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Look What You can Got at 0. J.
Mlllor's Bargain Store,
10 dozen eggs for $1.
20 pounds granulated sugar for i,
Smoked dried beef at n cents.
Drir-d salt shoulders at 7 cents.
Breakfast bacon (sugar cured) at u
Spiced pigs' feet at 15 cents.
Fresh fish at 10 cents a pound.
California oranges at 20 cents a doz.
Banannas at 15 cents a dozen, 717
Austin street.
t I f r
4J' Jsfv
r i.r.uP
P tI'.rArir a!
N .
vrNrnffi. iv
t WIlflKV k ss. 4&VI Jk?V k
h A Oil 2 f-Vv
Faints s Oils,
404 Austin Street,
HI Thero! Stop! Walt a Minute!.
Havcnt you forgot something.
Didn't your pretty wife tell you
to get "The Delineator" so she
could make Daisy's new dress
in style. Go to I let. Bros,
and get it or there will be a
row. Or maybe it was that
box of cigars you were going
to treat yourself with. What
ever it was Herz Bros, have
got it in either reading or
smoking. Give the boys a call
for whatever you want at
Don't be Deceived.
I am still holding down Standard
Granulated Sugar 20 pounds for ono
Franoo-American Food Co's Frenoh
Soups, 3 pound oans, 30 cents oaoh .
Star Tobacco 40 cents per pound. Low
prices on everything. Call and soo
Joe S. Tiiomvson,
The Grooer.
Tucker's "Almondlne."
Proof against cold winds and hot
sunshine for the complexion. It has
already bcoomo quite popular with
the ladies, as also with gontlomon to
uso after shaving when troubled with
roughness and breaking out. Price 25
3iid 50 cents por bottlo. Proparod
only by the Lion Drug Storo, by
W. L. Tucker.
warrantod shoes at Hilt &
Co, 414 Austin St.
Touching Pianos and Organs.
I claim to be a cheap house, but
unliko some of my competitors, I do
sell goods that arc not first-class.
Still I have mere first-olass goods in
my house than any house in Waco,
and I do not have to wire anyone to
know the lowest price. I can sell a
piano like overy other first-class houso
and keop all kindB,both ohoap, modium
and first-class. But unlike some othor
houses I do not sell a ohoap instru
ment aB first-class, becauso I am my
own boss, and do not have to do as I
am told about thoHc things. Neither
have I as delicate a musical ear as
some, still I sell more pianos and
rgans, bolter ones and for iess money
than any houso in Waco notwith
standing the faot that I am not tho
oldost house in the state unJ bavo
sold sowing maohines and do trado
for mules, horses and cattle and tako
them at good prioes and sell goods at
cash prices and will meet any com
petitors Come and see me.
Yours truly,
J B. Payne.
To Subscribers.
1 will commenco collecting in the
rctidenoo portion of tho city tomorrow
Saturday. Please lcavo 50o at the
houso. Kespeotlully,
8. J. Quay, City Circular.
Special Notice.
Thero will be no water in tho pool
at the natatorium on aocount of im
provements to-day and to-morrow.
Tub and all other privato baths still
open. Will bo filled for bathb on
e": e- 1 i r--o '" ul .. rjmz vv I xnzir t. .
Aro tlio popular grocers.
Always new anil fresh gooJs.
Every dellcaccf the season In season,
All tho line A 1 good?.
liojt if everything, is their motto.
Lowcstt possible prices.
Polltolfttlenticn and ompt deliver la the
r dribble Broi.GrocerH, 605 Austin Avenue.
See ad of J. H. Shope, top of fifth
page. If you miss shope's ads and
prioes you may miss a big thing. Ho
is a live grocor with fino goods, lowest
prices and ono of tho nicest business
men in town.
Tho Freo South is the only negro
Democratic newspaper in tho world
and J. T. Bailey, colored, tho editor
and proprietor, is in Waco in tho in
terest of his paper. The paper is pub
lished in Fort Worth and Dallas,
Texas and Shrovoport, Louisiana.
There is a hole about six inohes in
diamoter in South Forth stroot, oppo
site the Pacific hotel. It was left
thero so as to be able to got at a shut-
ou m the street water main and (he
cap has been torn away from it. Sev
eral horses have been badly hurt by it
Tho Blako Manufacturing Compa
ny whioh has been shut dnown for
several months started to running to
day with a large foroo of hands. The
number of omployoes will bo incroasod
as fast as tho old ones come back and
now one can bo taught until tho facto
ry has a full complement.
