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t'ojtinr oiflccm.
Tub News Is nnthorlre 1 to annonnco that W.
II Jenkins U i ctndtdnlc for reelection to
thoonicoolcoantyJinUoor.McIiOnnnn con ty
ubject t tho action or the Democratic l'arly,
Wearcniittnrlzcd to announce Cnpt. T, A.
Btnli M a 'lamllilato for county attorney of Mc
Lennan connty, subject to the action of tlio
Demociatlc party.
MrS. A HoganautliorUos into nmionncc
thatliolsn (nulUlate for county attorney or
McLonnan conntv, snbjcct to the action or tho
Democratic party,
Tiik New is nuthorUed to announce that
JnilRo I) II. llnrdy is a candidate fnr county
attorney of McLo-nan county, subject to tho
fiction of tho Democratic, party.
Titr. Nkw Is nuthorio 1 to anunnnfo l.ud
Williams as a ciiilto for election to tho
office of County Attorney, "abject to tho action
of the Democratic pnrty.
Tnv v.irfl 14 nnthnripil to announce T.
J lTImm a a caiulUlato lor tax collector for
McLennan connty, subject to the action or the
Dcmocrailc party.
Wo aro authorized to announce Mr. .1. J.'"
Jnrney as candidate for the oiUce or onnty
Tax Collector, subject to the action of the Dem
ocrats of McLennan county.
Tiik News Is nntbotlzed to announce Mr. K.
D. Kueecllas ncnddue for tax collector or
Mclcnnnn county, subject to the action of tho
Democratic party,
We arc nuthorizid to announce. bat Lnke
Moore Is a candidate for tax collector or sic
Lcnnsii county, subject to the actlou of the
Democratic party.
i .
TheNewsIs anthorlred to annonnco F. P..
Madden as n candidate Tor county Bsseor, sub
ject to the action or the Democratic party.
The kwh Is authorized to announce tthat
rink II Pounds a candidate for rc-olo:tion to
tho otlico or county tax assessor, subject to the
action of tho Democratic party.
. iw
1'or Miorlff.
Wo are authorized to announce Joe F. Ellison
as a candidate for sheriff at the ensuing elec
Mon, subject to the action or the Democratic
W. L. Burke Is a candidate for sheriff of Mc
Lennan county, subject to the action of the
Democratic party.
Dan Ford 1 a candidate for re-election to the
ofllco of sheriff of McLennan countj , subject to
the action of the Democratic party.
Voarenutbotlzodto announce J. P. Najlorof
Moody as a candidate for slier ff, subject to tho
action of tho Democratic party of McLennan
Wc are authorized to announce that Mr. Z.
F Ilc&sley Isa candidate for re-eloctlon to the
office of district clerk of McLennan county,
6Ubect to tbeattlonofthe Democratic party.
The News is nuthorlzod to announce Ed
Sparks as a candidate for district clerk, subject
to tho action of the Democratic party.
Tiik News Is authorized to announce Dr. ".
TV. Burger as a candidate for tho otUce of dis
trict clerk, subject to the action of the Demo
cratic party
roncouyrv clerk.
Tiik News Is authorized to annonncc that
T. H 1C1 liDgsworth It. a candid tto for county
clerk of McLennan connty. subject to the ac
tion ortho llemjcrattc party.
The News Is authorized to announce that
Tom II. Brown Is a candldato for county clerk
of McLennan county, subject to the action of
the Democratic party.
Wo aro authorized to announce Jno F. Mar
shall as n dandidate for tho otllce of county
clerk, subject to the action of the Democratic
I The News is authorized toannnnnceJ W,
Frost s acand d"te for county clerk at the
ensuing election, subject to the action of the
Democratic pnrty
Tiif. News Is authorize 1 to announce Georgo
T Keeb e as a candidate for county clerk ol
McLennan count, subject to tho action of tho
Democratic party.
we are authorized 'o announce that Pror. J.
It.Conyers la acandldato for re election to the
office fCcnnty Superintendent of Public In
struction ofMcLenr-an county, subject to the
action of the Demociatlc party.
Wo are authorized to annonnce that Robert
S, Ilort Is a candidate for re-election to the
office of trtasurtrofMcLfiiiimu c nuty, subject
to tho action oi the Democratlo party.
Wo are autborlrcd toannounce Mr. Andrew
Goddard hb candldato for re-election to the
office orcounty sureor, subject to tho action
of the Uimocrntlc Party.
