givo them your
patronage and be elegantly dressed.
Miles' Nerve And Liver Pills
Aot on a new principle regulating
the liver, stomaoh and bowels through
thenorves. A new discovery. Dr.
miles' Pills speedily cure biliousness,
bad taBte, torpid liver piles, consti
pation. Unequalod for men, women,
ant) children. Smallost, mildest, sur
est. 50 doses 25 cents. Samples free
at H. 0 RIsher & Co's. Drug store 518
Austin avenue
rnu I'Kairci.oM'.u.
I'lie Two Political Annie In ICIioilo
Island Ilcfctmir nn Tliolr Arum,
By Aaeoclatod Frets to The No'.s.
Providencv, April 5. The eve of
the political battle which is to be
fought tomorrow finds the work of pre
paration almost finished, and both
parties still professing confidence as
to result which each asserts to be a
complete or partial victory for its side.
The prospect is, however,
very uncertain and all
sorts Jof wagers aro being made on
result of tho contest. Democrats fin
ished their rallies last night though
they will have somo few meetings to
night but none of them will be of
very large dimensions. Groatest ef
forts and biggest spoakors having al
roady been put forth.
The Republicans howover havo re
served some of thoir powerful ammu
nition for a parting shot tonight.
Nino Workmen in a Smokeless
Powder Factory.
lty;au i:xilo6lou;nl (inn, Cotton Not
a III tin Left to Toli;How It Ilap-
llOllOtl IIOUNC NIllllCCIl IliOCltN
Awuy (lint Window mill Glut
ware Smaxhcd to 1'Iocoh.
By Apeoclntod Press to 1 ho Newn
St. Petersiiukg, April 5. Nine
men were killed last night by the ex
plosion of five tons of gun cotton in a
smokeless powder factory. After tho
explosion the building in which the
gun cotton had been stored was no
where to been be seen. It had been
blown into splinters. Nine workmen
were in the building when the explo
sion took place and everyone of
them were blown to pieces. Search
was made for remmants of their bodies
and some of their limbs were found
250 yards away from the building
Gun cotton was stored in a separato
building and it may be attributed to
that fact that the loss of life was not
much greater. Adjoining factories
were greatly damaged and five work
men in them were injured. Houses a
mile and a quarter away from the
scene were made to shake. Windows
were shattered andjerockery and glass
ware thrown to the floor and smashed.
The loss from these causes will be
quite heavy. There is no possible
way of ascertaining how the explosion
occurred. Every man in the the gun
cotton building is dead. It is thought
however that the cause is due to care
lessness. rilO.1I AUSTIN.
A Committee of Inquiry Appointed
on tlio Court ok Appeals Locution
Special to The NeWD.
Austin, April 5. Regan, of Brown
asked that 11 committee of 7 bo ap
pointed to deoido npon tho icspcotive
merits af tho several claims piosontcd
to tho legislature for tho location of
tho oivil court of cppeals.lt is thought
that this is calculated to hurt Fort
v orth. Crawford advocatod strongly
tho resolution and it was carried.
Tho bill to conform to tho Jester
amendment has been under discussion
all morning. Gough Dowson, Jostor
and Grcsham made speeches.
The senate after amonding tho looal
option monstrosity article by articlo
it passed to engrossment and then tho
senato went into executive session.
A Kicli Man' Daughter ?Iarrlc a
Teamster and I'apa Itcfiisc
II1 ItlCHklUKh.
By Associated Pren to The News:
Huntington, Pa., April 5. A
week ago Miss May Trimblo, aged
nineteen, daughter of Burgess J.
Trimblo, of Birmingham, left home
ostensibly to visit fiicnds in Atlanta.
A day later John R. Baker, her
father's teamstor left on a weeks va
cation. Yesterday Mr. Trimblo was
dumb founded by tho rcceit of a note
from his daughter containing tho in
telligence that TeauiBter Baker and
she had been married in Camden N.
J., and aro waiting in Philadelphia for
a father's blessing. Mr. Trimblo
vows he will novor borcconoilod.
They Want Itayard
Wilmington, Del., April 5. There
is a movement on foot to constitute
Hon. Lewis F. Bayard one of Dele
ware's dolegates to tho Democratic
national oonvontion at Chicago.
The "Women in Kimhiis,
Topeka, April 5. Roturns from
various city elections in Kansas yes
terdav show in most places that the
women's vote was very light.
