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Monday, April 11th, 1892.
The Foremost Romantic Actor,
Tho fascinating artist,
The Galley Slave.
Entire change of bill nightly Gil AND
TOY MATINEE Saturday at 2.30.
Mnglcal prices will rreTall, 2j, 35 and Wo.
Boxottlee opens for sale of HcserTCt' Sents
Friday mo n iik,
Elegant Photographs.
Having recently purchased the larg
est as well as the finest photographic
lens in the state, am able to make
negatives, 17x20, as a likeness, truth
ful as the embodiment of nature; ar
tistic in lighting and gracelul in pose;
a beauty and a joy forever. Call on
W. D. Jackson, the old reliable
photographer, and see specimens.
Spend an hour if not a dime. A large
assortment of mouldings and frames
112 North Fifth street.
K'sd Not Slept For Years.
Mr. A. Jackson, an old resident of
Rusk, Toxas, and manager of tho
magnificent new Hotel at Rusk, in
forms us he had not slept at night
for years except in short naps, owing
to incessant coughing. Ho was ad
vised when very muoh run down to
try Ballard's Horehound Syrup; he
was immediately relieved of his Cough
and his rest improved to suoh a de
gree that he could sleep soundly all
night, Mr. Jackson states: "I ro
gard Ballard's Horehound Syrup su
perior to any Cough Syrup on the
market, and its freedom from Opium
and Morphine leave no constipation
after using it. For this reason alono
I corsider it the best Cough Syrup in
the world for children. My Lungs
are now stronger than they have been
for years. This Syrup is very sooth
ing to the throat and lungs."
Sold by H, C. Risher & Co.
The Newest Emerson Piano
Is distinguished as Stylo 14. It is
larger in size, ful'er and sweeter in
tone, and more elegant in appetence
than its predecessor, in short it is the
result of the accumulated oxperionco
of 41 years of successful piano mak
ing, and if its qualities fail to appeal
to artistical musical instincts, then in
deed has music ceased to charm, or
mechanism wasted its perfections.
Style 14 is magnificent and stands
abreast of the finest pianos known to
fame. Try one. Thos. Goggan &
Bro., Waco.
A Wonder Worker.
Mr. Frank Huffman, a young man
of Burlington, Ohio, states that ho
had boon under tho care of two promi
nent physicians, and used their treat
ment until he was not able to get
around. They pronounced his case to
bo consumption and incurable. He
was persuaded to try Dr. King's Now
Disoovcry for consumption, oonghs,
and coldsand at that time whs not
ablo to walk across the street without
resting. Ho found, beforo ho had
used half of a dollar bottle, that he
was much better; ho continued to
uso it and today enjoys good health.
If you havo any throat, lung or chest
trouble try it. We guarantee satisfac
tion Trial bottlo free at W. B. Mor
rison & Co.'s drug storo.
Pure and whito lam at 9 cents
per pound in ten gallon canB at Cnir
ten'b, oornor Fifth and Franklin.
ItftoflfV"! For seven days
VII CI only, half cash.
Will accept highest bid made:
9 aore garden 1-4 mile of city lim
its. J
4 Room new houso on South Twelfth
G5 aero gardon, 40 acres in fruit
trees 3 1-2 miles city limits.
I mean business striotly. Am go
ing to sell and no mistake.
,, 1. u. JUEEK.
ta fen 1m.
iW' W
t ZZ'
fflHIS MAN has been hunting
J with one of II. E. Amhold's
fine guns sure shot. Fine guns
for sale or for hire.
419 Austin Street.
The Extra Session Winding up its
Sonato 1 ml 11 lee in I'arlliiR Klokv,
tho Firm Cnmluir from tlio IIokk
HniiNonmt Ilcliirnctl Willi Intor
CNt by tho Aml-IloffK .Somite Tlio
Hogg; Hie 11 Play tho llaby Act 011
1I10 liitermitlonril liivcsticatlon
Preparing for u Elatiquot.
