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'1 . ;nnr;
Look What You can Got at 0. J.
Miller's Bargain Store,
10 dozen eggs for $1.
20 pounds granulated sugar for $1.
Smoked dried beef at n cents.
Dried salt shoulders at 7 cents.
Breakfast bacon (sugar cured) at 1 1
Spiced pigs' feet at 15 cents.
Fresh fish at 10 cents a pound.
California oranges at 20 cents a doz.
llanannas at 15 cents a doen, 717
Austin street.
-, -s
404 Austin Street,
HI Thero! StopI Walt a Minute!.
Havent you forgot something.
Didn't your pretty wife tell you
to get ''The Delineator" so she
could make Daisy's new dress
in style. Go to Ilerz Bros,
and get it or there will be a
row. Or maybe it was that
box of cigars you were going
to treat yourself with. What
ever it was Herz Bros, have
got it in either reading or
smoking. Give the boys a call
for whatever you want at
Don't bo Deceived.
I am still holding down Standard
Granulated Sugar 20 pounds for ono
Franoo-American Food Co's Frenoh
Soups, 3 pound oans, 30 cents each .
Star Tobacco 40 eents per pound. Low
prices on everything. Call and soo
Joe S. Thompson,
The Grooor.
Tucker's "Almondino."
Proof against cold winds and hot
sunshine for the complexion. It has
already becomo quite popular with
the ladicB, as also with gentlemen to
uso after shaving when troublod with
roughness and breaking out. Price 25
and HO cents per bottle. Prepared
only by the Lion Drug Store, by
W. L. Tuoicer.
warranted shoes at Hilt &
Co, 414 Austin st.
Touching Pianos and Organs.
I olaim to be a cheap house, but
unliko some of my competitors, I do
sell goods that are not first-class.
Still 1 have more first-olass goods in
my house than any house in Waco,
and I do not havo to wire anyone to
know the lowest prico I can sell a
piano like every othor first-class houso
and keop all kinds,bothohoap,modium
and first class. But unlike some other
houses I do not sell a cheap instru
ment as first-class, bccauBO I am my
own boss, and do not have to do as I
3m told about those things. Neither
have I as delicate a musioal ear as
'orao, still I sell more pianos and
ergaus, better ones and for less monoy
ttiun any houso in Waco notwith
standing the faot that I am not tho
oltiebt house in the state and havo
sold sewing machines and do trade
for mules, horses and oattle and tako
them at good prioes and sell goods at
cash prioes and will meet any coin
netitors Come' and sco mo.
Yours truly,
J B. Payne.
To Subscribers.
I will commenco collecting in the
rendenoo portion of tho city tomorrow
Saturday. Pleabe leave 50o at the
house. Respectfully,
8. J. Quay, City Circular.
Special Notice.
Thero will be no water in the pool
at the natatorium on account of im
provements to-day and to-morrow.
Tub and all other privato baths still
open. Will be filled for baths on
'if Bc'- ' 3inimmafc,ft'jr-i.. IT
- S-i-fl2ii
Arc tlie popular grocers
Always now nnit fresh goo J?.
Every delicacy of be season In season,
All the fine A 1 gooJp.
Ilot of everything, 1b their motto.
Lowestt possible prices.
Pnllte.'atlentlpn and ompt delivery Is the
0f Oilhblo Tiros. Grocers. EOSAnstln Avenue.
The city is full of delegates to the
Clark meeting.
Preparations are boing made by
the Waco Coramandery Knights Tem
plar to attend tho Grand Commandory
at Corsioana next Tuosday.
The orphan son of Mrs. Cross,
whose mother died about three weeks
ago, has been adopted by Mrs E. Ker
and her daughter, Mrs, Charles M.
Some burning brush near tho
woolen mills caused an alarm to bo
turned on from box 8G, which is lo
cated at that institution. The firomon
were out in good time, but they were
not needed.
