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Keeldcnco lilO Nil t Residence U19 N 13 St.
Physicians and Surgeons.
Slate at Old Corner Drug Btoro. Telcpaone
at OOlce and Residences.
WB Mitt JwC o i!r rs
ussstm" m nrir-nr ni
aRawiitBA Tassaeaai
iHirjrrtrsrr? ii
i jsjj, " ij- tr-ipr Awvy
SI 8 Atlfctlll Avoiiiic.
waco, : : : texas.
Commercial House.
Cor. Eighth $ Clay Su.
Vnlytito blue!; stnitli of Mo. J'nclftc 11. 11
- F iESTciiiss.ii
Terms reasonable. Commercial
Travel especially solicited.
Mrs. N. H. Kirkpatrick.
rnicrs iu:asomiii.i:.
Leave ordors with G. H, Rosenthal
Ko. 307 Austin avenue
Blackwoll Hotel.
Good beds and best of fare. Rates
$1.00 per day. Meals 25 oonts, 120
Second Btroot, next door to the court
house. tf
Fino Work.
Never in tho history of Waco was
there i i stock of buggies display
ed as can be found at Torn Padgitt's.
Tho finest work, tho latest styles and
tho lowest prices. No trouble to
show them. Call and see for yourself.
One hundred vehicles in display room
Joe Lohman's for loo oream and
oonfeotionerios 117 South Fourth
to Kellum & Lawson for
lots in Farwclls Heights.
Tho best restaurant in town, Joe
Lehman's, No. 117 South Fourth
Sleeper, Clifton & Co., Ladies' Ox
ford Ties f2
Ladies Oxford Tios $2.50, Ladies Ox
ford Ties $3.
to Kellum & Lawson, for
all kinds of real estate.
A Mystery Explained,
The papers contains fequent notices
of rich, protty and educated girls
eloping with negroes, tramps and
coaohmon. The well known specialist,
Dr. Franklin Miles, says all suoh girls
are more o ." less hystorical, nervous,
very impulBivo, unbalanced; usually
subjeot to headaoho, neuralgia, sleep
lessness, immoderato orying or laugh
ing. Theso show a weak nervous
system for which thero is no remedy
equal to Restorative Nervine. Trial
bottles and a fino book, containing
many marvelous oures, free at H. C.
Richer's, who also sell, and guarantees
Dr. MileB celebrated Now Heart
Cure, the finest of heart tonics. Cures
fluttering, short breath, etc.
to Kollurn & Lawson 113 S. 4
st. for lots in Col. Height
Joo Lohman Is tho most popular ros
taurant man in Texas. His plaoo
i iy Boutn Fourth btroot.
Dr. Goo. P. Mann, dontiBt. Full
sett of upper or lowor teeth, $12.50.
to Kellum & Lawson 113 S.
4th St. for farms & ranches
Dry post oak cord wood, $3.50;
stove wood $4.50, at Gurley Wood
m '
4fc, 8 Warranted shoes at Hilt &
tfbjm Co., 4I4 Austin street.
Tho largest stook of soreen doors
fid windows at uurtis & urana b.
We cordially invite the Ladies of
Waco and vicinity to call and
examine our Display of Milli
nery Goods and Trimmed Hats,
and critically compare our work
and prices with that of other
We make no pretensions at formal
openings which are expensive
luxuries that patrons must pay
for but are anxious to demon
strate that First-class Millinery
can be sold at 50 per cent, less
than is usually charged.
Orders executed on short notice,
and satisfaction guaranteed.
We are showing very complete
assortments in all Departments
and ask the patronage of the
public strictly upon the merits
of our goods and prices.
The Hogg and Commission Meeting:
Called In Austin Saturday
The Il.vtru SuHhlnu Hum Worked
Ilnrd mid AVI 1 1 Touch I'pon nil tlio
SiibcctH In I lit) Governor's Call
Dxcopl I'I'wn Ccrnlil In Waiting
ami AVatcliiiii; for llio Noiiulo to
Act nil tho I. A J. N. C'lise-Wli IMil
f.rcNhaiii en Over tn Ilojjr In a.
UurNtlnu l.niiii; the KoiiikIk anil
the AiiNwer In forthcoming
N. Eighth and Austin.
Everybody goes to Joo Lenman's
when they want a good meal, or iie
to Kellum & Lawson for lots
in Pravident addition.
If you want to see tho World's Fair
seo Ray Napiers' display of oigars at
Hotel Royal.
Contentment at Home bettaff
than Kichc Abroad.
