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Look What You can Got at 0. J.
Miller's Bargain store,
10 dozen eggs for $1.
30 pounds granulated sugar for $ i.
Smoked dried beef at 1 1 cents.
Dripd salt shoulders at 7 cents.
Breakfast bacon (suijar cured) at 1 1
A 1 ) I KaKEszagi!
Spiced pigs' 'ect at '5 cents.
Fresh fish at 10 cents a pound.
California oranges at 20 cents a doz.
Banannas at 15 cents a dozen, 717
ustin street.
1 C 1 7n2
(?. '.
ft ? ii 7
g?- - --w
fii 'SbL
W '-
iTXJi&Bfi'rxJiE) s
'V- A.
nr ""wrpp" r nr
ssssisia. i t s s
w CWa
jag9Vk',u' r
f "!"- - rW
. N iwWRk
i- r- " '
fits s Oils,
m m
404 Austin Street,
by the thousand at Herz JJros. They
get tho very finest copies of all the
aow works wet from tho press.
from all parts of tho United States aro
received on first trains and opened
hvo minutos alter the trains pass
fourth street.
All tho popular weekly story papers
of the United States on hand at
earliest moment of arrival.
Aro the popular grocers.
.Always Dew nnd freh goods.
Every delicacy or I ho season In season,
All tho line A 1 goods.
Itojt of everything, is their inr.tto.
of Fashion, Literature and Art of the
United Sta cs and Europe at.
A. J. HERZ & BRO.,
Don't bo Deceived.
I am still holding down Standard
Granulated Sugar 20 pounds for ono
Franco-American Food Co's Frenoh
Soups, 3 pound cans, 30 cents caoh .
Star Tobaoco 40 eents per pound. Low
prices on everything. Call and soo
Joe S. Thompson,
The Grocer.
Luweslt possible pilces
I'olitojatlentioii imd
ompt dellvorj Is the
Wf mlhulollros. Grocers, COS Austin Avenuo.
Tucker's "Almondlne."
Proof against cold winds and hot
3unshinc for the complexion. It has
already become quite popular with
tho ladies, as also with gontlcmou to
uso after shaving when troubled with
roughness and breaking out. Price 2$
and 50 cents por bottle. Prepared
only by tho Lion Drug- Store, by
W. L. Tucker.
Following Suit.
On and after March 1. 1802, I will
sell for cash. My terms will bo from
10 to 20 per cent cheaper on every
thing except lard. Prompt delivery
as heretofore. Try me for cash,
J. C. Stafford.
Corner market fiOl Franklin st.
m m
To tho Subscribers of tho Subsidy
Fund of the Han Antonio and
Aransas Pass Railway.
The notes given by the citizens of
"Waco to secure the building of the
above named road into Waco have
been turned over to the road by J. V.
Mann, the trustee for the subscribers
ft Qnifl nnlpc rTli rnnrlifinnc nomH
in said notes have been complied with
by the road, and therefore the whole
amount of the notes are due. The
receivers of the ban Antonio and
Aransas Pass railway have placed the
notes in my hands for collection. All
persons, therefore who have such notes
outstanding will please call at my
office in the Pacific hotel building and
settle up. James I. Moore.
Plaoo your policies with Dockery &
VO. Most of comnanios.
M3T-S J -rf- 9 cj Business $3 Shoes
JM.11 , t9 make work easier.
The Wonderful Display of Dry
Goods To-day Tho Finest
Display Ever Seen in
"Today is the gladdest day of all
tho year." It is Sanger Bros', open
ing day and tho spacious storo has
been crowded all day by an eagor and
admiring throng. To dascribe in de
tail all tho beautiful things exhibited
would take more space than The
News can command, therefore the de
scription will havo to be brief. The
only way 10 realizo the beauties is to
go and see them.
The visitors enter through the
darkened front doors and all at first
dazzled. Nono of tho oroations of
Aladdin could comparo with tho sight.
From every nook and oorncr comes
the multi colored glaro of incandes
cent lamps while the numerous aro
lights buspended from the ceiling
serve to mako tho place as light as
day. On all sides mottas aro found
to bo deftly wrought from all kinds of
fabneks. Just in front of the big
double front doors aro tho words "Es
tablished in 1805" oomposed entirely
of buttons and many hundreds dollars
worth were used in its construction.
Over tho right aislo is the Latin motto
"Magna est Veritus and over doorway
leading into the clothing department
is tho Irish motto "Cead Millo Fail
tho" or "an hundred thousand wel
oomos" and over the linen department
is tho German motto "Kommen Sie
Bal Weidor" the kind invitation to
call again. To describe eaoh depart
ment is impossible they must bo seen.
