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Look What You can Got at 0.;j.
Mlllor's Bargain Storo,
io dozen eggs for $1.
20 pounds granulated sugar for i.
Smoked dried beef at n cents.
Dried salt shoulders at 7 cents.
Breakfast bacon (sugar cured) at r 1
Spiced pigs' feet at 15 cents.
Fresh fish at 10 cents a pound.
California oranges at 20 cents a doz.
Banannas at 15 cents a dozen, 717
Austin street.
- 5HDE5'k, a
-" . ""s
. c "H rt
x j&i -- --.X ivJkfA -J.r-z l
fm ' i TO & (J?
k Alr f Np filSi VIP I f"5
HI Thoro! Stop! Walt a Mlnutol.
Havent you forgot something.
Didn't your pretty wife tell you
to get "The Delineator" so she
could make Daisy's new dress
in style. Go to Herz Bros,
and get it or there will be a
row. Or maybe it was that
box of cigars you were going
to treat yourself with. What
ever it was Herz Bros, have
got it in either reading or
smoking. Give the boys a call
for whatever you want at
The hoadquartors for diamonds
watches, docks, jewelry and ,all sorts
of jewelry.
Tom Campbell a Natural Born Rail
road Manager.
Of 'riiiiikiiijr Tho Orouil I'rnm
Tyler in Wills I'olnt Over IJntl
iniitoil by the IN'c!'hiiii)r HoporlH.
I'ivo C'arn unci Only ISO 1'ooplc.
Tho headquarters for fancy articles
and artioles of vrtu.
headquarters for fine and
atoh repairing is at
M. L. Winan's, tho popular jcwelor,
520, Austin street,
Are tlio popular grocers.
Always new and fresligooiie.
Every delicacy of the aeasou la aesaon,
All the fine A 1 goods.
Beit ollererythlng, Is tlutr motto.
I.oweaU poasUjlo prices.
I'olltelaUentlon and
ompt deliver Is tho
C Cribble Bros. Grocers, 505 Austin Avenne,
Swiss : Bakery.
Corner Sixth and Washington Stioets.
Fresh Ilrend, Rolls and Cakes
Every morning n 1 5 o'clock House open from
5 o'clock In tbo morning to 10 In the evoniug.
Touching Pianos and Organs.
I olaim to be a cheap house, but
unlito some of my competitors, I do
sell goods that are not first-class.
Still 1 have more first-class goods m
my house tban any house in Waco,
and 1 do not havo to wire anyone to
know tho lowest prico. I can soil a
piano like every other first-class house
and keep all kinds.botb choap, medium
and first class. But unlike some othor
bouses I do not sell a ohoap instru
ment aB first-class, becauso I am my
own boss, and do not have to do as I
am told about these things. Neither
have I as delicate a musical ear' as
some, still I sell more pianos and
organs, bolter ones and for less money
than any house in Waco notwith
standing tho fact that I nm not tho
oldebt house in the state and havo
Bold sowing maohines and do trado
for mules, horses and cattle and take
tbein at good prices and soil goods at
cash prices and will meet any com
petitors Come and seo me.
Yours truly,
J. B. Patne.
Whilo the governor of Texas is
whooping: it up all over tho state and
beating the brush for votes to re-eloot
himself and the gubernatorial offico is
being run by a substitute, tho boys at
the forks of tho oreck aro kept in ig
norance behind it all. The man who
has not found out before this time
that Jay Gould is taking a hand in
tho campaign to elect Hogg governor
again will surely have his eyes
opened before this campaign is over.
Why should not Jay Gould assist
Hogg? When Gould wanted assis
tance in the matter of robbing the
Missouri, Kmyas and Texas
stockholders in tho Inter
national and Great Northern
Hogg as attornoy general come up
handeomelv and the first- step was
taken that led to tho complete- knock
out of tbe M., K. and T. people and
secured for Jay Gould about $5,000,
000 worth of property at a cost of
$350,000. In the manipulation of
this gigantic steal Mr. T. A. L amp
qell waB plaoed in charge of the I
& G N. as roceivor and now that Jay
Gould has been elected president it
is not at all strango that ho should be
hoard to say that
railroad man and one of the best rail
road managers in Texas." This is what
he is repotted as saying only a tow
days ago. A man well posted in rail
road movements and thoroughly con
versant with all tho ante stago scenes
told a News reporter this morning that
Jay Gould was delighted with tho
management of tho International af
fair anu in speaking ot tho manage
ment of the road a fow days ago made
use of the languago repeated abovo.
lie also signified his intention of re
taining Mr. Campbell as general
manager. The next question is, what
will MoCord get aftortho reooivorship
is wound up? Tho next, what will
Chilton get? Tho next, what will
Finloy get? It may by concluded
that as Finloy got $10,000 for 18
days of idleness he
has already been paid. Hogg of
courso is to havo another term.
