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iSFiill Associated Press Reports
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KHTAiir.wiinn jvlv us, isss.
Entered nt the J'oftfnQire i( H'nrn, T an, n Secoml Vlimn Mattrr.
VOL. 4. NO. 240.
5f Cents rer Month
That things like these are on our coun
ters but cannot always be advertised.
That's why, to be a successful and eco
nomical shopper, a daily visit to our store
is necessary so that you can pick up the
bargains as you go.
imi.mits :oi;s ox
111 Iho Crescent City. Two ICcpulili
ciiii Camlliliitch, Tiro llriuocrulN
mill Ono-Tlilrit l'urtv HI an A nihil
Killed Over i Political Dlnpntc.
Bear in Mind
At 44cl
b a& wv
Hi 34b
At 84CS
At 4c 5
Dress Ginghams
Dress Ginghams, solid, plaidsi
stripes, solid color ginghams, Toil
deNoirsrancv Percales.
Printed Cotton Outing Cloths,
Printed Cotton Bedford Cords
Checked Nainsooks, Victoria
Lawns, Three cases in all,
We show the most complete assortment of Wash Dress Goods
ever exhibited. Prices as always moderate.
New Orleans, April 19. Tho
great four sided political battle in tho
state of Louisiana between the two
factions oi the Deinooratio party and
the two wings of tho Republican party
has roached its climax in today's
general election. Tho third party aie
also in the field, but receive but little
notice Accordingly thera are Gvo
state tiokets in the field, viz: Mc-
Enery, Democrat; Foster, Democrat;
Breaux, Republioan; Leonard, Repub
lican and Tannchill, Third Party.
Tho election is for all state offices
distriot, parish and local officers, and
municipal government of New
Orleans. All ballots printed aro
against tho lottory amendment. A
vigorous fight will be made on the
legislature, which may have to count
tho vote to determine the results if
oharges of fraud are mado. The
weather is warm and cloudy.
The polls opened promptly throughout
the stato and citv and uo disturban
ces. An hour later a difficulty arose
at tho first precinct in tho Fifth ward
where a contest is going on. It whs
between a roster und a Dolincry sup
porter. Pistols were drawn but shoot
ing was prevented. No polico officers
havo been sv?ora in, but Major Glynn,
of statu military, hns detailed troops
at differont arsenals as a moans of
procautiou. Stato officers this morn
ing say the soldiers will not be order
ed out except a serious diffioulty oo
ours. Tho killing of John E. Mad
don in Clayborno parish by Mar
shal Lewis yesterday in a disputo
ovor politics in a parish strongly
favoring Foster, cieatos a, feo'inc of
uneasiness throughout tho stato. Indi
cation are that fully ninety per oont.
of the 50,000 registered voters will
exerciso their rights. H heavy negro
voto is being cast in tho state.
A Mil, 1, ION IHI. I.Alt I'AIK,
That we arc having a Special
'of staples this week.
ew Drive Every Day.
We never quote goods as having
marked down from ficticious prices.
jfiegYou should not fail to take advantage of our offering
S"PC5LSuL f TUESDAY, One case Bates'
FOR. Quilts, one to a customer, 93c each.
L JXtL03r3rO"vT" i case Challies, 3 i-2c a yard.
Ill I
W 111
Jot: &
500, 502 and 504 Austin Street.
Having condluded not to remain in tho jowolry business, T will oflor for
salo tho ontiro stock foriuorly owned by D. Domimu& liro., 324 Austin ave
nue, oppoeito McClollnnd hotel, at publio auotion regardless of cobt or yalu
and without roporve, to the highest bidder.
This Stock, The Largest
Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Silverware, Clocks, Opera and Field
Glasses, Spectacles and Eye Glasses, Canes and Umbrel
las, Table and Pocket Cutlery, Gold Pens and
Holders, Albums, Pocketbooks,
Purses and Novelties.
EwjftMin Pernios to a First-class Jewelry EstaWisliment.
Underwear! Underwear!
FOR SPRING AND SUMMER. We arc showing the most com
plete stock of Men's Underwear ever brought to Waco. Don't buy
until you have seen our goods. We will save you money.
Salos commence Tuesday, April 19, at 10 a. in , also at2 p. ra. and 8 p. in.
rn Wo.iima.inva nnl FpiHnvHiit 2 i). m.. strictly ladles salo at which rimo
wo would prefer gontlomon not attending unless accompanied by ladios
salo will continue from day to day until tho entire stock Is disposed of.
is tho time to proouro bargains.
L. NEWBURG, Proprietor.
TcrrlMo l,Ok of I'ropnrty itt Kan-
ilnklt. Wis.
By Associated Preis to The Noivi.
Kknosica, Wis., April 19. A de
structive firo is raging hero. Flames
broke out shortly after midnight. Tho
losses inoludo tho plant of the North
western Wire Matting company.
Kress Manufacturing company and
Head and SouthorlandB lumber yards,
Boldwins coal yards, Bain's lumber
yard, and a number of dwellings and
small buildings. Fire at 9: CO was un
checked. Engines were on tho spot
from Milwaukee and Ilaoine. Losses
up to 9 a. m. atnouut to 4000,000 or
700.U00. At 9.30 flames wore still
racing fiercely, but their spread had
apparently been checked. Tho burn
ed district is in tho territory botweon
Lako and Main street.
