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Mn&X Baliu $fctox
The News will tnko advertising
with tho understanding that if it has
not a larger lecal oiroulation than any
daily paper publishud in Waco, no
charge will bo mido for the advertiso
mont. Tho Austin Kvoning News is one of
the brightest afternoon papers in tho
His whiskers the land commission
er and his flatulency the governor
drink out of tho samo pitehcr.
The result of the DalUs county pn
mar cs was 1 1 2 black delegates and
50 Hopg delegates to the county cor.
vcution. Hogg will call tho namo of his
present nppenont when lie turns over
to him the gubernatorial office in Jan
uary 1893
"Tr ubles never . come singly "
While the Dallas Times-Herald was
yet shrowded In mourning for the late
Ilill boom Dallas went for Clark.
"Whon peoplo aro suffering for
something to cat ihey aro said to bo
starving. That is what Judge Ulark
said was tho matter with the peoplo
of New Birmingham.
The Gazette's atones about the in
crease of its oiroulation are about the
size of and told as often as tho ono
about tho majority of tho Democrats
of Texas being opposed to Claik and
Hogg both.
Tho story tho Gaette tells about
the majority of the Democrats of
Texas being for neither Hogg nor
Clark is juit as big and told just as
often as the one about the increase
of its circulation. There now. That
is a little better than the other ono
Tho charge of tho Hogg worshipers
that tho people aro not honest enough
to elect their commissioners and that
a majority of thorn am corruptable is
a slander. The peoplo make mistakes
sometimes as Hegg's election abund
antly attests, but thoy are honest.
Some people attribute the law prico
now prevailing in some oommodios
to the low shipping rates established
by the commision. It is, however, as
any merchant well tell you, caused by
want of demand. Everybody is econo
mizing. He has to
Having thoroughly punctured tho
Hill boom early in tho canvass, The
News has been content to devote
most of its attention to stato politics.
The News has a death grip on the
thongs that bind Texas, and by tho
eternal she must be turned loose.
The News thinks it was real mean
in II. Clay Mack to bring that waste
basket letter from Chairman Reagan
out again after the Dallas News cor
respondent at Austin failed to creat
a sensation with it. When you see
a thing wont go off there is no use
snapping it.
Gov Hogg thinks it is a terrible
crime for a railroad to inoroasc its
bonded debt lifter it is built and
equipped but it is all right for a
farmer living near the railroad to io
creaso tho prico of his land after the
railroad comos and aorotes a demand
for it. If the farmer's land was worth
$5 per aero before the railroad was
built and a fow years after is worth $50
jer acre has not tho property of tho
railroad iaoreasod in valuo in oxaotly
the samo proportion? Then if tho
railroad was worth $10,000 a milo
when first built it would bo $100,000
a mile when tho farmer's i 5 land got
to bo worth 650. Tho man who bought
land on the prairies at 5 per aero and
after a railroad is built by it comes to
town and mortgages it for $25 per
acre "waters his stook'' just us much
as does the railroad that mortgages
tho road for fivo times its cost. Thorp
arc two sidos to all questions.
Governor Hogg said to a Dallns
News reporter at Denison Hie uther
'Young man, if you are going along
with mo on this oanvass I want jou to
share all its joys and pleasures with
me and abovo all I want jou to toll
the truth. Tho daily papers of this
stato aro not supporting me, hut I am
not complaining about that. I sup
poso they aro hero lor business and
know whero the best picking is. I
havo no daily organ; so my friends in
tho various towns I will visit have
been requested whenever The News
makes a false statement to load it up
with denials. Thero is tho only re
course 1 have and tho only protection
I havo. A fair reporter is welcome at
m appointments, but I do not want
them to send a professional liar
Tho insinuation that tho daily pa
pers who support Clark are
hired to do it is slander
of a kind which never etninatcs from
any othor but a coarse, cankerous
brain It is very natural, however,
for a man who has uxhibitod all tho
elements of a first olass blaokmailer to
attribute to others mercenary motives.