About tho wettest job in Waco to
day is the ono Mr. Fowler tho
artesian well driller has on hand today.
Ho is lowering tho casing in the well
for tho Waco natatorium. As each
successivo seotion is put on the water
is carried up fifteen or twenty feet
and in falling delays tho workmen.
Mr. W. B. Fakes has just returned
from Mart and Battle Institute where
he went to fill his appointments, He
reports crops fine and farmers well
up with their work. Politics quiet ex
cept as to the gubernatorial question.
At Mart people are about equally di
vided between Hogg and Clark, while
at Battle Institute Clark is almost
solid. Mr. Fakes will address the
people in other portions of the county
at an early day.
salD Baking
1 IH & P
Used in Millions of Homes aq Years the Staudaei
jffS? & mmZ3&&j&!
Which Meets In Atlanta April 28th,
Will Eclipso all Former
Gatherings of the
The fourth annual congress of tho
Sooth-Irish Society of America will
oonveno in Atlanta on April 2Stn, and
remain in sossion tliroo days. The
Atlanta Sooth-Irish Society is making
great preparations for the ovent, and
tho indications are that tho meeting
will be the most interestiug and tho
best attonded in the history cf tho
Fivo thousand engraved invitations
have been printed from steel plates
and mailed to prominent people on
both sides of tho Atlantio. Two thou
sand newspaper editors aro among this
number, and somo of tho most distin
guished men in the United States
havo accepted invitations to address
tho congress.
The programmo includes addrosses
by Colonel A. K. MoClure, editor of
tho Philadelphia Times, lion. James
E. MoKenzio, of Hopkinsville, Ivy.
ono of the vice presidents of the
World's Columbian exposition, Dr.
Francis L. Patton, president of Prince
ton University, Dr. John Hall, of
New York, Hon. James MoDill, who
suooeeded Judge Cooley on tho inter
state commerce commission, Mr.
Henry Wallace, of Dos Moines, Iowa,
Hon. Pat Calhoun, ot Atlanta, Dr. J
U. Bryson, of Iluntsvillo, Ala , and
other distinguished speakers yet to bo
Ono of the most enjoyable features
of the proceedings will be a number of
ten minute speeches by some of the
wittiest and brainiest men in tho coun
try among them Major Charles II.
Smith (Bill Arp), Colonel G. W.
Adair, tho famous wit of Atlanta, and
a number whoso names have not been
announced. No address will bo more
than forty minutes long, and tho ton
minuto speeches will bo in toh pro
portion of two or three for evory lon
ger address.
Reduced railroad rates ha7o boon
scenred, and from all points south of
tho Uhio and cast of the Mississippi,
ono and one-third fare return tickets
will bo on sale. The saino or approx
imate rates from points beyond. Pres
ident Harrison, ex Prosidont Cleve
land, Seoretary Blaine, Governor Mo-
Kinloy, ox-Governor Campboll, Gov
ernor Buchanan and many other dis
tinguished Sootoh-Irishmen will be
Speeial rales havo been securod at
tho Atlanta hotels, and everything
will be dono to make the stay of visi
tors pleasant.
Many applications for membership
are being received, and this meeting
presents a favorable timo for persons
of Scotch-Irish lineage to affiliate with
their brethren and kinsmen. The at
tendance is not limited to members.
The objects of the society are histori
cal, educational and pocial. It is
strictly non partisan. The only re
quisites for membership are Scotch
Irish blood, in any degree, good char
"SIIOltK nr.KIJNSI'S" aro the tliomoa of statesmen and rulers, but tho
musses of tho people uro necking h Sure Defense ugniust high prlcos
anil poor qualities In Furniture nutl CnrpetB. Those who buy of us
ihul ample protection iifruinst both, and sook no further plneo for sftfoty.
OUR PRICES CAN NOT BK MET by our oppononts. Call and bo
acter, and nominal dues, for which
members receive tho valuable histori
cal works issued by the society.
Send applications for membership
and for further information to
A. C. Floyd,
Sec'y Nat'l Society, Columbus, Tcnn.
T. H. P. Bloodwori ft, Local Sec'y,
Atlanta, Ga.
Artistic Work.
Thero arc tailors and tailors, somo
arc good, somo indifferent and somo
bad, but Lack & Greenberg in their
now place, -114- Austin street must
be classed among tho good ones.
