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llcsldenco UIO N 12 8t.
Physicians and Surgeons.
Blato at Old Corner Drag Store. Tolopnono
Bt Olllco and Residences.
BuaKNB Williams. I Wm. W. Evans.
Williams & Evans
Atty's Counsellors at Law,
j'ltorjniiXT nvir,nixa,
A Tfritlnfi Marhlnr that bill on Merit.
Without a Peer in the Known World.
Hartley & Burleson
Agent". 200 South Tbtrd Bt. Waco, Tex.
Supplies of all kinds on Shorl eat Notice,
518 Anhtln Avenue.
Cor. Eighth $
Clay Sis.
Only ftro blottis south of3lo
l'acifie It. 11
b- :f iEsaciAES.",
Terms reasonable. Commercial
Travel especially solicited.
Mrs. N. H. Kirkpatriok.
Blackwell hotel.
Good beds and best of fare. Rates
$1.00 per day. Meals 25 cents, 120
Second stroot, next door to the court
house tf
. i - .-.., . i m
Buy Kgan's Big Muddy Lump coal.
i . . . .
Fine Work.
Nevor in tho history of Waoo was
thero t stock of buggies display
ed as can bo found at Tom Padgitt's.
Tho finest work, tho latest styles and
tho lowest prices. No trouble to
show thorn. Call and see for yourself.
One hundred vehicles in display room
Joe Lohman's for loo cream and
oonfeotionorios 117 South Fourth
to Kellum & Laweon for
lots in Farwells Heights.
Tho best restaurant in town, Joe
Lohman's, No. 117 South Fourth
For Bate.
Threo horses, one ten-horso power
ongino and boiler and a lot of shelving
and Btoro fixtures. Choap and on
good terms. Moore Bros.
Hotel Royal Bar.
Haydon & Haydon, proprietors.
Neat and quiet. Vory finest wines
and liquors. Superb Iunoh at 10.
Old friends and customers as well
now will meet a hoarty welcome
A Mystery Explained.
The papers contains fcquont notices
of rich, protty and eduoated girls
doping with nogroes, tramps and
coaohmon. The well known specialist,
Dr. Franklin Miles, says all suoh girls
are more 0; loss hystorioal, norvous,
vory impulsive, unbalanced; usually
subjeot to headaoho, nouralgia, sleep
lessness, immodorato orying or laugh
ing. Thoso show a weak nervous
sjstom for which thero iB no remedy
equal to Restorative Nervine. Trial
bottles and a fino book, containing
many marvelous oures, free at H. C.
Riohor's, who also soil, and guarantees
Dr. MileB' oelebratod Now Heart
Cure, tho finest of heart tonios. Cures
fluttering, short breath, otc.
to Kellum & Lawson 113 S. 4
st. for lots in Col. Height
Joo Lobman is tho most popular ros
taurant man in Texas. His plaoo
1 17 South Fourth streot.
Dr. Goo. P. Mann, dentist. Full
sett of upper or lowor teeth, $12.50.
to Kellum & Lawson 113 S.
4th St. for farms & ranches
. Mf
GIEap Lois.
The only oheap IoIb offered in Waco
for tho last Qvo years aro thoso now
on the market in the Kirkpatriok Ad
dition, East Waco. These lots aro
being sold for one-half thoir real val
ue, making a ohanoo to seourc a de
sirable homo such as will uovcrocour
Cheap JLot s
Thoso lots Ho high and dry. Thoy
overlook a large portion of tho oity
and havo porfoct drainage. Thoy lie
in tho hoalthiost part of tho city, catch
ing tho puro breozes from tho prairie
untainted by passago over any part of
tho city.
Cheap ots
Thoso lots havo tho finest soil, a
rich sandy loam, admirablo for gar
dens, and aro underlaid with pure
water in inexhaustible quantities at a
depth of fifteen and sixteen foot,
which oan bo usod for irrigation.
