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Friday, April 15th All Day. HILT & CO., w Austin Street.
iuui million iTiaay is K.especttuiiy Requested, and will be Gratefully Appreciated.
iCHTAiihisnr.D juijV m, ihhs.
Untcreil m lliti J'attotjlcr u Hiiro, T ii, m Stcoml Clam Jlattrr
VOL. 4. NO. 236.
5 Cents her Month
' jrjBrr &
JTyH ki flu
E need not speak of the great success of our SPRING
liAMI 131 HON just closed: we believe almost every
man, woman and child in Waco
own opinion.
Wisliiiig IFats and Bonnets Tor Easter should
their selections early in the week.
In Neckwear,
" Handkerchiefs
66 Parasols,
All the Latest Novelties Out are being shown.
WgffBg!fflSEMLRWiaWTCTnwii,W I lilt I i iimamaM
AN 8-PACE, 48 -
Contains All the Latest Political,
Will be Sent to any Address
Artistic Work.
Thero arc tailors and tailors, snmo
are good, somo indifferent and somo
baJ, but Laok & Greonborg in thoir
now place, 414 Austin streot must
be classed among tjio good ones.
They aro first class skillful outtora
die workmen and careful and pains'
taking in their woik. They mako
perfeot fits and do tho very finest
work to bo had. Although but ic
contly started, work is flowing in on
them from pcoplo who know tho ex
cellent fits they givo and tho work
they do. They carry h. fino lino of
stylish goods and samples Bnd can
pot up nobby suits in short ordor.
Give them a call aiid order and you
to sure to bo well dressed and well
B. 9
Sleopcr, Chifton & Co., Ladies ooze
2 50, S3 and $4.
Hilt & Co., will reooivo their friends
was there and formed their
Telegraphic and Local News.
from Now Until January i, 1S93
Unth-Iitilig" Unite .Witli (Illicit Oou
kiuuptlnii Nuvur I'll; lit Auuiii.
By Associated Press to 'i lio News
Hot Springs, Ark., April 14 .laok
MoAuliffo bus fought his last fight.
Both of his lungs are reported gone
with quick consumption, and tho cele
brated light-weight has but a short
timo to livo at most. McAuliffo who
bas whipped Gilmore, Garnoy and
Carroll will nover enter tho ropo arena
The bids for constructing the Waco
Natatorium were opened yesterday,
but no awards were made. 'I hey will
be made tomorrow, however, and
work will be begun as quickly as pos
sible. Don't become constipated.
Tlic Nlnto Kopiibllcmi Cniivrnlioii
ltcsolTi'i. Unit lie In IIn Olioico
for tliu I'rchldonc)'.
By tba Associated Pj ess to ThtUme:
Detroit, Mioh., Aptil 14 The
Republicans of Michigan in conven
tion assembled in this city today
adopted with much enthuniabui and
unanimity u it-solution offered by
Hon. li. M. Dufficld, nominating Gen
eral HusBcll A. Alger, us a presiden
tial candidate. Following is tho reso
Resolved, Thit we commend ad
ministration of 'resident Harrison as
oonspiciously able and pure and wise.
It adds another proof of tho safoty of
tho country when its allairs uro man
aged by tho Republican party.
ltesolved, That tho Republicans of
Michigan, desiring only the success
of tho party which (saved tho Union
and renewing their pledge and loyal
ty to both its principles and its candi
dates, and recognizing tho great
woith and strong availability of their
generous and noblo hearted fellow
citizen, that gallant soldier and states
man that friend of tho poor and suc
cessful man of business General Rus
sell A. Alger (cheers) do heroby unan
imously find most earnestly recom
mend him to tho Ropubhoan national
convention at Minneapolis as their
nominee for president believing that
bis nomination if mado will lead to a
glorious Republican victory. (Great
A Ml tar I'lniitcr Who JLivun 111 Sim
By Associated 1'rosB to lhe News'.
Washington, April i4 Captain
Ed Cunningham of San Antonio,
Texas, tho largest sugar planter in
that state, who is hero looking after
tho bituatiou rclativo to sugar bounty
fund?, said that whilo tho bill will
likely pas tho house it is sure to bo
turned down in the senate. Ho says
what sugar growers need more thin
anything else is assurance of a perma
nent system. I don'tolaim thatbounty
now given us is better than the old duty
levied on imported sugar but we aro
getting along prosperously under tho
present law and thero is profit in the
business. If congress will only let
present statutes remain undisturled
It is the fear of changes in tho law
that hurts planters. Southern Texas
is one oi the finest regions on earth
for growing sugar oano. Thero ure a
million acres in that section as good
as, or batter, than any in Louisiana
that could profitably be developed to
the production of that crop It would
be a groat thine; if our pcoplo would
stop raising so rnuoh cotton yet there
has been no reduction in the acreage
of cotton in Texas this year. The only
way out of the trouble is for grangers
to raise more grain, meat and cattle
and make cotton their surplus orop.
Tho Olympic Cluli Will IIuvo Tlirco
right in Olio U'cflt,
By Atsocluted ProeB to The News;
New Orleans, April 14 The
Olympic olub has started a project
of dimensions more gigantio than any
over attempted by a pugilistic club.
It has already offered ii.OOO for Sul
livan and Corbott on Septembor 7th.
It now proposes to givo $10,000 for
Fitzsimmons Hnd Hall and $10 OoO
for Moyer and MaAu'iffe. Threo
fights will tako placo in one week.