They aro first class skillful outters,
fino workmon and careful and pains
taking in their work. They mako
perfect fits and do tho vory finest
work to be had. Although but re-
oontly started, work is flowing in on
them from poop lo who know the ex
cellent fits they givo and tho work
they do. They carry a fine lino of
stylish goods and samples and oan
got up nobby suits in short order.
Give them a call and order and you
arc sure to bo well dressed and woll
Twenty-Third Quarterly Mooting
of the Central Texas Medical
Association Tomorrow.
The Central Texas Medical Asso
ciation meets tomorrow in tho city
hall in its twenty-third quarterly ses
sion. Following is tho
1. ''Diphtheria Etiology and treat
mont." By Dr 11 C Nettles, Marlin.
Disoussion opened by Dr II C
Ghent, Belton, and Dr W T Baird,
2. "Prolapse of Uterus Its Man
agement." By Dr J M Frazior, Mor
gan. Discussion by DrB J W Hunter and
J II Soars, Waco.
8. "Tortiary SyphiliB Its Ravages
in Nerve, Muscle and Bono Tissue."
By H 0 Blaok, Waco.
Disoussion by Dr A II Snoad,
Waoo, and Dr VV & Monofoe, West.
4. "Prolapsus Funis ItB Manage
ment." By Dr 0 T Halbert, Waco.
Discussion by Dr W 0 Blalock,
Kosse, and Dr M D Knox, Hillsbnro,
5. "Prolapsus Ant Its manage
ment." By Dr Douglas Harr s, Whit
ney. Disoussion by Dr W W Greor,
Cameron, and Dr J D Law, Kalado.
G. "Otorrhoea in Childron." By
Dr J R Forrell, Waoo.
Disoussion by Dr A M CurtiR,
Waoo, and Dr M T McNeill, Valley
7. Voluntary papors and roports of
Tho offioers of the association are
Dr W II Blailook, McGregor, presi
dent; Dr VV A Howard, Waoo, first
vice president, Dr J T Valliant,
Brucevillo, second vico-presidont, Dr
It C Nettles, Marlin, third vice-presi
dent; Dr M L Graves, Waco, treasu
rer; Dr T W Buruer, Waoo, editor
and curator; Dr W 0 Wilkes, Waco,
The association is in a healthy con
dition, yet its very oxistonoo depends
upon tho doctors.
Mascott Saloon.
317 Franklin. Fino Wines and
Liquors. A plaeo to enjoy tho luxu
ries of one of the finest saloons in tho
oity. Come one, como all. whero the
finest whiskies will be sorrcd.
J. W. Fooahty, Proprietor.
The hoadquartors for diamonds
watches, docks, jewelry and all sorts
of jewelry.
Tho headquarters for fancy articles
and articles of vitu.
The headquarters for fino and deli
cate watch repairing is at
M. L. Winan's, tho popular jowolor,
o-U, Austin street.
Tickets good for 30 days; 011
sale April 7 andS.
Ticket Agent.
Mandato of tho Court of Appoals
The mandate of the court of ap
peals affirming the verdict of the trial
court and ordering the removal to the
penitentiary of Jas. M. Drake, the
slayer of Prof. S. L. Guinn, has ar
rived, and he was removed Saturday
During the long trial Drake has
never lost hope until now. He has
become desperate and is closely
watched. Some time since the pris
oners confined with him, on account
of some threats he had made, petition
ed that he be not allowed the use of
a ra.or, which was granted, lie ap-
pcaicu to nigner amuuruy, uui uic
sheriff's decision was sustained.
Drake was sentenced iust before
adjournment of the last term of the
district court.
L. T. Williams, Esq., Aonouncos
His CsndidacyHls Rocord.
The Niiwh takes pleasure in pre
senting the name of L. T. Williams,
Esq., as a candidate for county attor
noy. Mr. Williams ranks with tho
brightest of tho young attorneys of
McLennan county bar. Ho is a pro
duot of tho oountv and statu. Ho was
born within twenty miles of Waco and
educated for tho prxotice in the
university at Austin, graduating in
the class of 1888. His entire time
since ho began has boon spent in
prosecuting tor tno stato. no naB
perved for several years as assistant
of that distinguished prosecutor, Joe
W. Taylor, Esq. Thcrn is not a bet
ter trained attornoy in tho fiold for tho
office ho aecks than Lud Williams.
Curtis & Grand havo tho largest
stook of soroen doors and windows.
Shooting Gallery7south sideequaro
opon day and night, Drop in,

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