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BD0T5 vRli0i
c, u n r c
Look What You can Got at 0.;j.
MlUor's Bargain Store,
10 dozen eggs for $1.
20 pounds granulated sugar for 1.
Smoked dried beef at 1 1 cents
Dried salt shoulders at 7 cents.
Breakfast bacon (sugar cured) at 1 1
Spiced pigs' feet at 15 cents.
Fresh fish at 10 cents a pound.
California oranges at 20 cents adoz.
Banannas at 15 cents a dozen, 717
Austin street.
. , -r
fis&kx JA
;d B
v w ' ' t
'y.v s.ss 1
b Kn i
WWn. .
JfctfkV fa. A
frs -r- v e -. -- r "V 73 M "J hi
i M
xiv:v --.-. v r v
Hi Therol Stopl Walt a Minute!,
Ilavcnt you forgot something.
Didn't your pretty wife tell you
to get "'The Delineator" so she
could make Daisy's new dress
in style. Go to Herz Bros,
and get it or there will be a
row. Or maybe it was that
box of cigars you were going
to treat yourself with. What
ever it was Herz Bros, have
got it in either reading or
smoking. Give the boys a call
for whatever you want at
The headquarters for diamonds
watches, clocks, jewelry and .all sorts
of jewelry.
Tho headquarters for fanoy articles
and articles of vi-tu.
The headquarters for fine and deli
cate watoh repairing is at
M. L. Winan's, tho popular jeweler,
520, Austin street,
Are the popular grocers.
Always now anil fresh goods.
Every delicacy cf the season In season,
All tho fine A 1 goodf.
Host ofjeverjtlilng, Is their motto.
Lowestt possible pilcea.
Pollte.Bttentlon nnd
oinpt deliver Is the
Or (iilhblu Hro. Grocers, 05 Austin Avenne.
wrr v wi -" - "-
S- iK" 7 H1Wf"'
3P K.- 7 -V
i)i:.vii:s that iiogc; tkii:i
I'ICOSUKVTi: 111.11.
.Siy tho Ailiiilnlstriltlnn ih Dictato
rial and I'liftcinncrntic ami in the
Intercut of Personal 1'rioiiun.
and policies of tho independent party
nDw being organized represent thorn
moro fully than any other, I have
adopted them and will bo found with
them, whother in viotoiy or defeat.
Henry E. McCui.logii.
Swiss : Bakery.
Corner Sixth and Washington Stiem.
Fresh Bread, Halls nl Cakes
Every morning nt 5 ocloc.K Home open from
5 o'clock In t! e morning to 10 lu the evculutf.
Touching Pianos and Organs.
I claim to be a cheap house, but
unliko some of my competitors, I do
Bell goods that are not first-class.
Still 1 hue more first-oUss goods i.i
my houso 1 1 an any house in Whco,
and I do not have to wire anyone to
know the lowcBt price I can sell a
piano like every other first-class house
and keep nil kindF,both oheap, medium
and first class. But unlike some other
houses I do not Bell a choap instru
ment as first-class, becauao I am my
own boss, and do not have to do as I
am told about these thing?. Neither
have I as delicate a musical ear as
some, still I sell more pianos and
organs, bolter ones and for loss money
than any house in "Waco notwith
standing tho faot that I am not tho
oldest houso in tho state and havo
sold sowing machines and do trade
for mules, horses and cattle and take
them at good prices and sell goods at
cash prices and will meet any com
petitors Come and seo mo.
Yours truly,
J.B. Payne.
Galveston, April 26. The fol
lowing letter from Gen. Henry E. Mo
Oulloch appeared in the Galveston
News yesterday morning:
AuvriN, Tex., April 25. To the
News Your Dallas correspondent
says in your issue of tho 20th. "Thoro
has been a rumor in Dallas to tho
effect that Gen. McCullooh had been
tendered the influence of Governor
Hogg and of tho administration to se
cure for him (McCulloch) tho nomina
tion cf state treasurer and that Gen.
MoCulloch would probably avail him
self of tho opportunity thus present
ed " There is no foundation whatever
for any such rumor. Neither Gov-
Hogg nor any one of his party has
made any overtures to me in any
manner whatever. I think that he,
with every respectable sup
porter of his, knows me too
woll to believe for a moment that 1 am
purchasable stuff. In an interviow
with Governor Hogg he expressed a
good deal of personal regret that I
should have left the organized Demo
cratio party, which he said I "had
served so long- and efficiently,' and
identified myself with our independent
party, and while I give him credit for
sincerity ho certainly did not even
intimate that he expected me to make
any ohaDge for any consideration. I
have been fighting his administration
from ptinoiple too lone and too earn
estly to change UDless it had radically
changed. I havo regarded it as
dictatoiial and undomooratio, inagu
rated and administered in tho interest
of his personul and politioal friends
for selfish purposes without that high
regard for the interest ot the people
that patriotism and true statesmanship
would have suggested.
