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In All the New Shades
and Novelties!
We Have the Handsomest
Line of dC fill HATS
in the VW-UU City.
Locution of I'lro Alnnii IIdjoi
t Fifth Ward Fire Station strikes
5 Corner Oth and Austin "
G " 1th ' " "
" 7 Central Flro Htatlon
" 8 West End Kire Htatlon "
" 13 Corner 14'h nnd Washington "
Shoe and Clothing Company,
Nos. i2i and 123 South Fourth St., - - WACO, TEXAS.
Advertising in this colninn ohargod a th
rata ofono cent per word for each Insertion
Cash must accompany tho ordor, except where
ordered by a regular advertiser.
II " fith and Malboroagh
"15 " 8th and Columbus "
"10 8thandJackfion "
"17 " 4th and Webster "
"M " 8th and Clevoland "
"'i& " nth and Speight "
"27 " fith nnd Washlncton "
" S5 Royal Hotel 8th and Franklin " in mil
su wooion jt:iiB Mtn ana juary iii-iiini
" 37 Corner loth and Jefferson ' lll-Ilimi
All boxes numbered above 8 strikes thus:
Box 13 strikes 1 and stops, then strikes 111
maklnp Box 13, thou repeats four times.
Box 25 strikes II and stops, then strlkeB 1III
making llox 25 aLd so on.
DliiKCTioNa ron nivmn ALAnu .
Keys will bo fonnd in residences on each cor
ner where bnxeH are located. Open Fire Alarm
Boxes and pall Ilook down and let go. Leave
Key in oox.
Tarn alarm in only for Arcs. 1 10.00 fine for
false alarms.
blow tapping of bolls signify company
Second Friday In each month each box is
tapped twice, testing boxes and circuit lino
When alarm of lire 1b given the Flro Depart
ment has the right of way on nlletrcots. All
vehicles must drive near the sidewalk and keep
away from the lire. 5.oj line for running over
Hepnrt of any careless driving going to or
from Arcs by the Fire Department will be
thankfully received by tho Chief, -as fast and
oareless driving 1b strlckly forbidden.
Save money by getting your soreen
doors and windows at Curtis & Or-and's.
WAVriJII Dining room Servant. Applv
at No 300', Franklin tlrcet, oppoilto
Euglno house. .(. 2t
WAM'IID-To buy a few eroded Jersey
heifers and cows, no fancy prices,
Jouey Jonot, City Hall, M! lmo
Warranted shoes at Hilt &
Co., 414 Austin Street.
Does Not Matter If McCulloeh Is
Tho flies and mosquitoes are going
to bo just as bad. They'll ruin your
houso just as quiok. So give us your
orders for screens. Enquire at branch
offico of Dallas Soreen Co., at McKcn
non Bro's., & Co.
The Artesian Steam Laundry
started on Monday morning with a big
lot of work and is kept running
steadily. Waoo knows a good thing
whon Bho sees it.
Subscribers who do not receive
their paper will confer a favor by re
porting so at office, as that is the
only way wo can know whether the
carriers do their duty or not. Carriers
not allowed to sell papers under any
Tho Artesian Steam Laundry, J. P.
and Geo. A. Wood proprietors, is the
biggest thing that ever struck this
town and is already being patronized
by everybody from Park avenuo to
Bnoklen's Arnica Halve.
The boat salve In the world for outs,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fe
ver soros, tetter, chapped hands, chll
blalns, oorna anl all skin eruptions,
and positively woa piles, or no pay
required. It Is guaranteed to give
satisfaction or Mionoy refunded. Price
25 cents a box. Fcf sale by W. B
Morrison Sr Co.
Ring up telephone 250 and one of
the Artesian btcam Laundry's beauti
ful wagons will call for your wash
and roturn it soon, clean as crystal,,
white as snow and smooth as ivory.
The finest cotton seed in tho state
at Hardwiok Bros. Thoy also handle
a guaranteed planter. Their goods
are first class.
One hundred and fifty-six persons
n Waco have purchased lots in
Coldwater, each person buying from
one to twenty lots. Next month we
will commence to run excursions to
Coldwater and the price of every lot
will be doubled and at the increased
price will be cheaper than any Coun
ty Seat property ever offered for sale
in the Panhandle. Buy lots now
$5, $io, $15, 2o, $25, $30, $40, $50.
(Next month they will be) $10, $20,
$30, $40, $5o, $60, $80, $100.
Phillip L. Alexandre,
Hotel Koyal.