Cheap Ite
These lots aro closer to tho contor
of the city than any other addition,
and at tho same distance lots aro sell
ing for three and five times tho price
asked for theso. Thero is millions in
it for persons of small means. Gall on
Mrs. or P. G. Kirkpatriok, southwest
oorncr Eighth and Clay street.
All parties desiring plats of tho
Kirkpatriok addition oan obtain them
upon application.
Rules and Regulations at the Park
Open G a. m. to 10 p. m. closed on
Sunday night. Pool reservod for
ladies exclusively Wednosday evening
2 to 5:30; Saturday morning 9 to 12,
Monday night 9 to 10 for ladies and
gontlemon, pool party, tub, needle, and
vapor baths at all hours for patients
and others. Experienced male and
fomalo attendants day and night.
Tom Padgitt, Proprietor.
J. B. Chk-jNUT, Manager.
Everybody goes to Joo Lenman'fi
wnon tboy want a good meal, or
Kellum & Lawson for
in Pravident addition.
1 toKollum & Lawson 113 S.
H"W4 Bt. forlots in Col. Heights.
Buy Egan's Indian Territory ooal
Egan's black diamonds" will soon
give way to "cool comfort," try him
ore it is too late.
Dry post
stove wood
oak cord wood, $3.50;
$4.50, at Gurley Wood
Had Not Slept For Years.
Mr. A. Jackson, an old resident of
Rusk, Texas, and manager ' of tho
magnificent new Hotol at Rusk, in-
forma us ho had not slept at night
for years except in short naps, owing
to incessant coughing. Ho was ad
visod when vory muoh run down to
try Ballard's Horohound Syrup; he
was immediately rolievou 01 his uougn
and his rest improved to suoh a do
gree that he could sleep soundly all
night; Mr. Jaokson states: "I re
gard Ballard's Horohound Syrup su
perior to any Cough Syrup on tho
market, and its freedom from Opium
and Morphino leave no constipation
after using it. For this reason alono
I ooBsider it the best Cough Syrup in
tho world for children. My Lungs
are now stronger than thoy have been
for years. This Syrup is very sooth
ing to tho throat and lungs."
Sold by II. 0. Risher & Co.
to Kollum & Lawson fo
lotsin Farwoll Hoights.
I Oflfei
Tl 1
ror seven nays
only half cash.
Will accept highest bid mode:
9 aero gardon 1-4 milo of oity lim
its. 4 Room new houso on South T wolf th
05 acre gardon, 40 acres in fruit
trees 3 1-2 miles city limits.
I mean business strictly. Am go
ing to sell and nomistako.
I. C. Meek.
Place your policies with Dookcry &
Co. Best of companies.
The Tide Turning in His Favor In
Eyory State.
DciuocrntN I'roni Wont Virginia, In
ttiuim. New .lcrt.y, ItliiHNacliiiNottH,
Itliodo lKlitml, Coiiiicticiit, 1111
iioIn, ?Iliiiicnntii mill AVIncoiinIii.
The Washington oDrrespondent of
tho Atlanta Journal writes that papers
as follows:
From leading Domocrats of doubt
ful states and of sections of the Union
which must be carriod to insuro suo
oess from steel-built Democrats who
know the opinions oi their constitu
ents and who aro authorized to speak
for tho peoplo from whom thoy come.
Thpse interviews outline tho situa
tion in West Virginia, Indiana, New
Jersey, Massachusetts, llhode Island,
Connecticut, Illinois, Minnesota, Wis
consin, Iowa, New Hampshire and
New York.
Thoy show that tho Democratic
sentiment in these, the doubtful
states; is overwhelming in favor ot
nominating Grover Cleveland for the
presidency, and that with him as the
candidate Domooratio viotory will bo
I begin with a gentleman personally
well known to many Georgians and
politically trusted throughout the
union. Representative William L.
Wilson, of West Virginia, said:
"I do not think West Virginia will
bo as close a btato in 1892 as it was ii.
