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To tho Lovers' of Art In Photo
graphy. Having moved to my now gallery.
over 701 and 703, AuBtin stroot, (the
old Hinoliman Building), I am now
bettor prepared than ever to give the
peoplo of Waoo tho finest Photos in
the state. Tho beautiful "aristo" (sp
highly ondorscd by tho leading gal
cries,) in all its. beauty, at my studio
I will havo on exhibition for a fow
days, an elegant oil portrait of Mrs.
Geo. Ciark, by Slons. Do Gissac, whioh
has been framed in a very handsome
"Florentine" iramo, making a portrait,
well worth a visit, to all, and more
especially 10 tho tho ladies.
I willbo glad to welcome my old.
and many now custornors. Don't for
got my now address, over 701 and 703.
Austin Avo.
Deaxe, Photographer
Come and seo our Easter cags in
beautiful glasses. They won't break.
Can be sent away.
Three ply chair scats 10c, extra
largo pencd tablets lOe, pencils at 5
and lOo per do.., envelopes 5c pack
ago, 2-1 sheets tino letter paper 10c,
Nice painted spittoons 10c, covered
butter jars 25c, -4 pieco glass set 25c,
hair curlers 10c, big cako toilet soap
5o, square iron stovo pan 10c, fine
flue stoppers lOo, large well buckets
U5o, covered slop bockots 35c, good
umbrella 35o, lamp ch'innoy 5o, wash
pan 5o, scrap brush 5c, coffee pot 10c,
nice lamp shade 15c, six lamp wicks
oc, elegant fans for 5, 10 and 15 c.
703 Austin ave., bet. Gth and Sth sts.
AJSound Liver Makes a Well Man
Are you Bilious, Constlpatedand
troubled with Jaundice SlckHend
aohe, Bud Taste In Mouth, Filn
Breath, Coated Tongue, Dyspepsia
Indigestion, Hot Dry Skin, Pain in
Back and between the Shoulders,
Chills and Foyer, &o. If you have
any of these symptoms, your Jjlver is
out of order your blood la slowly
being poisoned, because your Liver
does not aot properly. Herisine will
cure any disorder of tho Liver,8tom
ach orBowels. It hns no equal as a
Liver Medicine. Price 75 cents. Free
sample bottle at H. C. Risher's Drug
bottle or
California claret only
$2.50 per dozen at J,
Bargains! Bargains!! Bargains!!!
Before the advance we can soil
residences and lots in any part of the
city on tho most reasonable terras and
TnE Pioneer Real Estate Aus.,
10tf, South Fifth street. 1-15-ti.
A J. Leslie for first-class watoh
clook and jowelry repairing. Same
building with H. E. Ambold Anstin
Don't fail to try a bottle of J. A.
Early's 25 cent California claret.
For the best and froshest beef,pork
mutton, veal, spareribs, fish and
oyBtors yo 0 Crippen corner Fifth
and Frankling
When you want nico fresh meat
mutton, beof pork and purer lard at 10
cents per pound, go to
Mellor & Delaney
125 South Third street.
After to-day, April 0, '95, the City
Fish market will be at G01 Franklin
street, the Corner Market. Como and
try mo. For oash I can supply you
with tho largest variety in town. Como
and got my oash prices, I oan interest
you. Yours respectfully.
J. C.Stafford,
Corner Markot.
Dr. Gunn's Onion Syrup.
This remedy is a sure ouro for all
diseases of the Throat and Lungs,
caused by taking cold. It will stop a
cough in ono night, no matter how
It is just what its namo implies; an
onion syrup, compounded in suoh
manner as to do away with tho un
pleasant taste and odor of tho verita
ble. Whon in need of a ouro for a oough
or cold, try it. Prico 50 cents. Sold
by W. B. Morrison & Co.
Gabeit Bros arc tho
leading tailors. They
have the finest workmen in tho state,
and are artists in cutting and fitting. If
you would be well dressed givo thorn a
Dr. Geo. P. Mann, dontist. Fu,
sett of upper or lower teeth, $12.50.
ite te liL
I'ttstZTtM'tV , XV-"1i.i
. '. 'Ml' 1 I W.1 1 VWffd'VS
TOHIS MAN has been hunting
& with one of.H. E. Ambold's
fine guns sure shot. Fine guns
for sale or for hire.
419 Austin Street.
Occasional Writes on the Death of
His Friends.
Mr Editor.
