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Residence 120 N 8 Mt
Resilience :n u N 12 St.
Physicians and Surgeons.
KOOJ1S 1I I'l(OYll)KM,l tlLDJNO.
Slate at Old Coruor Drug Blore. Telepnone
nt Onicu nntl ItesldoarcB.
u JL'i&fc4iffixaK?,.
, i.TrtTi. &:
.'ilS AiiHlIn Avenue.
Cor. Eiijhth tf Clay Sis.
Drill ttra bUifl.H utiuth of Mo. J'nriflc Jt. Jl
Terms reasonable. Commercial
Travel especially solicited.
Mrs. N. H. Kirkpatrick.
Paper-Hanger, PainterJIGrainer.
Loavo orders with (3. H. Rosenthal
Ho. 307 Austin nvonuo.
Biackwoll Hotel.
Good beds and best oi' fare. Kates
$1.00 per day. Meals 25 cents, 120
Second street, next door to the court
house. tf
Rules and Regulations at the Park
Opon 6 a. m. to 10 p. m. closed on
Sunday night. Pool reserved for
ladios exclusively Wednesday evening
2 to 5:30; Saturday morning 9 to 12,
Monday night 9 to 10 for ladies and
gentlemen, pool party, tub, needlo, and
vapor baths at all hours for patients
and others. Experienced male and
femalo attendants day and night.
Tom Padoitt, Proprietor.
J. B. CuKhNUT, Manager.
Tho best restaurant in town, Joe
Lehman's, No. 117 South Fourth
Sleeper, Clifton & Co., Ladies' Ox
ford Tips 2
Ladies Oxford Ties $2.50, Ladies Ox
ford Tic? $3.
We have had but little to
of late of this department for
simple reason that owing to a
very heavy early Spring trade
our stock was badly broken, not
to say in a rather dclapidatcd
condition, owing to the fact that
our buyers were "laying low"
watching the opportunities to
make deals that would make
competitors howl.
We are now opening large in
voices of
Tailor Made Goods
and arc showing everything new
and nobby in men's, boys, and
children's suits and pants, and at
prices that will make business
We claim to be in position to
save our patrons big money, and
don't ask them to take our word
for it cither.
Take the trouble to investigate.
We don't charge anything to
show you through the stock.
Hut if at all bashful our windows
will keep you posted as to the
values we are offering.
ONE PRICE in plain figures,
strictly spot cash.
, Mistrot & Co.,
8tli and Austin.
H. B
Joe Lehman's for
oonfectionorioB 117
loe cream and
South Fourth
Cotton Belt Route
(St.LouisSouthvestern Ry.)
St, Louis, Cairo, Memphis,
tree Recllnlnjj Chair Cara
and Pullman Buffot Sleopero
Two Daily Trains To
ffho Only Line d,u,toc ,uw
gers to connecting roadjatMHMPHIflwlB
out a Urns and dtntfreeable omnibus tno
ter umi lbs cltj.
Ti e Only Line wuhum,.:
'HCTirTlobtweaiORT WORTH
The Only Lino wniunoaihoixiar.
ilea between JtBirPins ai polnU In CH
The Shortest Route
AU Texas Lines Iists through tickets on tele y
Tho Cotton Belt Route,
Stn, map Usm tablet and ill Informal)
Mil bt ehewrfalry ranlshe't ea application t
T agent of the company, or
n.J. OARTMS, ff.JI. H I A r J MM.
n.Minisi.vsTKi hii:i:tim:
ItciinrtN of President i:. .1. Curloy
itml Secretary Sotli Turner Slock
Increiihlii In Value -- Machino
Nvurly Perfect Itcboliil ionx
Contentment at Homo betta
than Kiclicn Abroad.
Aa the evening shadows darken mow
deeply the glimmering twilight of a mid
winter day, the curturis i.re drawn, the
shutters closed, the Inn", is arc lit, the coal
intbegr.ite piled Iiumim, tue lasy chairs
drawn uearor to tue upon lire, and the
queenly wu with her In-autcmn babe in
her arms, awiits the coining if her hus
band and protector. The cinldren, too,
aasit a father a coming with eager appe
tites, for well they know lit" arrival will
signal the nngint of the supper bell.
How warm and plcatant it is indoors this
clear, cold night- Wh.it enjoyment of
peace and contentment hovers around the
family tireif Alt' here is happiness.
Cut here comes l'a, his features lit up
the: weak
with a kindlv smile, beneuth which, how
ever, can be seen a trace of suffering.
Overwork, care and anxiety is breaking
dowu his constitution lie don't sleep
well, he don't cat well, ho don't feel well.
