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Look What You can Got at 0. J.
Mlllor's Bargain Storo,
10 dozen eggs for $1.
20 pounds granulated sugar for t.
Smoked dried beef at n cents.
Dripd salt shoulders at 7 cents.
Breakfast bacon (sugar cured) at 1 1
Spiced pigs' feet at 15 cents.
Fresh fish at 10 cents a pound.
California oranges at 20 cents adoz.
Banannas at 15 cents a dozen, 717
Austin street.
k cr. nil -.' -v
t s f .stn t .t
1 ,'rv M1' .,
Aw-i- ---& Sw
K3rt-l ? W
j. 3
-iz -5-- -? 7Z?
Wig &
Cfin A
-i3v ' . n TV.
k. s$ i 4s. ' y l!
Tit i
WM-. 1
n y v ax u-fFk vs..
J M JLS . Tal 1
(D js&--&
HI Thero! Stopt Walt a Minute!.
Havcnt you forgot something.
Didn't your pretty wife tell you
to get "The Delineator" so she
could make Daisy's new dress
in style. Go to Herz Bros,
and get it or there will be a
row. Or maybe it vas that
box of cigars you were going
to treat yourself with. What
ever it was Herz Bros, have
got it in either reading or
smoking. Give the boys a call
for whatever you want at
Don't be Deceived.
I am still holding down Standard
Granulated Sugar 20 pounds for one
Franco-American Food Co's Frenoh
Soups, 3 pound cans, 30 cents caoh .
Star Tobacco 40 cents per pound. Low
prices on everything. Call and soo
Joe S. Thompson,
The Groocr.
Touching Pianos and Organs.
I olaiiu to be a cheap house, but
nnliko some of my competitors, I do
sell goods that arc not first-class.
Still 1 have more first-class goods in
my house than any house in Waco,
and I do not have to wire anyone to
know the lowcBt price I can sell a
piano liko every other first-class house
and keep all kinds,both cheap, modium
and first-class. But unlike some other
houses I do not sell a cheap instru
ment as first-class, becauso I am my
own boss, and do not have to do as I
am told about these things. Neither
have I as delicate a musical ear as
some, still I sell more pianos and
ergans, better ones and for less money
than any houso in Waco notwith
standing the fact that I am not the
oldest house in the state and have
Bold sowing maohines and do trade
' for mules, horses and cattle and tako
them at good prices and sell goods at
cash prices and will meet any com
petitors Come and sec mo.
Yours truly,
J. B. Payne.
Tom Padgitt bought the entire
stook oi buggies and carriages at the
S. A. Owens & Son, United Statos
Marshal's sale at almost nothing. A
largo number of them havo boon sold
but he has still a few on hand which
ho offers still at remarkably low pri
ces It is a chance for a person of
small means to buy a nice buggy and
enable his wifo to put on style over
her loss fortunato neighbors.
at College Heights the
popular place for thoso
seeking homes whioh are now cheap,
but which will bo elegant location, by
Kellum & Lawson, tho leading real
estato dealors, 113 South Fourth
Full Again.
The pool at tho natatorium is full
again with bright, cloar, sparkling
water and open day and night. A fine
aro light is a part of tho nuw improve
ments. Tho Citizons railway have put
in a now sv toh, reducing the tinio to
tho natatorium from 12 1-2 to 10
rtttrrmna nf if
168 lowost prices
ever known at
Tom Padgitt's.
Tho Aitesian Steam Laundry is the
biggest laundry in Texas and is al
reudy doing a fine business. J. P.
and Goo. A. Mood proprietors.
A 11 tho fino ftnoy imported
j3L Jfl. ! Frenoh and English cloths
at Gabert Bros , tho leading merch
ant tailors. They carry a big Block,
admirably eeleoted, and embracing all
the novefties of the spring of 92.
m m
Sleeper, Chifton & Co , Ladies ooze
2 50, 83 and U.
sS&as ..? 1 'T
-'Ss?V "Kr!'''s
Are tho popular grocers
Always now ami fresh goods.
I ,
Every delicacy of t lie season In season.
All the fine A 1 good?.
Host of everything, is thtlr motto.
I.oweetl possible prices
Polite attention and ompt deliver) Is the
Of OilbbleBrot. Grocers, S05 Austin Avenue.
Money! Money!! Money!!
Money loaned on farms, ranches and
improved city property,
It. M. Chamiieulin & Son.
109 S. Fifth street.
It Will be Given May 6 and Judge
Clark Will Speak.
On Saturday tho Gth day of May
tho Clark olubs of our county will
unite and have e grand rally of the
Democrats of tho county.
Tho Lorena Democratic olub will
have the supervision of tho barbeoue,
but it is expected that all clubs, in
cluding Waco club and south of Cot
ton Belt railroad will participate in
same, and all other clubs and people
generally are cordially invited to attend.
Excursions from Waco and Tem
Judge olauk will he with us.
