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mm eourrv juixik.
TitENEwHsaatliorlrol UnmiontiCB that W
It Jonttlnsla n cinilliliro for ro rivet Urn to
Uieofflco ol county JuiIko of Mcliriiu in con ty,
object t tho HCtlon of the Democratic putty .
Wcnte Biith-riifil to announce Cap'. 1'. A
Blnli at n lntKlldnto for county attorney of Me
Icnnan coun'y, subjeot lu tho action or tho
Demociallc party.
Mr S. A llognn authorize us to nnnonucc
thnt be i a ondlilato Tor ooimtv attonu-y of
McLi-nnin coir tv, .abject lo the action of tli
Donocnitlc party,
I nic News In authorueil to antinonce that
Jniltjo D Hardy is naindlilnta f.-r louiity
Uu-kt of McLennan county, !ul'jcct to Iho
nct.on.'f the Democratic party.
Tlir N'kws U AUthorlo I to nnuouncfl l.ml
Wl tlaniBas n cn Ulte for election to the
office olCotinty Attorney, inibjuct to tho action
of the i eniocratic party.
The Nkws 1 authorled to announce T.
J ITlmin an a caiulldntu for txrul ector for
McLennan county, eul'ject to the action or the
Urmocrailc party.
w ivro miilinrlreil to nnnounco Mr. J. f
Jnrrey as candidate for the olllce of county
Tax l!oleitor. uhject to the action of the Dem
ocrats of McLennan count! .
The News 1b autborireil to aminnnco Mr. E.
T). ltiipsell as acmldto for tax collector or
McLcnnnn couniy, Hiibject to the action of the
Democratic party.
We tre authorized to nunotitico cat'Lnko
Jloort Is a cai (Dilute for tax collector of aic
Lrniinn loun'y, nibject to the action of tho
Democratic party.
The New sis anthorired to announce P. r.
Jt&ilileii as n candidate Tor county asscor, sub
ject to tho action or tba Dcmocrutlo party.
The ews Is anthirlreil to nnnounco that
Dnk II I'oRiieisftctml'date Tor re-olonlon to
thcolllcoorconnty tax assessor, subject to the
tctlon or tho Democratic party.
For. sheriff.
We are authorized to annonnco Joo V. Ellison
at a candidate for sheriff at the cnsuInK elec
tion, subject to the action or the Democratlo
T, L. Burke Is n candldato for sheriff or Mc
Lennan county, Bubject to the action of the
Dan Ford l ncundldate Tr re-olection to tho
office rr sheriff cr McLennan count , subject to
tho action or tho DeraocratU party.
"We aio HtUhO'lzcd to announce J. I'. N'aylor of
Moody as b candidate forsher IT. subject to tho
action of tho Democratic party of McLennan
Wc ere s uthorlzod to announc tint Mr.
T Uealey iiBcn'itilate for re-election to tho
ofhco of district clerk ot McLennan county,
tublecttot 0 aitlonortho Democratic party.
The News Is nuthorlzed to announce Ed
Sparks as a candldato for district clerk, subjtct
to tho action of the Dcmocra lc party.
The News Is authorized to announce Dr. P.
TV. Bnrgeras a candldato Tor the office or IU
trlct cerfe. HUbJect to the action or the Demo
cratic patty.
roitcooxTY ci.mik.
The kvs U an'horlzed to aninnncc
T. n Kl liuesworthi ft caniiid'ite for county
clerk of McLennan county, subject to the ac
tion of tho Uenncratio party
Ttie News Ib authorzoil to nnnonnco that
Tomll. lliownlsa candldato for county clerk
orMcLcnnan county, f uhject to the action or
thu Democratic party.
Wo are authorized to announce Jno F. Mar
shall as a ilandlilnte for tho ctllee or county
clerk, subject to the actlnu of the Deraoctatlc
I The News is authorized to annnnnco J . W.
7rost'iH acandd te fir county clerk at the
ersnluK tlei'tlin, subject to tho action of tlio
"JemociH tic party
Tjik'News Is authorize I to announce George
T Kceb e a a candidate ror county clerk ol
McLennan county, mbjecl to the action or tho
Democratic i arty.
we flro authorized 'o nnnounce th'tt Iror. J.
It. Cooyers Ih aomdlilate tor ro election to thu
ofllro rccnnfy Superintendent or Public In
struct on of Meljem an coti'ity, subjoct to tho
action of the Demoo aiie party.
Wc are authorized to announce that Robert
S. lloi Is a candulUe Tor ro-eletion to the
office or tTiasnri-r of McLennan county, subject
10 tho action of the Democratlo party.
We are authorized to announce Mr. Andrew
Goddard as candldato fir reelection to the
office rr county aur ej or, subject to tho action
of the Democratic Party.
We arc author zed to announce that J. N.
GallBiihcrli & or dldata for ro election to the
1 flli c of Justice ofihe t'eaco Precinct No. 1,
irfcL' Bran county, subject to thu action of the
Democratic i aity.
YYo are author. zed to aunojnr-c.r T. llarrl
nn as u candidate tor re-election to tbo office
of Jnsiicer f tho Peace Peo net No 1 McLen
nan county subject to the action of thu Dem
rx ratio party .
roit uo-arAiiLK.