On all sides rioh fabrics from every
clime aro displayed in bodazzliug
varioty. twery dainty little trifle so
dear to the feminino heart is thero in
endless profusion. Tho art depart
ment is liko a dream Irom fairy land
with its wealth of eaBy chairs, flowors,
books and pictures. In faot to sum
up tho whole tho choicest tapestries of
Persia, tho iaurios 01 turkey, the
lacea ofspain and tho silks of Franoo
and our own homo goodB are thero, bo
m ko your ohoioe. In the gentle
men's departments it is needless to
say a word for long before this is road
every ono interested in such things
has been to soo it.
Messrs. L Emanuel, A. McKenna,
G. Iloineman and B. Beer will meet
you at tho entrances aud show you
through the establishments.
Extensions Contemplated in South
From the San Antonio Expresx.
"There has been considerable spec
ulation of late as to what steps the
Missouri, Kansas and Texas road
would take to secure an inlet to Hous
ton. It is the belief here that Mr.
Gould has his eye on tho San Antonio
and Aransas Pass, and that the recetit
visit of the high officials of the Mis
souri, Kansas and Texas to San An
tonio and their trip over the latter road
was of much significance. The south
western terminus of the system at
present is Bogey Tank, a name not
suggestive of terminal development,
and it is now stated that by building
eighty miles into Houston the Mis
souri, Kansas and Texas would be
within fifty miles of the gulf and in
direct connection with all the Texas
trunk lines. The ultimate intention is
to have its own line from St Louis to
Galveston. Work on the St. Louis
line between St. Charles and Boonvillo
is progressing daily and will be ready
for operation by January 1, 1S93. Tho
Burlington bridge across the Missouri
river between St. Louis and St.
Charles and the Burlingtion line into
the north end of St. Louis will be used
for the Missouri, Kansas and Texas
inlet. For and eastern outlent from
St. Louis the Missour, Kansas and
Texas will have the Merchants' bridge
now in operation and Burlington
bridge across theM ississippi at Alton
which will be completed next year."
flllfllllB vifjrfS II ill I I ' , r irr '.MMm H-t JJ 11 T .. 'J ' T7fj?
Who comes to our Store and catches a glimpse of our
Elegant - Furniture and Beautiful Carpets,
and no wonder, for wc have the latest and the most stylish designs in
every piece of
We have OAK SETS in every shade from the 16th Century to
the lightest modern; the finest of Cherry finish, and the newest pat
terns of Birds Eye and White Maple. Most elaborate and massive
designs in Parlor and Bed Room Suits, and the very latest achieve
ments in upholstery are embraced in our Stock.
Leslio Davis' Filth Ave. Co. will
commonco a week's ongagoment next
Monday night, April 11th. Entire
chango of programmo every night.
This famous cotcrio of metropolitan
artists will present Campbell's crcat
comedy. "Flirtation," on Monday
night. Tno Texas prosB speaks as fol
lows: "Tho very insanity of fun antl
makes decorous peoplo scream with
laughter." Penison Herald.
"Greeted with tumults of happy
laughter." Denison Dispatoh.
"Laughed at and applauded through
out." Denison Journal.
"An undoubted bit, sparkles with
wit." Paiis News
"Aoting dohghted tho audience.''
Denison Herald.
Box office will open for salo of re
served seats tomorrow, Friday morn-ins;
Plaoo your polioies with Dockery &
Co. Best of companies.
' 0
Bay Egaa's A;hrajite cjiI.
Cornel Come!i;Como!!!
And enjoy yourselves for an
I or two at the Skating Rink at
gitt's Park. Open every night.
Artistic Work.
Thero are tailors and tailors, some
arc goou, somo moiiiercnt anu some
bad, but Lack & Greonberg in their
now place, 414 Austin fatrcot must
be classed among tho good ones.
They are first class skillful cutters,
fino workmon and careful and pains
taking in their woik. They mako
perfcot fits and do tho very finest
work to be had. Although but re
oontly started, work is flowing in on
them from peoplo who know the ex
cellent fits they givo and tho work
they do. They oarry a fine lino of
stylish goods and samples and can
got up nobby suits in short order.
Give them a call aud order and you
aro sure to bo well dressed and well
m m
Arrangements are on foot now to
ofcot a nice hotel on tho block whore
Mr. Tom Padgitt's artesian well is looat
cd just above Padgitt Park on an olo
vation of 75 feet higher than tho busi
ness part of tho city and oentraly lo
lated to the resident part of tho oity.
The location could be no better, no
mosquitoes, no dust, oasy aooess to
all parts of tho oity with electric cars
The oar company arc preparing now
to put switches on Sth street to ona-
Die quioKcr time ana closer con
nection, and to connect tho Univer
sity line with tho Padgitt Paik line
at the oornor of Clay and 8th street.