Judge'Clark is my personal friend,
and as early as tbe 9th of last month
I had occasion to say to him, in a let
ter over my signature, "I can only any
that I very muoh regret that I differ
vuth you so much on national and
stato policy that 1 cannot givo you my
cordial support. Whilo your canvass
may be 'purely upon local state issues,'
it will have suoh an influence, if suc
cessful, upon national issues that tho
people will oall for an expression of
them and will consider them in
casting their votes as between
you and somo man who en
tertains views more in accord with
theirs," and I do not think I could
have said moro plainly to a friei.d
that I would not support him and was
looking for somo other man to support.
In this campaign 1 am tiying to bo
governed by what I regard as the
best interests of our country, regard
less of prejudices or Iriendships, and
as I honestly believe tho prinniplps
Transfers of Roal Estate.
Reported by tho Waco Abstract and
Investment Company, Room 17, Prov
dent Building, Waco, Texas.
A S Lillard to Texas Savings Loan
association, lots on North Ninth St.,
Morrow survey, $500.
Wm Naler and wife to G F Robin
son, 7 lots, block 6, Moody. $420.
Fort, Willig & Patton to Susan B
Patton, noith west hal of lot 8, block
19 and 25 by S3 1 4 feet lot 7, block
2, Waco, and interest in Cohen addi
tion, .14,116 66.
Mann Town company to J M
Gaunt, half block 53, Glcnwood,
Geo Diehl to Waco Female College,
7 lots, block 54, Farewell Heights,
M II Standefer to J D Ilendrick
and wife, 37 23 40 acres M Allen sur
vey, $1 and correct error.
Theo Mallinson to Travis ones,
46 acres S'ephens league, $500.
G M Shackelford by tax collector,
to Mrs C M Cain, lots 5, 6 and 7
block 36, Waco, $4 46
J W Taylor to J S Crowder, lot 3,
block 26, Waco, $1650.
Total April 26, 1892, $19,242.12.
ii ' 1 xrs ro-" ys-v'
JJl. V K-W
- ' ."rfA
sZ ' r Sfe t
O' j W."iu.
5 Uvl
IN OURGRAND ORCHESTRAL STRAIN, tho people sound the praiso of
our iiuinoiiBo stock of FURNITURE AND CARPETS. Tho varloty
01 uiuienniB omurncou uioroin, tno many siyios turn 1110 Bplonuhl llnisli
of all, impress evoryouo alike. No such display has boon mado in this
city boforo, mid no hotter will bo mndo hereafter. Wo canploasoovory
dosrreo of tnsto, humor tho wildest fancy and satisfy tho most skepti
cal. In addition our prices shnll be In accord wish j'our views.
DKsvitiPTioM op M'i'in:ici.c
In Kiizan-Oycir l.OOO, OOO 1'coplo
MurvliiK-Killing IIurwcN lor I'ooil
Mtiiatlon not DlNcrlbulilc.
A Grand Entortainment to be Given
A movement has been on foot for
somo time among the members of
Waco Lodge of Elks, to prepare an
entertainment for their benefit. It
culminated yesterday in an arrange
ment between a committee of Elks
and tho Histrionics, for a perform
ance to be given at Garland opera
houso on the night of May 10. This
will bo the first day of tho bankers'
convention, and the iOlks expect to fill
the house to overflowing.
Tho Elks havo, durinp tbe past
season, given to their friends in Waco
somo of tho most elegant and costly
entertainments ever enjoyed here;
they have mado their luxurious club
rooms the scene of moro onjuyment
aud pleasure than is usually observed
in a city liko this, and thoy do not
fear but that their frionds will bo
willing and roady to return the-pe
courtesies by giving them a house
that will go down to history as the
largest in point of numbors, the most
remnrkablo in point of elegance and
tho gieatcst snocess in point of enjoy
ment. It will be a society event that
will fittingly 0IO9C both tho theatrical
and social season.
Tho Ilistiionios Vfill present "The
Merchant of Venice," and every mem
ber of tho company will appear in
costumes made in St. Louis specially
fo- tho occasion.
m m
The Waco Wheelmen meet tomor
row night at the city hall. A full at'
tendance is desirod.
By Associated I'resa fo Tho N'ewg;
London, April 2G. Speoial corres
pondent lleuttors of the telegram com
pany who is traveling in tho famine
districts of Russia, -vrites from Kazan,
under date April 3 as follows: The
province of Kazan has a population of
'J.IOO.OOO Of this total about 300,000
represent independent population,
leaving 1,800,000 of whom Zemstrvis
feeding. An epidemic of typhoid fever
is raging. Peasants are being brought
it in oart loads. Hospitals aro lull,
in all directions most horrible sights
meet the oyo. Young women brought
into town in a stato of nudity except
for somo soraps of matting that were
thrown over them in tho oart. Tho des
titution is something torrible and tho
streets are filled with beggars Tho
question that is giving most uneasiness
at present is the supply oi horses,
Tartars havo oaton theirs and horses
of other pesantry havo mostly beou
killed for hides. Tho government is
going to grant IU,UUU horses to the
province, but that will do very little
good. The bituation in Kazan at pres
ont is beyond desoription.
ro the Lovors ;of Art In Photo
graphy. Having moved to my new gallory,
over 701 and 703, Austin street, (tho
old Hinohman Building), I am now
better prepared than ever to givo tho
people of Waoo tho finest Photos in
tho state. Tho beautiful "aristo" (so
highly endorsed by tho leading gal
eries,) in all its beauty, at my studio.