Or H. A. Arnold & Co ,
Provident Building.
i, Harry 0. Chamberlain, a notary
public, do hereby certify that I have
acknowledged 156 deeds to Coldwater
lots. Harry C. Chamberlain.
WAI'm--Work In Stenography nnd
typewriting by Geo W. Scarborough at
Williams A Evans law olllco room 22 Provident
WASrilll- Parties who want to Invest in
In tho rich agricultural lands ol Central
Texas, to senu tueir address to THE WACO
UA1LV NEWS, lntormation furnished free.
WAHTED-Oue thousand old salts to
clean at 30.1 North Fourth stroet A.
Friedman, successor tolhe Uttlo Frenchman.
pAlt'i'.MOU "jii'rjui ApnrtLcr at once
r with alight loam, or the cquivolent in
money, to join me on the road In a yoou paying
bueln.ss already etihbluuuil. Here Isachunco
In a life time for a smart energetic man to coin
money lleferenco given una required, t or
further particulate, AddresB, Henry Hanson,
Waco,lexas. Care Evening Nowa Oillcu. 11
Local Time Card.
Hlnnnrl, Ilnrmits Toxita,
assenger Trains Sooth Bound .
No. 1 arrives 12:10 a, m.
No. 1 leuvea 12:35 a, m.
No, 3 arrives.... loop.'m.
No. 3 leaves 1:10 p. m.
North Bound.
No. 2 nrrlvos 2:4ft a. rn.
No. 2 lettvos , 2:55 a, m,
No. 4 snivel 3:10 p. m.
No.4 loavos 8:20 p, m,
Tiiavib Jonas,
Tloket Agent, raclfio Hotel Block.
Cotton Holt Konte.
Train No. 1 leaves 11:00 a.m.
Train Ho. 1 arrives 10:45a.m.
Train No. 2 arrives 5:1s p m
Train No. 2 leaves..,, 6:30 p.m
'Between Waoo and St. Louts solid train via
Paragould to St. Louis on Iron Mountain track
Into union Depot.
W. B. GiLLasrlk,
uuy Tiotei uraoe at ho. 112 soutn rouri at.
LOST A liver nnd whito pointer pup, nbout
nine wcckB old. A liberal roWMrd will bo
paid for his return to Room 11 Piovldcot Build
ing, -j-ii it
IaOUSAI.K.-Onoofthe best pitying husl
- ness In aco. Will sell low. Tirmi easy.
Address, Big Bargain, News Otllco. 1-8 2w
BOAItU Tto best weekly board In the
city at four dollars per week, nnd day
board at three Can nlo furnish a room for a
fentlcman and wife Mrs Nettle Hough SOi
'ranklln, Corner of Eighth, l-Sf.t
LUST Gold ring with blootstono letting.
Return to Job S. Ynrbiough at IK)3 Austin
street and be rewarded. 1-7 if
West bound
East bound
11. at. r.
i.r.SArr 6:15a. m,
' 83L'v 6:80 a.m.
' SI Att... 4:10p.m.
82L'v 10:00 a.m.
31 Arr 8:20 p. m,
S4Lv 8:40 p. m.
W. E. OWEN8. Tloket Agent.
Under Pad flo Hotel Blook. Opposite FostoOic
roit UIllMT-Heveral houses
T D Hays.
for lent.
1-1 If
EMU'IIOMJ-Gaunt Bros, for dry nnd
green rosi ubk wooa. u-10 11
HEIST A 4 room cottage IT08 Webster
eel, LiU'a Hill. S. J. Qua: , at Isews
COK SAI,i;.-:v).000 good heart shingles at
r $2.0o per thousand. Apply "08 Austin
Avenue. !18 If
FOlt KI;nt Tho elesant rooms for gen
tleman, or geiulcinau mid wife at Com
mercial homo. Eighth una Clay airtet. tf
ROOitlSOno second floor front, south win
dows and one second floor buck, room
with or without meals. Apply to Mra. Harmon
torner Eighth and Washington. !' -2 tf
7lt:SAI.i: Old papers at 20 cents por hun
dred at Tiik J.EWS olllco.
Woman iILovoly woman, ono bottlo of my
celebrattu Tonti will permanently cnlargo
yonr form 4 Inches In 3u days, and makoyoa
as beautiful as Cleopatra, or money refunded.
Price only ti.OO, Woman's only truo trlend,
for It neter falls. Tonti, glorious Tonti,
will make tho leanest person fat, and rcmovo
those horrid wrinkles. Send for sealed circu
241 WAbab
MKS.UK miller.
