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jEFull Associated Press Reports. ,jj
KHTAitLJsnr.n ,jvjj' la, insh.
Entered at the I'oitogirf at Ifuco, T i, no Seeomt Clan Matter.
VOL. 4. NO. 242.
50 Cents rer Month
That things ike these are on our coun
ters but cannot always be advertised.
That's why, to be a successful and eco
nomical shopper, a daily visit to our store
is necessary so that you can pick up the
bargains as you go.
At ra
At 9Jel
At 8c!
At 4c
Dress Ginghams
Dress Ginghams, solid, plaids. ( g I
stripes, solid color ginghams, Toil -j WOlth
I U'
deNoirs Fancv Percales.
Printed Cotton Outing Cloths,
Printed Cotton Bedford Cords
Checked Nainsooks, Victoria
Lawns, Three cases in all,
Stn.tr- Coin ciitlon in SeMviou Toilny,
fecmitor TtiTile Ik Ohulrmaii.
By Aseocta'ed I'rojs to The Nows.
Indianapolis, April 21. One of
tho largest Deniooratio conventions in
the history of Ludiaua convened in this
city at 10 o'clock this morning. Every
county in tho 6tuto is represented and
3,000 enthusiastic Democrat crowded
the galleries and aisles. The conven
tion was held in Tomlinson hall,which
was magnificently decorated in which
Btars and 6tripes plajed a prominent
part. On tho stage wore seated 150
prominent Democratic leaders of the
state and over tho chairman's desk
were a half dozen mammoth American
flags of Cleveland. Gray and Hen
dricks. Tho convention was called
to order by Chairman Taggart of tho
State Central committee whoso appear
ance was a Bignal for applause.
A call of delegations by tho secre
tary and various committee were
announced and made reports. Thero
wero loud cheers when the eommitteo
on poruianont organization reported
United States Senator Turpio as ohair
man of the convention and Senator
Voorhces, Hugh Dougherty, Charles
Jewott and Samuel E Morse as dele
gates at largo to the National convention.
Worth K()
We show the most complete assortment of Wash Dress Goods
ever exhibited. Prices as always moderate.
Auction Auction
Having comlluded not to remain in tho jewelry business, I will oflor for
salo the entire stock formerly owned by D. l)omimu& 15ro., 324 Austin nvo
nue, opposite McClollnud hotel, at public auction regardleBB of cost or value
and without roeerve, to tho highest bidder.
This Stock, The Largest
Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Silverware, Clocks, Opera and Field
Glasses, Spectacles and Eye Glasses, Canes and Umbrel
las, Table and Pocket Cutlery, Gold Pens and
Holders, Albums, Pocketbooks,
Purses and Novelties.
EverytMni Pertaining to a First-class Jewelry Establishment,
Sales commence Tuesday, April 10, at 10 a. in., nlsont2p.ni. and 8 p. m.
On Wednesdays and Fridays nt 2 p. m., strictly ladles sale at which timo
we would prefer gnntlomon not attending unless accompanied by ladles. Tho
salowill continue from day to day until tho entire stock is disposed of. Now
is tho timo to proouro bargains.
L NEWBURG, Proprietor.
Thunder, I.lKhtiiini; anil Kulll I'lit
tho City In tho Swim.
By Associated I'roBt to Tho Newa:
New Orleans, April 21. A heavy
and continuous downpour of ruin this
morning at 7 o'olock accompanied by
loud peals of thunder and glaring
hashes ot lightning main mmaturc
rivers of the main streets in New
Orleans flooding stores and damaging
good on Canal and Rampart streets.
At I o'clock this afternoon a report
reaobod the Ststes oflico that three
men and a number of horses had been
killed by lightning at the fair grounds
located seven miles from tho city. At
tho headquarters ot the Illinois Cen
tral railroad this city, it is learned that
tho roadbed has been washed away
between Magnolia and Ohatawa, Miss.
A two-siory house was washed across
tho track and tho telegraph poles
knooked nown, Trains havo been de
layed twenty-four hours until obstruc
tions are removed and tho roadbed repaired.
Pepper ell 9-4 Bleached.
Sheeting, Five Yards to
Customer; 19c per ya.rd.
EiiKlllk IniUiiiiu DrnwncU Out,
Urout Loth ot Property.
By Aoioclated l'rees to Tho Newi.
Enumsh, Ind., April 21. English
is flooded, Little Bluo river going by
saw logs below has caused the water
to spread over the town until the
business portion is under water. Fif
teen stores and shops are soaked in
wator five feot deep. At noon yester
day the rain poured in torrents for
fifteen hours besides (showers during
previous thirty-sis hours. The water
roso 18 inohes per hour. The sud
denness of tho flood prevented tho
release of animals from stalls and
pens. Hundreds of dollars worth
was lost though no human lives are
sacrificed. The upper bridge is gone.
Cattle and sheep and hogs are
mm: iiodii co.vntAU r.
2 U I IIemr
Colored Bordered
mmed Handkerchiefs.
P (Each. Fast Colored Bor
Ql dered, wide Hemstitched
- Handkerchiefs.
