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County oriloom
foil courrv juikik
The New Is natliorlro 1 t 1 amiouncs that W
II Ji-iikl is Is 11 0 111 lltlK'o for ro oloi'tioa to
IhonUlco ! county JiuUb of Mclennan con ty,
ntijcct totho iotloJoftlijl)omji.rAtlcliirty .
roil COUIITY ATlOBf rv.
Wenronutli rlzpil to announco Cnpt. T. A.
Malt ni n lati'lliHto for cou .ty a'tornoy ot Mo
Ienn.in comity, sutijoot totho action or tlio
7Jemoc ntio rrty
Sir S A Hojinn authorizes us to nnnounco
tlibtlielea ctniluUto Tor omntv ntiornoy of
McLi'iitmn coll U, KUhlcet to the action of the
Ihia oirattc part).
Inn Neivi I unlhonti'il to announce that
JudRO I) H. Hardy U acamlliliitu fit county
attorney or McLcniti county, uijcct to the
nctlon of tho IK'iuocratlo (inrty.
The Xnn 1( nuthoricl to announco T.
1 rrUnm an a ramlldnta for tixcjltctor for
Mel rnunn comity, eulijcct to the action ur the
JHinocra li parlj.
V are antlinrlrcil to announce Mr. .1. C
Jnrniy as candidate lor the ollke or onnty
Ttis Oilleitor. cubject to the action ot the Dem
ocrat of Mcl.uinan countr.
Tiif. NfwsIs nu'ho'iied to announco Mr. K.
Hrcll as iic.ml i'o for ins collector of
Met (Minim lonii'y, sulijeei to the ncttun uftho
Democratic party.
Wo aro autlu rUcd to nimouiiro tVat Lnko
Sloor Is a ca illilite for tax collector of .vo
Ldinrn icnn'y, tuhject totho action or the
Ueraccrat.c party..
The New s is unthorirml to announoo F. P
Madden as u candidate for county aes6nr, sub
ject totho action of Hid Democratic pany.
The kws Is authorized to announce tint
Pink t l'onncla aci ilKlatf f.i- rc-eleition to
thooltlcporiounty ti assessor, fcubjeci io,the
aoiion of the Democratic putty
We are authorized to announce Joe V UUlson
nt a rumllriato for Bheritt" at the enulntr eleo
tlon subject to the action of the Democratic
W. I-. Bnrke ' a rand date for sherlffof Mc
Lennan couuU. Bitbjcct totho action of tho
Democratic tarty.
Dan To-il l nrincll lite fir re-oloctlo'i to the
ofllrc r sheriff of McLennan count , subject to
tho action ot the Democrati party.
Wo are iu'Iio ized to announce J I'. Najlor of
M iody .is 'i candidate forslK-r ff snbjoct to the
aeii i ut tho Democratic party of McLennan
Wc are authorized toin-ounci tint Mr.
F Uci'ley inc.n ildatc for re-elei'tlnn to the
ofllie of die net clerk ot McLc man cou ty,
entiled to t cation of tho Deinocratlo party.
The News Is nuthorlzed to announce IM
HparkB fsacnndliatofor district clerk, subject
to tho ai tion of tho Democra lo pai ty.
Tiif News Is authorized to announco Dr. K,
W UarRtrns .1 candidate for die olllceof (II j
tnctceik subject to the action of tho Domo
erutlopaity. FOU COUNTY CLF.llK.
Tint Nstvs ii an'horl'd to announce that
T 11 Kl Hi ghworthl- a candid ite for county
CiTk f Mel. nnan county subject to tho ac
tion of tho Hem rratlo party
Tiif. New Is authorized to announco that
Tom II-Ui own Is a candidate for county clerfc
of McLennan county, subject to thtf action of
th Driuoi ratlc party .
We ar auttorlzed to announco Jno F Mar
shall as a iiandldate for tho rill -6 of comity
clerk subject to tho action of the Demociatlc
I TiiEKW8is authorised to annnnca .1. w.