His stomach feels wea... his kidneys feel
sore, he aches all oer No, lie says he
don't want any nipper, says lie feels tired
and will go to bed. Al.is, lie is a sick
man. Tho morning finds him too ill to
go to his ofllee ; a doctor is sent for, says
he needs rest, and needs it badly. Says
he needs a good tonic. Recommends Dr.
John Hull's Saisapunlla. Knows the com
nn;tirm of this lemcilv. and advises his
pirtient against taking any other. He
uses this remedy, quickly recuperates, and
every one is happv. When you feel weak
and debilitated, wheu your system craves
a tonic, when eating gives you distress and
your ingestion causes piun, utu juu
back aches and vour kidneys seem to be
wasting away, take Dr. John Hull's Sarsa
parilla and it will give you health and
strength again.
Edward K Manning, Newport, ICy.,wrltes3
"Fora year my health had been falling. I
lost flesh and strength. My weight decrease
from ISO lbs. In 118 lbs. I sutlcred excruciat
ing pain in my back and loins, and rheu
matism In my left leg made mo a cripple.
I was advised to try Dr. Hull's harhaparflla,
and used in all about ten bottles. Jrom ttoe
tart I gained In flesh and Improved Inoverr
way. Now again I feel onco more myself.
I sincerely believe it saved my life,"
KB-NcleoMne a child troubled with worms
Is cruel. Olve It Or. John Hull's Worm I)e
itrovers. They taste good, are safe, and only
cost 25 cents.
acr " Less than one bottle of Smith's Tonls
Oyrup cured me of ehtlls and fever." O. D.
Clarke, Frankfort, Mo.
JonjJ J). Vauk & Sons, VholemU Agevik,
175. 177 and 171) Sycamore St., Cincinnati, A
Joe Lehman is tho most popular ros
taurant man in Texas. His plaoo
1 17 South Fourth streot.
Dr. Geo. P. Mann, dentist. Full
Belt of upper or lower teeth, $12.50.
A number of resident stockholders
of tho Lone Star Cotton Picking Ma
chino company and others met last
night, in pursuanoo to tho call of Col.
E. J. Gurlcy president, at the Board
of Trade rooms for tho purpose of
hearing tho reports of thoofficors a to
the finanoial condition of the com
pany. Col. R. 1L Parrott was elected ohair
man and called tho meeting to order.
Mr. Seth Tomer was then oallod
upon and addressed tho asscmblugo at
some length as to the progress being
made, and expressed his perroot confi
dence in tho machine, in ajshort time,
being reoognized as the greatest inven
tion of this or any other ago. Ho com
pared tho progress of the Lone Star
Cotton Paker with that of the Marsh
harvester, tho McCormiok reaper, tho
Howe sewing niaohlne, the Bell tele
phono and many other of tho most im
portant inventions we now have, and
showed, conclusively, that in point of
rapid progress, the ootton pickor far
exceeded them all. Twenty-seven
years alter the first reaper was mado
the machino was yot not as near per
fect as the Lone Star Cotton Picker is
to-day. Inventors of tho most won
herful machines havo been consid
ered fools and cranks and
had persevered under the
most adverse circumstances till they
succeed. The history of Ilowe is worth
relating. Ho managed to get hold of
$300 with whioh ho built a machino
and gavo an exhibition of its work,
lie succeeded in sowing five seams
quicker end better than fivo ladies
couia oy nana; yet no uouy would
back him with monoy. In ono of his
trips he had to leave bis wife's cloth
ing behind, because ho hadn't the
money to pay his wash bill. Bell,
walkod around Boston all summer
thirteen years ago because he
couldn't Bell telephone stook enough
at b cents on tho dollar to buy a new
one. He predicted from tho phenome
nal sucoess already attiaiucd in such a
short time, that the cotton picker
stock would in a short time equal that
of the telephone. Ho said that tho
patents were all right, about 200
already having been scoured. Some
parties had found fault with the com
pany for not buildirg a grfater num
ber of machines laBt year. We should
profit by tho experience of others and
not put too many nnper-
fcot machines on tho market. Marsh
Bros had built -100 harvesters and by
hard oxcrsion was only able to keep 'J
of them in operation ana after adding
many improvements built only 40 for
the next 6eason. There has been no
maohino in tho history of tho couttry
that has mado such rapid progress and
with as great economy as the Lono
Star Cotton Picker and tho timo will
soon como when you will appreciate
tho work that has been done.
Col. E. J. Gurley was next called
upon and reported tho financial condi
tion of tho company to be first class,
giving tho total amount of capital
stock, the amount of cash realizod by
tho sale of stock in 1800, tho amount
subscribed in Waco and Chicago, the
amount of stook still unsold and tho
value of real estate, buildings, ma
chinery, etc. in Waco. Ho expresses
tho firmest confidenco in the success of
the enterprise. Ho said fur
ther that under tho presont
management that tho oompany
would never go iu debt; that the small
stockholders would bo taken oare of
aLd not allowed to be frozen out.