Special Correspondence to Tbe New
Austin, April 12. Colonel Gorald
finally managed to force tho adminis
tration members to show their hands
on the International recoivership ques
tion. He callod it up the first thing
this morning and tho baby act was
played in great Bhape. Breitz, ono of
the committeemen who had charge of
the investigation, wanted the mat tor
postponed. This was no surprise as
he had"ouly impressed his unmcncal
identity upon tho investigation, it was
but natural that he wanted to get rid
in some summary manner a question
that was so complicated to him.
Doggett, tho member who has so
recently declared that he oame down
to Anstin this session a Clark man,
but has become converted, thought
that the members had not had timo to
read up on tho investigation record
and therefore should not tako up so
gravo a matter in great haste. He
said this notwithstanding the printed
record has boon on the tables of tho
members for threo weeks. This
waB the baby talk that they indulged
in and it was really pitiable. It
was the best way and the adminis
tration minors thought that the antis
had forgotton that such a question was
pending. Colonel Gerald oould not
hope to hear the minority roport
adopted, but ho simply wantod.to know
how to class a body of men, number
ing 106, separating tho honest and
faithful from thoso who if honest wero
to be charitable very weak in princi
ple, though strong in alligianoe to
their master, tho chief oxeoutivo. Of
all tho matters that have come up
during this extra sossion, this, per
haps, iB the greatest doadoner to tho
Hogg crowd, a fit oompanion to the
Saturday nieht fiosoo, which was re
ported to bu a great rally of Hogg and
commission men.
The most exciting scene of the sob
sion in the sonato was occasioned to
day by tho reading of a resolution
from the houso, in whioh it undertook
to aoouse tho Hanato of trying to de
stroy tho effeotivo power of the rail
road commission. Carter made a
strong speech, in which ho upheld the
dignity and honesty of tho sonate, and
thought tho action of tho houso was
calculated to disrupt tho Demooratio
party, Simpkins in a patronising
raannor that would havo dono credit
to a father advising a wayward
son, said that ho hoped
the Bonators would tot aot rashly, but
go very coolly to work and take some
narapamby action. Those senators
who woro disposed to resont the insult
advised the Bonding of it baok with
out comnionts. After a heated dis
oussion in whioh the administration
orowd wero torribly anxiouB and
frightened, the resolution was simply
laid on tho table. The disoussion
showed very plainly that tho senate has
a good majority for an elcotivo com
mission. Thero was great hurrying to and
fro botweon tho two houses in ordor to
get everything through in perfect
shape before adjournment and tho
noar approaoh of the oloso of tho ses
sion had a tendency to demoralizo
everybody moro or less.
Just beforo 7 o'olook the governor
ecnt in his final messago calling at
tention to tho measures that had re
ceived his signature and wishing the
Hogg legislature a inorry
time. Tho sonato and" houso
adjourned almost simultaneously at 7
o'clock p. m., and tonight as many of
tho members with all tho press will
oat and drink heartily and merrily at
the expense of Fort Worth and Aus
tin, two of the fortunat oandidatos for
two of the courts of appeals.
It is safo to prodict that as far aB
holds are concerned thero will be mora
tomorrow morning that will acknowl
odo that they wero banquctod than in
aotual numbors will be present to
night, in other words .tho Bparkling
wino will put hoads upon them that
will be large and swelled, but it all
goes in Austin, when tho boys are
turned loose.
A Narrow Escape From Serious In
jury in a Runaway.
A well known gentleman and young
lady wero out driving last Sunday af
ternoon on South Third street, whon
thoir horse becamo unmanageable and
dashod off at a rapid rate. Charley
was thrown violently from tho buggy,
but tho young lady bravely retained
her seat whilo tho maddened animal
continued its flight till tho bridge ovor
Waco orook wa3 reached. The
vehiole then came in contact with the
railing with a tremendous crash,
throwing tho young lady out and ovor
into tho turbid stream went horso and
bnggy, all in in a hoap. A negro man
caught tho horso and resurreoted it
safe and sound from the abyss. By
this timo Mr. B. came up at a 2:40
gait and after taking a retrospective
view of the situation and pronouncing
silent benedictions upon tho violent
bruto ho determined he would not bo
outdone. With the help of
the negro the buggy was
patched up and the two took their
seats behind tho vicious animal,
whioh had apparently become as do
cile as a lamb. Tho word was given
and "away went Gilpin" Hko a flash,
and clatter-bang went his heols at
evory jump as long as thero was
enough buggy left to kick at. It is
said that the children in that part of
South Waoo are yot kindling fires
with the splinters picked up for many
blooks along which tho animal sped.