!Frot s ocandd te tor county cltrK at the
ui fining' It; th n, bubject to the uct.ou of tho
Democratic party '
Tiibews Is authnrlrol to announce Georfro
T Keeb o usb candidate for couiiiy clerk ot
Mol ci ran county, hulije-ct to the action of the
Democratic j nrty.
,'e nro auth"ilz"d 'o nn"ounce ihit Prof. J.
R Conyeri Is ucuiJIdatsfor re eloetinn to the
ollke fc un'y Superin'mdont of Public In
struct " ofMoL'jiu an cm lty, aubjeotto the
iclionof the Dotnooiail' party.
We are antho'Ued to announce that Robert
rj.Ito-h's a randid'tu for ro election to the
office of tnasuri-r of MoLennna county, subject
to tho action ol the Deinocratlo puty.
We ara authorised toinnounee Mr. Andrew
Goddartan candidate fir re-election to the
oPlco f connty sureor, subjoct to tho action
of the Democratic Party.
Wc aio RUthor'rd to announce that J, N,
Oalla.'hfr U a cv dldata for ro election to the
olllncof Justlreof the Peace Piecliict No. 1,
Kiel, m an coiin'y , snbjcot to the action of the
Democratic inity.
Wi" areauthorlred toaunoanro J T. Ilarrl
nnn ns ii caiidldite for rc-cleciinn to tho ofSoe
of Justice of tho Pesco 1'ieo net No 1 McLen
nan county subject to the action of the Dem
ocratic party .
roil CONSTAllLK.
The Xkws Is authorized to announce Iee
Cook asacamlldulo for re-election to the office
of coi stable of i rcclnct No 1 Mo' ennnu coun
ty, subject to tho action ot tho Democratic patty.
Mr Jame II I.ockwood authorize ns to
aniionncehlm as a candidate for conHtnble of
precinct No 1 McLennan connty, subject to the
action of tho Democracy.
Ifea SiBfitar SsJjetojg
Why was Chilton appointed Sen
ator beforo thoro was a vacaooy?
Why did he not post himself as to
his constitutional dulioa?
Why was tho oxtra session put off
eo long?
Why did Hogg intervene?
Why fool tho people?
Why any more Hogg?
Why not Clark?
Why did Governor Ilotjpr striko
down tho credit of every city in tho
Why did Oovoruor J. S. Hogg re
fuso to allow tho legislature to make
the make the ootnmision olootivo?
Why did Govtr.ior J Hogt; try
to hro tho sohool fund invested in
railroad bonds after saying that rail
roads worn robborn?
Goggan Bros, will soon be prepared
to lurnish the oatupaign song "Turn
Texas Looso" the wotds appoaring on
this patjo today. Lot the peoplo tako
up tho refrain,
"A man is not all wool becauso he
is several yards wide," is the observa
tion of Editor D.ina with reference to
Cleveland. The same may be said of
our own beloved governor.
The Fort Worth Gizotte charges
the Democratio defeat in Rhode
Island to Cleveland, and when Missis
sippi, Alabama and Georgia elcot their
Demoeratio governors tho Gazette will
doubtless credit Hill with tho viotories.
A communication in the Ellis Coun
ty Mirror against Mills, brought com
munications from three of Mills friends
filling over threo columns of space de
fending him The nittn who jumps on
Roger Q. Mills may prepate for just
that. .
Judge Gerald will be out among the
voters of the Old Ninth in a few dajs,
and then the Austin Evening News will
see where it was mistaken when it said
Mr. Pendleton would probably suc
ceed Mills Big Sandy will attend to
ihat vacancy
We desire to remind our Austin
correspondent and request an occa
sional reeiproo3tion of the favor, that
tho Honorable Roger Lawson Fulton
of and for Galveston is candidato No.