As the ereuing iliwluwt darken mora
deeply the glimmering twilight of a mid
winter day, the curtains are drawn, tha
ihutters closed, the lamps me lit, the coal
in the grate piled higher, the e.isy chain
drawn nearer to the open tire, and the
queenly wife, with her beauteous babe ia
her arms, awaits the coming of her hus
band and protestor. The children, too,
await a father's coming with eager appa
tites, for well ihcy know his arrival will
signal the ringing of the supper bell.
How warm and pleasant it is indoors this
clear, cold night. What enjoyment ol
peace and contentment hovers around tha
liunily fireside. Ah! here is happintss.
B"at hero comes l':i, his features lit up
with a kindly smile, beneath which, how.
ever, can be seen a trace of suffering.
Overwork, care and anxiety is breaking
down his constitution. He don't sleep
well, he don't rat well, he don't feel well.
His stomach feels weak, his kidneys feel
lore, he aches all over No, he rays ha
don't want any supper, s.iys lie feels tired
and will go to bed. Alas, he is a sick
man. The morning finds him too ill to
go to his olllce , a doctor is sent for, says
lie needs rest, and needs it badly. Says
ho needs a good tonic. Recommends Dr.
John Bull's Sarsaparilla. Knows the com
position of this remedy, and advises his
ptftient against taking any other. Ha
uses this remedy, quickly recuperates, and
every one is happy. When you feel weak
and debilitated, when your system cravei
a tonic, when eating gives you distress and
your digestion causes pain, when your
back aches and your kidneys seem to be
wasting away, take Dr. John Hull's Sarsa
parilla and It will give you health and
strength again.
Edward K. Manning, Newport, Ky..wrltes;
"For a year my health had been falling. I
lost flesh and strength. My weight decrease
from ISO lbs. lo US lbs. 1 mitlered excruciat
ing pain In my back and loins, and rheu
matism in my leu lea iimue mo a cripiuc
I was advised to try I)r. Hull's Harsaparilla,
and used in all about ten bottles. From lb
tart I gained In llcsh and Improved In every
way. Now again I feel once more raysou.
I sincerely believe It saved my life."
KB-Nejleotlneachlld troubled with worms
Is cruel. Give It Dr. John Bull's Worm De
stroyers. They taste good, are safe, and only
cost 23 cents.
tar " Less than one bottle of Smith's TobU
Syrup cured me of chills and fever." C. E.
Clarke, Frankfort, Mo.
Jonu D. Park & Sons, Vholeialt Agatk,
178, in and 17V Sycamore BU, Cincinnati, 9.
Special Corresponcencc-
Austin, April 10. It is barely
possible that the International receiv
ership investigation may como up to
morrow or Tuesday, but tho chances
aro rathor in favor of the negative of
the proposition, Gol. Gerald prefers
for the sonato to tako somo action be
fore ho calls it up in tho house and
thero aro several senators who aro very
rnuoh disposed to take seme action on
the recommendations respectively of
tho two reports.
Yesterday afternoon at 15 o'clook
wb tho time appointed to dispose of
it and in the course of tho session
Senator Scarsy called it up. Senator
Crane at onco asked for a call of the
lonate, which was or
dered by tho chair. When
tho oall was called it was found that
there were were only threo absentees,
Stephens, Harrison and Ingram.
Stophens was at homo in Wilbargor
county, where he was called sovoral
days ago on account of the sickness
of some member of his family and
therefore had been indefinitely ex
ouBod from attendance. Senators In
cram and Harrison now beoame tho
object of the seargent-at arms' search
and just before tho timo for adjourn
ment Senator Ingram was found and
it was announced by Lubbock tiiat
Harrison was sick. Ho had this in
formation from tho first, and
why he failed to have Harrison
excused when tho call was first
made is a mystery. JuEt how Sena
tor Lubbock stands on this quostion
your correspondent does not know.
Ho does know that ho is a Hogg man
and is very likely to favor tho major
ity report. Senator Harrison says
that he was suffering intense pain and
mado the effort to got to the capital
and was feeling so badly that ho
turned baok and asked Lubbook to
have him excused. Ho further says
that whenever the voto is taken he
will vote for the Garwood or minority
report and not only will not shirk the
responsibility of his vote, but prefers
to oast it according to his convictions
of right. Senator Scarsy says,
as far as ho is conoorned
bo wants thoso senators who favor the
majority report to know that he and
hiB associates favoring the minority,
aro now and at all times willing to
voto on the question, and if there is
any failure of action by the senate it
shall not bo said that conceived at it.