1888; but the faot that tho Republi
cans think it good fighting ground
makes it necessary for us to run no
risks that aro avoidable.
"I believo the Democrats of the
state, in an overwhelming proportion,
aro foj Cleveland. In many locali
ties this feeling is both ardent and
unanimous. 1 am tinre his nomina
tion would do moro to assure a victory
in West Virginia from tho start than
any that could bo made.
tieprescntativo George W. Coopor,
ono of tho most oaieful and most ac
curate of Indiana's congressmen, said:
"I am confident that at least 75 por
omt. of the Democrats of Indiana
prefer Mr. Clovoland as the candidate
over any other man. A majority of
the Indianians wl om you moot will
put it at 90 per cent.
"Indiana will be carried lor Cleve
land, or for any strong candidato who
is a representative of his views. In
diana oannot bo carriod far any man
who has the taint of Cleveland's
blood on his hands who has any
thing to do with killing off the poo
plo's favoiite."
Editor Shanklin, who is now can
vassing tho state for governor, does
not hesitato to endorso Cleveland and
to assert that Indiana is overwhelm
ingly for Cleveland. So good a poli
tician as Shanklin would not do this if
there were any doubt as to the oor
reo ness of this view.
Ropresontativo Cornelius A. Gdd
muB who ie as capable as any other
man from Now Jorsoy of Bpoaking of
her people, said:
"Mr. Cleveland is stronger in New
Jersey than any man outside of New
Jersey. Ho would poll double tho
majority in Now Jersey of any othor
New York man. 1 know that many
Republicans would vote for him, and
I am confident that he would run
considerably ahead of tho regular
party tickot. I think it prabablo that
tho Now Jersoy dolegation will be for
Ono of tho staunohest of Now Kng
land Domoorats, Roprosentativo Fred
oric S. Coolidgo, ot Massachusetts,
iTliniirrVi 111 an v nrntnn hnvn Ifivnritn
---,-- j
soDS,ClevoIanu alono has beon serious
ly considered by the peoplo at largo
as tho next presidential candidate.
After preference has boon given for
their own man it will be again the
samo old fight between Clovoland
against Harrison; tariff reform against
high protection; tho people against
"Now England will bo a unit for
Cloveland in tho convention and I bo
liovo that ho can carry Massachusetts
in tho elootion.
"It will be very hard indeed for us
to oarry Massachusetts with any othor
Representative Oscar Lapham, of
Rhodo Island, whoso ancestors have
beon unyielding Domocrats sinoo tho
time of Jefferson, said:
"Our peoplo think that Mr. Clove
land considers tho public service of
sufficient dignity and importance to
be abovo intrigue, and that it should
be administered as a sacred trust
wholly for tho public good.
"Tho Democratic party in Rhodo
Island is largely composed of tho so
ber, industrious and thoughtful labor
ing classes who aro imbued with the
principles of traditional Demooraoy
and who recognize in Mr. Cleveland
its leading exponent. He can carry
Rhode Island I do abt whether any
other man could oarry it."
Representative S. F. McKinnoy,
of New Hampshire, whose iron-ribbed
Domocracy has nover beon question
ed, said:
"Four-fifths of tho Democrats of
New Hampshire aro in favor of the
nomination of Mr. Cloveland. It is
behoved that he can oarry the state
He is uddoubtedly the strongest man
in tho cast, and it he is not nominat
ed no other eastern man will bo. Tho
chances aro that ho will be nominated
at Chicago and olected next Novem
Representative Robert E. DoForest,
of Conneoticut, as good a Do mo or at
and as careful a man as comes from
tho Nutmeg Btato, is thus brief and
"The Domooraoy of Conneotiout is
almost unanimously in favor of Mr.
Cleveland as the presidential candi
date Thero is no doubt whatever
about his getting tho oloctoral voto of
tho state. Ho is now tho strongest
man in tho country and ho is gotting
stronger every day."