Tho week's transactions aro expected
to overoome any charms that races,
business or other engagements may
havo for sporting peoplo and bring at
least five thousand strangers to the
city. Tho plan was suggested by somo
of tho leading railroads throughout tho
country, who propose to attach fight
tickets to excursion tickets, so Unit tho
purchasers will bo sure of a soot be
foro ho reaches New Orleans.
Snow in IlakoiH.
By Associated Picks to Tho Nows.
Sioux Fam.s, S. D., April 14. A
heavy rain yesterday turned into a
blinding trnow fitorm and continued
last night. It is still snowing, with
wind in tho north and slighty oolder.
Thero is seven inches of Bnow on tho
W i inn li
r I JUL I 1 1 -C JUL (m JUL
Have just received
All the new shapes and styles. We will be pleased to show
them to you. All straw goods from last season at
HAl,F JPieiCB).
w. e. dup:
Cider Maniilaelurer ami Dealer in
A gncultural Implements,
Wagons, Buggies, Carriages and Road Chrts, Barbed and plain wire.
Agent for the celebrated Whitman Hay Press, McConnick's Binders
and Mowers, Dcering Binders and Mowcis, Osborne Binders and
Mowers. Full supply extras kept on hand for all machines. Examine
my stock and get prices and you will not buy elsewhere. Cor. Bridge
and First Streets, Waco, Texas. d&w
Underwear! Underwear!
FOR SPRING AND SUMMER. We are showing the most com
plete stock of Men's Underwear ever brought to Waco. Don't buy
until you have seen our goods. We will save you money.
A Dolililltcr in SlO.OOO-liniiihltHl In
I'll lure iniio to Smith
By Asoclal"il I'res to The News:
BiKMiNQiiAsr, Ala., April M.
Thomas M. Grant, chief deputy
BhorilTot Bholby county, unci noting
slierill", bus absconded, Ho loft Sat
urday and to-day his wlfo rocoivod a
letter dated Now Orleans giving tho
first iiowh that ho was a dofuultor.
Ho said ho hud lied ns tho only alter-
native to keep out of tho poni ontlnry
and was thou on tho ovtt of sailing for
South Amorica. IIo had spoilt about
$10,000 of atlior pooplo's nionoy. llo
was admlnlHtrator of a nil in bur of es
tates and was goiural nianuf,'or of tho
Colorado Land Company. Tho
money ho made away with bolongul
to tho Evans estates and plalntltld in
court for whom ho had levied execu
tions. It wont in gambling in futures.
a stoi,i:n cm 1. 11.
Tho Son of 11 Wealthy ill a 11 Kid-
implicit liy Tramps, but lu
Ily Associated Press to The News-
ANNiNbTOs, Ala , April 14 The
eight year old son of Jos. Swayno, a
wealthy resident, was stolen from his
home by tramps yesterday afternoon.
The little follow was oarricd into tho
mountains east of this city where ho
was found unconnoious by somo hunt
era later on. Ho had been badly
beaten and was tied to a tree. No
trace of kidnapper has been found. It
is beliovod tho child was stolen with a
view of obtaining a ransom.
(Jlarkiit Waxiiliucliio.
Waxaiiaoiuk. Tex., April 18
Waxahaohlo entertained tonight Hon.
Georgo Clark for the first time Binco
tho campaign opened. His reception
was not attended by any unnecessary
parade, but in a quiet way ho was ao
corded a welcomo to tho bent tho city
affords. Arrangements havo been
mado to aocommodate a large audionoo
tomorrow, and pennln will b w
a large invoice of
s & brant.
500, 502 and 504 Austin Street,
Wpuf liur In ill a I Inns.
Washington, April 14. For East
ern Texas generally fair, slightly cool
er, north winds. Frosis in exposed
! localities in extreme north Friday.
SUn; ttalNilil.
I!y Associated Pren to 'I ho Now.
llio Do Jankiuo, April M. Tho
state seige has been raised. Oflioial
announcement says tho city is tran
quil. It adds that iho loyalty of tho
army enabled the authorities to lruv
t t atteinIlts maJa hy malcontents to
. . .,,'
disturb tho peace.
a oomi'i.kth vnrioitv
The Ntrrcit Car Orivnri. In ."SoivOr-
liiiitoMriUiiaiiil Win.
ItyAsaorlatrd Prria tn The News.
New Orleans, April 14. New
Orleans was threatened with a tie up
of all its street car lines this morning.
Yesterday a grievance committee from
the diivfrs union prei-ented a demand
to all lines for $1.65 per day, present
salary, for twelve hours consective
work, and pay for nil extra work.
They have been working sixteen and
eighteen hours a day. This morning
the street railway company offered to
increase their pay 5 per month pro
viding the drivers would continue to
work sixteen hours. This thoy prompt
ly refused. Addresses were made by
the railroad officials to drivors assem
bled at their hall, but they held out.
At 1 o'clo k this afternoon all the
railway companies acceeded to their
demand, signing an agreement whic
will remain in effect one year.
Now Uuslnoss.
The Garland Bios., ronsisting of
Mr. J. P. Garland and Mr. Ben Gar
land, are opening up a big establish
ment for the sale of buggies, phaetons
and all the other goods of a first-class
carriage house. Their new store, the
new Coke building on Austin street,
is one of the finest stores in the city
and they will fill in with fine goods and
on i'ridav.
RpprutAM'g PlTTC

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