While all wero considerably bruis
ed, strange to say nono of them were
seriously hurt. It was by the merest
ohance that a Nkws roportor got the
above information but tho occurrence
eamo to the oars of a few ladies, the
news gatherers best friends, and the
secret was out. The News congrat
ulates the young couplo upon their
narrow escape and hopes Charlie will
profit by tho experience.
cnameottT rjE9
A womaiis aim
is to look her best but she'll
never reach it without perfect
health. For perfect health,
take Dr. Pierce's Favorite
Prescription. All the func
tional irregularities and weak
nesses that make life misera
ble to women, are cured by it.
It's a powerful, invigorating
tonic, and a soothing and
strengthening nervine purely
vegetable, perfectly harmless.
For ulcerations, displacements,
bearing-down sensations, un
natural discharges every
thing that's known as a "fe
male complaint "it's a posi
tive remedy. It's the only
one that's guaranteed to give
satisfaction in every case. It
costs you nothing, unless it
helps you. You can afford to
try it, on these terms. Can
you afford to neglect it?
Fishing taokle of ovorv dnsnrinfinn
with a full stook of huntorB supplies
.u. m, x 1UULUB,
To tho Lovors'of Art in Photo
graphy. Having moved to my now gallery,
ovor 701 and 703, Austin strcot, (the
old Hinchmau Building), I am now
bettor prepared than over to give the
pooplo of Waoo tho finest Photos iD
tho state. Tho beautiful "aristo" (so
highly ondorscd by tho loading gal
orios.) in all its beauty, at my studio
I will have on exhibition for a few
days, an elegant oil portrait of Mrs
Geo. Clark, by Mons. Do Gissao, whioh
has been framed in a very handsome
"Florontino" frauio, making a portrait,
well worth a visit, to all, and more
especially to tho tho ladies.
I will bo glad to wolcome my old.
and many new oustomors. Don't for
get my now address, over,70l ard703,
Austin Avo.
Deane, Photographor
A Sound Liver IMakes a vVoll Man
Are you Bilious, Constipatodand
troubled with Jaundice SickHead
aoho, Bad Taste in Mouth, Fiin
Breath, Coatod Tongue, Dyspepsia
Indigestion, Hot Dry Skin, Pain in
Back and between tho Shoulders,
Chills and Fever, &o. If you have
any of these symptoms, your Liivor is
out of ordor your blood is plowly
being poisoned, because your Llvor
does not aot properly. Heruine will
cure any disordor of the Liver.Stom
ach orBowols. It has no oqual as a
Liver Medicine. Price 75 cents. Free
sample bottle atH. C. Risher's Drug
A Sure Cure for Plies.
Itching Piles are known by mois
ture liko perspiration, causing intense
itohing when warm. This form as
well as Blind, Bleeding or Protrud
ing, yield at onco to Dr. Bosanko's
Pile llomedy, which aots dirootly on
parts effcoted, absorbs tumors, allays
itching and effeots a pormanent cure.
50 cts. Druggists or mail Circulars
free. Dr. Bosanko, 329 Arch St.,
Philadelphia, Pa. Sold by W. B.
Morrison & Co.
For the best and freshest bcef,pork
mutton, veal, sparcribB, fish and
oystors vo 10 Crippen corner Fifth
and Frankling
When you want nice fresh meat
mutton, beef pork and purer lard at 10
oonts per pound, go to
Mellon. & Delaney
125 South Third stroct.
With puro artesian water, speoial
soap, an extra fine starch and as fine
machinery as is made, with trained
experts, tho Artesian Steam Laundry
work is unsurpassed anywhere.