He feels the power of tho daily press
of Texas and ho seeks, by tho infain
ous methods of tho slanderer,to soften
tho blows hj is rooeiving at its hands
daily. Tho daily papor lives on tho
growth and prosperity of tho city and
country arouud it. It will thrive only
when tho people around it thrives, will
prosper only when they prosper, is
happy whon they are happy. When
Dusincss is uuii tnc daily paper is
tho first institution to feel it, when
hard times como the first to suffer is
the daily papor. Is it any wonder
htn that the daily press ol Texas aro
a unite in opposition to tho present
administration vshen the management
of every ono of tho dailies knows it
is the attitude of the Hogg adminis
tration toward capital that has
brought stagnation to every business
and thrown a dark mantle of com
mercial gloom ovor the entire state.
The daily papers want prosperity
something thoy know will never again
visit Texas until Hogg is no more.
That is why they are not supporting
Hogg. Tho scheme Gov. Hogg has
adopted for the purpose of bulldozing
the News reporters is an ovidenco of
an abiding distrnst of himself and ho
proposes to deny anything reported as
coming from him if it proves a
boomerang. The denying racket has
been worked by tho Tyler gang but
it was not altogether
satisfactory. Thero h&ppored to bo
honest men enough on hand to provo
tho truth of tho first report. It is
hoped the News reporters will pro
vide for substantiating their reports
and if Hogg makes a bad break faston
it upon him.
The Austin Evening News says:
"Lanham is brought out as a com
promise oandidato. But wo want no
compromise, Lot the Deniooraoy of
Texas decido on one side or the other,
whether Texas is to continue in her
present depressed condition with
working people starving at Now
Birmingham or whether wo can bring
back capital and restore confidence
and prosperity."
Thero are a great many of tho peo
ple who supported Hogg in 1890 who
will compromise on the third party
Tho Hogg Reflector, of Hillsboro,
has always cherished a hatred of The
News and when a Clark club is or
ganized or a county goes for the Lit
tle Giant, the Reflector of Hoggism
forthwith jumps on this paper. In its
issue of April 21st, it says :
'A Waco newspaper publishes with
sensational headlines a wooden spe
cial purporting to be sent from Texar
kana, telling of a rumor to tho ellect
that Jay Gould is aiding the Hogg
campaign. Like most e'se publised
in the same paper the special in ques
tion is void of news. It is a well
known fact that Gould is aiding Hogg!
He is doing it, however, through the
To Realize Ready
We made unmerciful cuts on lots of staple aud fancy goods consisting of Silks
Dress Goods, White Goods, Gingams, Laces, Embroideries, Notions, Hats and Shoes.
-M' (loodt.
lo'liitlinjr ounolves with a largo stock
on hand wo SLASH PRICES to raise
IG-inoh Cropons that sold at Sl'00 a
ynid wo oiler this wook nt 77c.
All Wool lied ford
That were Too a ynrd, this woek 55c
lltilf Wool lied fold
That wero choap at 50c, this wook
Wool Cheerotm
In now shades, considered choap
nt Ilf.o, this woek at 23c.
.1 Moot Alliatioss
will go this weokat 22c.
All Our 1'iench ChttlUcs
that woro 75e n yard go for 50c.
JOr China AHA.
Sell this week at 2(i.iCe.
:!! Inch Chlnn AHA,
.Mack and ovoninjrsbades that woro
9oo and $1.00, for 75e a ynrd.
support that his organs and strikers
are giving the other side."
The special was genuine as the
files in the Westorn Union ollico will
attest. Gould is aiding Hogg in a
quiet way and it is expected that
Hogg's minions will deny it. All the
big railroad bosses are for Hogg.
When they got a taste of him onco
thoy became reconciled to keep him
as long aB possible.
The Mexia Ledger says:
"Politics is a gamejwhioh is studied
much at Austin. It will hardly bo
denied that whether or not Mr. Hogg
ordered an eleotion to fill tho congress
ional vacancy depends on the cer
tainly or tho uncertainty of tho elec
tion of a Iljgg man. If the oleotion
of an administrationist is certain the
election will bo ordered and if very
uncertain it will not. Presumably
Mr. Blake is awaiting Austin informa
tion before announcing."
The Ledger is wrong, Gov. Hogg
has promised to call tho oleotion and
by grtlins he'll do it. Ho is taking
euro of his own chances right now.
