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bUDT5 .J,,-
Look Wlmt You can Got at 0. J.
Miller's Bargain Store,
10 dozen eggs for l.
20 pounds granulated sugar for i.
Smoked dried beef at n cents.
Dried salt shoulders at 7 cents.
Breakfast bacon (sugar cured) at 1 1
Spiced pigs' feet at 15 cents.
Fresh fish at 10 cents a pound.
Califon ia oranges at 20 cents a doz,
Banannas at 15 cents a dozen, 717
Austin street.
& i.'i
. --5--4 Srt iv
': . -"
fep -A K-
I a
sC t l " r C 2
it -" I ) rHm''feb
fft, A
8 LI.
"tfYl 1.1 ,1'v.
' v
Hi There! Btopl Wait a Minutol.
Have tit you forgot something.
Didn't your pretty wife tell you
to get "The Delineator" so she
could make Daisy's new dress
in style. Go to Herz Bros.
and get it or there will be a .
row. ur may oc it was inai
box of cigars you were going
to treat yourself with. What
ever it was Ilerz Bros, have
got it in either reading or
smoking. Give the boys a call
for whatever you want at
The headquarters for diamonds
watches, clocks, jewelry and all Borts
of jewelry.
The headquarters for fancy artiolea
and articles of vi'tu.
The headquarters for fine and deli
eato watch rt pairing is at
M. 1j. Winan's, tho popular jeweler,
520, Austin street,
Are tlio popular groccra.
Always now and fresh goods.
Kvery delicacy tfllio scaon In icason,
All the floe A 1 good.
Hoit of everything, is their mr.tto.
iowestt possible prices.
Polltelattentlon and ompt dcllrerj Is the
at Gribblo Ilron. Grocers. t05 Amtln Avenue.
Swiss : Bakery.
Corner 8lMh and Washington Stroete.
Fresh Bread Rolls and Cakes
Kvt-ry morning nt5 o'clock Home orenfrom
5 o'clock In tLo inoraing tolO In the cvonlug.
Goilnda Clark Club.
W. B Fakes addressed the Clark
Club at Golinda Thursday night, after
which twelve new names were added
to the already large list of members.
Mose Westbrook is president and
Buck Jackson is secretary of the club.
The club meets every other Thursday
S Price I " Worth n Cnlnpa a Box." I 26c.
f AT.cvr.rM. r-rj'.tf.AjKriAAl '
I Dislodge Bile,
fclir up Hie uivor,
Cure Sick-Ueadacne,
Female A'Jments,
l"R,fininvn Disease and
Promote Good Health.
Oovered with a Tasteless & Solnbla Coating. Z
Famous the world over. j.
Ask for IiLccliam' .inu rac m ""-j
mi f.11 Hrn irisia. Price 2S centra oox,;
Ncwior.. nttwt. i5-CirvlJji 6
Mr P. B. Hunt of Dallas, qualified
today as United States Marshal, for
the Northern District of Texas.
v1 pa&as
y 'k
- ".'i.- .!. - 9-r ?Z,
&. m . ...
r ti j w
.- '4'W.VJ.S.'s.
Tin: TWO UlIA.ni'IO.VS ort!I,AKf
A Worilr War It ivun u II act; meet
ing but tlicrc Wore Many Clark
Ult-n I'rckuut nnu illitiiy UonvcrtN
Woro nirido S01110 I'lne Specclici
The Hewott school house was
crowdod laBt night to hoar the speech
es of Messrs. Cravens and Scarborough
Tho mcetiiip was a Hogg one but
never tho less there was quite a num
ber of staunch supporters of Waoo'a
"Little Giant" prusont. Before tho
regular programme began there was
several speeches by different candi
dates. At 9 o'clock Chairman Ken
dnck arose and introduced Mr Frank
Cravens who would speak iu favor of
Gov. Hogg's re-election to the guber
natorial chair. Mr. Cravens spoke
substantially as follows.