Nice grounds near railroad track
will be prepared. Come and have a
good time.
Loiiena Democratic Cluii.
All Clark clubs south of Cotton
Belt railroad will tako notico ot
Lorena barbeouo. "
Organize working committees to
colloot meats and money, and report
progress of work to J. P. Williams,
presidont of Lorena olub. All livo
stock prooured for barbeouo to bo de
livered to C. A. Westbrook not later
than tho 2d day of May.
A. J. Caruthers,
Chairman County Cam. Com.
S. L. Jones, Soorotary.
Master Connell Dowleu, son of F.
E. Dowlon, was shot in the faoo Sat
urday by another boy wilh a "nigger
shooter," tho missive being a buck
shot. Tho shot bearly missed tho eye
and made a very painful wound. Such
reckless use of this dangerous toy
should bo punished. There is a oity
ordinance coveruing suoh oases.
Ifi JPfr m&mKL WSwj S5Si iPB H H fl0QH (H IPVIh
B m
Used in Millions of Homes 4Q Years the Standari
" &ar.
Keep Cool.
The treatment is oomple. Try a
glaBB of crome-de-glaoo at McKennon
Bros. & Co.'s. fine fount.
Of the Young Men's Christian As
sociation. Dallas. Tax.. Annl lfi At 1
1 r
o'olook this afternoon the last bust
ness session ot tne convention was
called to order by tho president, and
was openod by a fifteen minute de
votional exercise conducted by I. C
dhattuok ot Waco. The reports wero
then all given in, after whioh W. M.
Lewis of Waoo read two invitations
for tho next convention, ono from
Oorsioana, the other a very pressing
one trom traueston. lhey woro re
ferred to tho stato exooutivo commit
teo, who will decide. Rev. R. R.
Lloyd, of Geneva, 111., gavo for tho
noxt hour a most instructive bible
reading on "Sanotification." After
tho biblo reading tho eonvontion di
vided up into four department con
ferences held at tho association rooms
and at the residences of the citizons
of Dallas. Thoso conferences were.
1. For state committeemen and
association direotors, presided over
by J. B. Palmer of Galveston.
2. For delogates from small towns,
presided over by V. M Lewis, of
3. One for oollogo delegates, pre
sided over by F. S. Brookman, of At
lanta,"Ga. 4. For delogates interested in tin
gymnasium and boys' work, presided
over by F. E. A. Smith, of Denison.
The oonforonoes were very instruo
tivo and hi.a been ono of tho helpful
features of tho convention. Boforo
the convention adjourned a strong
resolution was passed, requesting tho
management ot the World's fair to
keep tho gates closed on Sunday and
also that tho sale of intoxioating
drinks bo prohibited within the
Sunday has oomo and with it a
great effort on the part of dolegates
for tho advanooment of Christ's cause
among young roon. Tho pulpits of
tho different churches have all been
thrown open to dolceatos, and it is
proving a grand day. Wilbnr Bour
land and Willy Matthews have been
assigned work in tho boys' meeting.
W. M. Lowis spoke at the Cumber
land Church in the evening and at tho
Tabernaolo Church at night. Tho
men's meeting was lurgoly attended,
and was couducted by 1 rank L.
Smith, of Now York. I. 0. Shattuok
spoko, also Horry Goldbor and John
Held at tho different churches. Tho
last and best of all was the farowell
sorvico at tho First Baptist Church at
9 o'clock, conductod by J. B. Palmer,
of Galveston. Thoso aro always meet
ings that aro produotivo of much good
A great many dologatrs will leaye
early in tho morning for homo, but all
secretaries and thoso especially inter
ested in the work will stay for tho
6eoretaries' oonference tomorrow.
"SlIOltE 1I:F1:XSI:S" aro tho theme of Htntemnon and rulers, but tho
masses of tho people pro conking a Sure Defense against high prices
and poor qualities in Furniture anil Carpets. Thoso who buy of us
find ample protection against both, and soolt no further placo for safety.
OUll PRICES CAN NOT BE MET by our opponents. Call and bo
An Exoltlng flame Yesterday Be
tween Waco and Fort Worth.
Fully one thousnd people wont
out to Padgitt's Park yosterduy to
witness one of the best amateur games
evor played on tho Waco grounds
A great many were disappointed,
however, in Fort Worth, and taken
altogether, Fort Worth put up a poor
Our Waco Lone Stars played up to
the standard and hold the Fort Worth
boys down to threo base hits.
Up to the first halt of rhe sixth in
nine onlv two of Fort Worth's men
had reached first base
King's pitching was too inuoh for
the boys and they went to the bat ana
took thoir medicine liko little men.
Fort Worth's catchor, McAllister,
played a beautiful game, and had ho
had the right kind oi support from his
toam they would doubtless havo
won the game.
Tho audience booaiuo quite enthusi
astic at times and waving of hats and
ohoering was in order throughout tho
ontire game.