Enough stock had boon sold to get the
company out of debt and place her
upon her foot and more would bo sold
to carry on the business.
Dr. Brown noxt spoke enthusias
tically of the work of the machino
as witnessed by himself 'and Dr.
Scars. Ho said that it picked the oot
ton oleanor and better than tho ne
groes at work in the same field did,
and that he was willing to sign a state
ment to this efTeot.
Mr. James B. Baker mado a short
specoh and was lavish in his praiso of
tho work done by the . aohino. Ho
expressed himself as pr tly satisfied
with tho progress e' ,, made and
was confident that .aco would bo
prouder of her cotton pickor than any
other business enterprif e she has ever
had. Tho machino made
a record iu tho field last soa-
nvention and there was no room for
duubt ot its p rloct suocess.
Mr J D Shaw stated that he had
been appronohed by a ccrta'n banker
in this city who deeirod to purehaso
his stock nt a small price but that he
informed him that his stook was worth
100 cents on the dollar.
Several other .cntlemon made tho
sanio statement and deolared they had
no cotton picker stook for sale
The following was read by Col. S.
II. Pope, soorotary of the Waco Hoard
of Trado and tho statements therein
mado re affirmed:
V Aco, Texas, Dao
To Whom It niny Concern:
Recognizing tho lniportanoo to the
South of ootton, and the heavy ox
penso of picking it, wo, tho undersign
ed members oi tho Waco Board of
Trade, havo witohed with great inter
est tho development of tho Lone Star
Cotton Piokiim Machine, and on Nov.
yGth, having been informed by the
president of tho company that a tost
would bo mado by the machine, wont
out to tho Evans' farm about nino
miles from Waco, whero a field had
been reserved for that purpose, and wo
mado a careful and impartial investi
gation of its work. Wo are fully con
vinced that the machine, as now im
proved by said company, picks a larger
per cent, of cotton, a cleaner staple,
and in all respects far superior to hu
man hands, as demonstrated to us on
above mentioned date.
Congratulating the South and
officers of said company upon this
portant invention, we are
(Signed) Respootfully,
It B. Pauuoti, Pros.
Sam Sanger, Y. Prcst
Jno. T. Battle, Chm'n. of Img. Com.
Upon motion a oommittce of four
were appoineed to draft resolutions of
m i r i .
j.ne iouowing gentlemen wcro ap
pointed Judge John C. West, Dr.
H. W. Brown, Messrs. James B. Baker
and James I. Moore.
A rccoiss of ten minutes was then
taken to give tho committee time to
prepare the resolutions, after which
tho following wsb reported and unani
mously adoptod:
To the meeting of stockholder and
citizens hold at tho rooms of tho Waco
board of trade:
Tho undersigned, a uommitteo ap
pointed by your honorable body to ex
press the senso of this meeting as to
tho character and standing of tho
gentlemen now in charge of tho inter
est of tho Lono Star Cotton Piokcr
companj', take pleasure in stating that
we havo been personally acquainted
with Col. E. J. Gurley, tho president
of said company, and Dr. J. II. Sears,
ono of tho largest stockholders, fcr
many years, and reoommend tho
passage of tho following resolution:
Resolved, That we, tho citizens of
Waoo, hereby cordially and cheerfully
reoommond and iudorse Col. E. J.
Gurley and Dr. J. II. Scars and the
other officors of said company as ccn-
tlcmcn ol tho highest standing and in
togritv and bolieve that they are en
titled to and should rcooivo the fullest
confidenco of all with whom thoy my
deal iu matters concerning tho Lone
Star Cotton piokor or any other busi
ness transactions, that they aro olean
handed and upright, and will not
knowingly deceive or be parties to any
misrepresentations as to tho matteis
and faots concerning the coudition and
management of tho interests ot said
concern, or of tho maohino itsolf.
Wo, your committee, having wit
nessed tho oporation of tho Lono Star
cotton picking maohino, in a field of
cotton wherein the avoraco hands of
our country were pioking, and had
picked a number of rows of cotton,
fcol abundantly satisfied with tho op
eration of tho cotton piokor as a
grand success, picking out the staplo
in much less time, in better condi
tion, hnd securing a larger per cent,
oi the lint.
Wo furthermore state that our con
fidenco in the ultimato and perfect
success of tho Lono Star cotton picker
is an established fact, and hereby re
peat tho resolution of tho board of
trado pasted in Docomber, 181)1,
Tho report was unanimously adopt
ed. On motion of Mr. James I. Moore,
it was
Resolved, That tho oitizens pf
Waoo bo asked that when thoy shall
hereafter receive letters asking infor
mation about tho ootton picker thoy
will go to tho office of the company
and inform themselves of tho real
status of affairs beforo replying.