Tho same party who gavo tho in
formation upon whioh tho abovo is
based, in spoaktDg ot the newspaper
report of tho Wills Point crowd, said:
"Tbo report that half the voting
population of Tyler was at Wills Point
is a gross exageration. I know that
thero were only tivo cars atttiohed to
the train that went out from Tyler
and if they had been full there would
only have been 300 or 350 people, all
told. The oxact number was one
hundred and eighty, not a soul more
or less, just enough to fill three
coachos comfortably. Tho othor care
wero perhaps filled on tho way, but
180 pooplo wero all tho Tyler
folks in attendance by way
of tho bunting train. The
newspaper man at Wills Point who
saw tho Tyler, train come in with the
180 Tylerites and all tho recruits they
could pick up on the way very natur
ally set the whole crowd down to
Tyler and gavo that town a boost in
the eyes of tho Hogg men she was not
entitled to. Io put it a little different:
The report that 700 votes or half the
voting population came from Tyler to
hear Hogg did Tyler an injustice. It
is doubtful upon a show down if Hogg
could got that number of votes in Tv
ler. That Tyler could drum up 700
people for a Hogg hurrah crowd is
absurd and when tho campaign is ovej
tho people will seo whoro The News
deductions from its imformants ob
servations in this instance are corroot.
The fight goes bravely on and the
"Little Giant" is gaining every day.
it V KhLA'z aar
v rr .7 f-3 ss
JV.l..litVr r v I - i r - I k
mr"-sr x- w j i i -rm
I .- JjZlfcZZZrh ,U l&
'.f,,jX. k
''" -J.
IN OUR GRAND ORCHESTRAI, STRAIN, tho pooplo sound the pralso of
our immonso stock of FURNITURE AND CARPETS. Tho varloty
of materials embraced therein, tho many stylos and tho splendid finish
of all, impress evoryono alike. No such display has been made In this
oltv before, and no hotter will bo mndo horoaftcr. Wo can ploasoovory
deirroeof taste, humor tho wildest fancy and satisfy tho most skepti
cal. In addition our prices shall bo In accord with your vlows.
Jowlsh Christian Lecture.
Tho Jewish christian rabbi, the
Rev. John Gergus, will lecture to
night at 8 o'clock in the Trinity
Methodist ohuroh, corner Twelfth and
Jefiorson, on his work in the East
Thrilling accounts. Black Jews,
their customs and habits. Wild peo
plo living in the trees, how they oulti
vato the land. Marriage in India.
Mahommedanism. Fire and -devil
dovil worship. Great snakes, tigers,
lions and elephants, how they fight.
Descriptions of othor animals in
Tho famous rabbi will appear in full
ancient Mosaic costume. Ho will sing
several songs in the Samarian, Svrio
and Hindoo languages. He will also
give pome examples of Mosaic oratory
in tho ancient Hebrew tongue, also
examples of tbo anciont Mosaic dance.
Admission free.
Spanish Loaf.
Thoro are many good five cent
cigars on the market but nono that
compare with the genuine
with the
'Spanish Loaf." Warrented free
from drugs. Sold by Hay Napior,
Hotel Iloyal cigar stand.
Dr. Geo. P. Mann, dentist. Full
set of upper or Iowor teeth, tlls.oU.
Did Not go Up.
The balloon ascension and daring
leap from tho clouds, by Professor
Wynn, whioh was advertised for
Saturday afternoon at Padgitt's park,
was not oarned out, for the reason
that tho gate foes did not reach a
figure sufficient to piy the oxpenso of
inflating tho balloon. Had tho crowd
whioh covered the hills west of the
park pnid tho entrance fee sufficient
money would havo been raised to pay
the expense of tbo ascension, but as it
is both Professor Wynn and Mr.
John Berry, manager of the park aro
losers, and are feeling quito sore.
A J. Leslie for first-class
clook and jowelry repairing,
building with II. E. Arabold
I lift
InrlKtmn cnmlurt.
Oftentimes a young Christian may b
puzzled about how ho should net as u
Christian. 1 havo this much to Bay
ono who is very anxious to do God's will,
and is prayerful nud reads his Bible
daily, is not often troubled by this ques
tion. Wo must take it for granted that
everybody who is a Christian wants to
do tho will of Christ.
Tho Now Testament furnishes genoral
rules for Christian conduct. Tho whole
law is, lovo to God and lovo to man.
This comprehends everything. Wo give
somo rules founded on tho Scriptures:
Do nothing if you doubt its being
right. "Whatsoever is not of faith ia
If thero is something you want to do
which would do you no harm, but might
lead a weaker brother into sin, daro not
do it. "Wherefore, if moat mako my
brother to offend, I will eat no flesh
whilo tht world standeth."
Do not place yourself in a falso posi
tion. "Abstain from all appearanco ot
Do nothing in thought, word or deed
on which you cannot ask God's blessing.
"Whatsoever yo do in word or deed, do
all in tho uaino of tho Lord Jesus, giving
thanks to God and tho Father by him."
Tho work of a Christian, as it is de
scribed in tho Bible, looks fitter for the
angel than for a fallen man; but the
fallen, weak man has moro than the
sufficiency of an angel for tho discharge
of it his sufficiency is of God. Rov
W. Jay.
Street Unllwny nml Literature.
It is curious but undeninblo that
tho horso car, tho olovated train, do
affect tho philosophy, tho literature
and even tho manners of tho day.