Was you ever in the house of
mourning? Was you ever in tho
midst of a family oirole that bad been
invaded by tho angel of death? Was
you ever present when the shining
lights of the domestic oircle had gone
out forever? If not thon you are in
no condition to sympathize with me,
and mingle your tears with mine over
suoh sad disaster. But a short timo
ago the mombors of tho housohold of
Mr. and Mrs. Nelso Steed wore per
mitted to assemblo around the hearth
stone and while away tho hours in
pleasant conversation only a short
time ago two promising young sons
with the imprint of health and longev
ity plainly depicted on their faces,
made their kind and good parents
happy only a short time ago the
Sunday school and church could boast
of two young christian men faithful
and punctual in the disoharge of their
christian duties. But how is it now!
That home is made dosolato Gloom
and despondonoy overshadows the
premises like a dark and sombre cloud.
Tho father and mother are bowed
down in grief and sorrow The
mother, like Rachel of old, whose ohil
dron were taken from her is weopinc
and mourning for her boys and will
not be comforted, booause thoy aronot.
None but those who have passed
through a similar ordeal can roalize its
awful consequonoes Eaf and Hugh
Steed are gone forever. Tho place
that knew them once will know thorn
no more forever. Nover again will
they bo permitted to throw their arms
around their loving mother's neck
until thoy meet in thoir Fathor's King
dom. No more will they be permittod
to sit in the East Waoo Baptist
onuroh and listen to tho warning voice
of their beloved pastor. No. No.
Thoy can nover oomo to us, but, as
Solomon said when his boloved child
passed away, "Wo oan go to them
Friends let us prepare ourselves to
meet them in that higher and bettor
Kingdom whero partings are unknown.
A Thriving and Prosperous Little
Hewitt, April 19. Wo notice your
paper has correspondents from many
towns. We also would like to be
hoard. Besides bemg in tho most
beautiful part of tho county, Howitt
has a store just oompleted "that would
bo a credit to any village. Wo think
Dr. Womaok showed good business
judgement in looating here. His
genial nature must nuke it a success,
as he gets acquainted with our peoplo
who can but appreoiato theadyantages
of a general store.
Tho beautiful two-story house of
Doaoon Kellogg is noar completion.
Tho Litorary Society is prospering
to a degreo, Ervin Warren being
Wo havo preaohing twice a month
and a Sunday-school of 75 members,
with L. P. Rugg superintendent.
Crops are looking well, and with
seasonablorains will bo abundant.
Mrs. Anna Warren, of Vernon, is
visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
A. (J. Barnes, and many frionds. She
returned home this week, and looks as
lovely as ever.
ind Whiskey Habits
cured at home with
out pain. Hook of p r
tlcularseem FIti:E.
Atlanta. Uu, Ofllce VAVi Whitehall Bt
Bx9 mauBauMaaaaKmmmtt
Kemondo Flros Four Shots at Bol-
llano at Closo Rango But no
Damago Dono.
Shortly after daik last night four
pistol shots, in quick succession, were
lired at the corner of Franklin and
Fifth streets which caused a general
rush to that locality, whero Christanze
Kemcndo was seen standing with a
bright 38 calibro Smith and Wesson
pistol 111 his hand.
Deputy Sheriff Lee Jenkins was
promptly on the scene, took the wea
pon from him, placed him under ar
rest and inarched I ini oil' to the slier
ig 's office, lollowe 1 by a large crowd
anxious to know all about tno matter,
but tho prisoner would bay nothing.
After being taken to tho sheriff's
office, and tho door locked to keep
out tho crowd, K- uindo stated that
be had fired at Ciro Belliano, a former
employe of the firm of Tripis & Ke
mendo, with whom he had had some
When the shooting commenced
Belliano made tracks tor cooler quar
ters and it was not known whether he
was hurt or not. A man was sent out
to find the assaulted party to ascer
tain the extent of his wounds if
wounded at all. He was soon found
and proved to be safe and sound,
none of the bullets having struck him.
Kemendo was then admitted to bail
in the sum of $500, undor the charge
of assault with intent to murder. After
making his bond, which was soon
done, ho talked more freely and stated
to a News reporter that ho met Ciro
Belliano on the corner of Franklin and
Fifth streets and asked him about
something he had said about himsolf
and Paul Daura. Belliano replied to
him by calling him vile names and he
shot at him. I was in front of Crip
pin's meat market when I fired the
four shots and about ten feet from
Belliano. Belliano was discharged
several days ago by Tripis & Kemendo
and has over since been talking about
The reporter next hunted up Ciro
Belliano and found him at his resi
dence at the corner of South Sixth
and Mary streets. Not being able to
speak English his little son acted as
interpreter. He stated that he had
been working for Tripis & Kemendo
and had had a falling out with Paul
Daura and had quit the firm. He went
into Crippin's meat market to buy some
beef and as ho came out he mst Ke
mendo who asked him where he was
going. He told Kemendo he was go
ing about his business. Kemendo
immediately pulled his pistol
and commenced firing and
I stepped behind a wagon
about ten feet away. I then went up
tho street and came home. Paul
Daura, and several others whom I did
not recognize, were with Kemendo
when he shot at me.