Thero may bo some tonability techni
cally in the position taken by Senator
Crano, that thero is nothing for tho
legislature to do, but to entertain prop
ositions of impeachment or address,
and to simply oxprcsB condemnation
or exculpation iB without and beyond
tho functions of tho legislature, but
tho fault has beon shown and the
man is now considered bold who
woll excuse the conduct of thoso mon
who were concerned in that reccivor-
Senator Garwood had been absent
at his home on account of sickncBB in
his family, but anticipating tho calling
up of tho International investigation
ho came to Austin and reached the
senate chamber just before the mat
ter came up. This bright young son-
ator has won many laurels in this
fight, and strango to say thero is nevor
heard any language of reproach used
toward him, oven by thoso who aro
directly and indirectly affected by his
sevcro chastisoment.
JNotwitlistanuing tnat there was a
great huo and cry that tho extra ses
sion would not bo ablo lo compass tho
entiro roster of legislative subjeot an
anounccd in the governor's call, it lias
como protty close to it, and deserves
favorable inontion for the assiduitv
with whioh the members have worked
Thero are only two subjeots that will
not bo treated, Thoy aro the "landod
corporation" and "judicial districts"
sobjects. Of course tho latter is only
incidental to tho genoral judicial sub
jeet. As Baid tbovo, thero may not
be any action on tho International
receivorship mattor. Tho differences
between the sonatc and houso as to
wt.is.li nil,. A,,at!n n, Rnn A ntnnm
shall bo ohosen for one of.
the locations of one of tho
civil court of appeals havo not beon
adjusted, but oonferenoo committees
will bo appointed to-morow which will
make short work of it, and indications
aro now that San Antonio will vin the
There is no causo of alarm to the
Clark men from tho meeting that was
held in this city last night in the in
terest of Hogg and tho commission.
It was the weHkcBt thing that has hap
pened in tho campaign, and tho press
reports sont out are roliable and cor
rect. Thore is but ono thing that
the Clark people must look to and
never surrender and that is conn
donoo. A Clark men who ex
presses doubt about his can
didate should bo hanged and his
plaoo suppliod with a wooden man,
who will bo of as much service.
There is littlo doubt, and your corres
pondent bears suoh expressions often
about tho capital, that as soon as the
peoplo of the country bocomo aware
ol tho roal attitudo of tho admiuistra
tion toward railroads, thoir oyes will
open very wide and the bug under
the ohip will bcoome very visible. As
soon as tho voter can learn just why
Walter GreBham wont over to Hogg,
he will begin to get tho key to the
Cfieap bote,
The only cheap lotH offered in Waco
for tho last fivo years aro thoso now
on the inarkot in tho Kirkpatrick Ad
dition, East Waoo. These lots aro
being sold for ono-half thoir real val
ue, making a cbanoo to scouro a do
sirablo homo such as will never occur
Cite&p Lot.
Theso lots lio high and dry. Thoy
overlook a large portion of tho oity
and havo perfect drainage. Thoy lio
in tho healthiest part of tho city, catch
ing tho puro breezes from the prairie
untainted by passago over any part of
tho city.
Gamo at Padgitt's Park
torday Notos.
The Lone Stars and Majors orossed
bats at Padgitt's park yestorday in
the presence of a good sized audience,
and, with some fow exceptions, it was
very interesting throughout the entiro
game, Tho sooro was fourteen to six
in favor of tho Lone Stars.
Quito a numbor of ladies witnessed
the game and thoy showed their appre
ciation by repeated cheers, which was
heartily responded lo by the players
Tho Lono Star is a strong team and
win nearly evory camo tliov nlav.
With the oxcoption of ono or two
players thoy havo the best amateur
torn in the state, and which, no
doubt, will bo proved beforo the sea-
Bon is ended.
Mr. Mitchell, manager of tho Lone
Stars, informs us that from thiB data
thoy are open for gamos with any aina
teur nino in tho state.
What about Waco's pitohers?
Lot's hear from our neighbor, Hills-
boro, and soo if we can't arrvngo a
Tho now uniforms ot tho Lono
Stf.rs was finished Saturday afternoon
andthobojs oame out in "full dress"
for Sunday's gamo.
Waoo should bo proud of her "Lone
Stars." Any city would.
Ilughston is competont in any lea
gue nino.
Fiold Captain Georgo Darrah had
to leave for Fort Worth Saturday (pre
sumably to soo his best girl), but his
position was ably filled by Stallard.
Thomas catches with tho skill of an
old veteran.
Cheap !Lots
Theso lots havo tho finest soil, a
rich sndy loam, admirablo for gar
dens, and aro underlaid with puro
wator in inexhnustible quantities at a
depth of fifteon and sixteon foot,
which can bo usod for irrigation.
