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The Newb will tako advertising
with the understanding that if it has
not a largorlcc&l oiroulation than any
daily paper pubhshod in Waoo, no
ohargo will bo mado for the advertisement.
.,, Come to tho oourt houso tonight.
fj Tho Clark rally tonight is going to
do something immense.
. Pick vour winner for the suburban
handicap tomorrow ut Cameron.
The Clark workers are the patriots.
There is no spoils in this fight for
The brave little Picayune, of Pales
tine, is making a gallant fight for
George Clark for governor.
The race between Clark and Hogg
is a handicap. Clark carries the
penant it is a Confederate record.
Tho train from Waco to Cameron
tomorrow as it mes tnrougti tno pas
tures and fields, with streamers flying
the band playing and the boys yelling
"Turn Texas Looso."
The Dallas Times-Herald is tho
L stick-to-it-ost paper in Texas. It
I said Hill would win and although
X Tammany has long ago given up,
the Timcs-IIcrald still says it will be
J Hill. It is doing tho same thing with
The Dallas county convention in
dorsed Cleveland but left the dele
gates to the State convention free to
aot as they chose about instructing our
delegates to Chicago. The point is
DallaB don't want Hill at all, and will
only accept a Western man in oase
Cleveland was consid red to weak to
Texas in possibilities and glorious
promieo is too grand to permit a man
to throttlo her just because other gov
ernors have been re-olooted. Texas
would not owe Governor Hogg any
thing if he hed mado a good governor,
and it would not be just to ourselves
to permit him, to wheeldle us into
giving him a seoond term.
-&he News desires to urge the
friends of Judge Clark in this city to
allow nothing to prevent their attend
ence at the Clark Club mooting to
night at tbe court houso. Somo of
them aro too sanguine of Judge
Clark's ohanccs in this fight and aro
seemingly unconscious of tho fact
that Waoo is oxpeoted to honor her
candidato by a large attendance at
Cameron to-morrow. It will not do
for a tingle man to say to himself,
"Waco ia all right, and it is not
necessary for me to demonstrate my
fealty to him." If everybody takos
that view of it there, will be du appoint
ment to Judge Cla'k and to his earn
est workers who aro in the
fight to win. Othor oitizens
have given him an ovation
every time ho visited them and the
eyes of the entire stato aro on Waoo
today and they will be fixod upon
that spsoial train tomorrow and overy
man will be counted. Will you bo
ono of tho number? This question is
addressed to ovory Clark mm who
reads The News this afternoon. What
is your answor? It should be "I will,"
Now meet with tho Claikolub tonight
at tho court house and record your
name as ono of the friends of our can
didato who will stand up and bo
countod tomorrow when tho speoial
train pulls out for Cameron. Thel
noblo fight Judgo Clark is making and
the determined efforts of his frionds in
all tho other oounties of Texas to
push his claims to a successful issuo
aiding him in carrying tho bannor of
pure Democracy to tho ramparts of tho
enemy should appeal to overy man in
Wneo, and tho best way to answer
that appeal ia to drop everything and
go to Cameron. Your duty is impor
ritive do not shirk it,
An investigition now boing made
beforo a oommittoo of tho Massachu
setts Legislature," says the New
Orlcoas Times Democrat, "sheds somo
lightonSouthcrn cotton mills,and gives
tho views taken of thoir competition
by tho Now England manufacturers.
Tho investigation is based upon a bill
introduced in tho Massachusetts legis
lature rcstiioting the time of labor for
women and children in manufaotuting
establishments to fifty-four hours per
week. Against this a strong remon
strance was made by the cotton manu
facturers on the ground that such a
ohango would ruin them, as it was as
much as they oould do today to com
pote with tho bouth, and any re
duction in the hours of labor
would put them at so great a
disadvantage that competition would
bo impossible any longer. In pre
senting their objections to tho bill be
foro the oommitteo, the mill owners
and representatives have necessarily
been compelled to roview, to somo ox
tont, tho competition os the South.