It is thought by many that Kemen
do did not intend to kill Belliano or
he could hardly missed him every
shot, being only ten feet away. Some
of his friends last night laughingly
told him that his only object was to
gain the reputation of being a "shoot
est." The Advantages of Buying From
Us Are:
Wo are cash buyers, havo the ohoico
of tho entire Piano industry to seloot
from; wo are agents for tho best first
olass instruments as well as tho best
medium grado, we do a larger busi
ness than tho other sixty dealers in
Toxas oombined; wo havo been estab
lished over twonty-five years and can
not afford to jeopardize our good
namo by misrepresenting the quality
of instruments, or taking advantage
of any one for tho sako of gaining a
few dollars; wo aro in business to stay;
we do not ask for notes on time sales,
our large businoss enables us to pivo
better value for less money than small
dealers, our guaranteo is absolute
safety, and protection to buyers. Our
responsibility unquestioned. Wo will
mail catalogues and price lists, and
courteously answer all correspondence.
Thos. Goqqan & Buo.
.Keep Cool.
The treatment is oomplc. Try a
glass of orcmo-do-glaoo at MoKennon
Bros. & Co.'b. Qneen fountain.
A Sure Cure for Piles .
Itohing Piles are known by mois
ture liko perspiration, oausing intonso
itohing when warm. This form ab
well as Blind, Blooding or Protrud
ing, yiold at onco to Dr. Bosanko's
Pilo Romedy, whioh aofs dirootly on
parts offeoted, absorbs tumors, allays
itohing and effeots a pormanont cure.
50 ots. Druggists or mail. Ciroulars
freo. Dr. Bosanko, 329 Arch St.,
Philadelphia, Pa. Sold by W. B.
Morrison & Co.
Transfers of Roal Estate.
Roportod by tho Waoo Abstract and
Invostmont Company, Room 17, Prov
dont Building, Waoo, Toxus.
It E Conger and wife to Arthur
King, 100 acres Gelindo S lcaguo, $3,
000. J L Robinson and wifo to S M
Sitnius, 1G0 aorcs J II Mceks survey,
Total April 18, 1892, $1900.
Our Hoallng Wators.
Mr. V. H. Snell, an excellent and
well known gontletnan of Brenham,
has boon hero about two wocks taking
artesian baths and is improving rap
Mr. J. 0. Baldwin of Houston, pro
prietor of tho Houston Transfer and
Omnibus line, is also hero for his
health !nd ir. rapidly improving under
tho artesian bath trcatmont. Both
gentlemen are guests of the Pacifio
Tho opera houso was filled last night
to witness tho performance of Esmor
olda by the Histrionics. Tho mem
bers of tho oast ombraced bo tno of tho
best local talent and thoir rendition of
tho play was woll rcccivod by tho au
dience. Eaoh oharaotor was woll bus.
taincd. Tho Histrionics gained more
laurels than ever.
"A Lovo Guuic" was also on the
bill and was woll rendered.
"What's that?
which works all
Surprisin' these
tho old times.
A new invention
the, year round?
days are ot liko
Bleedin' was tho
only remedy them days. But now,
ns you say, Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery is a truo remedy
for tho blood."
It's not liko the sarsaparillas, that
aro said to bo good for the blood
in March, April and May. The
" Golden Medical Discovery " works
equally well at all times, in all sea
sons and in all cases of blood-taints,
or humors, no matter what their
name or nature.
"Golden Medical Discovery" is
tho only Blood and Liver medicine,
sold by druggists, guaranteed to
benefit or euro in every case, on fair
trial, or money paid for it will
bo promptly refunded. World's
Dispensary Medical Association,
Proprietors, No. 003 Main Street,
Buffalo, N. Y.
. Mrs. Avorslla Smith died last night
at tho residence of her father, Mr. J.
B. O'hambors on tho North Bosquo.
Tho docoased was a sister of Mr. S.
W. Ohambors, of this oity. The in
tornament will be at Oakwood this
aftornoon at 5 o'clock, Itev. John
Bateman officiating.
Mr. John O. Goodwin, a carponter
ol Danville, 111., writes: "About two
weeks ago a heavy saw log foil upon
my foot very badly orushing it. I sent
for a bottle of Ballard's Snow Lini
ment and kept my foot woll saturated
with it. It is now two weeks sin
this happened, and my foot is nearly
woll and I am at work. Had 1 not
used Snow Liniment I should have
been laid up at leasi two months. For
healing wounds, sprains, sores and
bruises it has no oqual. No inflam
mation can oxist where Snow Lini
ment is used. "You can uso this
Bowaro of all whito linimonts
substituted for Snow Liniment. There
is no oinor Liniment liko Ballard's
Snow Liniment. Sold by II C
Risher & Co.