Cheap JLofs
Theso lots aro closer to tho contor
of the city than any other addition,
and at tho samo distance lot ro soil
ing for threo and fivo times tho prioo
asked for theso. Thero is millions in
it for persons of small means. Call ou
Mrs. or P. G. Kirkpatrick, southwost
oorncr Eighth and Clay street.
All parties desiring plats of tho
ivirkpatriok addition oan obtain them
upon application.
j3 fA--
f il jfiW ,.. iB'H
I KTv . vi si, . .
'caeTaict' ism
Kept vp
for years tho offer that's mado by
tho proprietors of Dr. Sago's Ca
tarrh Remedy. It's addressed to
you, if you have Catarrh. It's a.
reward of $500, if thoy can't euro
you, no matter how bad your case,
or of how long standing an offer
that's mado in good faith by ro
eponsiblo men.
Think -what it means I Absoluto
confidence in their Remedy, or they
couldn't afford to tako tho risk. A
long record of perfect and perma
nent cures of tho worst cases or
they couldn't have faith in it. It
means no moro catarrh or $'500.
If you fail to bo cured, you won't
fail to be paid.
Rut perhaps you won't beliovo it.
Then thoic'n another reason for try
ing it. Show that you can't uo
cured, and you'll get 500. It's a
plain business offer. The makers
of Dr. Sago's Catarrh Remedy will
pay you that amount if they can't
euro you. They know that they
can you think that they can't. If
thcy'ro wrong, you get the cash. If
you'ro wrong, you're rid of catarrh.
For This Weok Only.
:i(! clothes pins, 5o
100 pokor chips,
Gallon oil can,20o
Chopping bowl 10c
Chopping knifo.so
Muffin, pan lOo
Dress shields lOo
Pressed wash pan,
Sauco pan and
cover, 15c.
Plush album, FiOo
(! lamp wicks, 5o
Howl and pitohcr,
3-gal. bucket, 20o
Dinnor buokot,20o
Wood bucket, 16o
Good suspenders,
Photo frames, lOo
Nut oraokors, lOo
Broad box, -10c
Sugar bucket, iluo
Knifo box lOo
Quart dipper, Ho
Covered sauco pan
Hanging baBkot,
Sprinklers 25c
Quart pitchers,10o
Wire baskets, lOo
gallon cup, 5o
Child's tray 15o
Coffoo mill, .'lOol
Cummings' 5 and 10 cent storo,
7015 Austin ave., between Sevonth and
Eighth street.
Rules and Regulations at tho Park
Open G a. m. to 10 p. m. olosod on
Sunday night. Pool reserved for
ladios'oxcluBively Wednosday evening
2 to 5:30; Saturday morning 9 to 12,
Monday night !) to 10 for Indies and
gentlemen, pool party, tub, nccdlo, and
vapor baths at all hours for pationts
and others. Experienced malo and
fetnalo attondants day and night,
Tom Pahght, Proprietor.
J. B. CiuchNUT, Managor,
Miles' Norve And Liver Plliu
Act on a now prlnolplo regulatlnp
the llvor, stozincltniul bowels through
tho norvoa. A now discovery. Dr.
miles' PIUb spoodlly ouro blllousnoso,
bad tasto, torpid llvoi piles, consti
pation. Unoqunlod for men. women,
and childron. Bran-Host, mildest, sur
est. 60 doses 25 contH. Samples froo
atH. ORlHhor.& Co'n. Drug storo 613
Austin avonue
Itf'fsftfl"ISli,or B0Vcn daya
JT JHB.1J9. oniy) half cash.
Will aocept highest hid mado:
9 aero garden 1-1 mile of oity lim
its. 1 Room new houso on South Twolfth
05 aoro gardon, '10 acres in fruit
trees .'1 1-2 inileH cilj.' limits.
I mean business strielly. Am go
ing to sell and no mistake.
J, 0'. Mtek
Warranted shoes at Hilt
Co., 4M Austin street.
Dr. Gunn's Onion Syrup.
This remedy is a Buro euro for all
disoasoH of the Throat and Lungs,
caused bv takintr cold. Tt will ntnn n
oough in ono night, no matter how
It is just what its narao implies, an
onion syrup, compounded in Huoh
mannor as to do away with tho un
pleasant tasto and odor of tho vocita
blo. When in need of a cure for a oough
or cold, try it. Prioo 50 conto. Sold
by W. B. Morrison & Co.
Dry post oak cord wood, $3.50;
Btove wood $4.50, at Gurley Wood

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