J. Howard Niohols, treasurer of tho
Dwight Manufacturing Company,
Chicopoe, Mass., testified that tho
operatives in tho cotton manufactur
ing industry in Massachusetts aro
nearly all foreigners, to begin with;
that muoh the larger propor.ion of
theso a'o women and children, and
that the nature of tho work and tho
necessities of the business oall mainly
for the cheapest class of
labor. Mr. Nathaniel B. Borden,
treasurer of tho Barnard Mills,
Fall River, testified as follows "A
weaver who oould tend eight looms
could make, under cloven hours, at wa
gds then paid(before li74)$10 to 11
weekly. In 1S75 an eight-loom
wcav er culd earn $S and 9; In 1S78,
$7 and $S; in 1835, $0.25 and 7.25;
and sinco 1888 about $S.sO to $9
weekly." It seems never to have oc
curred to these manufactures that
ono cause of their inability to oompete
with tho Southern mills is because of
the restrictions placed upon our mar
kets by a Bepublican tariff. In the
attempt of the Kopublican wet nurso
to invant industries to force a market
at homo the competition is increased
and the only way out of the difficulty
according to the infants is to import
foreign women and children and work
them ten or twelve hours a day. Tho
remedy proposed by the Demooratic
party is to widen the market for our
manufactures and learn the infants to
Texas, but when he saw in the tolc
graph roports that tluro woro a fow
Texans in Wyoming who woro in
dangor of boing mobbod for alleged
crooked oattle jobs, he promptly
reminded the governor of Wyoming of
his duty in the primiscs. That this
was dono and paraded through the
nowspapers for political effect will
not admit of a doubt. Tho governor's
little racket as tho Register says will
not work. Tho peoplo have caught
The meeting at Cameron tomorrow
will be the largest ever held in Texas.
The boys from the forks and tho boys
from tho villages, towns and cities, will
all be thero crying "Turn Texas Loose "
Lewine Bros.
Want the trade
Toxas Typographical Asso
ciation Meets Hero on
25th Instant.
The Texas Typographical Associa
tion will meet in this city on May
25th. Yesterday at a meeting of
Woco Typographical Union No. lb'S
the following committees and dele
gates wore appointed.
Delegates to the State Association,
J. S. England, and P. A Richards,
with h. M. Ainsworth and M. bomes
as Alternates.
Committee on arrangements for tho
entertainment of tho visitors E. M.
Ainsworth, Chairman; J S. England.
J. R. Spencer, R. T. Bland, Jim
Pitillo, F. N Graves, A 11. Brelsfoid,
P. A. lliohards, 0. P. Darlinton C.
L. Loache, 0. H. Smith M. Somes,
and C. W. Hurwood.
This oommitteo will arrange a pro
gramme whioh will be published in
The News.
Tho Texas Typographical Union is
one ot tno strongest, if not tho
strongest organization of the kind in
tho stato. The delegates to tho con
vention hero will number several hun-1
Tho officers of the Waoo Union
M. Somes, president; J. R. Spcncer
vice-president; P. A Richards, sere!
tary;and E. M. Ainsworth ireasUrer.
le ntui cnmnclitors fn L-nmir ft.i. .
- arti
for the business, and have as good a claim for the patronage of th
people as any concern,
And are Determined, to 'Maintain ,
We will Meet Every Cut with Still Greater Outs
Bargains shall be the Leading Feature this Week
iru u a vt: ma .vr mo it i: iiAitaj rys tixa.v Titos i: a i rKUTiar.n.
llrei$ Qoml.it
GO plocos Chnllios that wwolOoa
yard go for Se this wook.
Four plocos only of handsome col
ored Scrim that sold at 16 nud 20o n
yard for lOo this wook.'
20 piocoa largo figured Swiss for "Bo
Poep" Curtains audDrapory,woroH5o
Table Cover.
60 white Linen and colored border
laoie covers, ifyards long,
bargain for $140.
42 whlto aifld c
Table Covets 21
tesrns, f(
a groat
colored bordor fringed
i varus ions:, nanu-
, for 2.00.
bi iurttov Red Damawk FYlnirmi
Table Cavers I3., vnrds lonir fhr 7r.n
some patto
this w
I.ate Curtain.
Roal nrtlstlo Laco Curtains, prettr
enough to adorn a palace, that ,
uuuiuil 111 nu.uv, sw.uu tins wook.
J.ace Curtahin
That a millionaire would not disdain
markod down to $3.00 this woek.
Laco Curtains to beautify tho homes
of honest industry at prices tomptlnr.
ly low before. Now $1.00, $1.60 and
MoKqalto It Mrs,
In Canoplos, Circular Nots,
made, very cheap.
Wo havo all kindB of Floeh Towels
Hath Towols. Wo havo all kinds t
5c, 10c, 15o, 250, 60o a pair.
NOTIONS. Wc TAKE a11 kinds of notions, and weofTerall
. kinds of notions very cheap. Pins. Hair Pins
HtAi'r Curlers, Hair Brushes, Soaps, tooth Brushes, all marked down
tehcap. Visit our notion department and you arc sure to TAKE A
NOTION to buy some of our bargains.
Lewine ros.
Governor Hogg never loses an op
portunity to advertise himself as a
stickler for tho enforcement of the
law, The Sherman Register exposes
one of these efforts in the following;'
"Two days after the excitement
aroused by tho attempt to lynch tfte
negro J Massey had subsided Gov.