"Fellow citizens. In my judgment
it is the same old fight over again.
The same old crowd In a campaign
involving no issues, narrowed down
to personation I would favor my homo
candidate, but in this campaign whore
issues of cuch great importance are to
bo considered, I must overlook local
pride. I believe Judge Clark has ob
solved us all horn such allegiance.
Two years ago tho peoplo arose in
their itrength and freed themsolvcs
from the oppressors Let us look back
and see tho cause. Set oral years ago
tho railways wero civen a large tract of
lnnd for every milo of traok laid and
wero iriven right of way through the
town and country. Did tho roads
keer) faith with the peoplo ? No,
their headquarters were moved out of
tho state, the rolling stock of the roads
were permi'ted to run down until the
lives of tho peoplo wero in jeopardy
They divided up In advanco the grow
iDg crops of the country. They have
oppressed tho country with a bonded
debt of $100,000,000. Tho peoplo
demanded relief.
Finally a start was made in tho
sh&pe of a btntu engineer, but ho was
so hampered by various laws that ho
was ineffectual. Still the peoplo de
mand relief. Still the lobbyists keep
the railways ahead and tho people
down. There arose a man in tho
piney woods of East Texas who said
By Gatlins this thing has got to stop.
Ho tnado the railways build depots, re
pair traoks. He plowod through the
records of the land olTuo
and discovered that tho railways had
stolen a vast amount of land from tho
state by turning in every siding as
main traoks aud getting tho bonus
given theiefore by the state. He re
covered over $-.J,c-UU,ul'U wortliot mat
land for tho poople.
The amendment was adopted was
the fight over? When the legislature
met, lo, there was Judgo Clark in tho
midst of t lit-in, and fellow citizens,
whilo there ho Mgnod himself as re
presenting all tho railwats in Texas
except two. Torn Brown said that
Judiio Clark had nothing moro to do
r-m, jpcr.
' 5? 8fc.
m&&&2&? ---
ill 10 1 1 PApiiiirp
InlllSl I m irBffiir
1 nr bf mp K y ar B ar hH WP
rs u w a"-" n3Jk h
Used m Million of Homes-
tr rav1
with the railways than ho had to with
a murder case. He only represented
them as an attorney, and was not him
bolf implicated in anything his clients
did or had dono.
Judge Clark has never been honored
by the peoplo with any office. When
ho ran onoo Nathan Patton beat him.
Every office he ever held was by ap
pointment and when tho election
oame tho peoplo refused
to ratify the appointment
It was at Fort Worth that they took
Judge Clark for a red bonded man and
hauled him around with wtiito horses
Ho said there that ho wont to Austin
at the instance of B. J. Kendrick to
save tho earth. Mr. Kendnok, who is
hero, says that ho went to Austin for
tho benefit of
Judgo Clark's
hero arose and
Judgo Ulark and at
instance. (Kendrick
stated that the state-
mont was true.)
The commission was appointed and
that stern old soldier from East Texas,
John H. Reagan, was appointed chair
man, Tho railways havo never attraotod
tho commission in court, becauso thoy
dared not to do so.
Judgo Clark Btated in his Weather
erfotd specoh that they
had not done so because
he had advised them not to do so. Tho
results: Lumber is down to $12 per
M , cattle is shipped all over tho state,
wheat is now shipped to Waco in
stead of to St. Louis and then baok to
Texas as (lour.
Is tho fight over ? I answer no
These same railway lobbyists ro try
ing before tho people what thoy triod
before tho legislature.
Tho very head of tho lobbyist is
now beforo you as a candidate for
governor. It seems strango that this
man should always be reprosonting the
corporations instead of being out be
foro tho peoplo defending their rights.
I do not intend to defend Governor
Hogg It would mean for me to defy
the plr.tform adopted at San Antonio.
Ho has walked that platform from
tf do to side. If Governor Hogg has
failed to follow the planks of that plat
form is that any reason why we should
vote for Judge Clark f It Gov. Hogg
was removed by death today I would
not even then voto for Judgo Clark.