8-j I Each. Colored Borde cd,
3 j f Linen Hemstitched Hand-
Iflfl-I Eacn ,urc Linen, Fast
J (J y Color, Hemstitched hand-
JSiSI Oialy 0 o. Ots?;t:o:niejB
Cincinnati Carpenter Secure It
With tho Sir Home.
By Associated Pros to The Nows:
Cincinnati, O., April 21. Grand
Secretary P. J. McGuire, of the Na
tional Brotherhood of Carpentors, suc
ceeded in bringing the carpenters and
the Sir Bosses to an agreement last
evening and settling their difficulty
for two 3 ears to come. The working
day is nine hours and the wages will
be 30 cents per hour for the first six
months and 33 1.3 cents an hour for
the succeedii g 18 months. The con
tract between the bosses and workmen
has been duly signed and made binding-
The iveutlier.
"Washington, April 21. For Eas
tern Texas generally fair ooldor north
erly winds. For Northwostorn Texas
fair and colder frosts. Friday morning
northwesterly winds.
hnir 11
Jibs &
500, 502 and 504 Austin Street.
$1.50 SPECIAL i.
Greatest Sole Ever Known in Waco.
Our Entire Stock of Puff Bosom Shirts, forty-two distinct styles,
including $2.75, $2 and $2.50 goods,
.AXJLi GO tJT $1.50 S-A-CCH.
Snow in .Tlimiciiofu.
IljAesolnted I'rciB to Tho NoiVi.
Wokthington, Minn., April '21.
A heavy enow storm which com
menced yesterday, continues without
intermission snow will delay seeding
and all spring work to a great exteut.
irrz vitrn:s a i.irrrim.
lie Can't Sleet Corliett in Chieiiuo.
By tlio AssoolaUd I'rctB to The Naws:
Ohicaoo, April 21. Pugilist Boh
Fitzsimmons has written a reply to
Corbetts letter stating that he bai to
lcavo Chicago immediately after his
cnterthinmont Saturday night in
order to keep other engagements and
tho police will not allow a kuookoul
exhibition to be given in the city. He
cannot accept Corbott'fl ohallcngo to
meet him next Saturday nioht.
The Hemp wax Mrrlclieil Today In
New Orlcuiik,
lty the Aisoclated I'icbb to Th& Newm
New Orlkanh, April 21. Tomor
row will he hangman's day at tho
Parish prison. A doublo hanging will
take place. It is the day which has
been appointed by tho governor for
tho execution of Philip Baker, a mur
derer of Mrs. Noil Nelson and Etynoe
Desohanips, und murderer of the ohild
Juliet Dietsoh. Tho last hope left for
Baker vanished yesterday afernoon
when the board of pardons for the
second timo refused to grant a re
priovo or commutation sontenoe.
All Kxplorer FIiiiIn Their Uotllck
Iliutiy Decompohctl.
Dulutu, Minn., April 21. Georce
Peters, an explorer, has just arrived
in the city from the northorn boundary
of Itasca county where ho has been
looking up lands on tho Canadian
side. Ho came aoroes the bodies of
two doad men in a badly decomposed
stato at a point where tho Little Elk
empties into Rainy lake. From papers
found under the bodies tho name of
ono is believed to bo Henry MathewB
of Cincinnati, Near at hand was a
Winchester rifle, two small axes and
some camp trinkets. Tho mon were
apparently about 30 years old.
jMr. Cleveland In ITIudeun Honorary
Member u( the Dill lit Clut.
Dallas, April 2i. The Fat Mon's
olub of Dallas rcoontly solootcd ox
President Cleveland as an honory
moinbor. In accepting Mr. Cleveland
New Yoiik, April 11, 18fl2. W. A.
Disborough, Ebtp, president, etc.
My dear sir: I havo received all sorts
of friendly assurances, but havo novor
until your letter came had kindly feel
ing presented to urn by the pound. It
is very impressive and conveys an idea
of irresistible force and momontum.
In looking over tho weights of tho
officers of the Fat Mon's association I
am (uito certain that I havo "about
me" some of tho (tiftlifications noces
sary to membership whioh would
nearly match in volumo that whioh has
secured admission to other parties.
For inatanco, I don't bohevo your
sentinol, Mr. Lake, would havo it in
his heart nor in his bulk to deny me
It is therefore with feeling of ap
preciation and ohcsti fraternity that I
thank tho association through you for
the expression of confidence and es
teem whioh you trunstnit.
Vours very truly,
Gnoyicn Ci.evki,ani.
No Freight There.
lly AsBiclated Press lo The Nbwb.
Elukno, O. T., April 21 Captain
Woodson and Gov. S. Eay dony tho
report of tho shooting yesterday of
eight boomers and the roportcd figh
in tho county sito hotwoen Kansans
and Texans. The captain has h troop
of cavalry at county sito and a lino
of couriers arranged from thore to F.I
Reno under strict orders to report
anything sorious,
In Iliiliotn.
lly Asioclnted Vices IoTIih Nevn.
Sioux Fallh, 8. D., April 21. The
snow here is melting as fast as it falls
and farmers are not at all uneasy.
Complaint was mado beforo Justice
Harrison against Goorgo Matlook
charging him with tho theft of a sad
dle from II, 0. Hawking. Tho oaso
was transferred to the county court.

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