"Wc ate authorized to announce that J. N.
Gallagher is a cvdldate for ro-elecllon to the
eflUe of Justice orihe Peace Precinct No. 1,
WcLtnran county, subject to the action of the
Democratic ratty.
Wo aro authorized to a.ido.inco J. T. Harri
son as ii candidate for rc-clectlon to the office
of Justice of tho Peace Precinct No 1 McLen
nan county, subject to tho action of the Dem
ocratic party .
The 'News Is authorized to announce llee
Cook as a caudldato for re-elccllon to the otllce
of conptablo.of precinct No. 1 McLennan coun
ty, subject to tho action of the Democratic party.
Mr. James II Lockwood authorizes ns to
announce him as acandldato lor constable of
precinct No. 1 McLennan county, subject to the
action of the Democracy.
T --i-rj n the Provident addi
w Ujjjkm for saloon suoh tormB
as will attract the most squeamish
buyers, by Kellum & Lawson, tho
leading real estate dealers, 113 South
Fourth street.
For tho best and freshest beef,pork
mutton, veal, sparuribs, fish and
oystors i?o o Crippen corner Fifth
and Frankling
Whon you want nico fresh meat
mutton, beef pork and puror lard at 10
onts per pound, go to
Mellor & Delaney
125 South Third street.
Dr. Goo. P. Mann, dentist. Full
set of upper or lowor teeth, $12.50.
fiOT te 111!..
JU8) At
- W'W
x-ll ' ljZ
WMM 'r
V 11 Yi VW -" ,- A .
31.HIS MAN has been hunting
& with one of II. E. Amkold's
fine guns sure shot. Fine guns
for sale or for hire.
419 Austin Street.
After to-day, April 0, '95, the City
Fish market will bo at 001 Franklin
street, the Corner Market. Come and
try mo. h or cash 1 can supply you
with the largest variety in town. Come
and get my oash pricea, I can interest
you. lours respectfully.
J. O.Stafford,
Corner Market,
Hundreds of fathers who aro no
buying medicine for their babies a
tho Old Corner drug storo, thotu&elvos
took medicines bought for them at tho
same old corner by their fathers when
they wore children. Things come and
go but tho Old Corner drug store re
mains forever.
Merit Wins.
Wo desiro to say to our citizens
that for years we have been selling Dr.
King's Now Discovery for Consump
tion, Dr. King's New Life Pills, Buck
len's Arnica Salvo and Electric Bitters
and have nover handled remedies that
sell as well, or that havo given such
universal satisfaction. We do not
hesitate to guarantee them evory time
and we stand ready to refund the pur
chaee price, if satisfactory results do
not follow their use. Those remedies
have won their great popularity purely
on their merits.
W. B. Moisuison & Co.,
Don't be Deceived.
I am still holding down Standard
Granulated Sugar 2i pounds for ono
Franco-American Food Co's Frenoh
Soups, 3 pound oans, 30 cents eaoh.
Star Tobacco 40 eents per pound. Low
prices on overythiog. Call and see
Joe S. Thompson,
The Grooer.
A Sound Liver Makes a Well Man
Are you Bilious, Constlpatedand
troubled with Jaundice SickHead
aolio, Bad Taste in Mouth, Filu
Breath, Coated Tongue, Dyspepsia
Indigestion, Hot Dry Skin, Pain in
Back and betweon the Shoulders,
Chills and Feyer, &o. If you have
any of these symptoms, your ijiver Is
out of order your blood is slowly
beinj; poisoned, because your Liver
does not aot properly. Hermne will
cure any disorder of the Liver, Blom
aoh orBowels. It has no equal as a
Liver Medicine. Price 75 cents. Free
sample bottle atH. C. Risher's Drug
A Sure Cure for Plies.
Itching Files are known by moia
turo liko perspiration, causing intense
itohing when warm. This form as
well as Blind, Bleeding or Protrud
ing, yield at onco to Dr. Bosanko's
Pile Itomedy, whioh acts directly on
parts effected, absorbs tumors, allays
itching and effects a pormanont ourc.
50 cts. Druggists or mail Ciroulars
freo. Dr. Bosanko, 329 Arch St.,
Philadelphia, Pa. Sold by W. B.
Morrison & Co.
A Safe Investment.
Is one whioh is guaranteed to bring
you sutisfaotory results, or in case of
failaro a return of purchase price. On
this safe plan you oan buy from our
advertised druggist a bottlo of Dr.