Had A. W Terrell dcclured himself
in favor of Clark ho would havo bean
tho grandest statesman Texas ever
know but now that ho has announced
for Hogg ho has becomo "Slippery
Alex." Judgo Clar'c tells you that
ho bows to the will of tho pooplo, and
says tho commission is now a fixed
policy of the stato. It is rot so. It
is not in the constitution of tho stato.
The only thing there is tho power to
make such laws. Tho samo power
that would eloot Clark governor
would elect a legislature that would
pass laws that would favor tho railways
that would striko out that clause which
gives them the po or to regulate rail
ways. When did he bow to tho will of the
peoplo? Ho bowed when ho had
something o atk of tho peoplo. He
is exceedingly zealous on tho commis
sion matter now. It is difficult for me
ao Years the Standard
U UJ7 VW.w ;.),L J "- Z L.y
IN OUR GUANO ORCHESTRAL KTRAIN, tho peoplo sound the pralso of
ourliunioiiHOHtockof KUItNlTlTUE AND CARl'ETS. Tho vi.rloty
of irnvtorliUs oinbraucd therulii, the ninny stylos and tho spluudld finish
of nil, ImproHS ovoryono nllko. Xo Hitch displ y hits been nnitlo In this
oitv before, and no hotter will bo niido horouttor. Wo onn plonsoovory
dogroo of tusto, humor tho wildest fancy and satisfy tho most skoptt
cnl. In addition our prices buuII bo In accord wlih j-our vlows.
to seo the importance of the qucstiou
ot appointive or elcctivo commission
I favor an appoiutivo commission, be
causo it fixes a power boiuo whoro. We
know who to bold rcspoiibtblo if the
oommission doos not do right. When
Clark appoints a commission I waut
ou to keep your oyes on three meo,
.1 . Waldo, lion. W. H. LeBsing of
Waco, and Hon. II. James Quarles
of La Grange.
Turn not Texas loose Thoy have
turned Waco looso until thoy havo
dobts piled up that will be a burden to
their children and grand children.
Altor tho conclusion of Mr Cravens'
speech Chairman Kendrick introduced
Mr. J. B. Scarborough who spoke
briefly in favor of Judgo Clark. Mr.
Scarborough was sintering trom a
throat trouble and consequently had
to limit his remarks. Mr. Scarborough
Gkntlemkn I have hardly heard
a siuglo argument against Judge
Clark that needs answering. The argu
ments put bofore you are all old and
havo been answered before as ycu
well know. Still as it is their only
stock they must ubo it.
I will now toll you how ho was
beaten for Representative by Nathan
Patton. It was in thoso tcrnblo days
alter the war when honest men, men
who came out of tho war tainted with
a Confederate record had to walk be
tween lines ot negro soldiers to vote
and were very liablo to bo stopped
then. That is how ho oamo to beaten.
My lriond hero says that Judge
Clark had been appointed ovory pi),
sition of honor he cvor htld by politi
cal friend and not elected by the peo
ple. Yes he was appointed temp wa
ry secretary of &tato by Gov. Cok
and it was through his skillful work
in that position that tf. J. Davis was
ousted irom tho Gubernatorial chair
which ho proposed to hold by forco of
Yes, he was appointed supreme
judge of the appellato court by Old
man Roberts, whom even you daro nat
say a word against. And then you
say that tho peoplo voted him down
whon yon know that his dofeat was bo
cause he would not go to Dallas and
lobby and work for a judicial position.
Such a dofeat is an honor to any man
Gen. Ross employed him in the
Greor county case bocauso tho govor
nor got tho best talent to be had in
defense of the state. It was a gigan
tic suit and a vast amount was in
volved and Gov. Ross did right when
ho sesurod tho best talent that moi ey
oould got when he scoured
Clark for tho defense.