Avenue, Chicago, Ills
Buggies, phao-
tons and carria
ges, bought at
the recent Sheriffs sale dirt cheap. I
will soil them tho same. Big ohanco,
Tom Pauqitt
A Sprained Ankle.
This is a ooramon ocourrenco and
one that will lay people up ordinarily
6 to 8 weeks, yet wo will guarantoo
Ballard's Snow Liniment to euro any
case of sprained onklc in 1 to li days
if applied at onco, and to immediately
relievo all pain. Snow Liniment will
cure any old soro on man or beast.
It will heal all Wounds and cures
Sprains, Burns, Scalds, Bruises, Soro
Throat, Sore Ghost, Laino Baok, Corns,
Bunions. For llheumatisin, Lum
bago, Neuralgia, Contracted Muscles
it has no equal. Do not allow any
other white Liniments to bo put off
on you for Snow Liniment. Tlicro is
no other like it. Ask for Ballard's
Snow Liniment.
Sold by II. 0. Rishor & Co.
Slow but suro 1 Suoh has boon tho
patronago of tho eating department of
tho Woman's Exohange, under the
management of Mrs Davis, who has
had chargo for tho past two months.
Tho dining room is filled two to threo
times at noon eaoh day with a fair
patronago for breakfast and supper.
Both men and women are invited.
Single meals 35 conts. Speoial rates
to regular boarders for ono, two or
throo meals dnilv. Lunehns tiirnislinrl
. , , in . r 1
10 oruur iiuui iuu up. uivo us a i
.1 l r 1 T.r l.i "
hiiu oc convinocu. woman's nJ:, von mill n..i : 1 T
change, under New McClelland hoJ P " "'"ert,nly j
iid norm pourtn street.
San Autonlo mnl ArmiwuN I'asa.
Sonrn nonmi wo. s2.--nokth nouND--tio. 81
Lt Waco at 15 a. 111. Arrlvos 11:02 p. m.
South Bound freight which will carry pas
Bngors, leaves Waco at 12:15 p. ni.
Read of The Luxury in Travel.
Jiuy Your TickotB Ovor.
AND 13Xl13UIJtNt)K IT.
Pullman Buffet Sleeping Car Service
Texas Points, Chicago,
St. Louis mid Kansas Citj.
Parlor Roolinlng Clmlr Cars, Froo o(
Extra Chargo to
Taylor, Temple, lLillsliornuh,
Dalliis, Fort worth, Oenlsoii,
Gaiucsvillo and HuiirieUa.
Pullman Service to
Austin and San Antonio,
Close Connections Made Tor Laredo
And Points in
As woll us Points In tho
For Roiitoa, Rutos, Maps, Time
Tnblos, or Othor Information, Call on
or Addross:
J. K. Smith, Tioket Agent, No. 12-4
South 4th Strent, Pacifio Hotel, Waco.
II. P. Huoiil-s, G. P. andT. A.
Donison, Texas.
E B. Parker, Ass't. G. P. A., 509
Chestnut St , St. Louis, Mo.
"W. I). Lawhon, Traveling P. Agt.,
Fort Worth Toxas.
TAO "itt
i'ie most com-
aco. DonY hi...
vi'.., v
,, -J.
lAA 1 n
'an who buys for cash
iiuob onn
and in lnV
CIVO inniiln fi "
orn Pad? tt in anni.
-w. u man.
J you need anythinC in tho s ano
' '1.111UIU, iook ovor bin
raonso Hinnb nn,i 1 , . vor ."1S
.,7 "". """ ,uaru "is nricos
Clieap B
It Does Not Matter If McCullo
I he files and mosquitoes aro g',for will soli thoin'tlio
iu uu jubi as uau' incyii rum ij.i
house just as quiok. So givo us hj9
ordors for screens, Enquire at br(Uer
omco 01 uanas ooreen uo., ajf
"ggies, nhao-
tons and oarria-
SaMas'a'sSl ".
"ao. Big ohanco.
Toi Pauqitt
Kennon Bro's., & Co.
Shooting gallery, south sid'Jcrtain
Norris & Brother. Open 'on will
night. 4 Satur-
Gascon Saloon.
tJA 1 11 rinisim r.i .r
Llnnnr. A V:..ilD0 . Vln and
t-w.. jiiiioo 10 enjoy tho Inxu
fini V- , "0' oorno "" w hero
hnost whisk pR will j, 1 "
f organi-
J. W. PooAitry, Proprietor.
T V.T . "" "" "Ujyi;(j,
ry post
OOrd Wnrul e- -.
icun aoors
wood 4.;o. at n,,ri trA.5

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