King's Now Disnovery for Consump
tion. It is guaranteed to bring roliof
in evory oaso, whon used for any af.
feetion of throat, lungs, chest, suoh as
consumption, inflammation of lungs,
bronchitis, asthma, whooping cough,
croup, etc., etc, It is pleasant and
agreeable to tasto, pcrfeotly safe, and
can always bo deponded upon.
Trial bottles freo at W. B. Morri
son & Co's. drug store.
L KV 1 V V 1 I I
An Official Ordor of General F. H.
Robortson Is Roturnod to Him.
While at Dallas attending the ex
Confederate Reunion Gen. Felix H.
Robertson was handed a small scrap
of paper, folded in a trangular shape.
It proved to bo an order in Septem
ber, 1 86 1, and read as fo'lows :
II is' Brigade Pensacola, Fla )
September, 1861. J
Parade Quick.
By order ot Mnj.
Countersign Queen.
Gen. Bragg.
G. G. Gar.nkr,
A A. A. Gtn'l.
F. II. Robertson, A, A, A. Gen'l,
The order was about four inches
square and was folded iu a triangular
shape, and sealed with a wafer It
was addressed to "Major Bowdree,
Miss. Batt."
It is an interesting souvenir of the
war, and has, no doubt, passed
through some interesting scenes in its
thirty ono years of existance.
In opening the order the wafer with
which it was sealed tore out the name
of the brigade leaving only the letter
"II" of the name. General Robertson
has presented the souvenir to his son,
Felix Robertson, Jr., who is showing
it to his many friends to whom such
things are a curiosity.
Every family is liable to havo a
hereditary taint of consumption in it.
It may dato back three or even four
generations. This faat makes it neces
sary always to havo on hand a remody
with whioh to combat this formidable
disease. A cough when taken at first
can readily be ourod before it gets a
seiious hold on the lungs Ballard's
Horohound Syrup when taken in its
early stages will euro consumption. It
is guaranteed to bring relief in every
case, when used for anv affection of
of tho throat, lungs and chest, such as
consumption, inflamationof the lungs,
bronchitis, asthma, whooping cough,
croup etc. It is pleasant to take, por
fe.otly safe and can always bo depend
ed on. Sold by II. C. Risher & Co.
Plans on Foot for a Now riace of
Amusement tor Waco.
In tho personal column today will
be found a notice of the arrival in the
city of Mr. Greenwall, of Fort Worth
He is a member of that famous firm of
Gieen wall's theatrical managers who
control over sixty opera houses and
theatres in the south. About a year
ago he was in the city and organized
a company to build a htndsome opera
house here but for some reason the
plan was not carried out at the time,
and finally fell through. Since then
quite a number of Waco's moneyed
men have been in correspondence
with Mr. Greenwall, and his visit to
Waco today is the result. He and
his local associates have under consid
eration several splendid sites. A lo
cation may be chosen today.
Mr. Greenwall said that he was cer
tain from the letters received that
Waco did want a theatre and that he
was certain the city could and would
support a good ono.
A "j "1 the fino fmoy imported
X3L1..I French and English cloths
at Gabert Bros., tho leading merch
ant tailors. Thoy carry a big stock,
admirably soleoted, and embracing all
the novelties of tho spring of 92.
Sontkm Baptist. Convention
MAY 6th to 13th, 1892,
For the nhoTO occasion tho Texas and Paciflo
Railway wll sell KnundTilp ticket from all
stations on Its linen to Atlanta, Go., anil return
at KATK OF ONE PARK ror the round trip,
TickotB ttbl be on sale May 2p to 5.h, inclusive,
with tranelt limit f throe davs In each direc
tion, and good for return until Juno 1th. alio
Texas .fc l'aclllo offers cholco of three routos U
Atlanta cither via New Orleans, 8hroveport or
will leave Ft. Worth nt 0:10 p. ra., Dallas ot
o.iv m. iu. uii may ..u mm iuu loroilRIl 10 AtlOntO
..In T.TD.k.no U, T nut.. X. ' i.
