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&Fiill Associated Press Reports g
-Entered at the I'ottafjlce atirnco, T or, i Hrconil Clans Matter.
VOL. 4. NO. 229.
50ebnts ter Month
APRIL life m g Bill,
The Political Buncombe Racket
Every Depaftynept
Will make a special exhibit of the Latest Novelties, and our
ColinrtR at the Cajiitiil City On ttuit
IMcaXlioy try to Defeat an Effort
to I'rcnorve to tlio I'coplo tlio In
iilicmililu It'lit to Ulionnc tliclr r
firlaU Tlio Eloquent Garwood on
tlio International Steal.
k m
Mill Bplii
NETS, and many of our own creation.
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m. We propose to make this the Greatest Exhibition
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Contains All the Latest Political, Telegraphic and Local News.
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youn2 muii .ssail,ti:i.
A Fl
lend in Human Minpo llrntaliy
ANNaultN a mere UliiUI.
London, April (5 A thirteen year
old girl was assaulted this morning on
a train. Sho and an unknown man
wore the solo occupants of the oar.
Tho man drow hor into conservation
and finally made impropor proposi
tions to her. She rejected his ad
vances, whoreupon ho soized hor and
despito her resistance and cries for
help, which were drowned by the
rumbling of tho train, brutally as
saulted her. Whon she escaped from
his grasp sho jumped out of foot
board and shrieked for help. Tho
man became alarmed, got on tho foot
board and steadying himself for a
moment jumped off tho train. Ooour
ronoe narrated oreated great excito
mont and searoh was mado for tho
man, but no traco of him has beon
found. Tho gill's olothing was disar
ranged and she was quioted so far as
possible, and then sho explained as
Ana l'recipitatcM five HI on anil a
woman Into TeimcuNen Itiver.
Rochester, N. Y., April 0. The
west span of the Clarissa street bridge
aoross Tennessee river in this city fell
this morning precipitating six persons
five mon and one woman into tho river
which is no w at flood height Tho workof
resouo was accomplished with remark
able promptness the poor unfortu
nates olinine to piers or boards had
reached a point in tho river opposito
Adams street bofore they were taken
out. Tho woman was a Mrs. Quigley
Dry post oak cord wood, $3.50;
stove wood $4.o, at Gurley Wood
Price in Now York.
New York, April 0. Cotton un
changed. New Orleans, April 6. Cotton
quiet; low middlings 13-1G. Futures
steady and quiet. April, 0 20; May,
C.24; June, G 30; July, 0.45; Aug.
0.45; Sept. G.52; Oct 0.00; Nov. G.C7;
Deo. G.7G. Salca 18,000. Others un
changed A J. Lcslio for Bret-class watoh
clock and jowelry repairing. Same
buildinc with II. E. Ambold Austin
Special Correspondent toTlic News:
Austin, April 5. There seoms to
be considerable difference of opinion
an to what h understiod by tho term
"political buncumbe" as an instance
of this difference of opinion it is only
necessary to call attention to a concur
rent resolution which Sonator V. W.
Searsy introduced yesterday in the
sonato. His resolution set forth tho
idea that tho intellegent of the land
who bclievo in a government by tho
poople, are partial to an elective rail
road commission. Mr. Seamy is well
aware that only last session a railroad
commission law was passed in which
provision was mado for the appoint
ment of theso officers by the governor
of tho state. Not only Mr.
Searsy, but the intelligent
and interested spootator of current
affairs wero convinced long ago that
tho majority of the Democrats of Texas
wore unwilling to surrender their in
alienable right to namo by direct con
sent tho public sorvant. The mem
bers of tho Twenty-second logiFlaturo
wero aware of this sentiment among
tho peoplo, yet liko dumb drivon
cattlo they first allowed tho chief
executive to get them by shrewd
management into a trap by which ho
obtained their acquieBonoe to tho ap
pointivo plan, and then once com
mitted thev wero poworloss under tho
common rules of consistency to voto
their real choice in the matter. Tho
governor owned body and soul the
Twenty-second legislature or a
majority,whioh is the practical demon
stration of the statement and
ha forced an appointive commis
sion upon the entiro people of tho
With this history before him, sena
tor Searsy introduced his resolution
believing that its subject matter was
eminently germain to the legislation
that is demanded by the Democracy
of tho land. But how was it receiv
ed? Tho most eminent loader of the
Hogg tyrany shot up liko a meteor
and denounced tho resolution as "po
litical buncumbe." Ho thought it
only designed to stir up strife and
unfriendly feeling. That senator is
perhaps the most interesting speaker
in tho senate, and who is, on all mat
ters that eannot bo infected by tho
Hogg miasma, a fair and usoful representative.