Later Afterburning four squares
tho conflagration was brought undr
control. Flames drove out the occu
pants of tho Western Union Tolesraph
ofiioe but did not burn tho building,
Temporary quarters wero providod in
a building some distanoo from the
scone of tho firo and with whieh tho
company's wires communioatcd. En
gines from Milwaukeo and Ilaoino
aided in avoiding n moro terrible oa
tastrophv. About 10 a. m. tho tclo-
phono exobango was temporarily threat
ened tho fire reaching into the noxt
block. Tho Northwestern Wire Mat
ting oompany and Southerland Lum
ber company were among the ohiof
sufferers. No loss of life was reported.
Estimated damage is almost impossi
ble to obtain. An authority puts the
figures at probably $1,000,000.
makes a cheap promise to voto tho
ticket. Tho third party people pro
poso to lot their plans remain in
abeyanoe until those Democratic
primaries are ovor. If they can cap
turo theso primaries, notninato their
county and legiHlative tickot and in
struct for Hogg, they will remain
Democrats, but if they fail in this
they will organize their now party.
Some of them really support Hogg,
while another sot want him nominatod
becauso they bolievo he will be oasior
to beat beforo tho pooplo than Clark
'I'lioy aro for Hogg, II tlioy Can Cot
Illm, if nol, a Tlilnl I'art)- JHun.
Adbtju, Tox., April 19. Since
Tracy was hero last Saturday organ
izing the third party, it transpires that
an entirely original departure is pro
posed. Tho county Domeoratic ex
ecutive committee promulgated a
basis for primary action which will
allow any voter to participate who
Tho Jury Instructed to Return a
Verdict of Not Guilty.
The trial of O W. Buck, chargod
with the killing of Charlie Fowzor on
tho z'Jrd of January last, which com
moncod yesterday morning in tho dis
trict court was conoludod this after
noon at 2 o'olock, resulting in an
honorable acquittal of tho defendant.
At tho conclusion of tho testimony
Judgo Goodrioh instructed thejury to
roturn a verdict of not guilty which
was at once done.
While all who know anything about
tho unfortunate affair which re
sulted in tho untimely
death of a fellow boing in tho flower
ol manhood, and regret nono moro
than Mr. Buck himself tho sud oc
currence his friends feel that by a vcr-
diot of his peers ho has boon vindi
cated and whatover blotch or stain
thought by some to bo upon his char
acter has been romovod.
Mr Buck oauie to Waoo from Sioux
Falls, Dakota, about two yoara ago
and ontcrcd into the iiotol business, at
a time when tho patronago of tho
houso was so run down as to cause
many to doubt tho wisdom of the step
as a business venture, but by his in
dommtablo energy, courtosy and
honesty ho has now one of the best
appointed hotels in the South do
ing an immouRO business, and has the
confidence and respeot of a largo circle
of frionds.
Twenty Years in Toxas.
Today twenty yoars ago mino host
O. II. Basse, the genial proprietor of
the Hotel Royal, came to Toxhb, sinoo
when ho has been an honored resi
dent of the stato and of our sistor re
public. Ho came to Toxas with a
mission. Hundreds of mon have oomo
M A ifith ii iiiitutnn i nm r tn nrnrmwil
uuiu nuu n uiiqdiuiii ouuju bu uuuvuil
tho natives, others to build railroads,
but Mr. Busbo oamo hero to make
people fat, jolly and rubicund liko
himself, and ho has beou doing that
for twonty years with unparalollod
success. First at Jefferson ho won
p' ludits forhis cooks, his cuisine, his
juicy steaks and sublime roasts, then
at Tyler, then at Ilearno, and then at
Monterey, Moxioo. In ouch placo mon
grew fat at his tablo and his depart
ure was an opooh of mourning. Drum
mers and travelers cheokod him up
and went out ot their way scores of
miles to got one of his square tnoals.
He is know by travelers from Maino to
Waco has an acquisition in mino
host of tho Hotel Royal and tho hotel
is prospering hugely under his man
agement. With ripe experionoe and
prodigious success in catering to tho
publio, and of a hunny roputation for
kindnuBB of manner and obliging dis
position, ho oomes to Waco us the
good angel of peoplo who havo good
appetites and those who have nono.
Tho Hoto! Hoy.il is prospering under
a man who knows how to keep an inn.
Long live mine host of tho Iiotol
Rovul and may ho live another twenty
years in Texas to make pooplo fat and
In a Iiadix7
To the Public and Sanitary Com
mittee and Aldermen If you will
step into the alley on South Sixth
street, rear of 113, you will be greet
ed with a stench that would make a
On the Gulf Colorado and Santa Fo
for tho Cloburno Discussion.
The Gulf Colorado and Santa Fo
will mako a spooial rate of ono faro
for tho round trip to Cleburne May 4,
on aocount of tho joint discussion be
tween Governor Hogg and non. Geo.
butcher's bull dog back out of an ofal
wagon. Just Breathing.
ri:iticiin.i; ii.ui.siokii.
IVIiiiluii'a a nil pitHh klourfc nl u Vim
woiiKor Train Itlilillud,
Special to 1 lie Newc
Pauih, Tex , April 19. A terriblo
hail storm passed over tho country
around Antlers, I. T, last night which
did much damngo. Tho San Francisco
passenger train that roaohed hero this
morning encountered a storm n vhort
distance thissido of Antlors and every
window on the oast sido was riddled
as if by bullets. The glass doors of
tho coaches were also broken. It is
said tho hail ntoncs wcro as big as a
man's fiat. The full extent of damage
oannot bo learned.
w- 1

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