Southern Jt'y. MemnhlB, Kinsos Clty.Memnhls
& ItlrmlfiL'hftm Tl. . tn. Hlrmlnr.i.. .i-i.
mond ft Danvl Ho It. It .arriving at Atla'n ta at
ii '"',,,' "" '"tufuHiK irom Atlanta,
delegates will cross tho Mississippi river at
Memphis on the now high hrldgo, and can havo
the prlvllego or stopping over and hear such
eminent speakers as Senotors Vest.Cullom and
Vonrhecs, Bpepker Crisp, Rrresentatlvo Hen
derson, and others, who will ho present at the
.1 1 1 . -..-D --."j -im miu mi ror
tickets, rate;, reservations In Pul'man sleeper I
andotherlnforiiistion. call on or address your '
nearest Texas A.l'.cld's ItMlway Tloket Agont,
r.Asxov .iu:si,iKit, '
uen-irajs, &Tlcit Agent, ,
Dallab, Texas.
Belton, Tuesday, April 20.
Bryan, Friday, April 20.
Calvert, Saturday, April 30.
Cameron, Tuesday, Mav 3.
Cleburne, Wednesday, May 4.
Other appointments will bo an
announced irom timo to timo. Gov.
Hogg is invited to be prcsont at any
appointment and participate on equal
Two doctors of an Knstrrn towns
To lonrtilnp much inclined,
Wcro called to eeo n jreutlcniim,
Whobo health wus undermined.
Tho first one UBcd Ida stcthoseopo
Upon his patient meek.
"I llml," quoth lie, "ouu lutigtssronti
You ennnnt live a week."
To this tho other wlso M. D.
Vehemently objected.
"I gee," quoth he. "nssll mnyseo,
Your kidnejs nro affected."
These wlso men nrsrucd loud nnd lonr,
Yet tho patient owes recovery
( Not to tho4 doctors, but to
PIcrco'g (loldcn Jledlcal Discovery).
Thero nro some imtent medicines that nro
moro marvelous tlinn n dozen doctors' pro
scription":, but they're not tliobo that profesa
to euro everything.
Everylxxly, now nnd then, feels "run
down," " played out.'1 Thoy'vo tho -nil, but
no potter to generate vitality. They're not
sick enough to call a doctor, but just too sick
to lo flcll. That's vheru the right kind of
a patent niedicino conies in, nntldoes for a
dollar what tlio doctor wouldn't do for loss
than fivo or ten.
AVo put in our claim for Dr. Pierce's Gold
en Medical Discovery.
AVo claim it to bo nn tinequaletl remedy to
purify tho blood und invigorato tho whole
It'-, tho cheajifit blood-purifier, sold through
druggists, no matter how many dose3 aro of
fered for 11 dollar.
117t 1 Because it's sold on n peculiar
jufan.nud you only pay for tlte yood you got.
Con you uk moru i
Will Not Turn Loose.
Tho Royal barber shop is still
strictly in it so far as tho most expert
artists, tho sharpest razors and the best
cosmetics are concerned, and tho fact
that no Texan, whother for Clark or
Hogg, will evor be turnod loose after
taking a eeat in ono of tho comfortablo
chairs of this establishment till ho is
tenderly and closely shaven, to his on
tire satisfaction, can be vou.hed for
by its many patrons.
Fop Sale.
Four fine stallions, at the Mills
wagon yard. Two Normons, ono
Morgan and one Cloveland bay. Also
some most oxcellcnt saddle and driv
ing horses. Call and seo them.
'Littlo JDaisy" contains moro and
finer "Vuelta Abajo" Havana tobaoo
than any cigar in Waoo. We soil
thorn 3 for 25 conts.
Don Ceasar.
A lOo. Havana filler cigar Bold at
5 cents. Decidedly the best smoke
in the city. Only at tho Old Cornor
drug Storo.
Wait, don't buy a buggy till you
see Ben Garland at thoir new placo
707 Austin street.
n(rrnn n - Urt
- Ofrftr trnfun or
Tom Padgitt's.
Tho Artesian Steam Laundry is tho
biggest laundry in Texas and is al
ready doing a fine business. J. P.
and Geo. A. Wood proprietors.
bargains! Bargains!! Bargains!!!
Before tho advance wo oan sell
residences and lots in any part of the
oity on tho most reasonable terms and
R. M. CiiAMiiEitMN & Son,
Jiie Pioneer Real Estate Aos.,
10a, South Fifth street. 4-15-tf.
Tho London and Liverpool artist
tailor, just from New York, ha
opened at Sixth and Austin streets.
Perfect fit, fine work and prices vory
reasonable. A nice stock to soloct
suits from. Give him a call. Has
diploma for cutting.