The Nkws Is authorl7cd to nnnounco Iee
Cook us a candldato for ro-elcctlon to the ottlee
ef eonstabloi fi reduce No. 1 Mo'.ennnu coun
ty, subject to tho action of tho Democratic party.
Mr. Jame II Lockwood auth"rl7o us to
anpoonce him bs a candidate lor constable of
prwJnct No. I McLennan county, subject to tho
action of the Democracy.
$j!tag& rMixtw fcterjK
The i.ws will tako advertisitiR
with the understanding that if it has
not a larger kcil circulation than any
daily paper published in Waoo, no
charge will bo made for the advortiBO
ment. The demonstrations jotten up for
Hogg at Wills Point will have more
favorable effeot than his Speech.
Governor Hogg forgot to uiontion
tho naino of Gbilton in his Wilh Point
speech or toll why ho appointed that
young mm to fill Senator lieagan's
plnce before Reagan had vacated. Uc
did not say what kind of an ulien land
law he favored or give any reason for
signing a headless measure containing
all the features of robbeiy. Ho failed
to tell why ho did not post himself
ou his constitutional dutics)
He defended his action in recommend
ing a loan of tho sacred school funds
to railroad companies in his speech
delivered in typo written copy to the
papers but failed to mention tho sub
joot when ho stood before tho hurrah
crowd. Senator Mills' name is always
an interesting name to mention and
never has failed to arouso enthusiasm
wherever called but notwithstanding
the faot that Governor Hogg has
beon charged with making it strong cf
fort to defeat him for the benate and is
expected to continue that effort in a
quiet way, ho never mentioned
Mill's namo at all. Ho failed to ex
plain his connection with the Inter
national railroad in his deliveranco to
tho qurrah crowd, although in his
printed speech he says he was lod to
intervene and broak up the stockhold
ers meeting at Palestino by his
knowledge obtained fromtho railroads,
of tho i'raudulant oharaoter of tho
Missouii, Kansas and Texas stock and
learned of tho proposed mcetiog
through the official advertisement of
tho company. Ho failed to say a wo-d,
either of mouth or of type-writer,
about his Sabbath interview with Jay
Gould's attorney in Austin, his in
structions to that attorney to got some
good citizen of Tyler to write him tell
ing about the facts, which tho said
Jay Gould attorney had just bo elo
quently related, and of the feigned
surprise of himself when he received
that letter written by the aforesaid,
attorney and copied by Mr. Brown,
of Tyler. Those aro facts whioh wero
sworn to by credible witnesses in the
International investigation and hvo
never been controverted. His exoel
lency was very eloquent on the t pe
writer on tho subject of enforcement
of tho law speaking in a
general way but ho failed
to state even thero why ho officiously
meddled with the expoution of the law
by the local authorities in several in
stance', and entiroly failed to notice
tho subject whilo speaking with his
mouth ,at Wills Point. These aro a
fcv things Hogg has scominejy for
gotten, but tho people remember them
The printed speech of Gov. Hogg
is couched in very pretty language,
and contains phrases to which Gov.
Hogg is an utter stranger.
That there is an effort being made
to organize this state against Mills is
a settled faot. When congress ad
journs we will sco what wo shall see.
The board of trade address, pub
lished elsewhcro is an important docu
ment and should bo read and re
sponded to by every enterprising
citizen of tho oity. The board of trado
is an absolute necessity and must bo
encouraged to do tbo good intended-
To Subscribers.
I have called on most of you since
the 1st and somo moro than onoo. I
am suro if you will givo tho mattor a
littlo thought you will not oompel mo
to make many calls for tne small
amount of your subscription. If you
still owe for this month please pay at
offico or leavo tho money at the houso
and obligo
The Circulator.
Extra choioe California imported
ports,' old vintage, fot invalids and tho
sick room at 50ej California $1110; im
ported, per bottle, Quest in tho state.
J. A. Earl'. t
Keep Coot.
The treatment is oomplo. Try a
glass of oremo-tloglace at McKennon
Bros. & Co.'s. Qocen founiain.
Dwyro & Brooks, tho hotiso mov
ers. Office 20o South Sixth street.
Drop in your orders.
We Need
To Realize Heady
We made unmerciful cuts ou lots of staple and faucy goods consisting of Silks
Dress Goods, White Goods, Gingams, Laces, Embroideries, Notions, Hats and Shoes.
Flmliiijr our'olvtjswlth ft larRO stock
on hand wo SLASH PHICfcb to ralso
10-lucli Cropons that sold at 5100 a
yiud wo otl'er this wook at 77o,
All tlool Itetl fort)
That wero 75c 11 yard, this week 000
If iff" II'odI Hertford
That wero choap at 0O0. this wook
Wool Chevrons
In now shades, considored
at 35o, this week at 23c.
,l llonl stlbatro
will go this week at 22o.
All Our I'reneli Cltaltlr
that wero 75o a yard go for 50c.
I Or China .SKA,'.
Sell this wook at 20c.
;t:'-lch China Sill;,
Black and ovenliiiratmdos that woro
9oo and $ 1.00, for 75o a yard.