Tho Citizens street railway 00m
pany will shortly put in switches in
the Univorsity Belt line, so that the
oars can go both ways. This will bo
inaugurated as soon as tho threo new
cars arrivo. Tbey will also put in a
switch on the Padgitt Park lino on
Eighth street between "Webster and
Clay so as to mako better time on that
Thero came near being a panio at
the opera houso last night. Somo
negro boys got into a fight outsido and
the yells of ono of tho boys was mis
taken for the cry of fire. Tho crowd
started tor tho door when two or three
men called out in stentorian tones,
"sit down." Tho crowd soon obeyed
and tho cause was soon learned and
all was quieted
"Zeb," tho negro porter at tho Cot
ton Exohange saloon was walking
ovor a roof la8t night of a back room
lately ocoupied by W. R. Matthews as
a paint shop. The roof gavo way and
tho unfortunate darkey fell through
into a barrol of white paint. Ho pre
sented a comical appearanoo when
pullod out by friends, who rushed out
upon hearing tho orash.
Capt. John Kennedy, a prominent
Houston real estate denier. Mr. W. H.
Baily, publisher of the Houston Daily
iieroiu ana ron. rnu jNewman, editor
of the Deutsche Zeituncr. Houston. .irn
. . o
in the nty in attendance upon the
wane conference, these gentlemen
are known as the "big three" of De
mocracy in Harris county, and when
they are a unit on any political propo
sition they have never yet failed to
carry their county with them. They
were for Hogg in 1890, the Herald
being the first paper in Texas to sug
gest him for governor. They are now
against him, and in all probabilty will
carry everything in Harris county
their way with them. Hon. John E.
McComb, of Houston, is also in at
tendace. Mj. W. M. Cheney resigned his po
sition as baggago agont of the Cotton
Belt on Maroh 1. He gavo the rea
son that private business required tho
step. The privato business has been
mado public. A few days ago ho was
married ro Miss Paulino Maubry of
Mr. Thomas N. Parker and Aliss
Nona Harris will be happily united in
marriago this ovoninfi at tho residence
of tho bride's parents.
Philhpi Beltran was convicted and
fined this morning in the mayor's court
of assault and battery upon Tom
Tom Padgitt bought the entire
stock of buggies and carriages at tho
S. A. Owens & Son, United Statos
Marshal's salo at almost nothing. A
largo number of them havo been sold
but he has still a fow on band whioh
ho offers still at remarkably low pri
ces It is a chanoo for a person of
small means to buy a nico buggy and
enable his wifo to put on stylo ovor
her Iobb fortunato neighbors.
The equity case of Thos. Tenlsey
vs iiy Warren et al, is on trial today.
The judge's decision was not rendered
in time for The News to publish it.
It was the only case on the docket to
day. The appearance docket will be call
ed tomorrow.
N. A. Banks was tried this morning
in the county court upon the charge
of aggravated assault and battery
upon the body of Emma Williams,
daughter of Jeff Williams, the negro
The defendant is president of Paul
Quinn College and the child upon
whom the offence was alleged to have
been committed, one of his puplis.
Banks punished her for an infraction
of some rule of the school, but the
evidence showed that it was moderate
ly done, not even being severe enough
to make the girl cry.
The jury rendered a verdict of not
guilty without leaving the box.
The defendant was represented by
Judge W. W. Evans.
KFIiXSIIS" are the themes of stntosmeu and rulers, but tho
of tho pcoplonro seeking a Sure Defense against high prices
... ..1i.l ... I! lx 1 t j flit ...l. t r
UU1 (lUIlULlL'H 111 1' 111 1I1LII1 13 llllll I III IICIH. 'I'llllSU Willi IIIIV 111 I1H
11 nd ample protection uiunst both, ami seek no further place for safoty.
OUR PltlOES CAN NOT BE MET by our opponents. Call and bo
"SHORE 1)1
IimfcHnH n
and poor quallti
Let Tom Alone.
Tho Tom Padgitt natatorium was
not built for privato speculation. At
least, that was not tho leading motive.
Thero is no merchant or broker or
professional man in tho city who oan
fail to remember the circumstances
under which it was built. Or if any
one forgets it the brgotfulness is rop
rehensiblo. Thero was a long and
loudly expressed desire heard on all
hands that the grand wator about
whioh all inou enthused should bo
utilized for tho advancement of Waco.