Tho meeting then adjourned.
JCotcrcd ttilha Tastelcs.. ami SoluUo Coaling.
Kac' ?r
r I''J,--- . i
1 r
vT" aScSSStJv! o
-V -----
Aro a marvoltjiiB J
Antidote for 'Wcnk
I in pit I r. 2
nl IHl'1'-
(lint, Ciiti-fttlimtlmi.
fil I.lwr,
PlCI 1. Ill 11.1
om-oinue I Fjiecinujr piucniinii nnl roiucuiA
g ly i'emai.i: nit Fvr.it i:i:s.
0 or nil ilrucclKtR I'rlco 2S rents nLu
2 Now York Depot, W.'it mini s f
K. ol'P. Attontion!
Members of I. 11. UineH Lodgo,
K. o! P. No 120 and all knights qual
ilicd aro oordially requested to be
present at a spccinl meeting to be hold
this evening nt !):S0 at Castlo Hall for
purpoo of oonfering ranks and also to
extend a fraternal greeting to Supremo
RopreprcscnUtivo Bro Frank l.indon,
who has kindly conHcnted to assist iu
the work.
By order of C. C.
S. B. Matkii, K. of R. & S.
' 9 m
Notico to Contractors.
Scaled proposnls will bo reooived at
tho oflico of city soorotary, to bo
opened nt ', o'olook p. in. April 28,
18g2, at the city hall, Wico, Toxaa,
by the mayor and street eommitteo,
for furnishing all material and labor,
and constructing, approximately 0700
lipaol foot of If) iuch double strength
sanitary sewer, with all junctions mid
special connections, in Third and
Fourth wards, plans, profiles and
specifications on file at city engineer's
office; a certified clieok for $500 paya
ble to tho mayor of Waco must accom
pany each hid. The right to rcjoot
any or all bids, b resorved by tho oity
council of the oity of Waoo, Texas.
C. C. McCuiii.ocii, Mayor.
Joney JoNKb, City Soorotary.
April 13, ltf!)2.
A Mother's Mislako.
Mothers frequently make a mistake
in neglecting the Cough of a child. A
Fort Wayno, lnd., lady writes: My
littlo daughtor 0 yearn old had n severe
Cough but as it was nothing unusual
I thought nothing of it, and allowed it
to run on for d or & weeks, wlion it
became to obstinate she began losing
flesh. 1 called a physician who treat
ed hor three weeks without benefit.
A neighbor insisted upon my trying
Ballard's llorehound Syrup; it re
lieved her from tho first doso and slio
began gaining flash rapidly, wlion wo
had used two bottles hor Cough had
entirely disappeared. I would not be
without It. It docs nut cotistiputo my
children. Ballard'ri Horohound Syrup
is free from Opiates. It's the most
soothing Throat and Lung medicine
in tho world. Price 60o. and $1.00.
Sold by H. C. RUher &.Co.
For This Wook Only.
son nover equaled by any other
IU! clothes pins, Tic
100 poltor ohips,
Gallon oil caji,20c
Chopping bowl 10c
Chopping knifo.se
Muilin, pon lUo
Dress shields lOo
Pressed wash pan,
Snuco pan and
cover, lfo.
Plush album, f)0o
() lamp wicks, no
Bowl and pitcher,
.'J.gal. bucket, 20c
Dinnoi buokot,20o
CofFeo null, I30o
Cummings' 5
7015 Austin ave.,
Eighth street.
Wood bucket, 15o
Good suspenders,
Photo frames, lOo
Nut oraokors, 10c
Bread box, -10c
Sugar buckot, I55o
Koifo box lOo
Quart dipper, fio
Uovered sauoo pan
Hanging baskot,
Sprinklers 25c
Quart pitcherSjlOo
Wiro baskets, lOo
J gallon cup, Co
Child's tray lfo
and 10 ocnt store,
botween Seventh and
you would be well dressed
give your orders to th0
GabortiBros., the leading tailors. Thoy
carry tho biggest stook ol new spring
goods in Central Texas, and havo all
tho latest styles.
A man who buys for cash and in big
quantities can givo insido figures in
Belling. Tom Padoitt is soch a man,
and if you need anything in tho shapo
of a buggy, phaeton, carriago, cart or
any other vchiolo, look ovor bin im
mnnso stock nnd learn his prices and
jou will cortainly buy.
and ranches in all
parts of tho stato
for sale by Kelluin & Lawson, tho
loading roal osUto dealers, 113 South
Fourth street,
i -
Wait, don't buy a buggy till you
seo Ben Garland at their now place,
707 Austin street.
Everybody goes to Joo Lonman's
when thoy want a good inoal, or ho

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