In addition to the Park Natatorium
Mr. Palgitt is arranging to oonBtruot
an immenso swimming pool ono block
cast of tho present natatorium for
swimming only. Tho pool will be
50 feet wide and 150 feet long tho
largest pool in tho south. Thoro are
somo disadvantages that aro hard to
overcomo where tho pool and tub
baths aro in tho same building. For
this reason ho desires the change.
m o i
Speoial attention is called to the
attraotivc double column advertise
ment on the fourth nago of The
News Advertising is an art and
business mon should study it.
The hcadquartors for diamonds
watches, docks, jewelry aud all sorts
of jewelry.
Tho headquarters for fancy articles
and articles of viuu.
The headquarters for lino and deli
cate watch repairing is at
M. L. Winan's, tho popular jowolcr,
520, Austin street,
Touching- Pianos and Organs.
I olaim to bo a cheap houso, but
unlike some of my competitors, I do
sell goods that aro real first-class.
Still 1 have more first-class goods in
my houso than any house in Waco,
and I do not havo to wire anyone to
know tho lowest price I can sell a
piano liko every other first-class houso
and keep all kinds, both cheap, medium
and first class. But unlike some other
houses I do not sell a cheap instru
ment at) first-class, because I am my
own boss, and do not have to do as I
am told about these things. Neither
have I as delicate a musical car as
some, still I soil more pianos and
organs, better ones and for less money
than any house in Waco. Notwith
standing tho faot that I am not tho
oldest houso in the state and havo
sold sowing maohines and do trado
for mules, horses and cattle and take
them at good prices and sell goods at
cash prices and will meet any com
petitors. Come and sco mo.
Yours truly,
J. B. Payne.
A Big Fight
On Austin Btrtct in prioos of ohoap
Strictly For Cash.
No doviation from this rulo undor
under any circumstances,
18 pounds granulated Bugar$l; 51ba
green coffeo $1, 4 packages coffee 9O0.
1 doz. 300 matches for 25a., Star to
bacco 450., TinBloy N. L. tobacco 55o.
Best pat. flour jl.-IO, meal 55c, 25
bars good laundry soap $1.
21b. tomatoes ilf)c. per doz., 31b. to
matoes $1 30 per doz., 231bs beans $1.
Best unoanvabsed hums lie, bran
$1 per hundred.
Many other artioles too numorous to
mention but all goods in my storo at
prices in proportion. Ilumcmbor mo
and bring vour cash and Bavo money.
Gil Austin street.
For This Weok Only.
Tho Gabert Bros.
It is worth while for any one who
wears clothes to refrain from purchas
ing until ho has taken a good look at
tho fine stock of tho Gabert Bros.,
11G South Fourth street. Thoy aro
tho loading tailors with tho largest
and finest stock of goods over brought
to Waco. Thoy carry all tho now and
nobby stylen of tho spring of '92
with such dovorsity that no ono can
tail in finding goods to suit his own
particular fanoy. When it comes to
outting and fitting tho Gabert Broth
ers aro artists in every senso of the
word with tho most skillful workmen
that oan be prooured. They givo per
feet fits and somehow thoir clothes
have a look about them that only tho
work of artists can produce. Give
them a call and look over their big
fino stock boforo ordering a suit and
you will havo no reason to regret any
order you may favor them with.
3ft olothes pins, 5c
100 pokor ohips,
Gallon oil can,20o
Chopping bowl 10c
Chopping knifo.so
Muffin, pan lOo
Dress shields lOo
J Pressed wash pan,
Sauce pan and
cover, 15c.
Plush album, 50o
(i lamp wicks, 5o
Bowl and pitcher,
3-gal. bucket, 20o
Dinner buoket,20o
and Whiskey Habits
cured at home with
out pain. ISoolc ii( pa r
tlcularascnt I'ltlJK.
'Atluto.Uu, omcelotK Whitehall Hi
Wood bucket, 15o
Good suspenders,
Photo frames, lOo
Nut oraokors, lOo
Broad box, -10c
Sugar buckot, 35o
Knifo box lOo
Quart dipper, 5o
Covered sauoo pan
Hanging baskot,
Sprinklers 25c
Quart pitchcrSjlOo
Wiro baHkotB, l()o
gallon cup, 5o
Child's tray 15o
Coffee mill, 30oi
Cummings' 5 and 10 cent store,
703 Austin ave.. between Seventh and
Eighth street.
All changes for Saturday's News
must bo eent in Friday in order to
I got propor attention.
Tho Young Men's Hebrow Associ
ation gave a "Yellow Domino" ball at
their rooms last night, Every ono
was droasod in u long yellow domino
and many laughable episodes occurred
on account of tho dilficluly of dis
tingushing tho girls from tho boys.
An elegant supper was soryed about
midnight and afterwards tho dancing
was kept up until a late hour.
Important local and tolegraphic
news on every pago of this paper
every day.

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