Tho call for a natatorium was loud
and general. It was understood that
the world should bo mado aware of tho
great virtues of tho artesian wator and
that the facilities for bathing should
be had and tho virtues advertised to
tho world. Why should not Waco bo
a seoond Hot Springs. Tho pressure
ot public opinion was great and con
tinued, but no one seemed willing to
step into the breach and invest private
funds for what was esteemed a very
general publio benefit, but whioh was
very doubtful as a private speculation.
It was, eventually, under tho pressure
of publio desire, that Tom Padgitt do
oided to risk his private means in def
erence to publio demand. Mr. Padgitt
did not need to use private speculation
outsido of his own business. He did
not need to mako new and doubtful
experiments. It is nonsense to say
that Tom Padgitt built tho natatorium
for privato gain. Ho may havo hoped
onventually to havo realized at least
interest on the investment, but tho
truth is ho went outsido his own
business where gains wore certain,
moved by the popular outory and be
cause no ono else would do it. Onoo
having engaged in it ho wont on with
it with tho thoroughness of the busi
ness man he is, and spared no monoy
to make tho natatorium first-class in
all its appointments, which it isj
That Tom Padgitt in giving to Waco
this grand natatorium was moved by a
laudablo public spirit and bcoame a
publio benefactor only tho uttorly
stupid can deny.
The natatorium does not pay. It
would tako five years to
mako a natatorium pay ex
penses from homo patronage
and any business man will readily un
derstand why. Tom Padgitt io not
working for tho present. Ho bus
spent and is sponding money liko
wator to advertise abroad and bring
people to tho water and Waco. Ho is
doing a marvelous work in advertising
Waco, having in contemplation a big
foreign patronage and the nccossary
outlay for hotels and other things.
What should be the attitude of any
business man towards this great en
terprise undertaken and carried on
with as much pluck, public spirit and
privato monoy. Tho question needs
no answer. If any ontorprise evor
ohallenged the hearty moral support of
overy citizen of Waoo this natatorium
does. Jay Gould and other men hold
ing in their hands advantages to Waco
are wined and oharapagned and oigar
red and toasted till thoy try to escape.
A wealthy privato oitizen spending
piles of money for a publio institution
should at least recoivo tho moral sup
port of tho oommunity and that com
munity should at least see that no ob-
staolo is put in the way ot a citizon
working for tho good of the town. At
least, lot.Tom Padgitt alone.
Pito Bono Puumco.
Fishing taokle of every description
with a full stock of hunters supplies
H. E. A'iuolds.
The headquarters for diamonds
watches, docks, jewelry and all sorts
of jewelry.
Tho headquarters for fancy artioles
and artioles of virtu.
The headquarters for fino and deli
cate watch repairing is at
M. L. Winan's, tho popular jeweler,
520, Austin street,
Tickets good for 30 days; on
sale April 7 audS.
Ticket Agent.
Swiss : Bakery,
Comei Sixth ami Washington 8tieet
Frcsli llrcad, Hulls ami Cukes
Kvry morning nt ' o'clock Homo open from
o'clock In ttu morning to 10 In the evening.
eap Lais.
The only cheap lots offered in "Waco
for tho laBt fivo years aro thoso now
on the markot in the Kirkpatriok Ad
dition, East Waoo. These lots aro
being sold for one-half their roal val
ue, making a ohanoo to sccuro a do
sirablu home such as will nover oocur
Cheap Lots
These lots ho high and dry. Thoy
overlook a large portion of tho oity
and havo perfect drainage. Thoy lio
in tho hoalthicBt part of tho city, catch
ing tho puro breezes from tho prairie
untainted by passage over any part of
tho city.
Cheap ILot
Theso lots havo tho finest soil, a
rich sndy loam, admirable for gar
dens, and aro underlaid with puro
wator in inexhaustible quantities at a
depth of fiftoon and sixteen foot,
whioh can bo usod for irrigation.
Cheap Lots.
Theso lots are oloser to tho contor
of the oity than any other addition,
and at tho samo distance lots aro soil
ing for three and fivo times tho prico
askod for theso. Thero is millions in
it for persons of small means. Call on
Mn. or P. G. KirkpUriok, southwest
oorner Eighth and Clay street.
All parties desiring plats of tho
rtirkpatriok addition oan obtain them
upon application.
Used in Millions of Horoes4o Years the Stand

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