The most prominent featuro of tho
gamo was the homo run knocked by
Thomas in the scoond inning, bring
ing Hughston in from first, thus scor
ing two runs. Had it been a still
day and no wind blowing tho ball
would havo doubtless been lost
Fort Worth's pitcher was weak and
his balls were batted promiscuously.
Seteral times Waco got two-base
hits and nearly every man that wont
to the bat trot a sinirlo base. MoAl-
listor was put in tho box in the fifth
inning and did some exoollont wor'c.
The score tip to tho eighth inning
was 1G to 0, but from an error Fort
Worth soorod one run.
In the Hixth inning Fort Worth got
a man to third bao and Ponoher
knocked a grounder to Spencer;
Spencor threw tho ball in home and
cut off tho run, (and it was this play
that excited tho official scorer and
caused him to swallow his chewing
The Fore Worth boys are no match
for Waoo which fact was ack
nowledged by several of thoir players.
Tho Waoo boys are fast gaining a
reputation as amateurs and in two
moro years will bo competont to fill
Waco's placo in tho Texas League.
Tho following is a list of tho play
Johnson, 0. f. ; Stoinfelt, s. s;
Jarvis, p.; Saunders, 2 b ; Burgan, 3
b,, Tookloborry, 1 b.; MoAllistor, 0.;
Peaohcr, 2 f ; Moore, 1. f.
ShaHcr, 3 b., Spnnoer, s s.; Riah
nrds, 1. b.; Darrah, 2 b.; Hughston, 1.
f.; Thomas, 0 ; King, p , Stallard, r.
f. ; Blanchart, 0. f , Lunstord, sub.
Tho Fort Worth boys rorumed
homo last night minus their catcher
MoAllistor who will sign with Waoo,
and no doubt ho will bo a valuahlo ac
quisition to tho VVnco nine.
Noxt Sunday Waco will play
famous Colt's, the first, nine of
It was a mistako about tho
Zandt Bros., being the battery
Fort Worth vesterday. The
Zindt Bros belong to Fort Worth's
lirtt nine and they wont to Dallas and
played the first nine of that oity yes
terday. Don Ceasar.
A lOo. Havau tiller cigar sold at
5 cents. Decidedly the best smoke
in the oity. Only at th6 Old Corner
rug Storo.
The headquarters for diamonds
watohes, olocks, jewelry and ,all sorts
of jewelry.
Tho headquarters for fancy artiolcs
and articles of virtu.
The hoadquarters for fino and deli
cate watch repairing is at
M. h. Winan's, tho popular jcwolor,
520, Austin street.
Swiss : Bakery:
Comer BKtli hik! Washington SUeetn.
liesli Itrtiul Hulls and Cakes
Eviiry morning nt." o'clock Iloum opsnfrom
5 o'clock in tlie morning to 10 In tliu ctoiiIuk.
uutragoous Conduct.
For some timo past a number of
boys and young men havo been acting
so bad during sorviccs at tho Tenth
Stroet Methodist churoh as to cooes
sit.tto the regular attendance of an
officer to prevent thom from disturbing
religious worship. Last night three
young men acted so outrageously that
Deputy City Marhhal Clay and Po
liceman Hobson attempted ro arrest
them but suooeedod in getting only
ono, tho other two making good their
oscapo by flight. Upon promises of
futuro good bohavior tho other ono
was fin illy allowed to go froo and it is
thought they will hereafter make
themselves scarce about tho ohapel.
The ofiioors have their names and
krow where to find them if they re
peat last night's conduat. It ia snid
thot tho conduct of two oortain young
ladies is about as reprehensiblo as
that of tho young men and tho oflioers
have thoir names also upon their noto
books, but it is to be hoped last
night's experience will bo a lesson to
them and that thoy will hereafter oon
duct themselves in a raorc becoming
Transfers of Real Estato.
Reported by tho Waoo Abstract and
Investment Company, Room 17, Prov
dont Building, Waoo, Toxas.
R. E Conger and wife to N A Con
ger, half interest in 512 acres Galindo
8 league, S4231.i1".
S Epstein to J II Hutcnerson, lot
17, block 231, Finks' addition, $65o.
J T Flint guardian to W S Hakcr
60 by no feet farm lot 2, Waco,
M C Kingsberry to W W Seley, 50
165 feet, Duiton street. $1500,
Kd Newman et al to W M Stephen
son, 32 t-2 by 180 fee' Goode's alley,
C E Rupp to C F Cunningham, lot
9, J V Smith tract, Morrow survey,
C E Rupp to C F Cunningham, lot
14, Gurley addition, $150.
Jim Smith by sheriff to S Cohn, 50
by 204 feet South Fourth street,
Oakes, $106.
.1 1 Tate and wife to A J Majors,
strip 21 feet, O Campo graut, $51.
G F Dodge to Bun and B O'Con
noil, 8 lots at West, $.150.
Total April 16, i8U2, $9032 15.
Shooting gallery, south sido square,
Norris & Brother. Open day and

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