3 in this race for governor of Texas
We do this in order to avoid tho tin
tinnabulations of the "ignoring rack
et." TheSan Antonio Eipress announces
that next week it will publish a million
copies of a Spaoish edition to be dis
tributed in Mexico and calls upon the
merchants of ban Antonio to adver
tise their wares, but as the Express is
apposed to allowing citizens of Texas
to buy anything from Mexicans that
can be kept out of this country by
tariff taxes, and the Mexicans are re
taliting to the best of their ability, it is
hird to see the necessity for it. The
Express is a protectionist.
Following is the coinage plank in
tho Minnesota Demoeratio platform
"Wo hold, in aooordanoe with a
traditional polioy of our party, to tho
use of both gold and silvor, and the
sole function of tho government is to
examino the relativo valuo of the met
als of coinago as established by the
oommcroial world, and if thero has
been a suffioient fluctuation in the
value of either to mako the existing
ratio unequal, then to roadjust the
ratio so that tho number of grains of
either metal in the unit of coinago,
tho dollar, shall bo equivalent in
value, and then to permit tho free,
unrestrioted ooinago of bolh metals."
Tho St. Louis Republic says this is
tho clearest and most conciso state
ment of tho traditional polioy of tho
Demoeratio party it has evor seon.
The News regards it as rather mis
leading in that it presupposes a fluc
tuation in value of both motals when
one of them, gold, is tho standard of
value and cannot ohango. The prico
of silver rises and falls but gold being
tho standard by which tho valuo of
Bilvor is measurod its valuo is always
tho samo. A clearer and more con
ciso statement is this: "Wo hold
that bimotalism is a cordial prinoiple
of the Demooratio party and thero
should bo no restriction of tho coin
age of either gold or silver but both
should bo coined freo upon a ratio es
tablished by the oommeroial world."
Dootors? Pahawl Take Bkeoiiam'b
Hillsboro, Wednesday, April 13.
Waxahaohic, Thursday, April M.
Corsioana, Saturday, April lli.
Other appointments will bo un
announced from titno to timo. Gov.
Hogg is invited to be prosent at any
appointment and participate on equal
TTordibrO O DcZoncIie. Music by
TurnToiRS Looss -Our Lone Star bttto.
Her graceful llmks unbind,
Looie her from binds h'oh adverjo fat,
Hss lliikod with J ulgtnout blind,
Then hr majestic n-arch will show
llor pronros and ho' power,
Wh'le sraclmu Rltts to high nnd low
With lavish hantU she'll shower
(Choral )
Turn TeT'is Looie, lllng wide her gates,
And let her c"w apaoe
Au 1 soon mild hsr slater States
Sho'll take her destined place.
From tIo oiu laws, Turn Texas Lojso,
l'iom Tlsljnar es dreams,
From ''pa riots" whose plots produce
llase, mercenurr schemos.
From lw-makors who know no law
Who err; then mazoocnsc.
From "BoMes" with rapacious mw
Oh Lord, Turn Texas Loose.
Turn Toiis Loo-e from government
Pitetnal partl'nn.
From spalls, nnd spoilsmen fully bent
To capture all they cau.
Frim office holders who ne'er hold
Ihelr berth without abuse,
Fiomilltheso Ills, wo here mke bold
To pray, Turn Tolas Looc.
(Chorus )
Tho musio for the foregoing is now
in press and'will shortly bo issued by
Thos. Goggan Bros of Gtlvoston,
Tho New York Sun in fiuhting for
Tammany Hall and its candidate,
Hill, refers to the effort in 1SS8 to
prevent Hill's nomination for gover
nor and particularly to an anti-Hill
meeting in September of thit year and
"Two months later the peoplo of
the stato by a mujirity of nearly 20,
DUO. elected Mr. Hill governor, role
gating upon the 6amo occasion the
Hon Grovcr Cleveland to the kindly
obscurity of a perfunctory or wholly
theoretical practice in William street,
causing, in all brovity, his onforood
departuro from tho White House in
favor of a Republican suocessor."