I will havo on exhibition for a fow
days, an elegant oil portrait of Mrs.
Goo. Clark, by Mons. Do Gissao, whioh
has been framed in a very handsomo
"Florontino" frame, making a portrait,
well worth a visit, to all, and more
especially to tho tho ladies.
I will bo glad to wolcotne my old,
and many now oustoraors. Don't for
got my now address, over 701 arj'1703,
Austin Avo.
Deane, Fhotographor.
A J. Leslio for first-olass watoh
clook and jewelry ropairing. Same
building with II. E. Ambold Anstin
fKJ'iv;jk ffi4RS BHflfe RHBBk H Hk. HHH RE 98
Used in Millions of Homes m Years the StandariH
Mayor's Cout.
Tho mayor's court room at tho oity
hall was well filled this morning to
witness tho celebrated case of tho oity
of Waco vs. Jim Clay and L. Hough,
charged with fighting together last
Sunday at Padgitt's park as boys
sometimes do. The defendants both
pleaded not guilty and tho largo array
of witnesses swoin and placed under
the rule. Clay was represented by
Uapt. T. A Blair, who after having
examined a number of witnesses with
drew tho plea of not guilty for his
client and slated that he thought the
evidenco enclosed tho guilt of both
and asked tho leniency of tho court
for the reason that thoy were only
boys and as boys will do, hud had a
little scrap in whioh neither of tho
young boligerants were hurt.
Tho evidence showing that Olay
was slightly the aggressor and was
fined $2 50. Hough was deolarcd not
John Drimmingham was tho next
defendant called, aleo charged with
fighting lis faoo showed that he
had been badly beaten up, impress
ing one with the belief that ho hud
already boon severely punished. He
stated that he had been sick in bed
ever since the fight and had not had
a chance to got his witnesses sum
moned His cas3 was reset for uext
Tuesday mi rning.
George Crippen pleaded guilty by
proxy to discharging firearms and
was lined $2 5O. A isoious dog ran
out in the street and frightened his
his horao and Georgo fired a shot nt
him. Had ho killed the worthless
onr ho would have had the thanks oi
Fat otto Buchanan was fined 'l 50
for cursing and swearing.
Several other eases were continued
for various causes.
Come and sec our Eastor eggs in
beautiful glasses. They won't break.
Can be sent away.
Three ply chair scats 10c, extra
largo pencil tablets 10c, pencils at 5
and 10c per doz., envelopes 5c paok
ago, 24 sheetB fino letter papor lOo,
Nico painted spittoons 10c, covered
butter jars 2fc, 4 pieco glass set 25o,
hair curlerH 10o, big ooko toilet Boap
5o, square iron stovo pan 10o, fino
fluo stoppers lOo, largo well buckots
3F)o, covered slop bockotB 35o, good
umbrella 3fo, lamp oh mncy 5o, wash
pan fio, sorap brush 5c, coffeo pot 10c,
nice lamp shade loo, six lamp wicks
5c, elegant fans far 5, 10 and 15 0.
703 Austin avo., bet. Gth and b'th sts.
Dr. Geo. P. Marin, dentist. Full
set of upper or lowor teeth, i-12.50.
Straight dinner from 12 to 2 and
nything you want at any hour at Joo
Wait, don't buy 11 buggy till you
see Bon Garland at their new place
707 Austin street.
Dwyrn & Brooks, tho house mov
ers. Office 2O9 South Sixth street.
Drop in your ordors.
Tom Padgitt's.
Buggies at the
lowest prices
over known at
Ben Garland desires to inform bis
friends that he will bo pleased to tee
them at tho now carriago housp.
Bargains! Bargains!! Bargains!!!
Beforo the advance wo can soil
residences and lots in any part of the
oity on tho most rcusonablo terms and
R M. CiiAJiiiEitM.N & Son,
Jiib Pioneer Real Estatk Aos.,
10a, South Filth streot. l-15-tt.
Tho London and Liverpool artist
tailor, just from Ntw York, ha
opened at Sixth an! Austin streets.
Perfect fit, fino work aud prices very
reasonable. A nice stock to select
suits fiom. Give him a oall. Has
diploma for cutting.
Tom Padgitt bought tho cntiro
stock ol buggies and carriages at tho
S. A. Owens & Son, Unitod States
Marshal's salo at almost nothing. A
largo number of them havo boon rold
bin he has still a fow on hand whioh
ho offt-rs still at remarkably low pri
ces It is a chanco forja persan of
small means to buy a nico buggy aud
enable his wifo to put on stjlo over
her loss fortunato neighbors.

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