This is tho senator from Johnson,
M. M Crano, a quiot and good man,
but he, liko many of tho eminent men
of this and past generations, has some
great weakness that greatly mars the
bymmetry of that which might other
wise be a magnifiaont specimon.
When tho vote was takon thero wore
only 25 senators present. Eighteon
of theso voted "aye" and six voted
"no." Threo who wero in the cham
ber rofused to voto at all, thoso latter
wero Ingram, Kimbrough and Burney.
The six voting against tho resolution
aro Crane, Finch, Frank, Harrison,
MoKinnoy and Weisigor. Sonator
Atloo was absent, but says that if ho had
beon present ho would have voted for
tho amendment. Senator Cartor says
that ho would havo voted against it if
he had been present.
It is safe to predict that tho resolu
tion will fail to pass in tho house.
The chief oxeoutivo of this Btato
whose influence like tho arms of Bri
arinB reaches out and holds within its
deadly embrace some of tho dearest
interests of the people, and who has
waved above tho hoads of tho Twenty
second fiasco tho magic wand of a
mophisto, has no drowsy syrup that ho
can place to tho lips of one bravo and
brilliant young hero and his
namo is niram M. Garwood of Bas
trop county. Last night was the
grandest epoch of his young lifo. It
was the ocoasion previously designat-
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od for tho receipt of a report on the
international aud groat northern re
oolvnrfchip investigation. Senator Pago
moved the adoption of tho minority
report, and 6poaking to this motion
Senator Garwood recited his connec
tion with tho investigation as a mem
ber of the investigating committee
from tho sonntc, and ombellished his
eloquent lines with a lofty excoriation
that could only fall from tho lips of
truth and from a heart that spurned
all that is ignoblo and deprav
ed. The full text of his
great ad drees can bo found in tho
Ualvoston iNows ot today, and your
correspondent refers to it with a
hearty endorsement of overy line, and
firmly behoves that tho honest peoplo
of Toxas will not only oondemn all
tho actors in this disgraceful affuir,
but they will sooner or later hold
Governor Hogg roBponsible for hav
ing attempted to shield thoso mali
faotors, who aro hiB pergonal friendH,
from tho disgrace that will suroly
Alternately somo member of tho
administration appears on tho floor of
ono of the branches of tho lotdslaturo.
Thoy protond not to talk politics, but
they eomo and go with a machine
liko regularity that croatos a strong
suspicion that they aro acting
under tho dirootion of one common
head. Foster comes ono day, Ilcagan
another, McLean another. Then Hogg
appears later McGaughoy, and thus
through tho full list.
It may bo remarked that Governor
Hogg did not hear the Garwood
speech. And it is useless to say that
the railroad robbers of Tykr wero not
A veritablo family
Bkeoiiam's Pjllb.
wedioiuo box,
.1 Holler UtirtttN nnd n Number of
ill en fro injiireil.
LoNd Island City, April G. At 9
o'clock this morning a foarful acci
dent occurred in tho yard of tho Long
Island Railroad here. Engine 49
whilo standing noar the shops sudden
ly blew up with tremendous report.
Eight mon wero injured and sovoral
of them jt is thought fatally. Tho
locomotive .was completely wreokod
and parts of the boiler and iron work
of engino wore hurled in ovory direc
tion some distanoe in tho yard. Somo
of the men injured wore struok by
these flying pieces whilo others woro
badly scalded. Tho cngineor and
firemen who wero at thoir post of duty
woro blown a considerable distanoo,
and aro nmong thoso supposed to havo
beon fatally injured. None of the
names of tho injured have been learn
ed. Men injured wero piuked up
and carried into the shops of tho rail
road company where they wero at
tondel by half dozen phvsicians from
Long Island City, nnd Green Point,
Ambulances wero summoned from St.
Johns hospital in Long Island City
and from St. Catherines hospital,
Williamsburg. Tho causo of the acci
dent is believed to have been lowncss
of water in tho boiler. Tho railroad
company refuses to givo any informa
No one has boon able to toll tho
real story of the explosion but front
appearances tho'Jooornotivo Are box
exploded downward blowing out fur
naoo door. Hot coal, sand and steam
covored five men in tho cab and thoy
wero thrown in all directions. Five
men wero fatally injured two of whom
aro oxpeoted to die momentarily,

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