Hogg tolegraphod our worthy sheriff
to "do his duty and protect his pris
oner." When matters were looking
excoodingly blue for tho sheriff and
his deputies and a message from the
governor would have had gr&d effect,
nothing oame. Tho truth oftho matter
is that Hogg was in seaoh of cam
paign thunder and thouht this was
a choico morsel. This amo Governor
Hogg, howled "punistfthe criminals"
and at the same timy rofused to bear
an officer's expens to go after one
of tho blackest criiiiials in the coun
try. The stato Mvas then too poor.
Tho governor Yas worked this little
raokct heretofoe and the people havo
caught on.
Sheriff MAfee of Gravson countv
is a man vrao neoda no exeoutive mes
sage to lmulate him to do his duty
and it is tho same way with tho sher
iff's of most all tho other oounties.
Gov. Hogg however would like to
pose as tho only guardian of tho
peace and that there are no sheriff's
in tho state who havo the nerve to do
their duty in an emorgoncy, without a
message from him, Ho is not satis
fied with assuming to direot tho
offioial movements of tho sheriffs of
rne uniy rracticai Diereuiyaf,0 out
fit. Its Suoerlor Advan
it is simple, praousai, uutr,n rni,t
ing, acoording to size, only rrom $75
to $150. It can be out ajfvw,ore on.
cupying only the roomrff an ordinary
w--w .......... .......0 v.ib various pat
ented labor-saving devices it is
thoroughly endorsed by practical prin
tors, giving all kipfo of results in cast
ing and blocking, viz- Thin flat
plates, patent clock plates, type high
wooden oore blocked or all metal
arched. Alsfo, it gives the advantage
of casting o-hd blocking at the samo
operation exact type high, exact
widths ind eiaot lencths on .init
around ;he late patented hollow sec
I -
lrnnnnrn ninthnri tho nncmot
the cheapest, quickest and best block
ing id the word. Absolutely without
labor. The outfit dispenses with dan
gerous, costly and complicated ma
ohinety, and with its Hot Water
Rlasked Casting Box and Mould-
I'pryer, it is utterly impossible tc in
jure type, and tho very finest results
known to plato makers, stereotyping
or the art of printing is obtained.
Send for descriptive circulars, givit g
full particulars and hundreds of volun
teered testimonials from all parts of
this and other countries. M. J.
Hughes & Co , Manufacturers Stereo
tpe Outfits and Conical Sorew
Quoins, No. IS Spruce St., New York,
X. Y.
N. B. The samo outfit will make
all kinds of Rubber Stamps.
i m m
Transfers of Real Estate.
Reported by tho Waoo Abstraot and
Investment Company, Room 17, Prov
dent Building, Waco,Tcxn3.
W J Ilobson to W D Orr, lots 11
and 12, block 2, Farwell Hoights, $1.
J A Moncuro and wife to T M
Phillips et al. lot 14, block 2, Fairview
addition, $175.
C W Gitos el al, to Boulevard In
vestment company, 140 acres S C
Pago survey, $40,000.
J A Monouro and wifo to Robert
son and Davis, lot 5, block 2, Fair
view addition, $300.
D O MoOown et al. to G W Keas,
23 acres, J G Smith survey, $200.
Sam Sanger to Chas. L Sanger,
lots 3 and 18, Sanger's addition,
Total, April 30, 18D2, $42,420,
Total for the week $71,095.53.
Sleeper, Chifton & Co., Ladies ooze
2 50, S3 and 4.
Shooting Gallery, south side Equaro
open day and night. Drop in
SEanfactm ers
Alexandre's Baking Powder.
Alexandre's Pure Sploos.
Whxlesale Grocers,
Alexandre's Java and Rio Blond Co fib 0. v
afoore Bros' White Wine and Apple Vlfegar .
Mooro Bros' Pure Cider.
Mooro Bros' Flint Candy.
Having purchased Mr. Alexandre's buslnos wo a re now prepare 1 to rill
ordors promptly. Patronize Home Institutions. Sustain our etlnrts to makt
Waoo a Great Manufaoturlug Centre.
Have removed from Paeiflb Hotel to Room 28, Provident Bld'g
The old Ornnd llulldiiia, Xorth of l'laza,
The finest vohicles and horses in th
city. Call oarriages for ladies a spe
cialty and when desired, ladies can
have a driver in livery. All trains met.
Prompt attention to all orders and
boarded on reasonable terms.;
satisfaction guaranteed. Horses
W.D M YTDIKM), Presliant. J. D. BKLL, Vice President.
The Gity Savipgs Bapk
CHARTERED FEB. 12, 1892,
No v offers 6 per cent, interest on deposit. Interest payable
rom date. '

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