In the great northwest Cleveland
sontiment is, if possible, even stronger
than it is in the cast, Ropresontativo
Scott Wikle, a big-hearted Domocrat
from Illinois, thus states tho situation:
"In tho country at largo Mr. Cleve
land will poll a very much larger yoto
than any other man,
"As with tho oountry, so with
Illinois. Cloveland is much stronger
in Illinois than any man outsido of
Illinois. I beliove that ho can get tho
electoral veto of Illinois. No other
Now York man can touch it."
Representative Thomas Bowman,
one of the strongest young Democrats
of Iowa, speaks for his Btato in these
"Governor Horace Boies is muoh
stronger in Iowa than any othor man
and our stato will insist on him as the
presidential candidate. Mr. Cleve
land is the pecond choice of nearly
every Democrat in tho Btato.
Representative James N. Oastlo, of
Minnesota, an unyielding Dcmoorat,
who always has strong opinions and
strongly expi esses them, thus voices
tho sentiments of his sootion:
"In tho Northwest any man who op
posed Cleveland is politically dead.
Many Republicans will support him
who would not support any other
Democrat. Ho oan get Minnesota's
oleotoral vote; no other Now York
man oan get it. His nomination
would give suoh strongth to tho party
in Minnesota that wo oould oloot an
United Statos senator; a nomination of
any other Now ork man would likely
lose us threo congressmen.
Represontativo Thomas Lynch, of
W Boonsin, an unswerving Democrat,
who is thoroughly pohtod upon tho
sontiment in his own state and the
great northwest, said:
"Ninety-nine out ot ono hundred of
the Demoorats of Wisconsin prcfor
Mr. Cleveland as tho presidential
nominee His nomination would
mako Minnesota as certain as any
stato in tho south.
Representative Charles F. Tracy, of
New York, than whom no man is
more thoroughly posted upon the
democratic sentiment of that state,
speaks for New York in these words :
"I am in constant communication
with Democrats from all over the state,
and 1 know that the party, as a whole,
feel very kindly towards Mr. Cleve
land, lie has taken no part in the
recent fights in which bitterness has
been engendered; he has Bown no
dissensions in the praty ranks, and
tho people have absolutely no reason
to oppose him.
"Even if some of the party regulars
should go against him, their numbers
would be moro than offset by gains
from tho independents and the Re
publicans. Considering all the cir
cumstances that can be considered, I
I am of the firmly fixed opinion that
Mr. Cleveland is the best man with
whom to carry New York that can be
nominated. '
Dato of Examination
Tho dates for examination of
teachers in tho county frco schools
was fixed for Thursd y and Fri'Joy 7th
and Sth of April sonio time ago, but
in order to conform to the new sohool
law tho dates have been changed from
Thursday and Friday 7th and Sth to
Friday and Saturday April 15 and 1G.
Tho following official circular is Bclf
DiirAUTMr.NToK Enuomotf, I
Austin, T.xiib, April i 5
Dear Sir Under tho provisions
of see 2 (a), ohopter 12, sohool laws,
as amendod at tho present oallod ses
sion of tho twenty-seoond legislaturo,
tho noxt examination of teachers will
bo hold in tho rcspcotivo counties on
Friday and Saturday, April 15 and 10,
On Friday, April 15, 1892, appli
cants will bo examined in composi
tion, civil government, geomotry,
physiology, United States and Toxas
history, and sohool management and
methods of teaching.
On Saturday, April 16, 1892, appli
cants will bo examined in arithmetic,
spelling, witing, reading, goography,
English grammar, algobra, physical
geography and natural philosophy.
Candidates for first and second
grade certificates must bo present
both days. Candidates for third grade
certificates need not ho present on
Friday. April 15, 1S92. Please give
immediate notico of this examination.
Most respectfully,
J. M. Carlisle,
Stato Supt. Pub. Inst.
Haoklon'a Arnica Halve.