Books aro printed with special refer
enco to tho needs of a railway jour
ney. Titles aro arrangeu to eaten
tho oyo of tho traveler as ho hurried
by on an elevated station. Writors
are trained to present their subjects
in a way that will arrest tho atten
tion of a man who has only a minute
to sparo. How ono should conduct
himself towurd another is always
being discussed in roferenco to those
who sit besido ono in n car or who
jostle each othor at the ticket offico.
One's neighbor in a rido down town
sots ono to philosophizing on social
needs and distinctions, as tho best of
reviews is incapable of doing. Men
oro forced to study men, and so for
get what solitude and nnturo have
taught thoso othor men to havo gone
boforo and given ua our creeds. Har
per's Bazar.
Dead for Tin re .liontlm.
Dr.NVKit, Maich 11). The decomposed
remains of Patrick Noonoy, an old tid
dler, wero found in tho attic of a cheap
lodging house hero, where they havo
been lying for tho pa-t three months.
The landlady explains the delay in the
discovery of the body by saying Nooney
was in tho habit of being absent from
the city for months at a tiino, anil as
she had had no rail to rent his room hho
Uad no occasion to enter it. Indications
ihow that tho man suicided, for ho left a
letter giving directions as to his burial,
and aoking that his sister, Mrs. Margaret
II. St. John of 418 West Taylor Htreet,
Chicago, bo notified to como to Denver
and dispose of $1200 worth of proiwrty
belonging to him.
To tho Lovors lof Art In Photo
graphy. Having moved to my now gallory,
over 701 and 703, Austin stroot, (tho
old Hinchman Building), I am now
better prepared than ever to give tho
people of Waco tho finest Photos in
tho state. Tho boautiful "aristo" (so
highly endorsed by tho leading gal
cries,) in all its beauty, at my studio.
1 will havo on exhibition for a fow
days, an elegant oil portrait of Mrs.
Geo. Clark, by Mons. Do Gissao, whioh
has been framed in a very handsomo
"Florontino" frame, making a portrait,
well worth a visit, to all, and moro
especially io tho tho ladieB.
I will bo glad to welcome my old,
and many now customers. Don't for-
1 got my now address, overTOl and 703,
Austin Avo.
Deane, Photographor.
Come and seo our Easter cegs in
beautiful glasses. They won't break.
Can be eent away.
Threo ply chair scats 10c, extra
largo pencil tablets 10c, pnncilB at 5
and lOo per doz., envelopes 5c paok
ago, 24 sheets fino letter paper lOo,
Nice painted Bpittoons 10c, covered
butter jars 2f)c, -1 pieco glass sot 25c,
hair curlers 10c, big cako toilot soap
5o, square iron stovo pan lOo, fino
fluo stoppers lOo, largo well buckots
35c, oovercd slop bookots 35o, good
umbrella 3i)o, lamp ch mnoy So, wash
pan f)o, sorap brush 5c, coifeo pot lOo,
nice lamp shade lfo, six lamp wioks
5o, elegant fans for 5, 10 and 15 0.
703 Austin avo., bet. Gth and 8th sts.
Tho Advantages of Buying From
Us Are:
Wo are cash buyers, havo the choico
of tho entiro Piano industry to scloot
from; wo are agonts for tho best first
class instruments as well as tho best
medium grado, we do a larger busi
ness than tho otber sixty dealors in
Toxas oombined; wo have boon estab
lished over twonty-fivo years and can
not afford to jeopardizo our good
namo by misrepresenting the quality
of instruments, or taking advantage
of any one for tho sako of gaining a
few dollars; wo aro in business to stay;
we do not ask for notes on tirao sales;
our largo business enables us to givo
better value for less money than small
dealers, our guarantco is absolute
safety, and protection to buyers. Our
responsibility unquestioned. Wo vill
mail catalogues and piioo lists, and
courteously answer all correspondence.
Taos. Gockjan & Buo.
Used in Millions of Homes 40 Years the Standaal
A blizzard is raging in Minnesota.
Tho cotton factory combine in Misain
ippi is denied.
Theodore Heirtz shot and killed hii
wife at Walla Walla, Wash.
Honduras has refused to grant con
cessions to tho Louisiana lottery.
Tho Iowa prohibition law was wipod
out of existence by legiblativo enact
Seuator Tellor opposes tho ronoinina
tion of Harrison on the grouud of silver
Slow but suro ! Such has boon tho
patronage of tho eating department of
tho Woman's Exohango, under the
mtnagemont of Mrs Davis, who has
had chargo for the patt two months.
Tho dining room is filled two to three
times at noon eaoli day with a fair
patronago for breakfast and supper.
Both men and women are invitod.
Single meals 3C conts. Speoial rates
to regular boarders for ono, two or
threo meals daily. LunchoB furnished
to order from lOo up. Givo us a call
and bo convinoed. Woman's Ex
change, under Now McClelland hotel,
113 North Fourth street.
Our Soda Water
is unsurpassed "Get tho best."
Thk Om CoitNKit Dituti Stork.
Straight dinner from 12 to 2 and
anything you want at any hour at Joo

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