What Padgitt's Hot Baths Did for a
New Yorker.
Waco, Texas, April 14, 18o2.
Tom Podgitt, Esq ;
Dear Sir. I ar ived in your city
hst November with inflamma'ory
rheumatism, my lungs also being af
fected with rheumatio fevor. I was
given up to dio and sent to Texas to
prolong my life. Hoarintj of tho ben
efits derived from the artesian baths in
yoor natatorium, I went through a
courso of twenty-one baths. Beforo I
undoitook to t&ko the baths I weighed
100 pounds, was very sick, with a poor
appetite. Afcr tho tenth bath I oould
eat four good meals every day. I
wcigb today 123 pound, am in tho
best of health and will start for Now
Yoik Juno, thanking you and all
the people in Whco for tbo benefit I
derived in your oity since I have beon
hero. Very respectfully,
James Grekhv.
137 East 117th St., New York City.
Mascott Saloon.
317 Franklin. Fino vVines and
Liquors. A plaoo to eDJoy tho luxu
ries of oje of tho finest saloons in tho
oity. Come one, como all. whero tho
finest whiskies will be sorved.
J. W. Fogautv, Proprietor.
Tom Padgitt bought tho entire
stook of huggies and oarritges at the
S. A. Owens & Son, United Statos
Marshal's sale at almost nothing. A
largo number of tiem hayo been told
but ho has still a low on hand which
ho offers still at remarkably low pri
ces It is a chanoo for 4a person of
small moans to buy a nioo bugtry and
enable his wifo to put on stjlo over
her loss fortunato neighbors.
you would be well dressed
give your orders to th0
Gabort Bros., the loading tailors. Thoy
oarry the biggest stook ol new spring
goods in Cuutral Texas, and have all
tho latest styles.
Bjo Girland desires to inform his
friends that he will bo pleased to see
them at tho now carriago houso.
Don't fail to try a bottle-of J. A.
Early's 25 cent (Jalifoinia c'arot.
Shooting Gallery, south side squtro
opon day and night, Drop in
Money We Make this Week a
loOOyds Gingham sinitil chock, at 00.
rJoOO yards Strlpod Gingham, irood
10c stull'for Cen yard,
silk Cimjliiliii.
OtiroOc Silk Strlpod and Plaid Ging
hams for "00. Only it fow plocos loft
Jmpartvrt lit il ford.
Our lOo Bedfords jro this woek at
Torchon Larr.n,
A lot of 10c, V2o and 15o Laoes for
5c a yard.
Torehnn t.acrt.
That sells at 15c, 20c, and 25c go this
wool; at Sjc a yard .
Vine To rr lions
Worth 25c, liOo and 35c will bo sola
by us for 15c.
Two papors Brass Pins for 5c.
To papors Hair Pins for 5o.
Black and Whlto Canvass Bolts 10c.
50c Leather Baits for 25 e.
Manfactui ers g
Alexandre's Baking Powder.
Alexandre's Pure Spices.
Alexandre's Java and Rio Blond Coffee.
Moore Bros' White Wlno and Apple Vluogar.
Moore Bros' Puro Cider.
Mooro Bros' Flint Candy.
'Having purchased Mr. Alexaudro's buslties wo a ro now propared to till
orders promptly. Patronise Homo Institutions. Sustain our efforts to maki
Waoo Great Manufacturing Centre.
Have removed from PaoilTc Hotel to Room 28, Provident Bld'g
The old Urand Jlulldlr.n, Sorth of I'laxa,
ll'ACU, TtiX AS.
The finest vehicles and horses in th
oity. Call carriages for ladies a spe
cialty and when desired, ladies can
have a driver in livery. All trains met.
Prompt attention to all orders and
boarded on reasonable terras.
W.U, M YYHBM), I'rosllent. J 1). llBf.t,, Vico IVcUont. JOHN D. MAYKIKLD, Cashier
The Gity Savipgs Bapk
s UTTERED FEB. 12,1892.
No v offers 6 per cent, interest on dep osit. Interest payable
from date.
KNKli l'ANIs
That woro 25c for 15o.
K1100 Pants that woro 10o for 210,
Knoo Pants that Woro 50o for 35o.
Knoo Pants that woro 75o for 50o.
(lent' null.
That woro S10.00 and $12.50 for $7.00
Brown Suits that wero $12.60 ana
$15.00 for $10.00.
i:iertrlr Itlnr Salts.
That woro $18.00 and $25.00 for $15,
C11; Worsted,
111 stoks and frocks that woro $22.50
and 525.00 for $20.00
Straw Hals,
For Boys, 5c, 15c, 25o, 50c.
Men's Hats for 25c, 50o, 75c and 1,
limit Uaryaln In
Ladies' Opora Slippers 50o.
Ladlos' Patent Tip Oxford 75c
Ladiob' Dongolin Tip Oxfords $1.00.
Ladles' Button Shoes $1.35.
Sjirclal Drives,
In Men'H High and Low Cut Shoos,
Whclesale Grocers,
satisfaction guaranteed. Horses
iiS iSc&. I dviil iS

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