After to-day, April G, '95, the City
Fish market will bo at G01 Franklin
street, tho Corner Market. Como and
try mo. For cash I can supply you
with tho largest varioty in town. Come
and get my cash prices, I can interest
you. Yours respectfully.
J. C. Stafford,
Corner Markot.
Cijeap Lois.
The onl oheap lots offered in Waoo
for tho last five years aro thoso now
on the market in the Kirkpatriok Ad
dition, East Waoo. These lots are
being sold for one-half thoir real val
ue, making a obanoo to seoure a de
sirable home such as will never occur
Cheap IiOt.
These lots lio high and dry. They
overlook a large portion of tho oity
and havo perfect drainage. They lie
in tho hoalthiost part of tho city, oatoh
ing tho pure breezes from the prairie
untainted by passago ovor any part of
tho city.
Cheap !Lot,
These lots havo tho finest soil, a
rich sandy loam, admirablo for gar
dens, and aro underlaid with puro
wator in inexhaustible quantities at a
depth of fiftoon and sixteen foot,
whioh can bo usod for irrigation.
Cheap Lots
Theso lots aro closer to tho contor
of the oity than any other addition,
and at tho samo distance lots are sell
ing for threo and five times tho price
asked for theso. Thero is millions in
it for persons of small means. Call on
Mrs. or P. G. Kirkpatriok, southwest
oornor Eighth and Clay street.
All parties desiring plats of tho
Kirkpatriok addition can obtain them
upon application.
Screen doors and windows at Cur
tis & Orand,
Catch On
To the fact that Waco has a oigar
factory which makes cigars out of to
bacco, and notcabluge leaves. If you
want a fino smoke, smoko
Jtfox AH
Tho best Fivo Cent Cigar in Waco,
or if you aro hightoned, smoko
Little Daisy
by all odds the best Ten ConfCigar
in Waco, pure Havana. Or if you
are fastidious, smoko tho
Loudres Grandcs, 12 cent cigar.
Theso cigars mado by tncPionoor Fac
tory, G29 Austin strcot, boat all the
cigars in tho market.
Drs. Wilkes & Wilkes and Dr. J.
It. Forroll havo fitted up a suito of
rooms in tho new Providont building,
second floor, whore they may bo found
in futuro. Telephone at offioo and
residences. Slates at Old Cornor Drug
1 11 1
Electrtc Bitters.
This remedy is becoming so well
known and so popular aB to need no
special mention. All who havo used
Electric Bitters sing the samo song of
praise. A purer incdino does not ex
ist and it is guaranteed to do all that
is claimed. Eloctrio Bitters will
euro all diseases of tho liver and kid
neys, will removo pimples, boils, salt
rheum and other affections caused by
impuro blood. Will drive malaria
from the system and provont as woll
as euro all malarial fevers.
For euro of hcadaohc, -constipation
and indigostion try Electrio Bittors
Entire satisfaction guarantoed, or
money refunded. Prico 50 cts. and
1.00 per bottlo at W. B. Morri
son & Co's. drug store.
Straight dinner from 12 to 2 and
anything you want at any hour at Joo
Screen doors and windows at Curtis
& Orand.
Strictly Artesian Wator.
Tho annual wator rates of the Waoo
Water and Light company aro ao
Family uso . $ 4 00
Banks 4 00
Offices 4 00
Barbershops, per chair 1 50
Bath tubs, public 4 00
Hath tubs, private 2 00
Stores 6 00
Drug stores 8 00
Saloyns 20 00
Bestaurants 10 00
Closets, publio 2 00
Closets, private 1 00
Unntils, publio 2 00
Urinal, pnvato 1 0Q
Photographer 8 00
Privato stable for ono horse,
inolading washing carriage . 1 00
Eaoh additional horse 76
Cows 75
Lawn sprinkling, 20o per 100
square feet for season.
Offioo: Room No. 11, Providont
Funeral Directors,
No. 423 Franklin Street.
If you havo houses to rent or wish
to rent
If you havo lots, houses, ranohes'or
any other property to buy or soil
You will find it to your interest to
consult tho old reliable real cstatemon,
Bell & Sassaman, No. 411, Frank
lin Street,

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