Tho boat salvo In tho world for outs,
bruises, soros, ulcers, salt rheum, fc
vor soros, tetter, ohappod hands, obil
blalns, oorns ani all nkln eruptions,
and positively jutos pllos, or no pay
roquirod. It la giaranteod to give
satisfaction or monoy rofundod. Price
25 cents a box. Fur sale by W. B
Morrison To.
A Suro Cure for Pllos.
Itching Piles are known by inois
turo liko perspiration, causing intonBO
itching when worm. This form as
well as Blind, Bleoding or Protrud
ing, yiold at onoo to Dr. Bosonko's
Pilo Romedy, which aots dirootly on
parts effooted, absorbs tumors, allays
itching and effcots a pormanont euro.
50 ots. DruggistB or mail. Ciroulars
free Dr. Bosanko, 329 Arch St.,
Philadelphia, Pa. Sold by W. B.
Morrison & Co.
Subscribers who do not receive
their paper will confer a favor by re
porting so at office, as that is the
only way wo can know whether the
carriers do their duty or not. Carriers
not allowed to sell papers under any
j . 1 v 1 v -. I'l' X
Hot Equality, bat true Superiority
all other Blood Bemedlei.
Mercury enters into tlio composition ol
many blood medicines, while with others
Iodide of potnsn it) the principal ingre
dient. Both these substances are poison,
and while in aom instances they lessen
the severity of tho ravages of blood
poison, their use in the end are more
hurtful than otherwinc. Bear in mind Dr.
John Hull's Sarsaporilla is strictly a veg
etable compound, yet its cllict on blood
DOW'T use
filled with poisonous germ mntter Is like
water on the forltrd tongues of a flaming
Are. It subdues the evil instantly, even
when other medicines have failed. Again,
Bull's Sarsaparilla is frequently used after
the system has heroine poisoned by the
use of mercury and potash. It quickly
eliminates theso mlncial poisons from the
system, thus preventing mid curing mer
curial rhcumatirm, polmh tores, etc. In
all syphilitic and ecrofulous aflections,
Hull s Barsiparilla is a true panacea. The
equelw of blood poison, such as salt
rheum, eczerno, king' evil, srnld head,
bolls, carbuncles. Itrli, sores, rheumatism,
neuralgia, etc., nil permanently disappear
If the uso of Hull' Batsapnrilla is con
tinued u sullicicut length of time.
"W. A. Smith, I'nducab, Ky . writes i
"1 was down kick with mnlarlnl fever for
over month. Tho doctor cave mo too
much calomel and mercury, nnd wbsn I
becQ to net bettor rliemnntlein tet In, and
wr lft les was mudo crooked. I thought I
would be a rrlpple for life, but an urqunlnt
ance cot 1110 to uho llull'iihurhiipiinllft, which
gave me streiiKth und nirtd ray rhouma
tlsm, and now my It Is iiti.il ttralsnl
eguln mid I Malic on It very readily.
R. . Wilton, Cairo, III., writes! "I ex-
rierlcnocd tho horror of blooil poison for
our lone yeurn. I had threo running tores
on my body uh Inrfie ue my hand that would
never heal, ami ovor u dozen smaller ones.
My hair and eyo-brows and whiskers all
earneoutand 1 looked like a perfect scare
crow. I became discouraged trjlua medi
cine, but as a Inst hope tried Hull's Harrapa
rllla. Tho uso of W bottles rnndo me well,
but there nre scare on my body that look
like they had beeu burns."
mm- Children like Dr. John Hull's Worm
Destroyers. They taet good and never fall
to remove worms If there are an. I'rlce 13
cents. Try thein
ear "The demand jprHmlth'sTpnloByrup
Is unequalled by any other chill mellolne
made My nlei are immense.1 I'. J, Dreher,
Leesourr, 111.
John D Pawc A Sons, WhoUtalt JatnU,
174, 177 and 179 Sycamore BL, Incluuntl, O.

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