Union County for Oroyer,
LEWiBBuna, Pa,, April 5. The
Union County Domocratio convention
ondorsed Clovoland for prosident.
', Weather Indication.
Washington, April 5. For Toxas:
Showers for to-day, olcaring Wednes
day morning; north winds.
We Have a Full and Complete Assortment of all the Latest
Styles, Colors and Makes of
We always have a Full Line of all the
Newest Shapes in
( For which we
-rfZVtfl.S'ti! euckct IidcfclTL "fci
Cider Manufacturer and Dealer in
Agricultural I mplements,
Wagons, Buggies, Carriages and Road Carts, Barbed and plain wire.
Agent for the celebrated Whitman Hay Press, McCormick's Binders
and Mowers, Deering Binders and Mowcis, Osborne Binders and
Mowers. Full supply extras kept on hand for all machines. Examine
my stock and get prices and you will not buy elsewhere. Cor. Bridge
and First Streets, Waco, Texas. d&w
Underwear! Underwear!
FOR SPRING AND SUMMER. We arc showing the most com
plete stock of Men's Underwear ever brought to Waco. Don't buy
until you have seen our goods. We will save you money.
Democrat lc.Iliirtfonl.
By Associated Preis to Tlic N'ows.
IlARTi'oni), Conn.. April 5. After
a lively contest yestorday William
Hydo (Domoorat) was olectod mayor
over Henry 0. Dwight (Ropebhoan.)
The luaUcr City for Cr ovor Too,
Philadelphia, Pa., April C. Tho
Demooratio city committeo has adopt-'
cd resolutions favoring the nomina
tion of Grover Cleveland for prosident
and endorsing tho administration of
Governor Puttison.
' Toledo in Hcpllhllcilll.
Tolkdo, 0., April 5. Tho Republi
cans elected their whole city tioket
yestorday except polioo clerk. Tho
count is very slow with indications
that the Domoorats may obtain a ma
jority in the counoil.
ITIiitt ((tiny i:ndori'd.
Suniiuuv, Pa., April 5. Tho
Northampton county Republican con
vention was instructed for national
delegates for eleotor and for delegates
to stato convention. Strong resolu
tions indorsing Senator Quay wero
hi cm ci i' a 1. i:i,i:ction.
.lllrlilu'ati, Ohio,; IltlnoU, loivu,
KuiikiiN and North Ilultolii
Show Democratic tialiik,
lly the Aisoolated Pices to The News:
Chicago, Ills., April' 5. The city
olootions in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois,
Iowa, Kansas and North Dakota
shows that in a majority of places
looal issues took precednce over poli
tics and that when party linc3 wero
drawn tho Republicans had tLo best
f f it. Tho Democrats generally .rero
sucoessful and show larger majorities
than did tho Republicans.
are Agents.)
To tho Bouthorn Baptist Convention
at Atlanta.
Tho board of directors of tho
Baptist Goneral oonvontion of Toxas
mot at tho First Baptist churoh this
morning- to olect dolegates to tho
Southern Baptist convention whioh
meets In Atlanta, Oa., iu may. Tho
following is tho list of delegates from
Revs. R. 0,, Burleson, John Bate
man, B. II. Carroll, W. S. Huff, A.
M. JohnFon, J. B. Carnfill, S h.
Morris and M-of Hrs. John T. Battle, F.
L. Carroll, 0. Faulkner, R, II. Hill, B.
Roberts and Geo. W. Truott.
Thero will be about 125 delogatos
from Toxas.
A Husband's Mistake.
Husbands too often permit wives,
and parents their childron, to suffer
from headache, dizzinoss, neuralgia,
sleeplessness, fits, nervousness, when
by tho U60 of l)r MUob Rcstorativo
Nervinoiuch serious rcsultn oould
easily bo prevented. Druggists ovcry
whero say it given universal satisfac
tion, and ban an immense sale.
Woodworth & Co., of Fort Wayno,
Ind.; Snow & Co , of Syraou60, N.
Y.; J. C. Wolf, Hillsdale, Mioh.j and
hundreds of othcis say "it is tho
groatost seller thoy ovor know.'' It
contains no opiates. Trial bottles
and fine book on Nervous DiBcasos
frco at II. C. Rishor & Co.
Dry post oak cord wood, $3.50;
stove wood $4 50, at Gurley Wood
Pickled pigs's feet, extra choice, at
J. A. Eaui.y's,
Jigs &
1 1 mil!

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