The Cameron Herald a Hogg paper
"No Democrat should allow himself
to bo misled by tho representation
that the Third purty is democratic It
is a movement that will divide and
weaken tho South, the sootion of tho
country that has always opposod class
legislation. Tho Republicans will
join this party for the solo purposo of
attempting to decoy Democrats. Tho
Alliance Is nothing more now than a
political machine."
The Herald says nothing about the
principles advocated by tho Third
party. It is trying, as all othor Hogg
sheets aro trying, to rotam the support
of the Third party men by adopting a
part of their platform.
"M"-jP you would be well dressed
M.M. give your orders to th0
Gabort Bros., the leading tailors. Thoy
carry the biggest stock ol new spring
goods in Central Texas, and havo all
tho latest Btyles.
Money! Money!! Money!!
Money loaned on farms, ranches and
improved city property,
11. M. CiiAMiiEUMN & Son.
109 S. Fifth street.
Xje-vriaae 33:ros.
Large Sum
Money We Make this Week a
1500yds Ginghnni small chock, at 5o.
500 yards Stripod Gingham, good
10c stull'for 5oaynrd,
AHA' ...iyiclii.
OurGOo Silk Stripod and 1'lald Ging
hams for 25c. Only 11 fow plocos lolt
Jinjiorled Iltdfordi.
Our 10c Bedfords so this wook nt
Torchon Litccn.
A lot of lOo, 12jjC and 15o Laues for
5c a yard.
Torchon Luces.
Tliat soils at loo, 20e, and 2oo go this
weok at 8)30 a yard .-
-Kiiir Torchons.
Worth 25c, 30c and 35c will bo sold
by us for 15c.
Two papers Brass Pins for oc.
Two papors Hair Pins for 5o.
Black nnd White Canvass Bolts 10c.
50c Leather Blts for 25c.
Manfactmers g
Alexandre's Biking Powder.
Alexandre's Puro Spioes.
Alexandre's Java and Rio Blend Coffee.
Moore Bros' White Wlno and Apple Vinegar.
Moore Bros' Pur Cider.
Having purohased Mr. Alexandre's busluos wo a ro now prepared to 1111
orders promptly. Patroulzo Homo Institutions. Sustain our efforts to mak
Waco a Great Manufacturing Centre.
Have removed from PaoifTc Hotel to Room 28, Provident Bld'g
O. W. DWf D
The old Uritml Jtulldlnu, Xorth of I'laza,
The Boost vehicles and horsra in tb
oity. Call oarriagos for ladies a spo
cialty and when desired, ladies can
nave a anver in livery. All trains met.
Prompt attention to all orders and
boarded on reasonable terms.
W,D .M.TBIEL,D, freillont. J. D. BULL, Vice Prcal loat. JOIISD. MA.YFIELD, Oa'bler
The Gity Savipgs Bapk
CHARTERED FEB. 12, 1892.
No v offers 6 per cent, interest on deposit. Interest payable
from date.
That woro 25o for 15o.
Knoo Pants that woro 10o for 25c,
Kneo l'liuts that Woro 50o for 35c.
Knoo Pants that woro 75o for SOo.
Vent' ttnitn.
That woro $10.00 and $12.50 for $7.00
Brown Suits that wero 12.50 and
f 15.00 for $10.00.
j:ieelrlc llluc Sullt.
That woro 18.00 and S25.00 for $15.
Ctuif Wonted,
III sicks and frocks that wore?22.50
nnd 525.00 for $20.00
Afrmr Jfiiti.
For Boys, 5c, 15o, 25c, 50c.
Men's Hats for 25c, 50o, 75c and tl.
tlreul IlitnjiiliiH In tthoe.
Ladles' Opera Slippers 50c.
Ladlos' Patout Tip Oxford 75c
Ladles' Dongolln Tip Oxfords $1.00.
Ladles' Button Shoos $1.35.
Aj)erlii7 nrlrfi.
In Men's High and Low Cut Shoos
Wholesale Grocers.
Moore Bros' Flint Candy.
satisfaction guaranteed. Horses
w'-3ff "&KZi. "m1 'wrwiLJ&A T "wi' ii 4
' Wb BKB

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