Wanted, at once, voung lady to
make mattress ticks.
R. T, Dennis & Rro.
Straight dinner from 12 to 2 and
anything you want at any hour at Joo
Uc2rV Wfrf.irrW 3
S3 SHOE genRHvien
It isnuenmleRsslioc, with tin taclunr xvaic thread
to hurt thu ted; inniln it the licut lino calf, styli
and vay, nnd because ite vmke mote thocs or thin
Orntlr llian nnu other manufiictmri, It I'ciuall Laud,
sunn! bIhioi cnstlnit fiimifl.UOtoSMW.
QtCZ OO Ccnitltu- llnncl-Hoiii'il, tlio duett r.ilf
iJa shoo cut oiTiri'd for $vxj equal French
imported lineinhlrhiintrrnm $-!.(itc SI.MO.
CIA UO lliiml-Twi'il Writ Mine, linn calf,
Ftjllxh, coiiifnrtnlih! nnd durable, 'lhobest
shoo ever offered nt tlilt price s onmo grade a cm.
toni'iiiailnslioeicosllnu from $r, IDtof'nH).
SO 50 l'nllcc Mine: Tanner. Itallrond Men
milJm nnd l-ctterfarrlersnll wenrthem: Ilnocalf.
seninletssniodtli Inside, heavy tlirco soles, exten'
Hon eilgn. Ono pair n 111 ear n ear.
us u iiiii- i-iiiii iiu ifrucr nimu ever niiereil aC
wfci this price; ono trlnl will convince tlioso
who wnm a shoo for comfort nnd service.
CO i!.T nnd S'i.00 Wiirkliiuiiiun'N shoei
i nro ery MroiiR nnd durnble. Tliow who
navo Riven them n trial III wear no otherinako.
Dnucl b'J.dll and.M.7." school shoe nro
fyjo .worn liythubojseierjwhero; theysell
on their merits, n tho luorea'ilnt; sales show.
B oHHoc S.I.OO. ll(HHl-f.ciifd shoe, bet
baulCS l)ont!oln, cr,V8tyllsh:cqual3Frcuch
Imported hoes rostliiR f mm 8I.UI to ecm.
l.ndlCN' J..11I, SJ.OII 1111.I S.7,1 ehno for
SIIssoh nro tho tiest fine Uongola. Ntj Kh and durable
(.'mitinn. S;o that W. I.. DouKlas' nnmo and
prlco nro stamped on tho bottom of each shoo.
JnBlt on local ndvcrtl'ed ilpnler ennnli in K Von
W. 1j. DOUtJl.Af?, IlrocUton,.liii. 'faoiaus
J. HanselWood Shoo and Clothing
Elegant Photographs.
Having recently purchased the larg
est as well as the finest photographic
lens in the state, am able to make
negatives, 17x20. as a likeness, truth
ful as the embodiment of nature, ar
tistic in lighting and graceful in pose;
a boauty and a iov forever. Call on
W. D Jackson, the old reliable
photographer, and see specimens.
Spend an hour if not a dime. A large
assortment of mouldings and frames
112 Worth iMith street.
Drs. Wilkes & Wilkes and Dr. J.
JR. Forroll havo fitted up a suito of
rooms in tho now Provident building,
second floor, where they may bo found
in futuro. Telephone at office and
residences. Slates at Old Cornor Drug
A man who buys for cash and in big
quantities can civo inside figures in
selling. Tom Padgitt is such a man
and if you need anything in tho shapo
of a buggy, phaetou, carriage, cart or
any other vehicle, look ovor his im
monso stock and learn his prices and
jou will certainly buy.
Everybody goes to Joo Lenman'a
whon thoy want a good meal, or ho
New Branch Started.
Waco Steam laundry has opened a
Branch oflico at Moses cigar stand 110
South Fourth streot. Bankers' row.
All orders loft will bo promptly at-
icnueu to.
With puro artesian water, specia
soap, an oxtra fine starch and as fino
machinery as is made, with trained
experts, tho Artesian Steam Laundry
work is unsurpassed anywhere.
Funeral Direetors,
No. 433 Franklin Street.
If you havo housos to rent or wish
to ront
If you havo lots, houses, ranohes or
any other proporty to buy or sell
You will find it to your interest to
oonsult tho old roliablo real cBtatemon,
Belt, & Sassaman, No. 411 Frank
lin Streot.

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