That is why New York should not
be permitted to dictate tho candidato
of the Demooratio party.
Tho Dallas Times-Herald says:
"It has been the rulo to oleot a
governor of Texas for tho second
term, aod tho outlook now is that this
year will not bring an exception to
the rulo. Hogg is unpopular with
some people, but has lost none of his
strength with tho great majority."
It huB been tho rulo in Texas since
1873 for tho Domocratio governors
to oonduct the office in aooordanco
with Demooratio principles. Thero
having been an exception to this
rulo during the last tvo years tho
Democrats of Texas proposo to elect a
man who will return to it. No gov
ernor is entitled to a seoond term by
reason of prcoedenco in party aotion,
but that and tho commission whioh has
alroady been adopted and incorpor
ated in tho constitution constitute the
only olaim set forth by the friends of
Governor Hogg as reasons for his re
eleotion. Why did Governor Hogg sign the
alien law with those obnoxious fea
tures attaohed?
Slow but euro ! Such has boon tho
patronago of the eating department of
the Woman's Exohango, under tho
minagemont of Mrs Davis, who has
had charge for tho past two months.
Tho dining room is filled two to threo
times at noon eaoh day with a fair
patronago for breakfast and supper.
Both mon and women are invited.
Single meals 35 cents. Speeial rates
to regular boarders for ono, two or
threo meals daily. Lunches turnished
to order from lOo up. Give us a oall
and be convinoed. Woman's Ex
change, under New McClelland hotel,
113 South Fourth street.
It Dobb Not Matter If McCulloch is
The flloa and mosquitoes aro going
to be just as bad1 They'll ruin your
house just as quiok. So givo us your
ordors for screens. Enquire at branch
oflico of Dallas Soreen Co,, at Mo.
Kennon Bro's., & Oo.
Are Making a
Of Embroideries which they have bought very cheap. Come
and see them.
JLewine JBrothers
Are Making Special Prices on Men's, Boys, and Children's
Clothing, Comprising all the Novelties of the Season.
Lewfie Brothers
Show New Styles in Ladies and Gents Low Quarter Fine
ILewiiie Brothers
just Received New Lines of Shopping Bags and
Novelty Belts.
JLewiiae Brothers
Have the best assortment of Gents' Neckwear and Furnish
ing goods in the city.
iiewme Brothers
Are determined to undersell all competitors and low prices
prevail in all departments.
ILewinae Brothers
Kindly ask you when in quest of goods to come and price
their stock and guarantee satisfaction in your purchases.
; i & 523 Austin Street,
Manfactm ers
Alexandre's Baking Powder.
Alexandre's Puro Bpices.
Alexandre's Java and Rio Blend CofTeo.
Mooro Bros' White Wine and Applo Vlnogar.
Moore Bros' Puro Cider.
Having purchased Mr. Alexandre's buslnes we a re now proparod to till
ordors promptly. Patronize Homo Institutions. Sustain our efforts to mako
Waco a Groat Manufacturing Centre.
Have removed from Paciffc Hotel to Room 28, Provident Bld'fj
The old Oraml Jtiillittnn, JVortt of I'tata,
ij; The finest vehicles and horses in thr
city. Call oarriages for ladies a spe
cialty and when desired, ladies can
have a driver in livery. All trains met.
Prompt attention to all orders and
boarded on reasonable terms.!
W.I), MA.YSIKUD, Prelilent.l3J. I). BULL, VIco Prcsldaat.JOHN: D, MAYFIELD, Owhlec
The Gity Savipgs Bapk
CHARTERED FEB. 12, 1892.
No v offers 6 per cent, interest on"! deposit.Interest payable
from date.
Great Run on a
One Door from Cor, Sixth.
Whdesale Grocers.
Mooro Bros' Flint Candy.
satisfaction guaranteed. Horsea

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