'Littlo Daisy" contains moro and
finer "Vuolta Abajo" Havana tobaoo
than any oigar in Waoo. We soil
them 8 for 25 cents.
Don Ceasar.
A lOo. Havana filler cigar sold at
S cents. Dcoidedly the best smoke
the oity. Only at tho Old Corner
n ug Storo.
mttojJ S?cpjy)iciit W-
x?S mX t
It Is n soamlpss shoo, Willi no tacks or wax throa,t
to hurt tho feet: mailo ot iho best lino cnir, stj ,11.2
nml easy, nnl braiiua uv make more thoti cfthlt
orailcthananu other manufacturer, llctiuulaband.
sowoil shops costliiR from $1.10 to 3 00. '"""""""'
CCC OO tJi'milnr Ihiml.BCH.'.l, thoflnpUcalr
PJa shoo ucr ofTiTcil for $5(u; rouals 1'rench
ImjHirtPrt shoes which cost from $1.ll to $12 uo
(&A "O llnniW!rril Writ Shop, Dim calf
iPm stjllsh, eomfortntilo nuil diirnblo. Thohpst
shoo cvpr olTpriil nt thU irk-p ; snnu, Kr.ido as cus-tom-mncto
shops costing from G w to JJU).
CO .11) Toiler Jjlinni Fanners, llnllrotul Mrn
1J nml LctterCnrrlcrsnll wenrthem: llnocnlf
f camions, smooth Inside, heavy threo soles, oitcn.
elonitlRp. ono pair will wear aj-ear. "".
Q 0( lino citlfi iiobcttornhnoovprorTeredSP
.TiTT.?J.bu.prlS!" "o trial win convlnco thoso
who want n sin ,o for comfort and service.
CO !i3 nml S-J.UO Wiirkliiaimin'fl shoes
,rn -..,. th.v.'...i.ir..; ;.'" "".""B. "
BOV?' -'0l niid.&l.J.I school shops aro
".VJ0 wornbytholjosceryvherc: they sell
on their merits, ns tho luereaslnR sales show.
LarllPC S't.OO llniiil-,-cil Bhoe, best
."ar.'r0 DonRola, verystlljh;criualaKreiicti
Imported shoes costliiR f roni Jl.u) to s.u!.
l.nilirn' ' .50. JSii.OO mill Si. 75 shoe for
Mlssesaro tho best flnrUongola. htylish and durable
(.'tuition. Seo that W. L. IXniRlnV uamo unci
rrlec aro stamped on tho bottom or each shoo.
Insist on local advprtlsod ilpalprs supplyinirvtin
W. I,. llOUtiLAS, IJrocUtoH.ninJs. tSdbj
J. KansolWood Shoo and Clothing:
Elegant Photographs.
Having recently purchased the larj;
est as well as the finest photographic
lens in the state, am able to make
negatives, 17x20, as a likeness, truth
ful as the embodiment of nature, ar
tistic in lighting and graceful in pose;
a beauty and a joy forever. Call on
W. D. Jackson, the old reliable
photographer, and see specimens.
Spend an hour if not a dime. A large
assortment of mouldings and frames
112 North Fifth street.
Drs. Wilkes & Wilkes and Dr. J.
R. Forrell have fitted up a suito of
roomB in tho new Provident buildine,
second floor, where thoy may bo found
in futuro. Telephone at office and
residences. Slates at Old Cornor Drup
A man who buys lor cath and in big
quantities can givo insido figures in
selling. Tom Padgitt is such a man,
and if you need anything in tho shape
of a buggy, phaeton, carriago, cart o
any othor vehiolo, look over his im
mnnso stock and learn his prices and
ou will oortainly buy.
Straight dinnor from 12 to 2 and
nything you want at any hour at Joo
Milwaukee bottled
, A. Early's.
beer for sale at
Evorybody goes to Joo Lenman's
whon thoy want a good meal, or i-ia
With puro artesian water, sptoia
soap, an oxtra fine starch and as fino
machinery as is made, with trained
experts, tho Artesian Steam Laundry
work is unsurpassed anywhero.
Funeral Directors,
No. 423 Franklin Street.
If you havo houses to rent or wisb
to rent
If you havo lots, houses, ranches or
any other property to buy or soil
You will find it to your interest to
consult tbo old reliable roal cstatemon,
Bell & Sassajun, No. -Ill Frank
in Street,
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmammmmm M

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