The issuo is not the commission,
but Jas S. Hogg. Tho peoplo havo
sid that they wanted a commisson,
aud they now have it and will kocp it.
liut lot thoso samo poople mako it an
elcotivo ono nnd not an appointive
I do not belitvo iu givit-g as muoh
power to Hogg, Clark or any other
I disagreed with him in the prohi
bition campaign, but his bitterest foes
then are now his best friends. I hate
a man who U out of a fight when its on
and in it when its over. In that cam
paign ho fought a square, honest fight
and dropped it as soon as it was over
Let it lay,
James Stephen Hogg is au intimate
friend of mine. I worked for him at
the last election. I am arraying my
solf against all tho friends of my boy
hood, when I stand against Hogg, for
wo were boys together in Smith nounty
and I like Governor Hogg personally
but cannot agreo with him on public
-- j &. is-.
p u I i'yjA
Can you doubt George Clark when
ho says ho favors a fur and uhpartial
trial of the commission. If you doit
is narrowed down to a point of vorac
ity and no ono will say ought against
Judge Clark's fair name.
Tho waut of confidence) is tho oauso
of tho stato of affairs today. People
have lost confidenoo in the adminis
tration and in Governor Hogg. Capi
tal has lost confidence in Texas. Con
fidence must bo restored or Texas is
I beliovo that Governor Hogg is in
sincere in many of his movemonts.
When did ho become a oommission
man? Whon ho was eleoteci
atto ncy general ho said that with a
law an inch long he could govern tho
railways as attornoy general. Whon
did ho bcoome a commission man T
When tho gubernatorial beo buzzed in
his bonnet and he heard tho boys up
the creek say "oouimUsiou" ho became
a commission man.
My ohargo ugainst Governor Hogg
is that ho is a demagogue. If I can
not convince jou, then you go ahead
and havo jour fun. His fight today
is trying to array labor against capital,
the strong arms of the whole world
nro capital aud labor. With only ono
wo are powerless.
Your sacred sch'ool fund. Hogg
worked to preserve tho fund und hb
soon as he was elected proposed to
loan it to tho railways. Texas loaned
a vast amount of money to tho rail
roads onco and never got a oent of it
Why did Hogg intervene in tho In
ternational and Great Northern rail
road muddle. We havo affidavits to
provo that Bonner had been to Au6tiu
and persuaded Hogg to intcrveno bo
fore that letter was ever written. Wo
oan provo that Bonnor wrote that let
ter and old man Brown copied it and
mailed it And then Governor Hogg
roplicd thanking him lor tho informa
tion and stating that ho would act on
tho suggestions in tho letter. Thon
II gg intervened,
Gentlemen, tho every aot of Gov
ernor Hogg goes to provo that it is a
porsonal administration for Jim Hogg
and Jim Hogg's friends
Jim Hogg used his ollico as a pri
vate snip for Jim Hogg and Jim
Hogg's friends.
Voioo "Did you get anything."
No and the only reason I did not
was becauso 1 did not ask fur it.
Now gentlemen, 1 have nothing to
say against tho commission. It is
composed of three as honest, conscio
stious, hard working men as are in the
stato of Texas, and il I t-oulil vote for
oommissionors as I want to I would
voto to put them hack,
Thoy say that if the people voto fjr
commissioners they will put in un
suitable men.
In tho namo of reason gcntlemon,
can OU ontertain such an idea for a
moment, Dj you believe that men
who have boiiho enough to vote lor
governor, repioiontatives and all the
other (.fiieers have not got sense
enough to voto for railroad commis
sioners? I hardly think you do.
Tho London and
tailor, just from
Liverpool artist
Niw York, ha
opened at Sixth
an 1 Austin streets.
Pcrftct fit, fino work and prioes very
reasonable. A nice Htock to select
suits from. Give him a call. Has
diploma for outting.
Wanted, at once, young lady to
make mattress t cks.
R. T, Dennis & Bro.

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